Rules for the LuigI/O chat

Apr 8th, 2018
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  1. Due to the popularity of the stream we have decided to create this list of rules to keep the chat enjoyable for all. Please follow them.
  2. We reserve the right to show more or less leniency (be less strict) depending on how busy the chat is.
  4. 1) Please only speak English
  5. We want to use only 1 language in the chat. Having too many different conversations in different languages makes the chat unreadable for everyone.
  7. 2) Don't spam and limit the memes
  8. Spamming of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes excessive caps, s p a c i n g or AlT CaPpInG your words, emoji, commands, and memes including train memes such as "press F to pay respect".
  10. 3) Be respectful to each other
  11. Don't insult other people and be respectful. This includes not being rude to people, but also other actions like @ing people for no reason on discord. If you are respectful to others they will be respectful to you as well.
  13. 4) Please be patient and reasonable with requests you make
  14. Do not repeatedly ask for something to get done, complain when it is not done, or ask for roles you don't deserve. It only makes us less likely to give you what you want.
  16. 5) No backseat modding
  17. Please don't pretend like you are a mod, or argue about what is allowed by the rules.
  19. 6) No advertisement
  20. Please don't beg for subscriptions, beg for friend requests, or put unsolicited discord invites. This also includes begging for likes and subscribers for LuigI/Os stream.
  22. 7) No impersonation with alts
  23. Make it clear when an account is somebody's alt. Don't pretend to be another user or a new person using an alt. We like to be sure 'new' people we meet are actually new and not the alt of someone we already know.
  25. 8) Use your common sense
  26. Even if something doesn't go explicitly against these rules, use your common sense, and listen to the mods (people with blue names ).
  28. Failing to follow the rules can and will result in a timeout/permanent mute
  30. Rules for Requesting music:
  31. 1) No copyrighted music
  32. If we get a copyright strike the stream will be terminated.
  33. 2) Keep it below 5 minutes. We occasionally add in longer music but very rarely.
  34. 10 minutes can be excessive for just 1 track. We are hesitant to even go over 5 minutes, but if it is a good song with no looping, we will add it
  35. 3) Check the playlist to see if your music is already on the playlist:
  36. 4) We can't add any music from big name artists, or owned by any of the big name media companies (i.e. Disney). We would prefer to stick closer to video game music, but might consider songs from other outlets if they don't pose a copyright risk.
  37. 5) Lastly, troll/meme requests (Never Gonna Give You Up, for example) will be immediately rejected, and you will lose command privileges!
  39. Users that get pushy about their requests will get rejected. We handle the requests when we have time.
  41. Now that you've read this you can gain access to the !request command by saying: "I have read the rules my lord" in the chat. There will be no response.
  42. You can control the music system using the following commands
  43. !playnext songname - adds a song to the queue
  44. !removesong songname - removes a song from the playlist
  45. !restoresong songname - restores a song from the playlist
  46. These commands use charges of which you get 3 per 24 hours.
  48. Requesting music goes as follows:
  49. !request [youtube id] (the bit of code afer ?v= in the youtube url). On mobile devices you can get this by clicking: share -> copy link.
  50. For example:
  51. !request YXvn0_nMS8c
  52. Will request the stream (please don't request the stream)
  53. Once your request is approved it will be added at a random location in the playlist.
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