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A short and itemized list of destiny 2 leaks and rumors and fortnite leaks compiled by Barebcue

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Aug 21st, 2022
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  1. Sources are:
  2. -Some random guy on the destiny 2 leaks subreddit
  3. -Liz
  4. -Some people who have dm'd me
  5. -Presentation
  6. -I don't remember who else but im sure there's something else
  8. Season 18
  9. -Fallen season, pirate themed
  10. -Eramis wakes up. Osiris also wakes up. Nezarec's fingers are used somehow/sometime.
  11. -"Ketchcrash" and "No Quarter" missions
  12. -"Expedition" and "Hideouts" activities
  13. -Space battles (possibly for Ketchcrash?)
  14. -Inspired by Halo Reach
  15. -Returning raid is Kings Fall
  16. -Returning PvP map is Cathedral of Dusk
  17. -Bungie put a lot of effort into S18
  19. Season 19
  20. -Nothing leaked yet, teased by Vox Obscura to either have to do with a city being besieged or the Traveler being infected by darkness
  22. Lightfall
  23. -Calus is the main villain and is in charge of the Moon pyramid ship. The Witness tasked him with getting an artifact called the "Veil" (which would help the Witness achieve the final shape), which is found on Neptune and is protected by friendly aliens. This is also where Elsie's fish is from. In the end, the Witness gets the artifact and causes the traveler and a pyramid to collide, creating a massive portal (as well as a hole in the traveler, although the portal may be in the hole). At some point in the story, the worm gods are mentioned (unclear how they play a part).
  24. -Destination is a city on Neptune. Very futuristic and miami vice esque. There is a memorial on it.
  25. -Strand is the new subclass. Green-colored. One leaker said it was a power outside of light and dark and that Osiris teaches us it, Liz didn't say anything about what it was in-lore but rather that the aliens teach it to us. It's based on the flow of life and death and is based more on movement and is traversal.
  26. -Raid takes place on the Traveler either in the hole the Witness blasted through or in another dimension on it (Liz didn't comment on what the raid is)
  27. -Over a year ago, the presentation leak happened which said there would be Capital Ships (which had an MTX tied to them). It's unknown if these are still planned.
  29. Epic Game Store
  30. -Fortnite collaboration. (skins)
  31. - Destiny 2 is coming to Epic Game Store
  32. - Destiny 2 DLC is going to be free on all platforms next week for a week to celebrate the above.
  33. - If you connect your Epic account to Bungie you will get two emblems.
  34. - In Destiny there will be 3 Fortnite inspired skins (Drift, Oblivion, Black Knight)
  35. - In Fortnite there will be 3 Destiny inspired skins (Zavala, Exo Stranger, Ikora)
  36. - Three glider designs based on Sparrows
  37. - Three destiny inspired pickaxes and back blings
  38. - New creative map based on Javelin-4 and a control game mode
  39. - Fall guys collab as well
  40. Note: this is still unverified, but I have it on good authority it is true.
  42. Power Level change
  43. -The power level change would be making power levels into an artifact level. The main way to rank up would be activities. Unknown if still planned.
  45. Destiny Mobile
  46. - Been in development for 2 years
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