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  1. (This translation is for this image:
  2. This Evil Eye girl won’t give in to the hot sun and warm glances of her friends as she walks down her path!
  4. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! TV Anime confirmed!
  5. Copyright Torako/Kyoto Animation/Chuunibyou Demo Production Committee
  7. Story:
  8. Yuuta Togashi was once full of himself like many people during puberty. As he entered high school, he sealed away that past. But once he meets with the currently infected chuunibyou patient Rikka Takanashi, that past might start to come out...
  10. What is Chuunibyou?
  11. Chuunibyou tends to occur in boys and girls around puberty. It’s a disorder where they become too full of themselves and banter with other kids. This is not a real disease, nor a mental illness, so there is no cure being developed.
  13. Characters (Right to left):
  14. Yuuta Togashi (富樫勇太)
  15. A very helpful first year high school student. Though he doesn’t stand out now, he had a severe case of chuunibyou during middle school.
  16. Sounds Good!
  17. Perhaps, he’s not made a full recovery yet?
  18. Once he enrolled in high school, Yuuta left behind a past where people didn’t want to be around him...”Now that he’s met Rikka, perhaps he might relapse. (laughs)”
  20. Rikka Takanashi (小鳥遊六花)
  21. This chuunibyou girl is Yuuta’s classmate. She has a huge fear of strangers, but she somehow became attached to Yuuta.
  22. Sounds Good!
  23. I won’t let you do as you please!
  24. Rikka, the self-titled “User of the Devilish Truth Stare”, is always prepared to protect the Earth. At home, at school, everywhere. She wears an eyepatch over her left eye and bandages on her right arm. “Rikka is always prepared to say ‘Right here, right now!’ and undo her eyepatch and bandages. But when will she say that.... Probably when it’s time to flaunt in front of others! (laughs)”
  26. Kumin Tsuyuri (五月七日くみん)
  27. Enrolled in the year above the others. With a carefree personality, she watches over the first years.
  28. Sounds Good!
  29. The original characters are also unique!
  30. There will be some anime-original characters shown in this show. One is Kumin-sempai. “Kumin appears normal with a warm expression but she created the ‘Afternoon Nap Club’ so she’s a bit off.”
  32. Shinka Nibuyani (丹生谷森夏)
  33. Yuuta and Rikka’s classmate. Popular, thus she was chosen as the class rep.
  34. Good Job!
  35. See everyone moving around in August!
  36. This work still hasn’t been publicly shown. Is everyone anxious to see it when it airs this fall?! “Our homepage opened on July 10th. We’ve got various things planned to set up for people to enjoy. We’ve planned for you all to see Rikka, Yuuta, and everyone else move around in August, so we hope you enjoy that as well!”
  38. (Referencing image)This bridge spans over this impressive river in the anime edition. Our students use this path while walking to school.
  40. These four are coming back from a school day before summer vacation. Rikka rapidly commented “We’ll go down our path!” With her right arm and left eye covered, she appears injured, yet she’s moving around fine!
  41. “For first time viewers/readers, let me tell you something in advance. Rikka is not injured nor does she have any ounce of evil in her. Rikka is the type of girl who wears these bandages and eyepatch to seal away special abilities that she believes she has.” (Supervisor Tatsuya Ishihara)
  43. Wh-What?! Has she fallen ill?! No, this isn’t a burn, nor an eye disease; this is evil eye chuunibyou! From the looks of things here, the guy walking beside her, Yuuta, has already lost a battle.
  44. “Contrary to what you see, Yuuta was like Rikka before he enrolled in high school. Yuuta, separated from his past, has gotten caught up in the whirlwind once he met an unhappy Rikka.”
  45. In the original story,(spoiler). But in the anime, this is spread to encompass club activities, school events, and normal after-school events. Rikka will charge forward with her chuunibyou in every scene. We hope you enjoy yourself to a frightening amount...
  46. Anyways, will Yuuta be able to control her at all?
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