Known Techniques- Lorelei Vedder

Oct 11th, 2016
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  1. Lorelei Vedder: Known Skills
  2. Mana Color: Yellow/Orange
  4. Mana: 7500
  6. “Fireworks!”
  7. -Cannot be charged. Shoots a stream small sparks of mana from her fingertips that explode lightly on impact, and give off sudden bright lights as well, much like camera flashes.
  9. Magic Limbs (500 MP)
  10. -Lorelei can conjure a pair of magically created hands or feet as extensions of her own limbs for a limited time- roughly 3 seconds. These limbs can extend up to 2 meters away from her. Often used in situations where she needs to safely retrieve a nearby object or as a melee option- they dissipate on heavy impact.
  12. Power Boost
  13. -Increases her physical agility and toughness, but not to the same level as Miranda or Izumi.
  15. Hearing Boost
  16. -Drastically increases the range of sounds she can hear clearly, as well as clearly hearing quieter sounds.
  18. Megaphone
  19. -Drastically increases her volume output, allowing her to speak and shout at extremely high decibels. Miranda copied the technique from her.
  21. “Fact or Fiction?”
  22. -Lorelei can visually detect falsehoods in someone's speech and soul with absolute accuracy- even if they have the perfect poker face. She loses focus on anything else in the outside world, however, for the duration, and she cannot detect what the truth is precisely without using her own intuition and asking the right questions.
  24. Featherfoot
  25. -Lorelei enchants herself to step with the lightness of a feather, removing all sense of footsteps or pressure on the ground. This technique can allow Lorelei to do absurd tightrope and balancing acts, such as balancing on a sword's edge or walking on razor wire without care.
  27. Feathertouch (100 MP x 1d10)
  28. -Lorelei can touch a freestanding object, and make its weight negligible, allowing her to lift, push, and pull objects many times her size with ease. It requires similar mana as Featherfoot, requires a consistent contact with the object, and a steady influx, and it does not make objects any more brittle or easy to destroy.
  30. Copycat
  31. -Lorelei can temporarily change her clothing to match someone else's within eyesight. This can last for one hour or until she dismisses it.
  33. Fuzzy Memories
  34. -She can enchant anyone who sees her to have a blurred image of her in their head, causing them to not quite remember any major identifying features.
  36. “Paparazzi!” (500 MP)
  37. -Lights up her entire body and emits a trio of very powerful and very sudden flashes, generally capable of temporarily blinding anyone who sees them. Copied the technique from Miranda's Sun's Flare.
  39. “Wait For It...” (Light Charge (Grenade)- 250 MP, Medium Charge (Dynamite)- 500 MP, Heavy Charge (Large Bomb)- 1000 MP
  40. -Lorelei can put a mana 'charge' in most inorganic objects, then detonate it later at will in a strong explosion.
  42. “Me's A Crowd!” (1000 x # of clones)
  43. -Can create up to three mana-clones of herself which do her bidding. VERY mana heavy, and driven by Lorelei's mind, but can survive several attacks depending on strength, and even use techniques of their own- this shortens their lifespan, however. They naturally dissipate after 5 minutes.
  45. "Lights, Camera, Action!" ( Lights- 1000, Camera- 1000, Action- 1000 + 500 per successful roll.)
  46. -Lorelei can disassociate with her body, and astral project herself to a range of 50 meters. Anyone non-magical or minutely magical in nature won't be able to detect her, while magical individuals will see her mana spirit. She can attempt to possess and 'ride' anyone she comes across- if they are aware of her, it will require a roll, and consecutive rolls to remain in control. If unaware of her (sleeping or just unnoticed) she will remain unnoticed until she attempts to control their body, upon which the rolls will be required.
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