Iroha's Maid Costume Story

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  1. Iroha's Maid Uniform Costume Story
  2. Giving You Touching Hospitality
  5. Yachiyo: I'm home--
  8. Yachiyo: Kyaah, that's bright!
  11. Yachiyo: This is... the room's sparkling clean... (Am I seeing a dream...? Or did I enter my house in a different world from the moment I stepped into the front entrance...)
  12. Iroha's voice: Ah, Yachiyo-san. Welcome home--
  14. Yachiyo: Iroha, you were home alrea... --!?
  15. Iroha: Your tea's ready.
  16. Yachiyo: It's not the time for that...
  17. Iroha: I heard that everyone else would be coming home a bit later, so I just thought that I'd pay you back for your hospitality.
  18. Yachiyo: It requires far too big a leap in logic for you to decide to wear a maid uniform as a way to pay me back... Wait, could it be...!?
  19. Iroha: Yes, the thing is
  22. Kanagi: Fumu, you want to be hospitable to Nanami, huh... Hospitable... That's a hard one...
  23. Onee-sama: My--, that's not the case at all.
  24. Kanagi: Ah, ma, onee-sama. Is it really that simple a problem?
  25. Onee-sama: Of course, aren't we always providing hospitality ourselves?
  26. Kanagi: Mu, true. I see, the candlestick is darkest at its base. Tamaki-kun, here's your solution! [1]
  29. Iroha: And so, I borrowed one of the maid uniforms that they happened to have extras of from the cafe.
  30. Yachiyo: You didn't have to go that far. It would have been enough if you just did this dressed as you usually are. Your thoughts are what counts, thank you. Now, I guess I'll go clean the bathtub or--
  31. Iroha: Already done.
  32. Yachiyo: Then, the toilets...
  33. Iroha: Already done.
  34. Yachiyo: Then, tonight's dinner, let's make it toge...
  35. Iroha: I've already finished precooking and everything.
  36. Yachiyo: (I wonder...what is this feeling...?)
  37. Iroha: Oh, and I've prepared black tea and chiffon cake for you. Yachiyo-san, please wait in the living room.
  40. Yachiyo: Oh, that's right. This is what it feels like to be moved. It's just, I can't really relax...
  43. Iroha: Here, Yachiyo-san.
  44. Yachiyo: Wow, that's a very kind and soft scent.
  45. Iroha: It's just a simple chiffon cake though.
  46. Yachiyo: Then I'll help mysel... Iroha, you're not going to eat any?
  47. Iroha: Today, I'm serving you as your maid Yachiyo-san, so no.
  48. Yachiyo: O, Oh I see. (Just as I thought, I can't relax after all...)
  49. Iroha: Now, please enjoy.
  50. Yachiyo: Yes...
  51. Iroha: Stare---
  52. Yachiyo: ..........
  53. Iroha: Stare---
  54. Yachiyo: .......
  55. Iroha: Stare---
  56. Yachiyo: (I can't calm down... That's it!) Thank you for the food.
  58. >Munch
  60. Yachiyo: It's delicious!
  61. Iroha: Really!? Thank you very much!
  62. Yachiyo: Here, Iroha, why don't you try some too? Since it really is delicious.
  63. Iroha: Um, then I'll have one bi...
  65. >Munch
  67. Yachiyo: Yes, you ate it.
  68. Iroha: E, Eh? What's the meaning of this, Yachiyo-san!?
  69. Yachiyo: Iroha, eating your master's food is inexcusable. You're fired today!
  70. Iroha: That's not fair! Even though Yachiyo-san, you were the one who led me to do it...
  71. Yachiyo: pfufu. Being served like this just feels so stiff. It seems like I'm more used to relationships where we understand each other. That's why it's okay to just do things like we usually do them.
  72. Iroha: R...Really...?
  73. Yachiyo: Yes.
  74. Iroha: Understood, this maid will resign!
  75. Yachiyo: Fufufu, could you make some black tea?
  76. Iroha: Yes, you wouldn't mind if I have some too?
  77. Yachiyo: Of course I don't.
  80. =================================
  82. [1]= The proverb "the candlestick is darkest at its base" (灯台下暗し) = the answer was obvious but she didn't realize it until now.
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