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  1. ”Oh, my butterball of a mistress, I have brought you more nourishments”, Raphiel chimed with a mischievous smirk on her face as she approached the couch from the side.
  3. ”AAAH! I told you to stop calling me that, or any of the other names!”, Satania shrieked in response. ”It's...”, she took a deep breath before continuing with an annoyed tone. ”Sa-ta-ni-a, sa-ma. Get it right already!”
  5. ”Oh, my deepest apologies, mistress. Your oh-so-magnificent body is just so distracting that I sometimes get my tongue tied while gazing upon its enormity.”
  7. ”But 'Satania-sama' doesn't even sound anything like 'butterball'! And also stop subtly calling me... gah! Just forget it!”
  9. Cramming the last of her melon bread into her mouth, Satania pouted for a moment as she chewed, gazing into Raphiel's eyes that seemed to be mocking her ever so slightly as the angel's lips remained curled up into a faint smirk. Every now and then, she couldn't help feeling like Raphiel may have been tricking her. She quickly dismissed such negative thoughts, however, as she felt bad doubting her loyal servant. Noticing the cake Raphiel was holding, the demoness' expression quickly softened.
  11. ”Is that... does it have melon in it?”, the demoness asked with a hint of excitement in her voice.
  13. Raphiel shook her head in response. ”Sadly, haughty peasants at the bakery refused to make a melon cake despite knowing it would have been for the mighty Satania-sama herself. I'm sure you'll enjoy cramming it into your face nonetheless, though, seeing how you're about quantity over quality nowadays.”
  15. ”WHAT?! Why have the lowly humans STILL not acknowledged me as the demonic future ruler of this world? I'll just have to... ngh... go there myself. Even though you're MY servant, a servant is still just a servant. Sometimes the queen herself has to act. They'll never stand up to me again once I punish them for this!”
  17. ”Oh, that is a brilliant idea, mistress”, the angel responded excitedly. ”First we'll just have to find a pair of panties that we can actually manage to stretch over your butt, and probably a forklift so that we can actually get you there.”
  19. ”HEY!”, Satania shrieked in frustration. ”I can walk there just fine even though I'm fat! But... have those panties and stuff Gab helped us order from the Internet still not arrived? It's been like two weeks already.”
  21. ”Patience, Satania-sama. I'm sure your custom-tailored, tent-sized panties from abroad will be here any day now!”. Chuckling softly, Raphiel began to take slow, catty steps around the sofa.
  23. Her curvy hips swayed widely from side to side with each step, sending her large butt bouncing rhythmically behind her. Once she had made her way right in front of Satania, she lowered the cake onto the floor before taking a few more steps forward until she was standing just a few inches away from the furthest parts of Satania's belly. The demoness' roll-laden thighs were spread far apart to let her enormous belly sag down between them. The lowest parts of her gut dangled in the air between her knees, somewhere above the wooden floor, rolling off the couch pillows like an avalanche of school girl blubber between two wobbling mountains of thigh fat bunched up into numerous folds and rolls.
  25. The furthest, wobbling bits of her hips were slowly oozing further and further towards the armrests on each side, and the sheer size of her ass made even a short girl like Satania look much taller than she really was as it lifted her up in its enormity. On the other hand, her crushing weight had the exact opposite effect as her body pressed down heavily on the over-taxed piece of furniture, the couch pillows under her massive ass cheeks squished almost flat against the wood. Not that it bothered the ludicrously obese demoness, as her own overflowing masses of fat were as comfortable as any couch or bed.
  27. As made apparent by the discussion between the two, she was not wearing anything below the waist, dressed only in her horribly ill-fitting T-shirt that failed to cover the vast majority of her belly  as it barely went past her comparatively small bust. It squeezed her huge, pillowy upper arms tightly, creating a roll of fat on them as her arm fat oozed out from the arm holes. It also left rather little to imagination when it came to her breasts, given that she wasn't wearing a bra. However, the fact that she was bottomless mattered little as her belly was far more than enough to keep her decent as it engulfed her entire lap and rolled off it.
  29. Raphiel bent over, sinking her hands into Satania's belly fat as she leaned onto it. Her huge breasts dangled alluringly between her arms, squished together and pouring outwards, showing an ample amount of cleavage to Satania.
  31. ”And if you could walk the few kilometers to the bakery just fine, why do you never get your own food from the fridge anymore? Why do you never heave your gigantic ass off the couch unless you absolutely have to, and why is it that, every morning, you want me to roll you out of the bed like a beached whale?”. Raphiel's eyes narrowed and her faint smirk widened into a full-blown jeering grin as she towered over the demoness that was nearly filling up the entire couch with her enormously over-fed body.
  33. ”B-because why should I do trivial things myself when I have a servant that can do them for me?”, Satania chuckled awkwardly, averting her gaze after such a blatant lie, and doing her best to not stare at Raphiel's bust as it jiggled right in front of her.
  35. ”Of course. As your servant, I understand perfectly. Someone of your status should never have to exert herself needlessly, Satania-sama”, Raphiel giggled seemingly innocently as she heaved herself back into a proper standing position. ”And now, it's time for cake”
  37. ”Nn.... I'll try it later. I'm... *URRP*... too full right now”, the demoness groaned in response.
  39. Raphiel faked an expression of worry as she clasped her hands together to plead. ”But Satania-sama, you'll never become an arch demoness of gluttony if you can only eat such puny amounts of food! And what would the ignoble humans say if they knew that their to-be ruler is so powerless?”
  41. ”B-but I'm already getting pretty... chubby”, Satania blushed, looking down at her own body as it bulged out all around her. ”I should already be fine for specializing in gluttony.”
  43. ”Nonsense, mistress! Mediocrity is not something someone as brilliant as Satania-sama should settle for. You need to work hard and shock everyone with your results once you next visit Hell! If you work really hard, they might make you one of the Seven Princess' of Hell!”, Raphiel's eyes sparkled as she spoke with an elated tone of voice.
  45. For a second, Satania had a creeping suspicion that she was forgetting something. She distantly remembered one of her teachers explaining the hierarchy of Hell and the objectives of the demons in relation to the human world, which included a lesson about the seven deadly sins. Could it have been that she was mainly supposed to tempt the humans with the sin of her choice instead of succumbing to it herself? Surely not, and in any case, she had to set a good example for her human servants.
  47. ”Ha! Obviously!”, Satania boasted, her mood soaring to entirely new heights. ”Eating such a small cake is no challenge at all for one of the future Seven. Gimme!”
  49. With a satisfied smile, Raphiel spun around on her heels and bent over to pick up the cake back up from the floor. Her large, round butt cheeks splayed behind her as her striped panties slipped deep between them, giving Satania a full scope of her curvy ass. Having grabbed the platter, she leaned back up and turned around once more. She took a few short steps forward until her shins sunk into Satania's lower belly, leaned over, and forcefully dropped the cake platter onto Satania's upper belly right below her bust. It landed onto the expanse of fat with a loud, meaty slap, sending the entirety of Satania's body wobbling lazily as the ripples produced by the impact travelled through her fat. It took more than a few seconds for all the jiggling to come to a halt.
  51. ”Gah!”, Satania groaned, mainly out of surprise rather than pain. There was far too much padding crammed into her body for such a blow to even be properly felt by her.
  53. Raphiel grabbed the knife she had brought with the cake and dug it firmly into it, pulling off a sizable piece. With the piece of cake in one hand, she bent over Satania's bulk, leaning onto her gut with the other arm. Her huge breasts hung down and lightly brushed up against Satania's belly fat as they swayed in the air, one of the two even popping out of the neckline. The demoness' plump cheeks grew red as she stared at the massive pair of milk tanks dangling in front of her face.
  55. ”Oops”, Raphiel chuckled. ”And now... say 'Aaa'...”.
  59. --------------
  61. Edit: Added the story like I mentioned.
  63. Raphiel hard at work, helping to make her "mistress" Satania-sama into a proper devil. Maybe a bit too much focus on the gluttony when it comes to the seven sins, but Satania isn't one to complain as long as she thinks she's being a proper devil. Also couldn't help making her wear the spicy meme shirt.
  65. Somewhere along the line I was also informed that the melon bread Satania is so addicted to does, in fact, not taste like water melon at all. Regardless, that didn't stop me from making almost everything in the picture melon-flavoured to build on that canon addiction. And apparently nowadays actual melon-flavored melon bread exists too, so, HA!
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