Storytelling and Sake

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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa
  2. "Shhh shh shh." The white haired samurai murmured. Was he trying to sneak around somewhere and be stealthy? No, that'd be difficult as he was standing near a street with a horse. "Calm." The horse sidled away from him, a weakness in it's foot as it moved. A weakness he was trying to get. He pressed slower and closer to it, before slowly grabbing it's large limb, and giving it a soft, reassuring squeeze. He knew the signs of debris in a horse's hoof, and could treat it right away. "Good girl." Wait who's horse was this anyway? Didn't matter, it was hurting, okay.
  3. Ikoma Chiaki
  4. Wandering down the street, a younger woman dressed in a Kimono of simple browns and bearing the mons of the Lion and Ikoma looked around and noticing the Unicorn and the horse, stops short of imposing je presence on them and bows politely to them.
  5. Shinjo Kurosawa
  6. At first, Kurosawa did not notice the lovely young lady gracing his presence. A knife was deftly drawn in the free hand, while the other slowly raised the hoof upwards. He could see it, clear as day. A stone was wedged in there, just as suspected. Jackpot. A figure, dressed in browns caught his eye and he froze. He knew what he was doing, but did they know? "Forgive me," he gave a slightly awkward bow to the Ikoma. This must have been the owners horse, how kind of them to not yell at him and startle the already on edge beast. A beautiful beast, almost covered completely in black, barring some white on it's head. "I am only trying to assist, I saw she was in pain, and I can help her."
  7. Ikoma Chiaki
  8. "She's not your horse then?" She chimes in reply, her politely neutral smile unwavered
  9. Shinjo Kurosawa
  10. Shit, cover blown. He should've rolled stealth for this mission. "She is not. Is she not yours?" She was friendly enough with her smile. Better than a glare. He offered a smile in return, but quickly turned his gaze downwards. Rock the casbah. In a smooth motion, he wedged the blade underneath the rock and it sprung into the air between the two samurai. The leg was released and the horse shook itself, while he patted it's side. What a good horse. "Will you tell on me?" Was he in trouble here? The owner should be the one in trouble for letting this happen, duh.
  11. Ikoma Chiaki
  12. She shakes her head. "No, not mine." She watches at the Unicorn finished what they were. "I'm sure no one coud remain too upset at you attending to their horse's need, but your secret is safe with this one." She then pauses "Thos one is called Ikoma Chiaki" Chiaki then bows
  13. Shinjo Kurosawa
  14. Ikoma Chiaki. A rather lovely name, it was like a lyric in a song. "Shinjo. Shinjo Kurosawa, at your service." This time, he gave her a most proper bow in greeting. Second chances were real, yo. His deep purple kimono was clean, with the Unicorn mon on his back and the Shinjo mon over his heart. "A Lion?" He had never met a lion, but he knew of the vaguest things. Honorable warriors, the military might, basic stuff. At least, back in the day. But traditions die hard, right? "If you desire, I am at your service. I am specialized in treating animals, here within the city walls at least." God that reminded him of how trapped he felt in the city, no plains for him to run around on anywhere.
  15. Ikoma Chiaki
  16. "Thank you for your kind offer, this one will remember if she ever finds herself with an animal in need of your skill." Chiaki bows again in thanks. "Hai. Or perhaps we could share stories sometime."
  17. Shinjo Kurosawa
  18. Kurosawa actually does have a story. "If you would care for a walk, I do have a story, taught to me by my grandfather when I was young." He smiled, a bit wryly. Sometimes he missed home too much.
  19. Ikoma Chiaki
  20. "Excellent! This one recently aquired a bottle of sake, perhaps you could tell this one the story over a drink. Stories are always better with drinks."
  21. Shinjo Kurosawa
  22. It certainly was hot in the streets today. "That would be absolutely perfect, Ikoma-san." He was doing the whole etiquette thing correctly, right? All his years of practising on imaginary people had to pay off eventually. He just, had to not drink nearly as much as he did at the party.
  23. <Insta travel to the location Chiaki had in mind? Or were they going to walk and drink together? y/n>
  24. Ikoma Chiaki
  25. ((Chiaki would never be seen drinking in the streets, so insta travel works))
  26. Shinjo Kurosawa
  27. ((where to? just a nice little garden? ))
  28. Ikoma Chiaki
  29. ((Just somewhere nearby where they can sit and talk))
  30. ((So nice little garden works))
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa
  32. ((would you like me to resume post at garden or would you like to?))
  33. ((not gardens channel, i think thats the castle's official garden))
  34. Ikoma Chiaki
  35. ((Yes please and yes))
  36. Shinjo KurosawaToday at 7:52 AM
  37. Boom. A lush garden in the city. Extremely rare, but while the city was crunching down on luxuries, places of peace like this were essential for samurai and monks for meditating and remembering what life used to be like. What they were fighting for. There was a small koi pond, and a nearby, a smoothed, flat rock, perfect for holding things. Like bottles of sake, for one. The white haired unicorn gracefully seated himself next to it, and smoothed out his kimono, trying to not look like a country bumpkin to the refined and melodic sounding Lion.
  38. Ikoma Chiaki
  39. Just on the other side, Chiaki sat in seiza. She had pulled out the bottle and two sake cups finely decorated with a flower on the side. She sets them down and pours for the Shinjo before setting the bottle down. An observant samurai would notice it's the same sake from the wedding.
  40. Shinjo Kurosawa
  41. ((OH NO))
  42. Ikoma ChiakiToday at 8:08 AM
  43. ((It's the table sake. Not whatever Kuro drank in the gourd))
  44. Shinjo Kurosawa
  45. "Thank you." Wow people here were real well mannered and cultured. Way different than home, such a proper serving was rare. "My story is a love story, between two samurai who found each other in the wilderness." He took a refreshing sip of the sake, just a sip, as while he could not remember the night after drinking with Bando, he made sure to be more cautious. It was most excellent sake, just like the kind at the wedding. He eyed it curiously, wondering if it was, but he was absolutely smashed that night and couldn't properly remember.
  46. Ikoma Chiaki
  47. "A love story." Chiaki nods "This one would be honored to hear it."
  48. Shinjo Kurosawa
  49. He cleared his throat gently, to not be so rude while he prepared to tell her. Her voice was rhythmic, clear and beautiful. Did she sing, he idly wondered internally. The Shinjo would have to ask afterwards. "There was, once upon a time, a wild and lovely Utaku Maiden. A protector and hero to the people, compassionate, and kind. Her birth was of controversy, but she did her best to redeem herself. Perhaps," he could hear this part in his grandfather's voice perfectly, "that was why she was so great. She ventured throughout the plains, upholding the law, but she was very independent, often leaving by herself. Very brave, but stubborn and brash." The visage of the old man shaking his head was clear as day. "She was attacked by a pair of mountain lions, and instead of leaving her animal to it's fate, she leapt off it's back and fought with her life to protect it, armed with only her katana and spirit." His eyes were lost, and he imagined the scene, so vividly as he'd heard it so many times.
  50. ((sorry had to keep referencing a certain page))
  51. Ikoma Chiaki
  52. ((All good))
  53. Chiaki nods, listening attentively and wait for the Shinjo to finish
  54. Shinjo Kurosawa
  55. The samurai hopes he is not boring the lovely samurai-ko. Storytelling was not one of his strengths, but she seemed interested and hadn't told him to shut up or anything. "She fought, iron and heart against claw and fang. The fight was vicious and terrible, but the Battle Maiden was victorious. It was at cost, however; she was bleeding heavily, body and armor torn from the attack, and she fell over. She would have died out there." He paused to take another sip. "Except, she had not been alone. There was a Shugenja, an," he held his tongue, as his grandfather often referred to Kenshin as air-headed, "observant, man. He had witnessed the whole ordeal, and when she fell he rushed to her aid. He set up a camp, sheltered her, and treated her wounds. The shugenja was an artist, and he drew and painted the scene he had witnessed. And he fell for the wounded, unconscious warrior, loyally waiting for her to wake." Man this story was long, it did not feel as long usually but he never told it to people before. "She awoke, and when it was explained what happened, she was grateful to the Shugenja. The maiden loved his paintings and work, and showed him the land. They became travelling companions together, and eventually this culminated in their beautiful marriage to each other.. But that did not stop their adventures, and some say they are still out there, together, partners in dangerous lands." Man that was sooo long sorry. He was parched after all that, and drained the cup of sake quickly. Maybe she would like it, but he didn't tell it nearly as good as his grandfather did. Oh well.
  56. ((this will be the last time i try typing out that story ic i'm just gonna copypaste or do some summary from now on aaaaaa))
  57. Ikoma Chiaki
  58. Chiaki nods, "A fascinating story, Shinjo-san. Certainly one this one didn't expect. May I  remember this to tell it when it's needed"
  59. Shinjo Kurosawa
  60. The samurai blushed. "Yes, of course." Maybe someday this story of his parents would reach them, if they were still out there. Now was time to ask her the burning question that lingered in his mind like hot coals since they had arrived. "Do you sing, Ikoma-san? Your voice is extremely beautiful." Was he overdoing it? The man could appreciate a good voice, he was not so uncultured. Just rough and naive.
  61. Ikoma Chiaki
  62. "Sing?" Chiaki asks before shaking her head. "It's something I hope to learn to accompany my storytelling in the future."
  63. Shinjo Kurosawa
  64. He traced his fingers on the beautiful and ornate flowering design on the cup. "When you learn, I would be honored to hear it, someday." Something inside of him started gnawing at his mind, and he shook his head.
  65. Ikoma Chiaki
  66. Chiaki's expression briefly changes as she appears to take measure of the Unicorn before answering. "Perhaps then, you may hear me sing." She answers finally.
  67. Shinjo Kurosawa
  68. Man was it too bright in here? His eyes began to sting. No, he knew full well why this was happening. His memories rose up, like a whale cresting the surface of the ocean. His face struggled for a moment, before he turned his head away and covered it with his sleeve. "Forgive me, Ikoma-san," he muttered. Of all the things, why did he have to remember now? Singing. That was what brought it up. So stupid of him to bring that up. "Your company has been most gracious, but I have important business to attend to at the..." How was he going to talk out of this one? "...stables." He finished lamely. Lying was not his strong suit.
  69. ((I must leave soon, to prepare for checking out of the hotel, so he's gonna flee in his next post))
  70. Ikoma Chiaki
  71. Chiaki nods. "Hai, this one should return to her tasks too."
  72. ((I should sleep too))
  73. Shinjo Kurosawa
  74. He jumps to his feet without hesitation, and gives a sharp bow. His steel grey eyes are soft and shining, almost on the verge of tears as he looks upon her face. Why was he doing this, torturing himself by dragging out his stay with Ikoma-san? He probably wouldn't compose himself nearly this well next time. Despite this: "I hope to enjoy the company of the beautiful Lion once again." With that said, he fled the scene like a man being pursued by Fu Leng himself.
  75. ((do you mind if I save this encounter to pastebin and add it to my profile))
  76. Ikoma Chiaki
  77. "Walk with honour" Chiaki replies with a bow to the now fleeing Unicorn. Before she too clears up and departs. ((Not at all, feel free to))
  78. ((/scene))
  79. Shinjo KurosawaToday at 9:32 AM
  80. ((/fin))
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