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  1. vanish is plus on block
  3. vanish is not a true reversal, has like a 2 frame start up so people can beat you mashing vanish in the corner
  5. learn basic bitch combo : (start with lights for easier hit confirm but less makes combo do less damage)
  6.                           2M 5M jc M L L 2H SD L M L 2H jc L L L (can not do the 2nd 2H if u find it tricky)
  7.                           most characters get a hard knock down on last hit to add supers if you want
  9. don't just spend meter at the end of every combo with a super - if you can kill with meter spend as much as needed, worth killing a character for the cost of a bunch of meter
  10.                                         - save for panic vanishes when in tricky situations
  11.                                         - some characters have worthwhile H versions of specials
  12.                                         - after the last hit of universal combo immediately vanish to either grab them(L+M) and while the animations plays out press A1 or A2 to snap them in and get rid of all their blue life, or instead of grabbing you can just extend the combo for more damage but this may not be worth
  13.                                         -many characters have a beam woth qcf S, you can vanish if it hits to wall bounce them and then extend combo
  15. while doing a level 1 super, holding back + an assist button will do their level 3 instead of just regular lvl 1
  17. learn IAD(instant air dash) which is upforward, neutral then forward (in numpad 9,5,6). very strong in corner as IAD and an attack is fast and has to be blocked high, also strong in neutral as it quickens movement
  19. when your opponent has a bunch of blue life (they regen this when tagged out) they may be looking to raw tag, if you see this coming punish the incoming tag with a 2H, then do some kind of combo in the air like L M L jc L L L and then after the last hit vanish and grab(L+M) them while falling and while the grab animation plays press the correct assist button to snap back in the character with a bunch of blue health to get rid of all the blue health and potentially kill that character
  21. use assists to - cover your approach
  22.                - make unsafe/minus moves safe to extend pressure
  23.                - pressure them in corner
  24.                - use together with 6M (universal overhead which is 0 on block)
  26. beams such as qcf+S beat super dash
  28. if your character is low and has a lot of blue life, if you land a combo such as the basic universal one, the part where you 2H and dash, instead of dashing with your current character you can press forward and an assist button to tag in another char and finish the combo
  30. watch yo legs in neutral as some characters have a 2M
  31. that goes forward such as cell, goku, beerus and shit
  33. watch yo head in the corner as people will IAD H, use 6M(overhead) or do a special that has to be blocked high at some point like the last hit of cell's qcf+an attack button
  35. if u think someone will vanish get ready to 2H it when they do, if you corner the enemy watch for this
  37. when you corner an enemy and they are about to wake up watch out for raw level 3
  39. don't forget you have a grab so if they block everything remember to grab
  41. sometimes you just have to block for days and be patient instead of mashing
  43. for learning more optimal combos https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vStxd3co41pIsJuRt98kl_EQDaAxjHnHP1y76kzU8018Wv_MAhYUqV7ATyTWUkGddxMJQSt-05vbDL_/pubhtml#
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