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  1. She opened her eyes, vision hazy, head pounding; screaming out. She saw only the grim, musky interior of a room, the ceiling faded, worn, and disheveled. A lamp flickered within the room, bestowing it in light for a moment, before darkness took it's grasp once more. She leaned up, her vision become more clear. Crawling to a stand, she observed her surroundings. A rundown apartment room, from the looks of it. Furnishings knocked aside like play-toys, the walls bare and the wallpaper tearing and shriveled. "H-hello..?"; she called out. "Gray..? Tyler..? Samantha..? Someone..?"; she questioned the blackness, finding no response from the void that was ahead, a black wall of no visibility that was the absence of light in this room.
  3. Her shoulders slumped, as if out of defeat. Seeing nothing ahead, she turned, only seeing more pitch blackness. There was nothing, no means of escape or exit. She lowered herself back to a seat, staring at the flooring in thought. 'How did I get here..? Where is everyone..?' several questions like these passed through her mind as she sat, for a good while. After some time, she felt a presence, looking up, she saw it.
  5. A faceless figure stood there, motionless. She'd scramble backwards, heart racing, only to be hindered as something impeded her path. She'd look up, another figure, pushing away and into a stand, she put herself at a distance from the two. "Wh-what do you want..!?"; she cried, they offered no response, no indication of comprehension. Before she knew it, she was surrounded, encircled by these faceless beings. Oddly enough, some of them seemed familiar, though she couldn't place how. Some shrouded in torn clothing, bloodied and beaten. Others clad in vests and
  7. They stood there for some time, then it happened-- She heard a screech of an artillery shell soar by, but saw nothing of the sort. Gunfire and explosions all around, the sound of shells whizzing by. The detonation of sound sending her to her knees, cradling over and covering her ears. She'd look up, only to see the faceless draw knifes, crude shivs and charge one another. They stabbed, gouged and eviscerated each other, their inky blood staining everything in the room. With her in the middle, watching in complete terror as this occurred. The sounds of battle roaring in her eardrums continuously. Images of horrid acts flew through her mind, all the while, the slaughter commenced around here.
  9. The ink that was their blood coated the floor, the very walls around her. 'St-stop it..!' she yelled, or tried too. Only to realize she couldn't speak, a victim to this scene. Helpless to do anything. She couldn't take it, she fell onto her side, curling into a ball and began to sob. Before she knew it, the last faceless had fallen, their bodies mutilated and torn asunder. She still lie motionless, crying as tears rolled down her cheeks, onto the floor that was a literal pool of their blood.
  11. As soon as it had started, it was over. The light still flickered, reflecting off the surface of the ink. The light soon faded as well, extinguished and dead. In complete darkness, alone.
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