Draft #6

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  1.     Jackson Jones peered through his binoculars at the horizon. He spotted his targets climbing the crest of an embankment not more than a quarter of a mile away. He smiled and turned to his partner and friend, Brett Bealer.
  2.     “They’re coming.” Brett nodded, then turned to signal to the rest of Jackson’s team. They scampered into position behind shrubberies, trees, and lampposts. They were practically invisible to the enemy.
  3.     Jackson’s team was eager, but their leader knew that surprising the enemy required patience. They would have one chance, and if they blew it, weeks of planning would be wasted. Though he would never admit it to the others, Jackson found the enemy unnerving. They were grotesque with their drooling mouths and puffy eyes—barely human. Brett was convinced the enemy had been born misshapen, but the idea was far too unsettling for Jackson. He couldn’t imagine being born a … a … a nerd.
  4.     Unfortunately for Jackson, Nathan Hale Elementary had more than its fair share of nerds. In fact, his whole town of Arlington, Virginia, wasone giant geektropolis. Perhaps there was something in the drinking water Arlington siphoned from the Potomac River, but there were dweebs, spazzes, goobers, gomers, goofballs, and freak-outs crawling out of every nook cranny.
  5.     Jackson sometimes felt as if he were drowning in an ocean of wheezing, math-loving, Velcro sneaker-wearing waste cases. Jackson’s high school-age brother, Chaz, felt the same way. He told Jackson the elementary school had always been overrun with misfits. Their father, who was also an alumnus of Nathan Hale, said the same. Jackson was smack-dab in the middle of Nerdville, USA.
  6.     Jackson heard the honking of someone blowing his nose and he knew the enemy had arrived. He peeked out from his hiding spot and saw them stumbling up the sidewalk toward the school. It was time for action. The team, loyal members of the school football team, had manuvered their bodied covered in camo-hoodies and pant over their entire football suits, sweating on the ground, all checking their breath for any signs of stink. Each one of the handsome boys carried a sports sack filled with product and they were wearing their best game-day uniforms, in order to impress the cheerleaders that walked past here, right after those nerds.
  7.     “Attack!” His signal sent the nerds scattering like frightened cattle. They bayed and bellowed and rushed about, knocking into one another. “First wave!” Jackson cried, and his team removed drinking straws from their pockets. They loaded the straws with sticky-wet spitballs and aimed them at the panicked nerds. Carefull to keep from spitting on his tight football pants and ruining how perfectly shiny they were he shouted,“Fire at will!”
  8.     A wave of spitwads blasted through the air, raining down on the geeks. One kid with exceptionally large buck teeth was blinded when a dozen sloppy wads hit him in the face. He ran headfirst into a flagpole and knocked himself unconscious.
  9.     “Leave us alone!” a girl shouted in a wheezy voice as she was peppered with sticky ammunition. Before the nerds could peel the gooey missiles off their faces and clothes, Jackson called for the second wave of attacks. The straws were  tossed aside, and his team carefully placed plastic gloves over their expensive football gloves, then pounced on the misfits; administering purple nurples, blistering pink bellies, cruel charley horses, and nasty noogies. Ears were flicked. Wet willies were delivered. KICK ME signs were applied to unsuspecting backs.
  10.     Everything was going according to plan, but Jackson was determined not to get lazy. He called for the third and final wave, the part of the plan they called “the hammer.” They spun the geeks around, grabbed the backs of their underpants, and yanked toward the heavens. The elastic waistbands were then pulled over the victims’ heads. Atomic wedgies. The final, crushing blow. The nerds flopped around on the ground like fish, trying unsuccessfully to stuff their underwear back into their pants.
  11.     Jackson, Brett, and the others celebrated their success for a moment before initiating phase two. With the nerds gone, the team flopped thir bodies on the grass and made themselves look casual as they posed for the on comming busses filled with their adoring fans. Jackson quickly checked his white pants and cleats for any stains and carefully opened his mouth and smiled as the team congadulated each other for their victory.
  12.     Now, to the casual observer, Jackson would appear to be a jerk, but in fact he was very popular. Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very popular. His teachers described him as charming. He was captain of his PeeWee football team, and his coach said Jackson had the best passing arm, best kicking leg, and best touchdown dance he had seen in twenty-five years. Kids copied Jackson’s every move, hung on his every word. He was the school heartthrob, and his ocean of golden waves of hair along with his extemly charming blinding smile made all the girls crush on him. Even some of the teachers started to dress like him.
  13.     Yes, Jackson Jones was blessed, but little did he know that the cruel hand of fate was about to smack him in the face, and it would all start with a single word.
  14.     “Interesting.”
  15.     “Whaghh?” Jackson asked. He would have been clearer but he was sitting in his orthodontist’s office with a suction tube in his mouth. Dr. Gupta, who had said the word, was looking at his gleaming white teeth. Jackson knew it was never a good sign when a medical professional used the word “interesting.” It was one of those words you never wanted to hear a doctor say, like “rare,” “inoperable,” and “flesheating.”
  16.     “Very interesting,” the orthodontist chirped as he continued his examination.
  17.     “Whaghh?” Jackson cried. Dr. Gupta was too excited to speak. In his twenty years as an orthodontist, he had heard many medical phenomenon stories. The podiatrist in suite 4A had a patient with eight toes on each foot. His brother-inlaw, an emergency-room doctor, claimed to have had a patient with a third eye. Even his dog’s veterinarian, Dr. Hanger, had a two-headed turtle under his care. Now Gupta had his own medical oddity. He crossed the room to a telephone,
  18. picked it up, and punched in a number. “Donna, can you bring the camera in here?” A moment later a pale, sleepy woman entered the room. Dr. Gupta directed her to look into Jackson’s open mouth. Her drowsy eyelids popped open. Dr. Gupta clapped his hands like a happy baby.
  19.     “I know, right? No one will believe it if we don’t take some pictures.”                  
  20.     “Whhhaaaaaaggggghhhh?”Jackson cried, but again
  21. he was ignored. Donna snapped pictures from various angles. The camera’s flash blinded Jackson, and by the time the blue and red spots disappeared from his 20-20 vision, his patience was gone. He yanked the suction tube from his mouth using his strong biceps, wincing as the tube glanced his full lips.
  22.     “What’s going on?” Dr. Gupta smiled as he rubbed his hands together. “Well, Jackson, how do Iexplain this? It’s just … well, a normal person has twenty-eight teeth. Some have several more if they still have their wisdom teeth. You, however, have a lot more.”
  23.     “How many?” Dr. Gupta smiled.
  24.     “You have sixty-four teeth! In fact, you have four rows of them, two on the top and two on the bottom.”
  25.     “Is that unusual?” Jackson asked.
  26.     “Not if you’re a great white shark,” the doctor replied, handing Jackson a mirror so that he could take a look for himself. Jackson studied his mouth closely. Besides remembering to brush, taking selfies, and for school photos he had never given much thought to his teeth. He assumed everyone had as many as he did, though he recalled his father complaining just last week that the family was spending a fortune on dental floss.
  27.     “So, what are you going to do about it? I can’t walk around with this many teeth.”
  28.     “Well, we’ll have to extract those extra choppers.”
  29.     “Extract?”
  30.     “Yeah. You know, yank them out. But there is good news. The tooth fairy is going to owe you a bundle.” Gupta slapped his knee and burst into a giggling the happy tears from his cheeks. “Sorry, that’s an old orthodontist joke.”
  31.     “Is it going to hurt?” Jackson asked.
  32.     “Absolutely. But that’s not even your biggest problem. You’ve got summer teeth.”
  33.     “What are ‘summer teeth’?”
  34.     “Sum ’er going this way and sum ’er going that way,” Dr. Gupta said,chuckling. He wondered if perhaps a career in standup comedy had been his true calling. Jackson, however, was not amused, and when Gupta spotted his scowl, the orthodontist got back to business.
  35.     “Sorry. What I’m trying to say is your teeth are all over the place. A few of them are sideways. There’s one that’s upside-down! Don’t worry. It’s nothing a set of braces won’t fix.” Jackson felt his heart stop.
  36.     “Braces!” Nerds had braces. Dr. Gupta smiled reassuringly.
  37.     “A lot of patients worry that braces are going to ruin their lives, but I assure you that nothing will change, Jackson. Your friends are still going to like you. I doubt that anyone will notice at all.”
  38.     When Jackson looked back on that moment, he realized that was when a terrible truth was revealed to him: Adults are liars, horrible, soulless, blackhearted liars. The brace didn’t just ruin his life, they demolished it, then salted the land so nothing would ever grow there again!
  39.     When Dr. Gupta was finished, Jackson was thirty-two teeth lighter but fourteen pounds of metal heavier. Each of his teethwas encased in a jagged steel cage that ripped at his gums. The rows of his perfectly white teeth were crossed by a set of metal train tracks. Jackson couldn't open his mouth all the way, thanks to the dozens of tiny rubber bands strung around his teeth like shoe strings. Gupta glued something called a pallet expander to the roof of his mouth which was excrusingately painful and forced his upper jaw apart with a turn of a key. Decing that wasn't enough, the back of Jackson's front teeth were covered by a retainer and a bite plate to keep his tounge from moving. Worse, a metal halo that Gupta called “headgear” was attached to Jackson’s perfect, but crooked bicuspids, and protruded out of his mouth and encircled his head like Saturn’s rings. Now Jackson couldn't close his mouth which created a stream of spit that came out of his mouth whenever he spoke. And when he spoke it came out in a gigantic lisp. Already his mouth was starting to stink from not being able to brush for 3 hours and Gupta informed him that bushing completly would be impossible for the week, and any type of candy was forbidden, specifically gum.
  40.     It also turned out to be highly magnetic. Jackson found that by the end of an average school day, his headgear had collected cuff links, belt buckles, hairpins, cafeteria trays, cell phones, and umbrellas. He once stepped too close to a school bus and became locked onto its bumper. He was helplessly dragged through a rainstorm as children were dropped off all over town and his fitted 'Obey' hat was completly ruined.. He nearly died the night his father decided to treat the family to dinner at the local hibachi restaurant. But the most horrible side effect he suffered wasn’t the pain or the humiliation—it was the sudden end to his reign as king of Nathan Hale Elementary.
  41.     His popularity vanished overnight. Friends turned their backs when he walked by. Teachers cowered in the lounge, hoping to avoid eye contact. All the girls changed their crushes with every word he spoke. The classroom hamster buried itself under a mound of sawdust and pretended he wasn’t there.
  42. Even his best friend turned on him.
  43.     “Nice braces, goober,” Brett said when Jackson tried to sit at their usual lunch table. Jackson tried to reply with a cool answer, but his mouth chose to lisp and that exact moment and he choked on his palate expander and drool started flowing down his chin.
  44.     “You look like you’ve been munching on a bicycle chain.” Their other friends laughed and refused to let Jackson sit down. They banished him to a table in the far corner of the cafeteria where even the custodian with the lazyeye wouldn’t go.
  45.     His brother, Chaz, Mr. High-School popular, was even crueler. Everyday while Jackson went through the tedious task of trying to gel his hair with headgear and brush his gigantic orthodonic attachments, Chaz would flash his perfect teeth which had never felt the cold metal of braces. He called Jackson “Braceface” and “Nerdatron.” (Chaz had a thing for robot humor.) He found particular amusement in Jackson’s headgear.
  46.     At dinnertime, Chaz would bring a collection of household tools with him to see which would snap off the table and attach itself to Jackson’s face. Trying to sleep with headgear was the worst, and Chaz made nights worse by he sneaking into Jackson’s room and stringing party balloons to it. When he was suiting up for football practice, Chaz would hang his smelly cleats from it. When Jackson complained to his father, his dad told him to suck it up.
  47.     “A little ribbing is good for you. It will make you a man.” As the winds of autumn arrived and leaves turned yellow, orange, and red, Jackson sensed the coming of football season and a change in his fortunes. Football was Jackson’s last hope for regaining some of his popularity. He was still the team’s star quarterback, even if he did have an Erector set circling his head. He practice everyday, trying to get used to the 14 pounds of weight on his head. His perfect throwing arm, complete dedication and  natural talent might have helped a little.
  48.     Sadly, on the first day of practice, after going through the tedious task of putting on every pound of padded football gear on his body, doing all the drills perfectly, ruining his molded mouthguard and filling his lucky, custom made football pants, jersey and cleats with sweat, Jackson discovered his headgear prevented him from putting on his helmet.
  49.     “You can’t play without a helmet, kid,” the coach said. “You’ll get brain damage.”
  50.     Getting booted off the football team was the last nail in the popularity coffin. Friendless, Jackson drifted through the halls flashing his metallic smile that were never returned, raising his hand for high fives that never came, waiting  by his locker for admirers who never showed up. For the first time, his football throwing hands felt his once perfect, soft golden hair littered with soggy, disgusting wads of spitballs. It was as if the warm golden glow that had shined on Jackson his whole life had been turned off.
  51.     One day he found himself reminiscing at photos in the school’s trophy case—photos of his father leading the Tigers to victory, of his brother catching a touchdown pass. He found a photo of his own team, and saw himself proudly holding the winning trophy, the same trophy his father and brother had won. Sports were the glue that held his family together, especially since his mother died. The Jackson family had no patience for losers. They were winners on and off the field. Where did Jackson fit in now? Just then, there was a terrific crash as the winning trophy was yanked through the display case glass by Jackson’s magnetic headgear. It took several teachers a half hour to pry it off his face. The next day Jackson was banned from reminiscing.
  52.     His new daily routine was depressing. Waking up after a restless sleep, from having to lay completly straight so his headgear woudn't push the wrong way, he had to go through the task of trying to clean every single metal covered tooth. It was so difficult that his once gleaming smile was turing yellow. His breath stank however much he brushed, since it was impossible to reach all the food stuck in the top of his mouth.
  53.     Jackson's dreams to become popular again were at best, impossible, but he made sure to workout every moring. It was important to keep his football skills sharp, and he was determined not to lose his hand eye coordination. Every morning, Jackson went on a run, with his face covered with a beanie and a giant mouthguard.  In his backyard, he did hundreds of pull up, sit ups, and push ups. One time, he tried to wear his football uniform, Brett and his other former friends mocked and ridiculed him and he was forced to wear unbranded, unmarked clothes at school. Jackson knew he no longer deserved to wear his uniform, or any of his old show offy clothes. His entire closet of school sprit and expensive bright sports gear was useless.
  54.     At school, he tried to look cool, but every time he spoke, people turned away. His voice, that all the girls said was dreamy and had once made him #1 at the school talent show was ruined by his bad breath and giant lisp. Even if he did have oh so blue eyes,they were over shadowed by the masses of metal surrounding his face. From lack of his care, the perfect skin on his face that was covered by metal was starting to freckle. It was impossible to walk straight, due to the 14 pounds of magnetic gear stuck to his face, so he became extra clumsy. Jackson couldn't even flip a bottle right. Drinking and eating were a challenge, but it looked disgusting when he did. In a rash decision, he decided to color his braces red, to show his school sprit. Everyone at school was sure to inform him it made him 10 times uglier. Brett informed him that he thought he couldn't have possibly have gotten uglier. He now looked, spoke, walked, and was a complete nerd. In a word he was pathetic.
  55.     Jackson had to get rid of his braces. He took out a pair of pliers from the garage and hid in the bathroom. But as soon as he put the pliers in his mouth, his magnetic braces attached them to the inside of his mouth. After school, he tried to cheer himself up by suting up in all his football gear to try and relive his glory days on the football field. But, it just made him feel even more depressed. He tried to look forward to how his teeth would look after, but he could barley see a tooth in his mouth behind pieces of food and rubber, and plastic and metal. Jackson felt like his mouth was a blender. Each tooth was forcibily wrentched into position, and every week, Gupta tightened the torture device. The most embarrasing thing was that whenever Jackson spoke, there was a chance that one of the disgusting tiny rubber bands would come shooting out of his mouth. In class Jackson was gazing at his crush, the most beautiful girl in school,  when he opened his mouth and 3 of the rubber bands shot out and hit her in the cheek. Jackson was never allowed within 10 of her ever again.
  56.     After peeling off dozens of KICK ME signs of his back Jackson heard his mob old friends comming around the corner. He ran into the bathroom and looked for a place to hide. Jackson hurried into a stall and prayed that Brett wouldn't find him. He took the spitballs off his hair and curmpled all the standard bulling material that had never once been attched to him into a large heap. He was leaning over to flush it down when he heard the bathroom door open. He turned to see who it was and saw a group of his former friends, led by Brett. They were laughing and slugging one another in the arm, a game they seemed to play all the time. Instinctively, Jackson smiled at them. After all, they had been best friends for years. But when Brett sneered at him, he knew he had made a mistake.
  57.     “Hey, Braceface,” Brett said. “How many toothbrushes do you go through in a day?” The other boys exploded into obnoxious giggles. Jackson felt his face flush. Before he could think, a nasty, metal, drooly, lisped reply escaped his lips,
  58.     “Hey Brett, you still using those big-boy diapers at bedtime?” Brett’s face fell. His nightly bedwetting was a secret the two boys had shared since the second grade, when Jackson had spent the night at Brett’s house and they had gone hog wild over pizza, candy, and root beer after root beer. Jackson had woken several times in the night to visit the bathroom. Brett had slept like a rock—a rock floating on a soggy mattress. The next morning, in front of Jackson, Brett’s mom had informed her son that from now on he would have to wear “pull-up pants,” which everyone knew was code for diapers. Horrified, Brett swore Jackson to secrecy.
  59.     Jackson felt bad about revealing the secret and began to make an earnest apology, when Brett grabbed him by the collar and forced him back inside the bathroom stall. Then, with the help of the other boys, he shoved Jackson headfirst into the toilet bowl. Someone flushed and the water swirledaround Jackson’s ears. He was drowning, but therewere too many hands holding him down. He kicked and punched andfinally freed himself. Gagging and spitting, he managed to turn his head toward his attackers. They ran, and Jackson turned to the mirror, despretly trying to fix his hair. All the gel was melting off his head, and his entire face was wet.
  61. Ending 1
  62. -Learns what it means to be ugly, school 'spying' part, inside locker-
  64.     “If you get me out of this, I swear I will always be good,” he promised the heavens. And then suddenly, a red light flashed above his head and the floor beneath him slid away. He couldn’t see, and all he heard was his own screaming as he shot down a metal tube. Then there was an enormous roar, like someone had flipped on the world’s largest ceiling fan, and a powerful wind came up from below. When Jackson looked down, he saw a huge wind turbine, blasting air at him
  65. and slowing his fall. Soon, he was hovering, like a loose feather, directly over the turbine’s grate. A steel panel slid over the fan, and Jackson landed squarely on his feet using his football trained reflexes. He hardly had time to thank his lucky stars before the floor tilted upward, revealing another hole. Jackson tumbled into it and rocketed along a twisty-turny slide. He went through a loop-de-loop, and just when he was sure he would barf, another hatch opened and he fell through it. Much to his surprise he landed in an overstuffed chair. An oddly proper voice said,
  66.     “Welcome to the Playground.” He was in a large square room as big as a baseball field. The floor was decorated in multicolored ceramic tiles, and the ceiling was held aloft by dozens of marble columns. Each wall was decorated with an elaborate mural dedicated to a different branch of science— biology, physics, geology, and chemistry. Scattered about the room were workstations. Some held computers, others elaborate experiments— vials of chemicals, half- built machines, water tanks. Mounted above all this were the largest television monitors Jackson had ever seen. They were broadcasting scenes from around the world: a man taking money from an ATM with the Eiffel Tower in the background, two men playing dominoes in Red Square, a woman and her son sightseeing at the Great Wall of China. Jackson realized these weren’t television shows, but actual events caught by surveillance cameras around the globe. On several monitors, Jackson could see students from his school walking to class, sleeping at their desks, struggling to climb the rope in the gymnasium. It seemed every inch of Nathan Hale Elementary was under surveillance. Tearing his attention away from the TVs, Jackson noticed a circular desk sitting on a platform at the center of the room. It was made from some kind of glass, inlaid with tiny computer circuits. Jackson walked over to take a closer look. When he touched the surface of the desk, a tiny blue orb floated out of a hole in the center. It spun like a tornado, then began to emit particles of light. The particles combined to form a three-dimensional picture of a snow-capped mountain range. It was so real, Jackson felt he could dip his hand into the snowmelt rushing down to the river below. He had never seen technology like it in his life. He wondered how the school could afford something this advanced when most of the students shared textbooks. Suddenly, as if a bell had sounded somewhere, doors swung open around the room and dozens of people dressed in white lab coats and goggles rushed to the workstations. They didn’t seem to notice Jackson. He watched as a man climbed into a tank of water. He had a tiny green device in his nose and, once he was submerged, it was clear that the device was allowing him to breathe. In another corner of the room, a scientist wearing a bright orange jumpsuit that covered him from head to toe was
  67. handed a lit stick of dynamite. Jackson panicked, but when the dynamite exploded, the scientist appeared to be unharmed. Jackson gaped in wonder as he moved about the room, examining one experiment after another, but his attention finally settled on a scientist working with a pink-nosed guinea pig. She plugged a computer cable into the back of a video monitor. The other end of the cable was inserted into the belly of the furry rodent. At once, the monitor came to
  68. life, broadcasting what appeared to be the guineapig’s-eye view. A colleague came over to watch.
  69.     “I call it the ‘guinea pig camera,’” the proud scientist announced to her colleague. “The team can give one of these to a suspect’s child and it will record anything it sees or hears. Just plug in this cable and it downloads right onto your hard drive!” The scientist continued her demonstration, aiming the furry animal in all directions. The image stopped on Jackson All at once, the scientists turned to face him.
  70.     “How did you get in here?” one shouted.
  71.     “Uh, I’m lost,” he said. Before he could explain further, a siren went off and a voice announced:
  72.     “We have an intruder in the Playground. Attention, all agents. We have an intruder in the Playground.” Jackson had no idea what was happening, but one thing was clear—he had not stumbled into the teacher’s lounge. Jackson’s brain screamed for him to run, but when he spun around to flee, a metal slab dropped from the ceiling, blocking the exit. He saw other exits being cut off around the room. He raced toward the only open doorway he saw, but the scientists lined up to block his path. However, they were no match for the Fighting Tigers’ former star quarterback!
  73.     Jackson rushed forward, executing a prefect block that knocked a scientist to the floor, and a stiff arm that kept another at bay. He weaved and danced around a couple of tables, and slipped through the open doorway just as a
  74. steel slab fell behind him. He breathed hard through his braces, and licked the slick metal with his tounge. When Jackson caught his breath, he found himself in another strange room, this one shaped like a circle with a mosaic of the universe laid into the floor. Aside from the shelves of dusty manuscripts that lined the walls, the only other thing in the room was a silver pedestal. The pedestal was covered in knobs, buttons, and blinking lights, and a large blue orb hovered above it, just like the one Jackson had seen in the other room. Hanging from the ceiling directly above the pedestal were more computer monitors and hundreds of thick, loose cables dangling like the arms of an electronic
  75. octopus. Jackson studied the pedestal and his heart soared. It was clearly some kind of computer, even if it did have more bells and whistles than most. It had to have internet too! He could send for help! He’d have the police, the FBI,
  76. the army, all his social media followers and the local Girl Scout troop kicking down the door of this screwy secret lab in no time.
  77.     Unfortunately, Jackson had no idea where to start. There was no mouse and no obvious power button. In desperation, he went to work pushing all the buttons, not sure of what they might do. Then the strange voice he had heard after falling through the locker returned.
  78.     “You have accessed the physical enhancement protocol of the National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society. Prepare for upgrade. Code name, please?”
  79.     “Are you talking to me?” Jackson asked, looking around.
  80.     “Yes. Have you chosen a code name?”
  81.     “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jackson said. “I’m just trying to find a way out of this—” The voice interrupted him.
  82.     “No code name submitted. Subject has twenty-four hours to log in a code name or an appropriate one will be assigned. Scanning for weaknesses.” Suddenly, the
  83. bookshelves on either side of Jackson moved away from the walls, revealing banks of little green lights. Each emitted lasers, which whisked across his body in odd patterns. They didn’t cause him any pain, but they did make him nervous.
  84.     “Physical attributes are above normal range,” the voice said. “Continuing to
  85. scan for weaknesses.” As the lasers continued to sweep across his body, there was an awesome bang on the door and a huge dent appeared, as if a giant had tossed a rhino against the steel. The scientists on the other side were trying to break down the door.
  86.     “Where’s the e-mail program?” Jackson cried as he frantically pushed more buttons. A bank of little red lights appeared on the pedestal. The machine began to beep and twitter and the orb above it began to spin. It turned slowly at first, but then whirled so fast it dazzled Jackson’s eyes. A million light particles scattered around the room. Crunch! A bigger dent appeared in the door. The particles swirled over the walls and floor, eventually collecting into one unified shape—a three-dimensional skeleton floating directly before Jackson. It seemed to move as Jackson did. When he turned his head, it turned its head. When he raised his arm, it did the same. He reached toward the skeleton, but when his hands broke the image’s surface, the figure disappeared.
  87.     “It’s a hologram,” he said aloud. When he pulled his arm away, the skeleton reappeared, this time showing a heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and stomach. After that, a layer of muscles and veins was added to the skeleton.
  88.     “Internal organs within normal range. No chemical imbalances detected. No allergies detected. Scanning continues,” the odd voice said. Crunch! One of the door’s bolted hinges bent and the screws that held it fell to the floor. Now the skeleton was covered in skin. Eyeballs appeared, followed by hair and fingernails. Now it was clear to Jackson that the hologram was a three dimensional portrait of him from the inside out. He only wished the computer would add some clothing. The strange voice returned.
  89.     “Weakness detected. Subject has extensive dental devices. Upgrade will take place in three …”
  90.     “Wait! What’s an upgrade?”
  91.     “Two …” Jackson started pushing buttons in a panic. “How do you stop this thing?"
  92.     “Upgrade cancelled. Operation 5078 commencing.” Suddenly, a leather chair rose out of the floor. Jackson fell into it, and before he could scramble out, his hands and feet were strapped down. The chair tilted back, then
  93. stretched out into a cot. Two spiderlike machines emerged from the jungle of cables above and lowered to just inches above Jackson’s face. Each had eight arms, with different devices attached to the ends: knives, drills, and saw blades, all whirling and spinning wildly. Jackson opened his mouth to scream, only to have one of the arms use rubber hooks to pull back his lips from his metal covered teeth.
  94.     “Help!” he shouted, and
  95. though the pounding at the door continued, the scientists had yet to break through. Oh how Jackson wished he had been
  96. captured by them instead of the ruthless, faceless computer!
  97.     “Think pleasant thoughts, ” the voice said. And then, everything went black.
  99.     Jackson woke up with bleary eyes and his entire mouth was sore.
  100.     "What happened?" he said to himself. He looked around the room. He laid eyes on another hologram. This time, it showed a boy that looked idenical to Jackson. He had blonde hair and blue eyes like him, except the boy was wearing a white suit and had completely straight perfect teeth. Suddenly, Jackson realized it was himself. He ran his tounge over his now perfect teeth, and felt smooth enamel.
  101.     "But how?" he wondered aloud. He looked around the room and saw his braces attached to a replica of his old teeth. Had his mouth really looked that bad? Apart from a slightly sore jaw, he felt okay. Jackson started looking around the room for an exit.
  102.     "Hello? Anyone there?" Jackson found a button and pressed it. A small drawer extended and the computeried voice said:
  103.     "Hello. Your weakness has been fixed. To keep your smile permenant, wear this retainer." Jackson looked in the drawer and saw a set of clear plastic trays that looked like mouthguards. He did like his new smile, so he popped them in his mouth. A part of the wall slid open and he saw his old clothes and sets of clothes he might need for any possible situation. His eyes locked right on the set of football gear he had always wanted. He ran towards it, but before he could touch it, a curtain dropped around him and a set of mechanical claws picked the suit off of him. It then deposited the entire football suit on Jackson. It felt as if it had been molded exactly for his body.
  104.     "Here, from our database, we have collected any possible equipment that you may find necicary." The voice said.
  105.     "Why did you do this?" Jackson asked.
  106.     "You have accessed a secret govenment operation, designed to change one's identity, hidden inside the upgrade machine of another secret spying operation. You initiated protocol 5078, where a physical atribute is changed, anyone who remebers that atribute will have their memories of it destroyed, and your memory will be wiped of the attribute and this operation when you leave. As a parting gift we have created a some perfectly fitting clothes for you to keep. Have a nice day." The voice explained. For the second time that day, everything went black.
  110. Oneshot ideas-
  111. Jackson gets bullied- spitballs atomic wedgie into locker, how did he fit?-
  113. Hyena: Hey, Jackson, what's that in your hair?
  114. Jackson: What?
  115. He reaches up and pulls a wet, disgusting spitball, stuck by his stying gel into the front of his hair.
  116. Jackson: Its a spitball...
  117. Hyena: What's that on your back?
  118. Jackson: A kick me sign...
  119. Hyena: Why is your hair wet?
  120. Jackson: They flushed my hair in the toilet...
  121. Hyena: Why is your underwear sticking out of your pants?
  122. Jackson: Atomic wedgie...
  123. Hyena: Why were you half inside a locker?
  124. Jackson: They tried to lock me in but my shoulders wouldn't fit...
  125. Hyena: That's beacuse your shoulders are too broad.
  126. Jackson: *Smiles with metal and dimples*
  127. Hyena: Is that a freckle on your nose?
  128. Jackson: Maybe... I forgot to put on sunscreen...
  129. Hyena: Do you need help getting down from there?
  130. -Jackson is hanging from his underwear from the flagpole.-
  131. Jackson: You just have to point out all my imperfections today don't you.
  132. Hyena: You don't have enough imperfections Mr. Braceface.
  133. Jackson: Hey! Call me Quarterback at least! Or Jones! Or Mr. Popular or Mr Handsome if possible.
  134. Hyena: Why is your shirt down here all ripped?
  135. Jackson: Ha, that was Brett. He wanted the school to see my fat belly, but I worked out!
  136. Hyena: Hey, is that your journal on the ground?
  137. Jackson: Dont read it!
  139. Jyena- junkyard, firts kiss, first football game, middle school dance-
  141.     “Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said
  142.     “Where are we?”
  143.     “Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is we are inside Jigsaw’s fortress. The bad news is he has locked us in a back room and there’s no way out. At least, no way I could find. You, however, have the superbraces. Why
  144. don’t you use them to knock down the door?” Jackson got to his feet but fell back on the bed with an awkward thump.
  145. He was still woozy.
  146.     “Easy, big shot,” the Hyena continued. She got up from her cot and helped him to his feet.
  147.     They stepped to the door and Jackson studied it. There wasn’t a doorknob— only a single metal panel. They opened it and found a tiny hole not even big enough for a key.
  148.     “OK, back up,” Jackson warned. “This might get violent.” He focused his attention on the door, but nothing happened. His braces weren’t swirling—not even a little. “That’s weird. My tech isn’t working.” He scanned the room and spotted a bright orange device mounted on the wall. “What’s that?”
  149.     The Hyena climbed up on her cot to eye the device closer.
  150.     “This is an EMP transmitter—an electromagnetic pulse device. It shuts off electronics.”
  151.     “That means no braces.”
  152.     “So you’re just a normal kid?”
  153.     “Aside from my incredible good looks and amazing athletic ability, yes. I’m totally normal.”
  154.     “We’ve got to get out of here, Jackson,” the Hyena said.
  155.     “Got any good ideas?” She sat next to him. Then moved a bot closer.
  156.     “Not a one. Some superassassin I turned out to be.”
  157.     “Yeah, I know how you feel. I’m like the worst secret agent in the history of secret agents.”
  158.     “All I ever wanted to do was kill people,” the Hyena said sadly. “I’m going to be the laughingstock of the union.” Jackson smiled.
  159.     “You say you’re a killer, but you act more like a hero to me. You definetly aren't insane. You're too beautiful for that, and you dress too well.”
  160.     “Just when I was starting to like you.” She sighed. Secretly she wanted to hear Jackson repeat that sentence a few dozen more times.
  161.     “So, if you want to kill people, why didn’t you kill Munoz?” Jackson said. “You had the perfect opportunity.”
  162.     “It was his little girl. She loved him so much. They reminded me of me and my father, before he died,” she said.
  163.     “My mother died last year,” Jackson said looking down.
  164.     “I’m sorry. You must miss her. I miss my father a lot. He said I had a beautiful singing voice and he used to call me Giggles,” she said, then paused. “If you tell anyone that, I will murder you.”
  165.     Jackson swore he’d keep her secret.
  166.     “He was a helicopter pilot—used to fly rich people around, and sometimes he’d take me. He taught me how to get one into the air. I was nearly as good as he was. But he didn’t make a lot of money, and when he was gone there wasn’t much left. Our lives became about survival. We started entering beauty pageants to make money, but really they kept us just busy enough so that we wouldn’t have to talk about him.”
  167.     “Where’s your mom now?”
  168.     “She moved from people to dogs. She won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last year,” the Hyena said. She sounded
  169. bitter. “She’s got a West Highland white terrier named Daisy. You should see how she treats her. You would think Daisy was a person.”
  170.     Butch flashed in Jackson’s mind. “I think I understand.”
  171.     “Ugh, we’re becoming friends, aren’t we?” the Hyena said.
  172.     “I’m afraid so,” Jackson said. They shared a knowing smile.
  173.     Suddenly, the door opened and in walked Dr. Jigsaw. “Am I interrupting something?” he said. The friends were on their feet in a flash.
  174.     “What have you done with my team?” Jackson demanded
  175.     “Oh, you mean the NERDS and the dashing Agent Brand and the weirdo who dresses like a lady? Don’t worry. They’re safe and sound. In fact, they’ve got front-row seats to the recreation of the world. Despite the fact that they came here to stop my plan, I’m taking pity on them and letting
  176. them watch the show.”
  177.     “You’re a screwball,” the Hyena said. “You’re going to kill billions of people for a silly jigsaw puzzle.”
  178.     “You have no appreciation of order and beauty,” Jigsaw said as a loud siren blasted Jackson’s ears. “Oh, there’s the alarm. My machine is almost ready to use again, which means it’s time to put my silly puzzle back together. You two stay here. You don’t get to watch the show.” Jigsaw left the room in a huff and slammed the door behind him.
  179.     If Mindy wasn't beautiful, Jackson didn't know what was.
  180.     “OK. We have to get out of here, now!” the Hyena cried.
  181.     “I agree,” Jackson said as he got down in quarterback position and peered at the tiny hole in the door.
  182.     “But how are we going to get out of here? Think! I’ve seen those James Bond movies. How would he get
  183. out of this?”
  184.     “He’d use his laser watch or his exploding bow tie,” the Hyena said.
  185.     “You got either of those?”
  186.     “Not the tie,” Jacksonsaid as he tapped hiswatch, but it was as deadas his braces. “And the EMP is fudging the laser
  187. watch.” Jackson scanned the room for anything that might help. What he needed was something small and metallic, something that he could use to pick the lock. He went back to his cot and tossed the sheets and pillows onto the floor. Lifting the thin mattress, he spotted some rusty springs that might have worked, but were impossible for him to break off the cot. As he tossed everything back onto the bed, one of the pillowcases got caught on the end of his headgear He tugged on it, but it was caught tight. Jackson
  188. unfastened the metal
  189. headgear from his
  190. bicuspids, stretching his mouth wide, and revealing for the second time all of his orthodontic gear. 5 of of the elastics in his mouth pooped off and flew into the Hyena's face.
  191.     "Gross!" she skrieked.
  192.     "Sorry," Jackson apologised. Then his red powerband got stuck to the head gear and he needed to bend a wire to remove it. Jackson removed the protective chinstrap, that he had replced with his football helmet's chinguard, and tugged at the fabric and the red plastic until it was free. It was then thatan idea came to him. Of course! His headgear might just be what he needed.
  193.     Mindy tried not to stare at Jackson, but he really did look 10 times cuter without his headgear.
  194.     Jackson bent the gear so he could get it into the lock. When he recalled how it had painfully twisted and turned his teeth perfectly into position, he felt an odd sense of revenge.
  195.     When it was twisted into shape, he knelt down to the keyhole. He had seen people pick locks on TV and in movies,
  196. but he had never done it himself. He wasn’t sure that locks could be picked at all. Still, he had to try. He gingerly inserted an end of the headgear into the lock and jiggled it back and forth, hoping to turn the lock’s internal machinery.
  197.     “Do you know what you’re doing?” the Hyena asked. She kneeld down next to him, and could feel his muscles flexing below his tight shirt and his metallic breath radiating heat
  198.     “Not really,” Jackson said, trying his hardest not to lisp. There was an odd click and he looked up at his partner.     “I think I’m getting somewhere.” Then he was hit with a powerful jolt of electricity. It shot up through his headgear and knocked him backward across the room. He tasted metal in his mouth, and his head felt like it had spent an afternoon inside a toaster oven.
  199.     “What happened?” Jackson asked.
  200.     “The lock must be electrified,” the Hyena said as she helped him to his feet.
  201.     “Here, let me try.” Jackson shook his head.
  202.     “No! One of the things the team said about me was that I was worthless without the upgrades. They told me I lacked
  203. imagination and didn’t use my brain. Well, they were wrong. I’m going to get us out of this room using my wits and my stubbornness. A little zap of electricity isn’t going to stop me.” He snatched the fallen headgear off the floor and
  204. went back to work on the lock, only to have another powerful shock course through his body. When he picked himself off the floor, his hands felt numb and his whole body ached. Still, he returned to his
  205. task.
  206.     “Is this some kind of macho male thing?” the Hyena asked. Jackson ignored her and continued to work on the lock. The following shock made Jackson bite down hard on his tongue. He knew he would feel the pain for days, but on he continued. The following shock made his eyes water and his temples hot. The one after that knocked him off his feet again.
  207.     The former star quarterback lay on the ground, panting, frustrated, and feeling as if his very blood was boiling inside him. He fumbled with his headgear, doing his best to get a good grip with his clumsy quarterback hands, and jammed it into the lock again. He pushed and pulled, twisted and turned, all the while dreading the
  208. shock that would soon come, but he kept on probing, jabbing, turning, and then— click! Jackson stared in disbelief as the door swung open.
  209.     “Nerdboy, you rule!” the Hyena said. She cupped his numb face in her hands and gave him a happy kiss on the mouth. Then she ran into the dark hallway. It was his first kiss and he hadn’t felt a thing. Jackson rushed after his beautiful partner through a series of dark hallways.
  211. Rubycliff- Heathcliff+puberty+workouts and jock training with Jackson+clothes+no evil+cute Ruby-
  213. Ruby sat looking at Heathciff's limp body. They were 16 now, and Ruby was thankful that Heath wasn't around to see her most awkward years. Heath had, went through his too, but while in a coma. His auburn hair with strands of gold cascaded down his neck, where years away from the sun had erased all his freckles. Heath's muscles were 10 times the size they were before thank's to Jackson. Jackson felt really guilty for bulling him, so he tried to make everything up. He was the one who always volunteered to help
  215. Jackson on various missions- surfing+family issues-
  218. NERDS High School Musical-
  220.     Jackson is strikingly handsome, with golden hair, tan skin, a dazzling smile, and attractive blue eyes. Almost every girl at Thomas Knowlton swoons over him. Jackson is the most popular student at Thomas Knowlton Middle. He meets Mindy Beauchamp at a ski lodge in Genova, Switzerland while undercover as a spy, and the two are instant nemisis, as she is a asassin working for an evil crime boss. The two later find themselves attending the same school as Mindy is sent to spy on Jackson's team. Through a series of events, they fall in love, then the two end up as partners and become boyfriend and girlfriend. A series of ups and downs throughout the rest of the films, their relationship is full of love and results in the two saving each other on many occasions.
  222. What happens to the team when they're not nerds anymore? -they can't walk around unnoticed- they're popular...-
  224. Jackson becomes actor/celeb-
  226. Jackson gets headgear off in time for football summer camp-
  228. Brett gets braces-
  230. Mindy gets braces- (from
  232.     "I see ... That's it ..." said the doctor.
  234.     Mindy wondered what he could mean. In the morning, she had a regular appointment with her doctor, only to check everything was alright. Just after measuring her, he told her to bend forward and touch the end of her feet. She did, then he looked at her back and, after she put her clothes back, told her mom to bring her to hospital and ask for a back radiology.
  236.     They were now back to the doctor's, who finished studying radios.
  238.     "What does it mean ?" asked Mindy.
  239.     "Well, I'm going to explain everything to you ..." answered the doctor.
  240.     "Mindy has scoliosis. It means that her spine has a curvature, which could strongly increase as she will grow up."
  241. Mindy's mom was astonished. "What can we do to stop this ?", her mother said.
  242.     "Well, right now her scoliosis is pretty important, however it can still get better. I'll refer you to a scoliosis specialist. You have to see him as soon as possible, so that he'll be able to decide what to do. I already sent the radiologies to him. Also, the radiology shows Mindy has a serious overbite; I suggest you see an orthodontist too, as she's in the right age to correct it ..."
  243.     He gave them the specialist's address, then they leaved.
  245.     Mindy decided not to tell Jackson...
  247.     Three days later, Mindy and her mom were in the specialist's office.
  248.     "I looked at your daughter's spine. In her case, the most appropriate treatment would be to wear a brace."
  249.     "How much time would she have to wear it ?" her parents asked.
  250.     "Well, Mindy is 12 now. She should then wear the brace for about 2 or 3 years."
  251.     Mindy gasped. "What ?! Is that true ? I can't wear a brace that long !"
  252.     She was the most beautiful girl in the whole school, with generous breasts, hip-length platinum blonde hair, cherry sised turquoise green eyes and gorgeous lips. Mindy was pretty cute with her long eyelashes, and a nose like a button. Every boy was desesperately seeking every single look she would give them. Mindy knew it and always wore simple yet attractive make-up with fashionable, tight-fitting clothes, especiallly when she was around Jackson.
  253.     "Keep calm, Mindy !" said her mother. It's important to do what needs to be done.
  254. Then the doctor continued :
  255.     "Because her curvature is located in the thoraco-cervical area, the only suitable brace for it is the Milwaukee brace. Here is a Milwaukee brace ..."
  256.     He went to another room and came back with an ugly metal and plastic thing in one hand. Mindy gasped and put one hand on her mouth, looking at the brace with wide-opened eyes.
  257.     It had a plastic girdle, at the bottom of it, from which went three metal bars, that were linked to a weird round metal thing with plastic bits. Several straps were running between the bars.
  258.     She was too shocked to speak. The doctor told her to follow him, and went to another room, in which a few nurses already were. One of them told her to remove her clothes and to put on a kind of tight-fitting cloth.
  259.     She was told to lay down over an odd metallic structure. Another nurse put straps under her butt and her back, then the doctor came and explained her what was going to be done.
  260.     "In order to make a brace that can properly correct your scoliosis, it has to be made from the exact shape of your hips. We're going to make a cast, that will be used to make the brace."
  261. He took long white bands from a cupboard and asked a nurse to bring water, then put it in the water bowl she brought. He fitted it around Mindy's hips. It felt cold and wet.
  262.     Then, he did the same with several other bands, making it fit very tightly. Mindy couldn't move anymore; she felt the cast was very tight around her torso.
  263.     Afterwards, the doctor cut the cast with a very noisy saw. Eventually, Mindy was freed and able to put her clothes back.
  265.     "What will Jackson think?!" she worried. What if he doesn't like me anymore? They video chatted that night.
  266.     "Are you okay?" Jackson asked worriedly. "Uh, yeah, just school you know..." she lied through her imperfect teeth. Her teeth were fine, if you compared them to Jackson's... She didn't need braces!
  267.     "Okay then, call if you need me, bye!" Jackson gave her his charming metallic smile.
  269.     About a week later, she went as said to the orthodontist's. She was a tall woman, with very short dark hair, about 3/4 an inch long, and a stern face. She looked at Mindy's mouth, and nodded with a serious expression.
  270.     "You have a great overbite. Moreover, I know you're going to wear a Milwaukee brace, and this brace can increase such overbites. A treatment is vital for your further teeth appearance. You're going to get a headgear in a few days."
  271. Mindy couldn't believe what she just heard. A headgear! Jackson had headgear, and he told his horror story to her once before. She was almost crying.
  272.     "Please !", she said. "I can't wear it to school ! I'm going to look like a hardware store with my brace and my headgear !" The orthodontist replied coldly
  273.     "You'll have to get used to it. Everyone can get used to braces.".
  275.     Mindy was getting her brace and her headgear on the same day. A nurse put her her brace. She opened it, told her to slip her arms through it, closed the straps behind her hips, adjusted those on the sides, moved her head so that it sat on the metal ring and closed the neck ring. Her brace was the most disgusting thing she ever met. The plastic girdle sat snuggly around her hips; two metal bars at the back and one at the front were linked to a huge metal neck ring, with plastic pieces supporting her chin and the back of her head.
  276.     She couldn't bend her back or even her neck anymore. Her clothes were also way too narrow for it; she had to wear loose, un-feminine looking clothes over the brace. Her hair always got caught in the neck ring.
  277. Mindy looked at herself in the mirror, and tears came from her eyes. She looked like a robot. Everyone would be able to see the ugly metal thing around her neck, and only the brace was visible under her clothes. And she had to wear it everytime.
  278.     While walking to the orthodontist's, she felt people were looking at her, not because of her beauty anymore, but rather because of this strange thing. She could also only look straight ahead.
  279.     The orthodontist welcomed her coldly and told her to sit on the chair, which was quite hard because of the neck ring pressing against Mindy's chin. She brought a plate with a big metal bow, a small cushion with plastic straps, and several small silver rings.
  280.     She started to fit the small rings over Mindy's back teeth. Then, she explained her it was going to hold the headgear into her mouth. Saying that, she took the bow, and inserted its inner part into the braces. The outer bow was running along the jaws. The orthodontist took the cushion, put it against Mindy's neck and tightened the plastic straps into the metal bow. Each time she fitted it, she had to pull Mindy's long hair up. She was looking at it almost disdainfully.
  282.     Mindy came home with her brace and headgear on. She looked at herself in the mirror and started crying. She now looked plain ugly. All this metal was hiding her. Her beautiful, long and soft hair was caught into all the hardware.
  283. She immediately ran to her room, removed everything, and put her nice clothes back. "I won't wear these geeky, ugly things in my life. Never !", she thought.
  285.     Indeed, her brace and headgear stayed hidden in her room since. Until her next appointment to the orthodontist, about one month later!
  286.     She was there, and welcomed her drily as usual, but the scoliosis specialist who made her brace was there too. The orthodontist explained her he was here because they both decided to check the interference of each treatment over the other one.
  287. She checked her teeth and headgear; then the specialist did so with her brace.
  288. They looked at each other, and the orthodontist asked her : "Did you wear it all the time as instructed ?"
  289.     "Yes, I did.", lied Mindy.
  290.     "You're lying ! I know more about braces than you do, and I can tell you didn't wear it !"
  291.     "I also saw that you didn't wear your brace.", added the doctor.
  292. Mindy looked down and, ashamed, said : "It's right ... I didn't wear any of those, but ... but you can't know what I feel !! I just can't go to school with all that !"
  293. "Well, I think we'll have to somewhat modify your treatment.", said the orthodontist.
  294. She went a bit further to talk with the doctor. Mindy was hoping they would decide that she didn't needed to wear both braces all the time. Or that they'd choose less obvious devices.
  295. They came back to Mindy and said, "You're definitely not able to wear your appliances properly. Thus, we decided we would permanently fix them to your body, so that you won't be able to take them off."
  297.     The specialist added : "We're also going to make them more efficient, because your scoliosis and your overbite increased during this month."
  298.     "Er ... A last thing ...", continued the orthodontist,"you won't be able to take care of your hair with that. Moreover, it has been proved that headgear can be less efficient with hair, especially with hair as thick and long as yours ..."
  299.     "No ... you don't mean that you'll ... You won't cut my hair ?", said Mindy with tears in her eyes.
  300.     "Well, we're indeed going to cut your hair, Mindy."
  301. She was crying lightly now. "How ... *sniff* How short will it be ?"
  302.     "Short enough." replied the orthodontist with a slight sly smile.
  304.     As soon as she finished her sentence, she told Mindy to take her headgear and her brace off, and looked into a drawer.
  305. She took scissors out of it, and went behind the dentist chair. Just then a phone rang. "Wait here, I'll be right back..." The orthodontist told Mindy.
  307.     Mindy imagined the othodontist catching most of the beautiful, shiny hair in one hand, and cutting it, moving her scissors really quickly, ruining years of growth and care. Strands of devastated hair would be flying around, and Mindy was now crying loudly.
  308. She pictured her gorgeous hair reduced to a very short, uneven bob. She thought about the worst possible thing that could happen- the orthodontist would take something something else out of the drawer. Mindy felt her heart stop just tinking about clippers.
  309.     "Please ! I'm going to wear my headgear, my brace all the time now ! Please ! Don't shave my hair off !", cried Mindy to th empty room.
  310. Mindy started crying even more while imagining her once beautiful hair becoming a bald head.
  312. She was desperate and there was only one thing left to do. Mindy took out her phone and called her gorgeous boyfriend, Jackson Jones.
  313.     "Mindy?"
  314.     "Jackson, I-I'm jsut so scared... help me, please...!" Jackson had never heard his strong independant girlfriend so hopeless before. He knew the situation was dire.
  315.     "Where are you! I'm comming!" Mindy barley managed to say the adress when the orthodontist came back into the room.
  317.     "So sorry about that, that'll be the last interuption," the orthodontist said as she walked back into the room. "Okay. Let's start!" She took out a long pair of clipper and was about to snip a lock of hari from Mindy's head when a metal fist
  319. The doctor told Mindy to follow him. They went to a room with a cupboard and a cuve with water. He gave her the brace back, and told her to put it on. The brace was now even more obvious on her bald head; it also felt cold and more oppressing.
  321.     He unscrewed the metal bars, and screwed it back with a different setting, which put the neck ring much higher. Then, he explained to Mindy : "I'm going to make your brace unremovable, by fixing it in a cast."
  322. He opened the cupboard, took the bands and watered it, before applying it to Mindy's body. The cast went from her hips to her chest. It felt very tight.
  323. When it was dry, Mindy felt litterally locked in her brace. She couldn't move her back at all : she was rigid from hips to neck. With the new setting, she could barely move her head, which was wedged between plastic pads, over the large metallic collar.
  325.     She was then sent back to the orthodontist, who told her nothing but "You're going to wear more appliances than you used to. I will also fix both headgears to your mouth. First of all, you'll keep your first facebow with  the neck pad, but I'll add another bow with a head cap, and a kind of facial headgear, which will stay on your chin and forehead.
  326. Midny was so scared she could do nothing but shiver. Soon, the dentist brought a plate with all the appliances. First, she set on the neck pad and bow of her initial headgear, but added pressure and tied a kind of wire to the braces on her back teeth.
  328.     Then, she put a high-pull cap, that sat on the top of the head, and added another metal bow to Mindy's mouth, fixated with metal wires too. Finally, she applied an odd thing over Mindy's face, and tightened it with elastics and wires.
  329. Mindy was given a mirror, and didn't recognize herself at first. All she saw was a metallic girl. The top of her brace was really obvious now; it pulled her chin very high. Two silver bows went from her mouth and ran along her jaws. One of them ended on the neck pad - which was now wedged between her neck and her brace -, and the other one was linked to straps at the back of her head. Both were also attached with an O-shaped bond at the back of her head.
  330. However, the most obvious appliance was another one. It featured a chin cup and a forehead pad, linked by two metal bars, running along the sides of her face. Those two bars were linked by a straight wire, in front of her mouth. This wire supported four elastics, attached to her braces.
  332.     Moreover, her silver hair was shining in a grey light. Mindy looked plain metallic.
  333. Walking home was harder than expected. Indeed, she was totally rigid from hips to neck, and she could barely move her head anymore. She couldn't look down at all. Mindy was feeling the wind on her bald head, and the three headgears were almost tearing her lips. The cast also pressed firmly against her torso. It made breathing hard.
  334. She felt everyone stared at her.
  336. When she reached home, she even tried to pull as strongly as she could on braces, but it was definitely impossible to remove. She had to wear it to school. Mindy felt like the whole world was collapsing under her feet. She tried to do some spy training, but it was impossible to bend her back even an inch. Her favorite $600 high heels were destroyed by her unnatural stance, and she constantly crashed into walls. Her only comfort was that Jackson was there every step of the way. He was extermely protective of her, and he practically lived with her for the entire weekend. He showed her how to sleep comfotably in the headgear, and whenever Mindy cried, Jackson kissed every single part of her body, even her back brace. "How can you still love me when I'm so ugly?" she asked. "You're not ugly. You're still the most beautiful girl I've ever known." Jackson was due to get his own ugly headgear off in a month, but he vowed to keep it on as long as Mindy had hers. Now they both shared a lisp, and spit all over each when they tried kissing with both their proturding wires. Now, not only was her laugh terrifying, but her flawless voice.
  338. On the next Monday, Mindy wanted to stay at home, however her mom didn't wanted to hear anything and sent her to school. She walked nervously to the bus station, but Jackson urged her on. He had removed his headgear for the day, as he got 24 hours a month to take them off, and promised to punch anyone who gave her a hard time. Even though she was the most beautiful girl in school, she never had a boyfriend with her, usually away on a mission, and she had missed a year trying to be an asssain. When the bus arrived, she felt all the looks directed on her. As she walked to the back of the bus, where her friends usually were, she heard other students whispering to each other or even laughing at her.
  339. Her two best friends, Cynthia and Shirley, were sat on their usual seats. They were staring at her with blank eyes. Eventually, one of them said : "Well ... you can sit there ..." with an almost disgusted face. None of them talked to Mindy during the whole way.
  340. The bus reached school. As Mindy couldn't look down, she fell on the floor when getting out of the bus. Everyone stared and started laughing. The worst was that, she was unable to stand up back because of all the braces. No one helped her. Thus, she got late to the first lesson. All her class was staring at her.
  341. The hell kept up until the end of the day. At the canteen, Mindy was unable to see what she did, and ended up spreading food everywhere. She also got food on herself, because she couldn't open her mouth as widely as she wanted.
  342. Throughout the whole day, she heard "robot", "monster", but the most often, "baldy" or "nice hair !" followed by a mean laugh.
  344. The upgrade machine fixes Jackson's teeth and makes him into a semi-Cap. A?
  346. The book is called POPULAR or maybe JOCKS and is the compelte opposite. Jackson, a proud nerd turns into a gorgeous, popular pretty boy jock when his braces come off. He finds the secret govenmet operation to put perfect childern into the roles of superspies, like James Bond or Mission Impossible. =Heathcliff+Brett are friends total jocks and super popular on social media, cheerleaders are lily, matilda and ruby. And duncan and flinch are basketball and football and lacrosse jocks. How would Jackson meet Mindy?...
  348. What if the giant tractor beam+Jackson's magnetic braces moved his teeth into perfect position- his races fall off right in front of Mindy...
  350. Jackson goes through puberty too... and shoool picture days!-
  352. One day Jackson Jones wakes up and sees his first zit on his forehead. A torrent of freckles cover his nose and cheek, and his skin is oily and peeling. Jackson is also having a bad hair day. No matter how much product he puts into his hair, it doesn't stay up and looks dull. Today, his well defined muscles look pudgy from a 4 hour othodontist appointment. His teeth are yellowing, there is food stuck in his braces, hsi headgear and chin is covered in drool, his breath stinks, and Jackson is wearing a dirty, sweaty, smelly game day football uniform. His Nike elite socks are really smelly and his headgear is crooked. The orthodontist fixed the gap between his front teeth and straightened his bicipuds, but now it looks like he has a underbite and buck teeth. His hands are covered in grass stained football gloves and his Under Armour underwear is sticking out. How did this happen? It's all beacasue of Brett Bealer. Last night, they gave Jackson a giant wedgie and hung him from the flagpole. It took him hours to get down. Oh and today is school picture day. Jackson Jones is a truly blessed boy.
  354. Jackson Jones is growing, meaning his perfectly fitting clothes get too small quickly. Also he's getting fat. Pudgy. His braces don't help. But its okay. He works out so its fine...
  356. Chaz Jones is really, really cute. lacrosse boy-
  358. Chaz Jones's teeth are the opposite of Jackson's. They are completly perfect and he never wore braces. That's the only difference between the two siblings. Apart from that, both their grades struggle and the love any team sport. Except Chaz is the most popular boy in high school. After getting booted off the football team, he focused his efforts in lacrosse. The girls said his butt looked better in lacrosse shorts anyways. He has a crush on the most beautiful girl in school. The only problem is, she was a nerd.
  361.     From Paste: Chaz Jones is the same age as Lily/Gerdie?
  363. Gerdie "Mathlete" Baker/Lily is a former member of N.E.R.D.S. and a prodigy at math. Before the makeover, she had kinky red hair, sad blue eyes, an unfortunate underbite, big feet, and long arms and legs. In the third book she was able to create a machine that takes her to other worlds for ten minutes After robbing many of them she was able to afford plastic surgery to make herself beautiful, but she had it mostly all removed in the alternate dimension and her hair made remenently blonde. Her upgrades allow her to process complex problems at lightning speed. She and her two gorgeous sisters are triplets. After attempting to save the entire multiverse, Heathcliff trapped her in an alternate dimension, where she started working with that dimension's Benjamin to save that Earth's population from aliens. When she made herself pretty she turned herself into a girl named [Lilly].
  365. Or Gerdie/Lily w/braces xBrett...
  367. The last time I saw him was at the game. He was sharing the spotlight with jackson for the winning game. My family was forced moved back to Arlington for protection. He wore a Hollister shirt and was still a bully...
  369. LG POV:
  371. In the alternate dimension, I reluctantly had my plastic surgery removed. My alternate self there made me do it. I didn't want to give up my beautiful body, so we came up with a compromise. They would remove everything but use their technology to give me back the perfect nose and my perfect teeth and even my blonde hair. I used the last portal to go back home. Fortunately, my mom and sisters didn't remember a thing from a mind wipe from the dimensional clean up crew. But we had to move back to Arlington for the NERDS to keep an eye on me...
  372.     I started school at Arlington High, and suprisingly, none of my former classmates recognised me. I cared about my looks now made sure my bushy eye brows were sculpted and my curls were tamed. I only wore light makeup and semi-expensive tight clothes. I still looked like a nerd. I walked to my classes, with my head down.
  373.     "Class, today we're going to take a pre-test..." I took out my brush and subconsiously gave my hair a few hundered more strokes after a few boys in the back started pointing and whispering at me. I tried to focus on my test, but there was one boy who I couln't ignore. I stared at the face of my first crush, and former bully and enemy Chaz Jones.
  374.  As I was staring he suddenly jerked his head to move his hair; it caught the light and the golden gleam nearly blinded me. His hair itself was like spun gold, each thread falling perfectly, weaving together into wavy curls that framed his tanned face. He paused for a moment, tapping his pen quietly on the desk before he continued writing. I watched his hand as he wrote. His fingers were long but strong looking, his fingernails pink and smooth, with half moons near the cuticles. My eyes wandered up his arm, to his strong forearm disapearing into the sleeve of his hoodie, pushed up to below his elbow to free his hands. I watched his hand as it moved up to rub some unknown irritant from his eye. His nose curved up at the end and, his lips (his lips!) perfectly formed, parted slightly, his breath, I imagined, moving in and out in steady streams of air. Suddenly, he looked up and I caught a flash of his oh-so-blue eyes framed by tangled golden lashes before ducking my head and pretending to work on my test.
  376. Chaz's POV-
  378. Pastes:
  379. (I don't own anything!)
  381.     Brett Bealer peered through his binoculars at the horizon. He spotted his targets climbing the crest of an embankment not more than a quarter of a mile away. He smiled and turned to his partner and new best friend, Zack Powers.
  382.     “They’re coming.” Zack nodded, then turned to signal to the rest of Brett’s team. They scampered into position behind shrubberies, trees, and lampposts. They were practically invisible to the enemy.
  383.     Brett’s team was eager, but their leader knew that surprising the enemy required patience. They would have one chance, and if they blew it, weeks of planning would be wasted. Though he would never admit it to the others, Brett found the enemy unnerving. They were grotesque with their drooling mouths and puffy eyes—barely human. Zack was convinced the enemy had been born misshapen, but the idea was far too unsettling for Brett. He couldn’t imagine being born a … a … a nerd.
  384.     Unfortunately for Brett, Nathan Hale Elementary had more than its fair share of nerds. In fact, his whole town of Arlington, Virginia, wasone giant geektropolis. Perhaps there was something in the drinking water Arlington siphoned from the Potomac River, but there were dweebs, spazzes, goobers, gomers, goofballs, and freak-outs crawling out of every nook cranny.
  386. "Jackson is the perfect boyfriend. He's someone who's simply amazing, takes my breath away, leaves me with a smile my face. The boy of my dreams. He's someone who'll always be there for me, cheers me up, never makes me upset, and doesn't lie or cheat. ALWAYS honest. Reminds me how lucky he is to have what little time we spend together, tells me how beautiful I arm regardless what I look like. The boy I never want to lose. The one I love no matter what and he loves me no matter what. He's more than a pretty face to me." -Mindy Beauchamp
  388. Hair for Heathcilff: Auburn Berry Brassy Brightest Burgundy Burnished copper Carrot top Cinnabar Clown wig red Cognac
  389. Dull brick Flame Garish brass Orange Russet Scarlet Strawberry Wine
  391.     "We all know that perfection is impossible to attain, and that goals in treatment will vary from one patient to another depending on tooth shapes, bone structure, soft tissue, and other factors.  But believe it or not, human teeth are "designed" to fit together almost perfectly in a very specific pattern (the "ideal bite") that we use as the goal post in our orthodontic cases.  This tooth arrangement usually looks the best!  In most cases, there is a way to attain this ideal bite, but sometimes the cost or procedures necessary may not be deemed worth it or acceptable by the patient or the doctor, and a lesser goal may be chosen." Ha impossible! This will be Jackson's teeth when he is 16, and it was Chaz Jones's teeth when he was 12.
  393. Wavy blonde hair fell into his gorgeous light blue eyes. He was almost a head taller than me, my eye level was looking at his perfect pink lips which opened in a beautiful smile that I wish I, myself owned. It revealed perfect, white teeth. He was wearing a red sweatshirt and a football beanie. He also wore tight jeans and a pair of white and neon red Nike shoes.
  395. Strong, tall, big, handsome, studly, rough, tough, charming, protective, hero, powerful, aggressive, funny, player, cocky, arrogant, hard working, nice, cutie, short, fat, fit, bald, hot, smart, guy, athletic, broad, sculpted, attractive, good guy, dependable, reliable, helpful. -?
  397. He wasn’t a male model but he should have been. The lush, wavy, mother lode-gold hair he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality. His only blemish was that he had a dusting of freckles across his perfect skin and his crystal blue eyes sometimes seemed too large for his handsome face. The up-turned nose he sported complemented his small cheekbones. Girls crushed on him and his square jaw and broad shoulders barley fit into his quarterback football uniform. It was like a golden light shined on his head, and always walked with purpose and authority as the most popular boy at Nathan Hale.
  399. People had always remarked that his best feature was his entrancing, wayfarer-blue eyes. Sloe shaped, they could shine as bright as the evening stars when they were a-light with joy. At other times, they could resemble two liquid-blue pools of flashing fire. Flamboyant of character, the room always filled with his sonorous, rumbling voice. He was also quick to crack a joke or fire off a humorous retort. His rakish clothes were a source of amusement to some, not least because they emanated an herbal smell.
  401. "Oh, is this one of those lie detectors?" Jackson said, eyeing the little black box once more. He noticed it was plugged into the electrical socket on the wall.
  402. "No, I'm the lie detector. I'm allergic to lying," the shadow said.
  403. Jackson giggled. "Allergic to lying. That's hilarious."
  404. The shadow seemed to smile. "Every time you tell a lie and I detect it, it's going to send volts of electricity through your body. Ready to get started?"
  405. Jackson winced and nodded as the shadow revealed itself. It was the Hyena, or Mindy.
  406. "Jackson, have you ever kissed a girl?"
  407. Jackson hesitated. "Of course I have."
  408. Jackson watched as Mindy's right arm swelled to the size of a watermelon. She scratched at it furiously. You lied." She began to move her finger to the black box, and then pulled it away and grinned slyly.
  409. "Jackson Jones, who used to be the most popular and handsome boy in school hasn't kissed a girl… I'm shocked, Jackson, really." Mindy pretended to gasp, tracing her finger over Jackson's chest seductively. "And with abs to die for!" Mindy sighed. She traced her finger over his muscled arm very slowly.
  410. Jackson couldn't take it anymore. He ripped open his button-down shirt and revealed his rock-hard abs.
  411. Mindy's eyes grew wide. "Jackson—"
  412. The mere sight of Mindy breathless was too seductive for Jackson. He pulled Mindy's shoulders closer and kissed her passionately. After a few seconds Mindy kissed back. It seemed like forever until they heard a knocking on the door.
  413. "Hyena? Braceface? What's going on in there? Open up!" They heard the voice of Ms. Holiday say.
  414. Jackson hurriedly buttoned his shirt, fumbling with the buttons. Suddenly the door crashed to the ground.
  415. "Ms. Holiday! I—uhh… we—" the Hyena started.
  416. "Jackson, out!" Ms. Holiday replied with an angry tone as Jackson hurried out the door.
  417. Ms. Holiday's angry frown turned into a sly grin as she closed the door and sat down on the chair opposite to Mindy.
  418. "So, anything fun happened?" the librarian said, winking.
  419. "Um… we-" Mindy mumbled to herself
  420. Just then, the school bell rang.
  421. "Bye, Ms. Holiday! Gotta go!" the embarrassed spy said quickly, eager to get out of trouble.
  422. "Oh, no. You sit right there and tell me what happened. Now, if you please."
  423. "Well, um..." Mindy leaned forward and whispered what had happened to Ms. Holiday as the librarian's eyes lit up and grinned mischievously.
  424. After many embarrassing minutes, Ms. Holiday said, "Well, it's getting quite late, and you better go. I have something... to do with Agent Brand, if you know what I mean..."
  425. "Okay, bye!"
  426. And as Mindy walked home, she thought it was, after all, the best day ever.
  428. A new school, a new day, new people to spy on. You'd think being the only child of the two most famous operatives in the FBI, I won't name them because then the secret would be out and… I'd have to kill you, would be fun. In fact, it's not. At all. In fact it's actually a really boring life. All I want is an adventure or at least something more fun than normal. All I do is stay at home with sitter after sitter. I have to be careful not to kick and paralyze them when they laugh at me tripping over my long, red hair. I've tried to cut it, but it just won't cut. I have used everything from scissors to knives to axes to glass and nothing's worked. It just flows on the ground not growing. As I enter the school everything seems normal. I see the populars, the sluts, the emos, the band geeks, the nerds, and the IDKWGTGTs (I don't know what group to go to). The populars come over to me. "Ew, who brought the thing in? What do you want to do with it?" one says. "How about we throw it in the locker?" another one says. "Yeah, that would learn her not to enter this school." Another one says.
  429. "Learn her? Really, that hasn't been used since the eighteen hundreds. How old are you? I'd say… sixteen? Older? You don't act older? Hmmm, I don't knooooo-" I say as I'm thrown into the locker, unable to complete what I was saying. I put my hands on the sides of the locker and screamed "LET ME OUT!" That was when the locker began to blink red and I was dropped down as the floor disappeared. Well, I thought, I wanted an adventure.
  430. Maeve
  431. When I enter the school the first thing I see is Zoey, wearing glasses. "Ohmigod Zo, look at you. I guess we both had something bad and socially awkward happen to us. My mom is making me go to speech therapy. The lady is so bossy." We walk further in when we see Hale and Caden, our boyfriends. Hale is extremely clumsy and Caden is like the hulk, being strong not green or giant, of course. "Whoa!" Hale says when he sees Zoey. "Not a word. You know, I've always wanted to see what its like to be in a locker. You know?" "I guess?'' We all say, not sure what to say. "Well, what are you waiting for, a snow storm? Come on." We all walk for the five lockers closest to us. They aren't in use. They never have been. As I enter the door shuts itself then locks. "Hey! Let me out! Come on, this isn't funny." Suddenly red lights begin to flash. The floor disappears and I am suddenly on a slide like thing. "Welcome to the playground." A monotone voice says. When I hit the bottom I land in a chair. There are four other chairs around me, in them I see Zoey, Caden, Hale, and someone I don't recognize. She has extremely long hair...and when I say extremely, I mean down to the floor extreme. There are two other girls in the room. They look to be in their early twenties. "Hi, I'm Laiyla Jones, but you can call me Agent Jones, Lay, or, and this one I really dislike, but is very popular with me dads friends, the daughter of the amazing Braceface. Please, don't ask me why because I have no clue whatsoever." She was blond and had freckles and her mouth looked as if she had a second row of teeth pulled out from behind the first one. "Um, hi," the girl with the long hair said, "are you the daughter of Jackson Jones?"
  432. "Why yes I am, Brandi. May I ask why and how you know of him?"
  433. "Oh," she blushes,"my dad and mom do work with him a lot. If you see him can you tell Ana and Marc Jacobson that Brandi says hi and that she misses you. They've been away since we moved here."
  434. "Of course I will."
  435. The other girl was a few years older than Laiyla. "Hello, my name is Nora Brand. You may call me Ms. Brand, Ra, Nora, or Nor. I will help find the missions."
  436. "Oh, are you Alexander Brand's daughter. I heard he disarmed a bomb with one hand tied behind his back."
  437. "Yes it is true. Now back to what is important, Laiyla?"
  438. "OK, we'll it's time to get your upgrades! Yay! Maeve, you're up first. I walk into the room. Hoping for something good to happen. I am also wondering what these upgrades are. What am I doing. She's a stranger. I think. Yeah but that Brandi chick knows her and she's an agent and the daughter of an agent, so she can't be too bad. I think this final thought as we enter this room. She straps me into this machine like thing. I hear the words, 'Searching for weaknesses' before everything goes black.
  441.     Jackson uses WikiHow-
  443. 3) Use facial and skin creams. To be cute, you want to get rid of most, if not all, your acne. There are many products available.
  444. Jackson: Done. (He has 10 bottles of skin product on his counter. Mostly Chaz's, Jackson's skin is perfect. Except for the freckles...)
  446. 11) Buy some new shades. Aviator or rectangular sunglasses are whats currently in style. Buy a pair to wear when you are riding in your car. Keep them inside the glove compartment so you don't forget them. Or you can wear them inside, which looks even more daring and cool.
  447. Jackson: I know I look hot in avator glasses already.
  449. 16) Remember to smile a lot. Looking serious and cold is a major turn off. However, wide grins are usually left for only your friends, as it can look goofy if you aim it at a girl. However, if you know a girl likes you, a goofy grin can be the perfect type of smile. Closed mouth smiles are adorable, and/or you can grin softly too. A consistent smile shows people that you are a positive person, and upbeat about life
  450. Jackson: DO I HAVE TO?! My smile is, um, like a bicycle chain stuck in my teeth? I have HEADGEAR and RUBBERBANDS across my face already!
  452. 20) Flip and fiddle with your hair. Some of the cutest things guys can do is to casually flip their hair with their hand, or shake it in the breeze. Seeing those locks flow back, and revealing your bright, smiling face. Sometimes even the smallest things work, like twirling a few curls of your hair with your fingers as you are studying. Comb through your hair occasionally, or run your hand through it, trying to straighten it out. It shows that you are both cute, and care about the way you look to other people
  453. Jackson: I can't mess up my perfect hair!
  455. 23) Be an intelligent person. Some of the cutest guys are those who care about grades and class. You don't have to be top of the class, but keep your grades up to grade level. Even if you are not interested in "book smarts," show an interest in learning, and participating in new experiences. A passion, like loving Star Trek, or world affairs, shows other people that you take interests and follow through with them.
  456. Jackson: Ughh, these are getting harder...
  458. 24) Remain vigilant of other peoples' feelings. Show your sensitive side and caress a person who is having a bad day. Don't be the bully in class, who is overly obnoxious. It is much more cute to show that you care about other people, and that you are willing to go out of your way to help someone. Strike up a conversation with that nerdy kid in the back of the class. If you're sad or scared show it with your face and body language. Be willing to share with others about your day, and whether it is going good or bad
  459. Jackson: Hey, I'm different now!
  461. 27) Stretch your arms out. Either pull them behind your head, or lower them down to your waist. This is a great way to show off your muscles, and your tan line. Don't go overboard, as girls don't like a showboat. Get up out of your seat, and stretch your back. You can also crack your knuckles
  462. Jackson: That I can do! Wait, not a showboat? Hmmm... What if I glue on glitter to my bicep? Does that count?
  464. 29) Lick your lips. This is a very cute thing to do. The saliva adds a shine to your lips which makes them glimmer. Always keep some chap stick around to keep your lips moist, and not cracked. Not only is it cute, but it shows that you care about your appearance to other people. Moist lips will want to be kissed, more than dry, chapped lips
  465. Jackson: My tounge doesn't reach past my braces anymore. I can only touch metal. :(
  467. 32) Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Yellow, or stained teeth are not attractive. Make sure to brush in a circular motion, dislodging plaque and scum from the previous hours' meals. Always floss to get the incredibly hard-to-find debris lodged in your teeth. Take a piece of floss about 6 inches long, and wrap the two ends around a finger from each hand. Also make sure to schedule dentist appointments every six months to get your teeth cleaned professionally.
  468. Jackson: Why? WHY? Why do my teeth have to be so hard to floss?! I can't clean my teeth properly! They're turing yellow! HELP!
  470. How to Straighten your teeth Without Braces:
  472. 1) Stop sleeping on your stomach. Crowding and inward overlapping of the teeth is caused by gentle, regular inward pressure on the teeth. One of the most common causes of this is sleeping on your stomach, which also places a lot of weight on your face and causes a significant amount of inward pressure on your teeth. This pressure is worsened if you put your arm or something firm under your head while sleeping on your stomach and face. Even if it is your preferred sleeping position, try to sleep on your back or side in order to prevent slowly repositioning the teeth inward.
  473. Jackson: Well, its too late for that.
  475. 2)Avoid leaning your face on your hand throughout the day. With many people working or studying at a desk for long periods of time throughout the day, this issue is a common result of poor posture. When you slump forward at your desk and rest your face in your hand, this causes a lot of persistent pressure on one side of the jaw. This pressure can slowly push the teeth inward, resulting in crooked teeth on one side of the face.[2]
  476. To help avoid this, try to realign your posture by making sure you are sitting flat on your bottom instead of rolled back towards the lower spine. Aligning your lower body will help position your upper body better to avoid neck fatigue and needing to rest your face in your hands.
  477. Jackson: (slumped on the table) Yay. I shouldn't have slouched.
  479. 3) Stop thumb-sucking and other oral fixations. In addition to constant inward pressure causing crooked teeth, you can also cause crooked teeth by putting outward pressure on the mouth. This is most common in children who suck their thumbs excessively; however, many teens and adults are also guilty of habits that cause outward pressure. Using straws, chewing on pens, and blowing bubbles with gum all use a similar pressure to thumb sucking and can cause outwardly crooked teeth. Try to break any habits that put outward pressure on the teeth.[3]
  480. If you can’t stop using straws, then at least be sure to position the straw toward the back of the mouth and not resting against your teeth.
  481. Jackson: Uuuugh, why did I have to chew gum? I even had a straw for drinks through my football helmet!
  483. 4)Consider a clear aligner. Clear aligners are a series of tight-fitting, custom-made retainers that slip over the teeth and slowly realign them. Because children’s mouths are still growing and developing, clear aligners are best for teens or adults whose mouths are no longer shifting. This treatment option is also typically used for patients with issues like mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues, and not for the treatment of severe underbites, overbites, or more complex problems. Treatment with clear aligners typically takes 10 – 24 months, and costs $5,000 – $8,000 depending on the length of treatment. Some other considerations include:[9]
  484. One advantage is that clear aligners can be taken out, which makes it easier to clean them and maintain oral hygiene.
  485. Another advantage is that the clear aligner is less obvious than traditional braces. If you are concerned with the appearance of traditional braces, this is a good option.
  486. Clear aligners require patients to be extremely compliant with wearing them. Not wearing them enough will result in a longer treatment period.
  487. Jackson: What!? Thats SO cheating! SO unfair! (Pouts and headgear pokes him on his dimples.) I hope Brett gets braces.
  489. Jackson gets chosen for a special experiment...
  491.     ...Yes, Jackson Jones was blessed, but little did he know that the cruel hand of fate was about to smack him in the face, and it would all start with a single word.
  492.     “Interesting.”
  493.     “Whaghh?” Jackson asked. He would have been clearer but he was sitting in his orthodontist’s office with a suction tube in his mouth. Dr. Gupta, who had said the word, was looking at his gleaming white teeth. Jackson knew it was never a good sign when a medical professional used the word “interesting.” It was one of those words you never wanted to hear a doctor say, like “rare,” “inoperable,” and “flesheating.”
  494.     “Very interesting,” the orthodontist chirped as he continued his examination.
  495.     “Whaghh?” Jackson cried. Dr. Gupta was too excited to speak. In his twenty years as an orthodontist, he had heard many medical phenomenon stories. The podiatrist in suite 4A had a patient with eight toes on each foot. His brother-inlaw, an emergency-room doctor, claimed to have had a patient with a third eye. Even his dog’s veterinarian, Dr. Hanger, had a two-headed turtle under his care. Now Gupta had his own medical oddity. He crossed the room to a telephone,
  496. picked it up, and punched in a number. “Donna, can you bring the camera in here?” A moment later a pale, sleepy woman entered the room. Dr. Gupta directed her to look into Jackson’s open mouth. Her drowsy eyelids popped open. Dr. Gupta clapped his hands like a happy baby.
  497.     “I know, right? No one will believe it if we don’t take some pictures.”                  
  498.     “Whhhaaaaaaggggghhhh?”Jackson cried, but again
  499. he was ignored. Donna snapped pictures from various angles. The camera’s flash blinded Jackson, and by the time the blue and red spots disappeared from his 20-20 vision, his patience was gone. He yanked the suction tube from his mouth using his strong biceps, wincing as the tube glanced his full lips.
  500.     “What’s going on?” Dr. Gupta smiled as he rubbed his hands together. “Well, Jackson, how do Iexplain this? It’s just … well, a normal person has twenty-eight teeth. Some have several more if they still have their wisdom teeth. You, however, have a lot more.”
  501.     “How many?” Dr. Gupta smiled.
  502.     “You have sixty-four teeth! In fact, you have four rows of them, two on the top and two on the bottom.”
  503.     “Is that unusual?” Jackson asked.
  504.     “Not if you’re a great white shark,” the doctor replied, handing Jackson a mirror so that he could take a look for himself. Jackson studied his mouth closely. Besides remembering to brush, taking selfies, and for school photos he had never given much thought to his teeth. He assumed everyone had as many as he did, though he recalled his father complaining just last week that the family was spending a fortune on dental floss.
  505.     “So, what are you going to do about it? I can’t walk around with this many teeth.”
  506.     “Well, we’ll have to extract those extra choppers.”
  507.     “Extract?”
  508.     “Yeah. You know, yank them out. But there is good news. The tooth fairy is going to owe you a bundle.” Gupta slapped his knee and burst into a giggling the happy tears from his cheeks. “Sorry, that’s an old orthodontist joke.”
  509.     “Is it going to hurt?” Jackson asked.
  510.     “Absolutely. But that’s not even your biggest problem. You’ve got summer teeth.”
  511.     “What are ‘summer teeth’?”
  512.     “Sum ’er going this way and sum ’er going that way,” Dr. Gupta said,chuckling. He wondered if perhaps a career in standup comedy had been his true calling. Jackson, however, was not amused, and when Gupta spotted his scowl, the orthodontist got back to business.
  513.     “Sorry. What I’m trying to say is your teeth are all over the place. A few of them are sideways. There’s one that’s upside-down! Don’t worry. It’s nothing a set of braces won’t fix.” Jackson felt his heart stop.
  514.     “Braces!” Nerds had braces. Dr. Gupta smiled reassuringly.
  515.     "But, I have something that I think you're going to like..."
  516.     Gupta pulled out a clear teeth shaped mouthguard. It looked like Jackson's own mouthguard, but the only difference he could see was that this one was Under Armour instead of Nike.
  517.     "This is a 'high-performance mouth guard'," Gupta said,"It's like a normal sports mouthguard, but you wear it all the time, except for eating. When your sleeping, I have this..."
  518.     Gupta pulled out another thing, this time a gigantic, ugly mess of metal and rubber mashed together.
  519.     "It's removable headgear, and elastics, and a expander, and a bite plate, and spacers all in one!"
  520.     Jackson could barley believe his blue eyes. He opened his mouth to object, but Dr. Gupta stuffed two plastic hooks to his mouth and shoved the mouthguard in his mouth.
  521.     "This is called a clear aligner. Normally you'd be wearing a ton of metal in your mouth, but we're trying this new tech." Gupta scraped and prodded Jackson's perfect bisupuds, the only teeth in Jackson's mouth that were in the right place. Soon they were covered in rough glue and a clear bracket. The aligners went in, and form fitted around Jackson's teeth. Jackson squiremed in his tight baseball pants, and his belt pressed into his back.
  522.     "These aligners could even help your breating and preformance too!" Gupta seemed a bit overly entusiastic.
  523.     Jackson looked at his teeth in the mirror. They looked extra shiny.
  524.     "Gruahph-," Jackson tried to speak, but spit flew and his tongue flopped around. "What sp-the,"
  525.     "Oh, you may have a lisp as you get used to the aligner..." Just then, Gupta took the test aligner out, pressed a key on his key board and said, "Okay, I'll see you in a bit!" Jackson was confused, until he felt the needle poke into his arm. Everything went black.
  526.     When Jackson woke up, he immedietly licked his teeth. He sighed feeling they were still smooth. Then he felt, just behind his visable teeth, were a mass of plastic anchors stuck to his teeth.
  527.     "Good, you're awake. Your unneeded teeth are gone and your ready for your aligner. It's been custom form fitted to straighten your teeth."
  528.  Jackson relutatnly took the sets of platic from Guptas hand, and slid them into his mouth. The plastic went from the gums above his teeth, to all the way behind them. They were so tight, that they hurt his mouth when he moved. It was asteep price for having a clear smile. Unfortunately, his smile was now covered in drool, and his mouth had a constant stream of spit. He left the orthodontist office and headed to football practice. He slid on his new mouthguard and helmet and walked over to his best friend, Brett Bealer.
  529.     -The moment Brett heard his nerdy lisp, their friendship was over. His padded football was out of his pants and in his face in no time, and Jackson became a nerd, although they still needed him on the football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and basketball teams. IDK!
  531. I recently spent two weeks doing everything, aside from sleeping and eating, with a thin piece of plastic and two large yellow bite pads snapped over my lower teeth. Mouth guards are common in football, hockey and boxing, but a growing number of pros in noncontact sports have been wooed by claims that jaw-positioning retainers can improve strength, power and accuracy as well as help them think more clearly under pressure. Derek Jeter wears one. So does Shaq.
  533. School traditons like school spirit holidays-
  535. Mindy hates her natural curls. Jackson hates his natural curls. They love each others curls though.
  537. Why are Jackson's teeth so bad?
  539.     It all started becasue of a football mouthguard and Jackson's overly perfect bicipuds.
  541. Is there a Jackson somewhere in the mulitiverse that didn't get braces?
  543. Whatever happened to nerd turned cute Lily/Gerdie?
  545. -becomes model and meets Hyena... grows into long legs and arms, like supermodel. Her sisters beauty fade, but she gets more and more pretty. -Put above pastes. Needs to wear headgear to sleep to keep her jaw straight.
  547. Facemask or reverse-pull headgear is used to control the growth of the maxillary and mandibular bones during orthodontic treatment.
  548. The appliance is used in growing patients to correct under bites (known as a Class III orthodontic problem) by pulling forward and assisting the growth of the upper jaw, allowing the upper jaw to catch up.
  549. Facemasks or reverse-pull headgear needs to be worn approximately 12 to 22 hrs to be truly effective in correcting the under bite, usually anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the severity of the bite and how much a patient is growing.
  550. The appliance normally consists of a frame or a centre bars that are strapped to the patients head during a fitting appointment. The frame has a section which is positioned in front of the patients mouth, which allows for the attachment of elastic or rubber bands directly into the mouth area. These elastics are then hooked onto the child's braces (brackets and bands) or appliance fitted in his or her mouth.
  551. This creates a forward 'pulling' force to pull the upper jaw forward
  553. I mean beyond playing football, I like to wear my fully padded football uniform whenever I can just hanging out around the house. Sometimes I like to sleep in my football gear too. I mean the whole game pants, jersey, under armour, cup, all the pads, shoulder pads, neck roll, and helmet. They just feel awesome to wear and I think this might be kind of strange. If it is, I don't really care because I have a lot of fun wearing my uniform. Is it just me, or does anyone else like doing this?- Jackson Jones
  555. The Princess Bride/NERDS
  557. Mindy, of course, at fifteen, knew none of this. And if she had, would have found it totally
  558. unfathomable. How could someone care if she were the most beautiful woman in the world or not. What
  559. difference could it have made if you were only the third most beautiful. Or the sixth. (Mindy at this
  560. time was nowhere near that high, being barely in the top twenty, and that primarily on potential, certainly
  561. not on any particular care she took of herself. She hated to wash her face, she loathed the area behind her
  562. ears, she was sick of combing her hair and did so as little as possible. What she liked to do, preferred
  563. above all else really, was to ride her horse and taunt the farm boy.
  565. But, like it or not, things were beginning to happen.
  566. Shortly before her sixteenth birthday, Mindy realized that it had now been more than a month since
  567. any girl in the village had spoken to her. She had never much been close to girls, so the change was
  568. nothing sharp, but at least before there were head nods exchanged when she rode through the village or
  569. along the cart tracks. But now, for no reason, there was nothing. A quick glance away as she approached,
  570. that was all. Mindy cornered Lily one morning at the blacksmith's and asked about the silence.
  571.     "I should think, after what you've done, you'd have the courtesy not to pretend to ask" came from Lily.
  572.     "And what have I done?"
  573.     "What? What? . . . You've stolen them." With that, Mindy fled, but Buttercup understood; she knew who "them" was.
  574.     The boys.
  575.     The jocks and the .
  576.     The beef-witted featherbrained rattleskulled clodpated dim-domed noodle-noggined sapheaded lunk-knobbed boys.
  577.     How could anybody accuse her of stealing them? Why would anybody want them anyway? What good
  578. were they? All they did was pester and vex and annoy.
  579.     "Can I brush your horse, Mindy?"
  580.     "Thank you, but the farm boy does that." "Can I go riding with you, Mindy?"
  581.     "Thank you, but I really do enjoy myself alone."
  582.     "You think you're too good for anybody, don't you, Mindy?"
  583.     "No; no I don't. I just like riding by myself, that's all."
  584.     But throughout her sixteenth year, even this kind of talk gave way to stammering and flushing and, at the
  585. very best, questions about the weather.
  586.     "Do you think it's going to rain, Mindy?"
  587.     "I don't think so; the sky is blue."
  588.     "Well, it might rain."
  589.     "Yes, I suppose it might."
  590.     "You think you're too good for anybody, don't you, Mindy?"
  591.     "No, I just don't think it's going to rain, that's all."
  592.     At night, more often than not, they would congregate in the dark beyond her window and laugh about
  593. her. She ignored them. Usually the laughter would give way to insult. She paid them no mind. If they
  594. grew too damaging, the farm boy handled things, emerging silently from his hovel, thrashing a few of
  595. them, sending them flying. She never failed to thank him when he did this. "As you wish" was all he ever
  596. answered.
  597.     When she was almost seventeen, a man in a carriage came to town and watched as she rode for provisions. He was still there on her return, peering out. She paid him no mind and, indeed, by himself he was not important. But he marked a turning point. Other men had gone out of their way to catch sight of her; other men had even ridden twenty miles for the privilege, as this man had. The importance here is that this was the first rich man who had bothered to do so, the first noble. And it was this man, whose name is lost to antiquity, who mentioned Mindy to the Count.
  599.     And the Countess was staring at Jackson. Mindy got up from bed. She took off her clothes. She washed a little. She got into her nightgown. She slipped between the sheets, snuggled down, closed her eyes. The Countess was still staring at Jackson! Mindy threw back the sheets, opened her door. She went to the sink by the stove and poured herself a
  600. cup of water. She drank it down. She poured another cup and rolled its coolness across her forehead. The
  601. feverish feeling was still there. How feverish? She felt fine. She was seventeen, and not even a cavity. She dumped the water firmly into the sink, turned, marched back to her room, shut the door tight, went back to bed. She closed her eyes.
  602. The Countess would not stop staring at Jackson!
  603.     Why? Why in the world would the woman in all the history of Florin who was in all ways perfect be
  604. interested in the farm boy. Mindy rolled around in bed. And there simply was no other way of explaining that lookshe was interested. Mindy shut her eyes tight and studied the memory of the Countess. Clearly, something about the farm boy interested her. Facts were facts. But what? The farm boy had eyes like the sea before a storm, but who cared about eyes? And he had pale blond hair, if you liked that sort of thing. And he was broad enough in the shoulders, but not all that much broader than the Count. And certainly he was muscular, but anybody would be muscular who slaved all day. And his skin was perfect and tan, but that came again from slaving; in the sun all day, who wouldn't be tan? And he wasn't that much taller than the Count either, although his stomach was flatter, but that was because the
  605. farm boy was younger. Mindy sat up in bed. It must be his teeth. The farm boy did have good teeth, give credit where credit was due. White and perfect, particularly set against the sun-tanned face.
  607.     Could it have been anything else? Mindy concentrated. The girls in the village followed the farm boy
  608. around a lot, whenever he was making deliveries, but they were idiots, they followed anything. And he
  609. always ignored them, because if he'd ever opened his mouth, they would have realized that was all he
  610. had, just good teeth; he was, after all, exceptionally stupid.
  611.     It was really very strange that a woman as beautiful and slender and willowy and graceful, a creature as perfectly packaged, as supremely dressed as the Countess should be hung up on teeth that way. Mindy shrugged. People were surprisingly complicated. But now she had it all diagnosed, deduced, clear. She closed her eyes and snuggled down and got all nice and comfortable, and people don't look at other people the way the Countess looked at the farm boy because of their teeth.
  612.     "Oh," Mindy gasped. "Oh, oh dear." Now the farm boy was staring back at the Countess. He was feeding the cows and his muscles were rippling the way they always did under his tanned skin and Mindy was standing there watching as the farm boy looked, for the first time, deep into the Countess's eyes.
  613.     Mindy jumped out of bed and began to pace her room. How could he? Oh, it was all right if he looked
  614. at her, but he wasn't looking at her, he was looking at her.
  615.     "She's so old," Buttercup muttered, starting to storm a bit now. The Countess would never see thirty
  616. again and that was fact. And her dress looked ridiculous out in the cowshed and that was fact too. Mindy fell onto her bed and clutched her pillow across her breasts. The dress was ridiculous before it ever got to the cowshed. The Countess looked rotten the minute she left the carriage, with her too big painted mouth and her little piggy painted eyes and her powdered skin and . . . and . . . and . . . Flailing and thrashing, Buttercup wept and tossed and paced and wept some more, and there have been three great cases of jealousy since David of Galilee was first afflicted with the emotion when he could no longer stand the fact that his neighbor Saul's cactus outshone his own. (Originally, jealousy pertained to plants, other people's cactus or ginkgoes, or, later, when there was grass, grass, which is why, even to this day, we say that someone is green with jealousy.) Buttercup's case rated a close fourth on the all-time list.
  618.     It was a very long and very green night.
  620.     She was outside his hovel before dawn. Inside, she could hear him already awake. She knocked. He
  621. appeared, stood in the doorway. Behind him she could see a tiny candle, open books. He waited. She
  622. looked at him. Then she looked away.
  623. He was too beautiful.
  625.     Mindy ran to her bedroom mirror. "Oh, Jackson," she said, "I must never disappoint you," and she
  626. hurried downstairs to where her parents were squabbling. (Sixteen to thirteen, and not past breakfast yet.)
  627.     "I need your advice," she interrupted. "What can I do to improve my personal appearance."
  628.     "Start by bathing," her father said.
  629.     "And do something with your hair while you're at it," her mother said.
  630.     "Unearth the territory behind your ears."
  631.     "Neglect not your knees."
  632.     "That will do nicely for starters," Mindy said. She shook her head. "Gracious, but it isn't easy being
  633. tidy." Undaunted, she set to work.
  634.     Every morning she awoke, if possible by dawn, and got the farm chores finished immediately. There was much to be done now, with Jackson gone, and more than that, ever since the Count had visited, everyone in the area had increased his milk order. So there was no time for self-improvement until well into the afternoon.
  635.     But then she really set to work. First a good cold bath. Then, while her hair was drying, she would slave after fixing her figure faults (one of her elbows was just too bony, the opposite wrist not bony enough). And exercise what remained of her baby fat (little left now; she was nearly eighteen). And brush and brush her hair.
  636.     Her hair was the color of autumn, and it had never been cut, so a thousand strokes took time, but she didn't mind, because Jackson had never seen it clean like this and wouldn't he be surprised when she stepped off the boat in America.     Her skin was the color of wintry cream, and she scrubbed her every inch well past glistening, and that wasn't much fun really, but wouldn't Jackson be pleased with how clean she
  637. was as she stepped off the boat in America.
  638.     And very quickly now, her potential began to be realized. From twentieth, she jumped within two weeks
  639. to fifteenth, an unheard-of change in such a time. But three weeks after that she was already ninth and
  640. moving. The competition was tremendous now, but the day after she was ninth a three-page letter arrived
  641. from Westley in London and just reading it over put her up to eighth. That was really what was doing it
  642. for her more than anything her love for Westley would not stop growing, and people were dazzled when
  643. she delivered milk in the morning. Some people were only able to gape at her, but many talked and those
  644. that did found her warmer and gentler than she had ever been before. Even the village girls would nod
  645. and smile now, and some of them would ask after Westley, which was a mistake unless you happened to
  646. have a lot of spare time, because when someone asked Buttercup how Westley waswell, she told them.
  647. He was supreme as usual; he was spectacular; he was singularly fabulous. Oh, she could go on for hours.
  648. Sometimes it got a little tough for the listeners to maintain strict attention, but they did their best, since Buttercup loved him so completely.
  649. She was eighteen. She was the most beautiful woman in a hundred years. She didn't seem to care.
  651. The twenty-one-year-old Princess far surpassed the eighteen-year-old mourner. Her figure faults were
  652. gone, the too bony elbow having fleshed out nicely; the opposite pudgy wrist could not have been
  653. trimmer. Her hair, which was once the color of autumn, was still the color of autumn, except that before,
  654. she had tended it herself, whereas now she had five full-time hairdressers who managed things for her.
  655. (This was long after hairdressers; in truth, ever since there have been women, there have been hairdressers, Adam being the first, though the King James scholars do their very best to muddy this point.) Her skin was still wintry cream, but now, with two handmaidens assigned to each appendage and four for the rest of her, it actually, in certain lights, seemed to provide her with a gentle, continually moving as she moved, glow
  658. The team goes undercover. At a normal high school. Jackson teache them how to be normal and popular.-
  660. 2nd gen. NERDS- Jackson and Mindy's kids...
  662. What if Jackson has allergies? (He's perfect, he doesn't actually.)
  664. Why does Ruby wear pigtales? -Annabeth blonde sterotypeing? Or bully/jerk Brett/Jackson? or exterme shyness???
  666. Jackson beats Mindy at the junkyard, how will the first kiss go?-
  668.     Jackson turned and looked up. Standing at the top of a pile of junk was the Hyena. Her hair was like silver in the setting sun. If Jackson wasn’t struck with overwhelming fear, he might have thought she was really, really pretty.
  669.     “Who’s this?” she asked, pointing to Chaz.
  670.     “I’m his brother,” Chaz said.
  671.     “Wait, who are you?” “I’m the—” (She could barely believe Chaz was related to the braces freak, with his perfect teeth and amazingly good looks- oh wait, they had their stunning looks in common. Great.)
  672.     “Wait a minute!” Chaz said. “I get what’s going on here. Is this your girlfriend, Jackson?”
  673.     “Uh—”
  674.     “Little brother! Hey, don’t let me interfere with you two lovebirds. I’ll catch up with you at home, ” Chaz said. He rushed to the gate, turned back and gave Jackson a raspberry, and slipped away.
  675.     “I’ve been looking for you, ” the Hyena said.
  676.     “Stay back!” Jackson shouted. The girl leaped down in front of him. Instinctively, he swept her legs out from under her with his own and knocked her to the ground. A moment later he was running.
  677.     “Where was that move when you had to fight Matilda all day?” he grumbled to himself. He made a beeline for the gate, but before he could get there the Hyena had backflipped off a junked car and landed in front of him. He skidded to a stop and raced back the way he came. The junkyard was a maze of debris piled high in neat rows. Jackson raced down one aisle and made a quick right into another. The Hyena was right behind him every step of the way.
  678.     He knew his only hope was to try to make it back to the gate, so he made another quick left, then a right, then another right. He mustered every ounce of his former glory on the football field and sprinted toward the exit. It was so close. He just had to get there. Once he was on the street he could hide in the backyards of the countless neighborhood houses, and she would never find him.
  679.     Then, he saw a blur to his left, and with all his experience on the football field was able to jump just in time and avoid the trip. He glanced behind and saw a shocked Hynea rolling like a human tumble weed on the ground. He had no time to celebrate as he ran towards his house.
  681.     Jackson ran along the Jones's mansion's sweeping driveway into the garage. He almost tripped on his unused football ball, rippped off his headgear and locked himself inside the half-bath/changing room. Jackson grabbed all his padded underwear, pants and shirts and tossed them on. He grabbed all his lucky sports necklaces and subconsiously checked his breath. Jackson slipped on his custom molded football cleats over his socks and slammed his football pads over his broad shoulders and slipped on his helmet. He grabbed a baseball bat and stepped tentativley outside.
  683. "Hey quarterback." said the Hyena casually before slamming into him. When Jackson finally came to a stop on his back, he was gasping to replace the wind that had been knocked out of his lungs. Unfortunately, the Hyena was waiting. She tossed aside the mop handle she had used to trip him.
  684.     “Ow. I think you broke my braces... If you’re going to kill me, just make it quick,” he groaned.
  685.     “I’m not here to kill you, dummy. I need your help,” she said, reaching out her hand to him.
  686.     “Help?”
  687.     “Yeah, I need you to stop my diabolical boss and his evil doomsday device.”
  688.     “Is that all?” Jackson said as he eyed the offered hand. “How do I know this isn’t some kind of trick?”
  689.     “Why would I want you to help me stop the man who pays my rent?” she said. “I wouldn’t, unless you were right all along. I don’t want to know I helped someone destroy the world, and I can’t stop him by myself. I need you.”
  690.     Jackson took her hand and she pulled him to his feet. He dusted himself off, but kept a wary eye on her.
  691.     “Why does a goon want to save the world?” The Hyena snarled.
  692.     “Watch it, pal! I’m not a goon.”
  693.     “You act like a goon. You kidnapped those scientists.”
  694.     “I was freelancing. I have to eat, you know,” she said. “Are you going to help me or not?” Jackson shook his head.
  695.     “You don’t want me. You want the NERDS, and I’m not with them anymore.”
  697.     The children followed her toward the door, but just as they stepped through, Jackson grabbed the Hyena and pulled her
  698. back. Then he slammed a button on the wall, and the door slid down from the ceiling, locking the
  699. librarian out of the room.
  701.     “Jackson, you open this door this instant!” she demanded.
  702.     “Sorry, Ms. Holiday, but there’s only one guy who can save the team, and you know it.”
  703.     Jackson leaped into the chair. Straps wrapped around his feet as Holiday pounded on the door.
  704.     “Are you sure about this, Jackson?” Benjamin asked. Jackson nodded. “I’m sure.”
  705.     “Commence scanning,” Benjamin said. A moment later lasers swept over Jackson’s body.
  706.     “Physical attributes are above normal range. Continuing to scan for weaknesses.”
  707.     “What is this thing doing to you?” the Hyena cried. A blue orb began to spin on the panel in front of Jackson, and a moment later a holographic skeleton was floating before his eyes.
  708.     “Benjamin, I hate to be impatient, but can we skip this? Just give me the deal you gave me before.”
  709.     “Very well, except there is one thing,” Benjamin said.
  710.     “What?”
  711.     “Subject’s code name?” Jackson took a deep breath and let out a sigh.
  712.     “Call me Braceface.” Machines dropped fromthe ceiling and wrapped around his body. Soon his mouth was forced open by rubber hooks. He turned to the Hyena.
  713.     “You might want to step back and maybe avert your eyes. This isn’t pretty.”
  714.     “Think pleasant thoughts,” Benjamin reminded him.
  715.     “Oh, this is so gross,” the Hyena groaned.
  717. Hyena's POV:
  719.     The machine lowered its claws into Jackson's mouth, and started to remove pieces of metal. The Hyena tried to look away, but it was too disgustingly mesmerizing to look away. Slowly, Jackson't true smile was revealed. She couldn't help but stare at Jackson't uncovered face.
  720.     " I know, right?" said Benjamin. "Such a shame he has terrible teeth. You know he had millions of followers on instagram and snapchat?"
  721.     She couldn't belive the semi-attractive boy that she had mocked was so handsome. With every piece of metal gone, the Hyena could see that Jackson looked like someone who would be on the cover of a gossip magazine. When she had gone to beauty pagants, she had crushed on boys that looked half as good as Jackson. They had been all dressed up and covered in makeup, but somehow Jackson was able to top them with a charming smile, football trained muscles, and a lot of natural good looks. But then, the machine started lowering back the 14 pounds of braces onto Jackson and the Hyena turned away.
  722.     "Jackson went through a lot you know. Maybe you should be a litte nicer to him. Just a thought."
  723.     "Yeah right."
  724.     But secretly, the Hyena was dreaming about Jackson's almost turquoise eyes...
  726. Okay, why is the Hyena missing from books 2-5?
  728. Asuming she died, Jackson is going to be foreced to get over it, he's too cute to not be in love again, so ships!
  729. RubyxJackson because it works- they've been together, lost their first loves, (Heathcliff too) and are together a lot.
  731. Random Scene-
  733. Jackson could barely open his mouth. He had to press his tongue to his palette expander, wrench his headgear down, and stretch his elastics to see the whites of his teeth. To try and fix this, he stuffed his old football mouthguard into the one free space in his mouth. It was the worst mistake of his life. The protective gel mashed with his magnetic braces and stuck tight. His mouth was stuck in a permenant smile. Worse, he couldn't wear hoodies any more. His headgear wouldn't fit through sweaters, hoods, t-shirts, and jerseys. Jackson didn't know if finally having perfect teeth was a blessing or a curse. For one thing his teeth felt too tight and slimy. Unfortunately, girls wanted him again, and Mindy was getting jealous. He had to constantly wear his retainer, and wear a custom retainer for sports. Another set of headgear went on at night, and his bisupuds still had plastic on them. He had a permanant retainer glued onto the back of his front teeth and he sitll had hidden elastics, painful spacers and the palette expander stuck in his mouth. His teeth were perfect now, but he had to floss constantly and leave the team.
  735. Jackson and Brett both need braces....
  737. Jackson Jones and his best friend Brett Bealer walked into the othodontists office together. It was right after football practice so they still had all their sweaty smelly gear on. Both of them had decided to schedule their appointments at the same time so they wouldn't miss their game afterwards.
  739. Description of Jackson when he's 50- (no info on NERDS for secrecy...)
  741.     No-one except his mother had thought Jackson handsome as a pre-teen, well before she died. Girls gazes had halted when they got down to his up turned nose and his braceface smile before faltered for a fraction of a second at his massive orthodontia. But, as a boy he didn't just attract the girls, he made them faint. He was still muscular and his cheek bones were tiny compared to his dimples. When he was 12, he met the love of his life, former beauty pagant winner and model Mindy Beauchamp. And by fourteen he was filling out even more, he had muscles from football training and lacrosse and baseball workouts. Mindy became his offical girlfriend. By sixteen he finally got his perfect teeth. He had grown into all his gorgeous features, and his bone structure was fine and perfectly symmetrical. He had hundereds of thousands of social media followers and was the most popular boy in high school. Later, as he aged, Jackson became all the more striking, as a silver-fox he was still asked to grace the cover of magazines over his younger peers. His wife Mindy always said it was because with every passing year more of his inner beauty showed on his face, there was softness in his oh-so-blue eyes and gentleness in his gleaming smile. NERDS File 5687- Former Agents.
  743. Goldilocks from Sis'G and Lnd'oStories (Sabrina Grimm
  744. Pidge/Katie VoltronLD
  745. Mabel Pines GF
  746. LeoxCalyspo PJ
  747. Ella JE
  748. Zach Powers S
  749. Nate Brodie TMDT
  750. Emma Carstairs TMI
  751. Astrid HTTYD
  752. Meg Cabot- Model
  753. Pretty Little Liars, other series
  754. The selection
  755. Mabel gravity falls
  757. Goldie:
  759. A cream-colored horse slowly traveled into the clearing. It picked up its hooves in a peculiar
  760. manner, as if it had been trained to tiptoe. A woman was riding the horse, and she looked cautiously
  761. around the clearing as they entered it.
  762. She was young and beautiful. Her eyes were big and blue, and her hair was half up and flowed
  763. into long, golden curls. She wore a long, maroon knit coat with black leggings and very tall boots.
  764. The woman and her horse moved covertly into the center of the clearing.
  765. “Easy, Porridge,” said the woman, stroking the horse. “That’s a good girl, nice and slow.” She
  766. hopped down from the horse and made her way to a tree. Alex could see that some sort of paper was
  767. pinned to it and, after taking a closer look, saw it was the Wanted poster for Goldilocks that she had
  768. seen the day before.
  770. She took off her long coat and her sword, and began unlacing her tall boots, getting ready to settle
  771. in for the night. Something colorful caught her eye while she was doing so. A bright blue fabric was
  772. sticking out from the bottom of a stack of hay.
  773. Goldilocks pulled it out from under the haystack and examined it. It was a beautiful bright blue
  774. gown with delicate stitching. It reminded Goldilocks of a dress she had owned when she was a girl. It
  775. had been so long since the last time she’d worn a dress.
  776. She discovered a mirror hanging on the barn wall. It was slightly tilted and had cracks on the
  777. bottom half, but she could still see her reflection perfectly. She didn’t like what she saw. Goldilocks
  778. was young, but she had aged so much since the last time she had seen her reflection so clearly. She
  779. was a full-grown woman now.
  780. Goldilocks undressed and put on the blue dress. She let her hair down and ruffled it up a bit. She
  781. wiped off all the dirt on her face with a handkerchief and looked in the mirror again. She stared at
  782. herself, completely awestruck; she had forgotten how beautiful she could be. She only wished Jack
  783. could see her looking like this.
  784. “Such beauty, such a waste,” said a voice.
  785. In the blink of an eye, Goldilocks had retrieved her sword and extended it in front of her.
  786. “Who’s there?” Goldilocks demanded, but she didn’t see anyone else in the barn.
  787. “If only the world could see what I see now: Goldilocks, a woman feared throughout all the
  788. kingdoms, standing vulnerably in a dress,” said the voice.
  789. “Don’t be a coward. Show yourself!” Goldilocks said. She turned back to the mirror, but didn’t
  790. see her reflection. Another woman, with a pale face and in a dark, hooded cloak, was staring back at
  791. her.
  792. “Hello, Goldilocks,” said the woman in the mirror. “I know more about you than anyone,” the Evil Queen said. “I know that when you were a young
  793. girl, you received a handwritten letter from a young boy you loved named Jack. He asked you to meet
  794. him at a house a little way out of town and gave instructions on how to get there. You went to the
  795. house and waited and waited for hours, but he never showed up.”
  796. “How do you know all this?” Goldilocks asked.
  797. “You became sleepy in that house, didn’t you?” the Evil Queen continued. “So you decided to go
  798. to sleep in one of the beds and hoped you’d wake to find him. But you didn’t wake to him, did you?
  799. You woke to find three bears staring down at you, and they almost killed you. You barely escaped the
  800. house alive, but the bears pressed charges against you anyway for breaking into their home and, being
  801. young and scared, you ran. You ran and have been running ever since.
  802. “For years you wondered how Jack could have done that to you. How could he have framed you
  803. like that? And then finally one night you snuck into the Red Riding Hood Kingdom and asked him. But
  804. Jack told you he’d grown up poor and illiterate; he hadn’t sent you the letter because he never learned
  805. to write. Someone else did. Someone else framed you.
  806. “Jack had been looking for you for years. He was devastated when you disappeared. He even
  807. climbed a beanstalk looking for you. You two have been meeting covertly in the shadows for almost a
  808. decade now.”
  809. “Who told you that?” Goldilocks asked.
  810. “Every driven person comes from a mountain of pain they wish to keep hidden,” the Evil Queen
  811. said. “I did my research on you, Goldilocks, and you and I aren’t so different. Except, I know who
  812. wrote you that letter.”
  813. Goldilocks shook her head in disbelief. How could she know something Goldilocks had been
  814. trying to discover her entire life?
  815. “And who might that be?” she asked.
  816. “Red Riding Hood, of course,” the Evil Queen said. “What?” Goldilocks said. She almost stopped breathing.
  817. “It’s true,” the Evil Queen said. “The young queen has a large mirror in her bedroom and talks in
  818. her sleep. You’d be appalled by the things she confesses in her nightmares.”
  819. Goldilocks had to sit down. She didn’t even feel human anymore; she felt like an entity made of
  820. pure anger.
  821. “Red Riding Hood has always loved Jack, and you were standing in the way,” the Evil Queen
  822. said. “She was young when she wrote the letter. She had no idea what the consequences would be.
  823. She thought you would leave brokenhearted before the bears got home, and then Jack would be hers.”
  824. “But she’s had years and years’ worth of opportunities to make things right,” Goldilocks said. Her
  825. eyes were staring down at the ground, but she was blind with rage. She stood up, threw off the blue
  826. gown, and redressed in her own clothes, sword and all.
  827. “What will you do now that you know the truth?” the Evil Queen asked.
  828. “I’m going to take Red on a trip,” Goldilocks said. “And she’s not coming back.”
  829. “There’s only one place where she can disappear forever…” the Evil Queen said, and her
  830. reflection faded from the mirror.
  831. Goldilocks burst out of the barn and ran into the night, whistling for her horse. She was about to
  832. do exactly what the Evil Queen wanted, but, more important, she was about to get her long-overdue
  833. revenge.
  835. Kaite:
  837.  Voltron Wiki Pidge Gunderson (Katie Holt)
  839. Biography
  841. Name Pidge Gunderson (Katie Holt)
  842. Age 14
  843. Born April 3rd[1]
  844. Physical Description Species Human Gender Female
  845. Eye Color Brown
  846. Hair Color Light brown
  847. Personal Information
  848. Family
  849. Sam Holt (Father)
  850. Matt Holt (Brother)
  851. Colleen Holt(Mother)
  852. Gunther (dog)
  854. Biography
  855. Katie's father and brother were lost on a mission to Kerberos, a moon of Pluto, along with Shiro. Refusing to believe the official report of their deaths by pilot error, Katie began her unrelenting search for her missing family. After being discovered hacking into Galaxy Garrison computers, she was escorted off the property and forbidden from ever returning. To further her investigation, she went undercover as a Galaxy Garrison cadet by the name of "Pidge Gunderson" and cut her hair and donned glasses to disguise herself as a boy. Infiltrating the Galaxy Patrol, she wound up assigned to a team with Lance and Hunk.
  857. Pidge eventually developed machinery to pick up interstellar radio chatter, which allowed her to learn of Galra Empire activity on the edge of the solar system. Pidge and her teammates - who had recently failed a simulation flight to Kerberos - then saw a Galran escape craft carrying Shiro crash-land in the nearby desert. The trio went to break him out of Galaxy Patrol custody, but were beaten to that goal by Keith who they then joined in his escape. Following Keith's investigations into unusual energy readings, the group eventually found the Blue Lion in a nearby cavern.
  859. After narrowly escaping a Galra attack, the group found themselves transported via wormhole to Arus, where they met Princess Allura and Coran and learned about Voltron. Given the chance to save her home and the galaxy, Pidge and her teammates became the new Paladins of Voltron, with Pidge becoming the pilot of the Green Lion. Shiro accompanied Pidge to a dense forest planet where the Green Lion was hidden, where it accepted her as its pilot.
  861. When the Red Lion was discovered aboard Sendak's ship, the Paladins took the three Lions they had available into action to retrieve it. During this mission, Pidge revealed that Shiro's old crew mates were her father and brother, yet despite their best efforts the search proved mostly futile when they learned from other prisoners that Pidge's family were no longer aboard the ship. They did manage to rescue several prisoners, and with the Red Lion retrieved, the Paladins were able to obtain the Black Lion and eventually form Voltron, destroying Sendak's ship. Concern for her missing relatives would eventually interfere with Pidge's ability to unify with her team and form Voltron at will, prompting Shiro to accompany her on a trip to the wreckage of Sendak's ship to try and learn what she could about the missing pair. Talking to the prisoners had revealed a disturbing account of Shiro attacking her brother Matt before engaging a Galra gladiator, who then appeared as a Robeast that the Paladins were forced to engage. Return of the Gladiator
  863. Shiro's reawakened memories of the monster revealed that he had injured Matt in order to ensure that he would not face the gladiator and be harmed or killed, something that Pidge was immensely grateful to Shiro for. At this time Shiro revealed that he knew about her real identity, but promised that he would keep it a secret. The Space Mice felt no such need for secrecy and confided in Allura, who approached Pidge, hoping that she would open up, only for Pidge to announce her intention to leave the Paladins and search for her missing relatives. The Fall of the Castle of Lions However, her solo mission was halted when the still-living Sendak and his subordinate Haxus destroyed the castle's power crystal and then infiltrated it after Hunk and Coran had left in search of a new one and Keith and Allura had left to attend to the local Arusian population, who were under attack. With Lance injured and Shiro captured, it fell to Pidge and the Space Mice to thwart the Galrans and enable the return of their allies.
  865. Realizing that she had become part of something larger, Pidge decided to stay with the team, and further decided to tell the team that she was actually a girl; despite fears that it would change how her friends looked at her, she was readily accepted by all for who she was. The Castle of Lions then departed Arus to go to the aid of a Balmera that the Galra had been mining for energy crystals. During the mission to save the planet, Pidge revealed that she had modified the Green Lion with a cloaking device, and with her comrades, managed to save the Balmerans. The group was then forced to contend with another Robeast as well as the Balmera's imminent collapse, but were able to defeat the monster while Allura healed the living planetoid thanks to her bond with the world. Sadly, the group would then deal with the consequences of Sendak's previous takeover of the castle, as Galran crystal energy polluted the system and corrupted the A.I. of Allura's father Alfor, causing it to try to destroy them and ultimately forcing Allura to erase the virtual copy of her father.
  867. Piecing together the information recovered from Sendak's ship and extracted memories, the team then learned of a transport hub that she infiltrated in order to gain information about Zarkon's plans. When the hub proved to have no information, Allura and Shiro boarded an arriving ship in search of the information, only for the group to be exposed and forced to flee without Allura. This led them to attempt an ill-fated assault on Zarkon's central command, where Zarkon's immense power caused Voltron to separate and forced the pilots to fight separately against the overwhelming number of Galran ships. They succeeded in rescuing Allura, but during the escape their wormhole was blasted by Haggar, causing it to deteriorate and apparently scatter all five lions and the castle to parts unknown.
  870. Personality
  871. Pidge is a technical genius, and is more than capable of quickly learning how to operate advanced alien technology. She is also an intensely private person, often needing some measure of personal space and has a hard time bonding with others. She had a profoundly hard time with her psychic training due to this deep-seated aspect of her personality.
  873. Among her teammates, she is closest to Shiro and Hunk. Her close friendship with Shiro is due to him having known of her from his time working with her brother and father. Pidge often looks to Shiro for guidance, and Shiro often offers perspective and focus when Pidge is anxious or scared. Her bond deepened when she forgave Shiro for wounding her brother Matt in his gladiator days after Shiro explained that he did it to keep Matt from fighting in Zarkon's arena. Since then, Shiro has been Pidge's closest friend/surrogate brother. Hunk and Pidge get along due to their common ground as science experts, Hunk's cheery demeanor balancing out Pidge's excitability, and their shared history as Galaxy Garrison cadets. They often work together on the Lions to install Pidge's constant upgrades to them, and they often get caught in ridiculous situations together.
  875. Along with Shiro, Pidge is usually the first to call out Lance on his womanizing, somewhat sexist, and overly flirtatious personality, usually in the form of comical displays of violence such as punching him, shocking him, and so on. This likely stems from her having put up with Lance's commentary and shallowness during her time at the Garrison and the fact that she finds his behavior to be incredibly disrespectful since she is also a girl. Pidge finds Keith to be somewhat "emo" due to his aggressive and brooding personality. Despite this, they still work well as comrades and colleagues along with their closeness to Shiro and care for his well-being. The two are also the physically fastest of the team in terms of running speed.
  877. Pidge is also something of a hoarder, collecting every last piece of new technology she can get her hands on, and trying to create something better out of even the most advanced machines available. She is always looking to improve upon what is around her, allowing her to adapt and thrive even in the most difficult or unconventional circumstances, even if it means dismantling alien tech and risking the lives of herself and those around her, such as when she cobbled together a tank of booster fuel for the pod that Hunk and Coran used to harvest a Balmeran crystal for the Castle Ship. She is a little person who leaves a large mess in her wake, be it her large collection of alien tech or the bodies and armor of her fallen enemies.
  879. Pidge is excitable, curious, and playful in her personality. She cannot keep herself from fawning over and playing with any new tech that she can get her hands on, as was the case when she kept playing with Rolo's cyber unit, Beezer. Pidge is in constant awe of the amazing sights around her. When she and Shiro went after the Green Lion on the jungle planet, Pidge could only gaze in wonder at the breath taking scenery. Even their sloth-like guide seemed bemused at her curiosity. Pidge is driven by four things in life: Finding her family, protecting her friends, fighting the Galra, and exploring the world around her.
  881. Pidge certainly embodies her Lion's elemental affiliation of the Forest: constantly adapting to her surroundings, sustaining and protecting the people around her, and is able to thrive in even the harshest circumstances.
  883. Abilities
  884. Pidge is a technological child genius of the highest order, and has even learned how to operate advanced alien technology on the fly. She is agile, nimble, and uses a Bayard that takes the form of a small, arrow-shaped blade that possesses the ability to deliver a painful electric shock, a grapple function that can be used for both transport and incapacitating enemies, and has an edge that can cut through extremely thick metal plating with little to no trouble. As the smallest member of team Voltron, Pidge is easy to underestimate, and can easily go unnoticed where her larger and flashier teammates would be discovered. Her technical skills have aided the team immensely, initially with discovering the approach of an alien space craft and finding the first of the lions, but also in retrofitting cloaking technology to the Green Lion and adapting other technology to suit the team's needs.
  886. Pidge is surprisingly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, able to duel the veteran Galra soldier Haxus on even ground, and even scored a decisive blow against Sendak by cutting his prosthetic arm off with her Bayard. Unlike the other Paladins, Pidge's Bayard offers more than just offensive power. Using its grapple function she can take control of the battlefield by using it to outmaneuver her opponents while entangling them and controlling them at the same time. Pidge is quick thinking and dangerous for it, able to overload an Altean power generator to create an electrical surge to incapacitate her foes despite relatively little experience with such systems. Pidge's skills as a fighter are based primarily on her flexibility, speed, intelligence, and creativity.
  888. Pidge's athletic abilities, though often overlooked, are quite impressive. She is able to effectively dance around her opponents, displaying agility and grace that surprise those around her that are more familiar with her seemingly nerdy exterior than her skills in combat. She is also quite fast, able to ascend to the top of the Green Lion's hiding spot in mere moments without the assistance of her armor or jet pack. Pidge is quite flexible, able to combat several Galra sentries within the Castle's ventilation systems with minimal difficulty and impressive results.
  890. Pidge is also quite skilled in committing multiple acts of espionage with extreme skill, such as breaking into Galaxy Garrison systems and being able to decipher their records on more than one occasion. She was also presumably able to create a convincing fake identification and history in order to infiltrate the Garrison under the name "Pidge Gunderson," and managed to lie her way past Commander Ivorson despite the two of them having a notable history of conflict, as he was unable to recognize her despite having simply cut her hair, adding a pair of glasses, and worn loose-fitting clothes to hide her body type as the primary elements of her disguise. Pidge also likely faked her medical records for this part of her undercover mission, as a space exploration program would likely have required information on applicants' physical condition and health history. All in all, this shows how profoundly skilled Pidge is at espionage, subterfuge, and deception, unquestionably having committed multiple felonies and high treason in the process without getting caught.
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