MGE Side III Club Saida

May 9th, 2020
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  1. Befitting a place bearing the name of Saida, this “Club:Saida” is one of the well-established shops representing the island.
  2. It’s a box made from remodeling the estate where the former island chief used to live, and it has several wide stages. On top of that, the left-over rooms on the upper floor are used as accommodations for guests and song maidens that have gotten excited by the live performances.
  4. A lot of the people that go to live houses aim to feel good by singing, performing, or listening to music, but this live house focuses on cuisine and alcohol, and listening to performances in a calm atmosphere… that’s right, this place is like an adult live house.
  5. The dishes made using a seasoning called “Saida Pepper”, which has been harvested in Saida since the old days, are delicious. The pepper is shockingly spicy, and really brings out the flavor of the dish to a numbed tongue.
  7. This is a shop often used by veterans, and there are many projects like comeback concerts of retired bands or solo performances of former divas. It’s very high level, and you can learn a lot just from listening to them.
  8. Of course, there’s no way the music of such people won’t shock people’s lower body, but unlike other live houses, the calm atmosphere is maintained, probably because all of the folks that got full of excitement during the performance head off to the accommodation rooms.
  10. After enjoying cocktails and fancy meals while listening to a concert, enjoy a feverish exchange in a room with a sweet mood…
  11. It’s the kind of shop that dating enthusiasts from Nevia often come to, but it might be dangerous if those girls come to Saida too often.
  12. A lady-like girl like that might become so influenced by this city that she becomes a bad girl who ravishes her boyfriend whenever she wants to fuck.
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