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  1. Name: Nikostratos rei Anadi, nicknamed Niko
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Age: 26
  4. Faceclaim: Younes Kahlaoui (
  5. Appearance: Don't let the delicate face fool you, this guy's bite is worse than his bark. Tall, hawkish, and often given to scowling, he's far from the image of a dashing prince and seems like he would be more at home barking orders in a university lecture over running a nation. Around six foot on the dot, he's built with lean muscle in mind and the small amount of bulk he has managed to build is easily hidden under his understated robes. He prefers neutral colors over being bold and his sole vanity comes in the form of a few pieces of jewelry, all impeccably arranged.
  6. Personality: Meticulous, cautious, and analytical, Niko comes off as coldblooded to those first meeting him, an assumption he doesn't take great pains to correct. For him, order is everything; each detail must be in its proper place and failure to comply with directions will not be tolerated. As critical as he is of those under him, the only person he holds to higher standards is himself, and he strives to be strict but fair. Underneath the tough exterior, he wants to be able to do good, even if he goes about it by being fussy and particular. He doesn't like flashy displays or boasts with no skill to back it up and prefers to showcase his talents with subtlety, nudging his peers into taking notice rather than demanding their attention. His standoffish nature is in notable contrast to that of the previous king, but he brushes off the criticism by saying that he doesn't need to be a loved king, only a good one.
  7. History: The kingdom of Anadisia was once the picture of prosperity, but under the governing hand of Niko's father, it would soon become a laughingstock of a nation. While his parents were loving toward each other and toward their young sons, they had no apparent interest in actual state matters, preferring elaborate feasts and "diplomatic visits" abroad over actually running the country. Niko and his younger brother grew up with every one of his own needs provided for but saw that the vast majority of his own people were left to fend for themselves. He didn't inherit his father's magnetic charm or his mother's popularity with the masses, but he does intend to shoulder the responsibility of being a proper ruler.
  8. It was only by dint of his parents' charisma and the heavy hand of their favored noble families overseeing each corner of the country that they avoided a large-scale revolt from taking hold and deposing the royal family. There were, however, enough whispers to make an otherwise innocuous illness that swept through Anadisia and claimed the life of its king to leave some people suspicious of foul play. The royal magicians were still scratching their heads over the sudden onset of sickness, but in the meantime, a change in power meant a destabilized nation, so Niko had to take the throne much earlier than planned, and he needed another ruler at his side. Enter his prince-consort and exit any semblance of peace and quiet for the foreseeable future.
  9. Other notes: Very bi and very emotionally unavailable. Because Anadisia's main export is in gold and other precious metals, you can expect plenty of bling, though for the royal family's standards, a few rings on each finger is actually surprisingly conservative. The definition of Stressedâ„¢
  11. And for a little extra info, I'll go ahead and shed some light on Anadisia's history and the setting at large.
  13. For starters, in this universe you've got your regular, no-frills humans, you've got your magicians/mages, you've got your high fae, dragons both great and small, and various spirits of the ghost and elemental variety. Magic and mundane coexist mostly peacefully but there are still people that are wigged out by the extraordinary, especially ones from kingdoms that are more isolated. You could probably make a case for any kind of critter and I'd allow it, so don't be shy about throwing out different concepts for races and creatures!
  15. Anadisia is a large landlocked country that's relatively new as far as nations go, only established a couple hundred years ago after gaining independence from its much, much bigger neighbor, an empire that's constantly embroiled in conflict with itself. (Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.) Niko's line has been ruling since its inception, which is why his family is still named after the country. They've steadily been expanding their borders inch by inch over the years and haven't been involved in any serious conflict for the past half a century or so, which means they've maintained order but also don't pose much of a genuine military threat. The way they keep other countries from invading is more through their financial connections; threats to freeze bank credit overseas and stop trade are as intimidating as any show of martial might.
  17. It's got a mountain range to serve as its northern border, and that's surrounded by dense forests. Game hunting is extremely big around these parts and it makes up the bulk of where the common folk get their meat, preserved with a little magical help. Just south of that are Anadisia's gold mines, with sheer mountains at its back and the capital city (with the city's military force) at its front, they're well-defended and their exact location within a larger sphere of land is a close-kept secret from foreign visitors.
  19. Just about smack dab in the center is the capital that surrounds the palace on all sides with a dense population all stacked atop one another. The palace is actually an old fortress from a bygone era that's been added onto over centuries and updated until it formed the impressive structure seen today. Think something along the lines of Edinburgh Castle for what I'm imagining. While originally it was just a post in between a couple of small villages under Imperial rule, once the royal family chose it for its position at the heart of their new country, the city just built up around it and grew alongside it. The capital boasts just about anything you can ask for big city life: bustling markets, a high concentration of scholars and magicians, and many of the more tame magical creatures running amok.
  21. To the west is the majority of the farmland and the heart of the country's agricultural output, though there's no shortage of farms elsewhere. Domestic animals are bred with care and given the royal family's seal of approval. East is where the majority of their visitors enter the country, so there's a bustling trade economy, it's where the largest university for mages is held (second to the capital's own private school where the palace magicians are employed), and it's best known for the wide variety of entertainment available. Sorcerer students are forever putting on extravagant displays and lighting up the night, and while it may seem like a constant party, it's also one of the areas with the highest amount of criminal activity.
  23. Further south is considered territory of the gods, where temples dedicated to deities both domestic and foreign are given equal attention. It's where the vast majority of priests are trained and bring their service to the cities, and where many of the magical beings that don't find humanity to their liking make their homes. The residents there have forged a certain amount of peace with their otherworldly neighbors, since any large-scale assault is immediately driven back with potentially devastating consequences. Nobody is fool enough to try and take this region in their political squabbles, but those that try are said to be punished by the gods themselves. (Or just a handful of very talented, very pissed-off mages with a vindictive streak.)
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