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  1. 13baddays 778
  2. Copy paste
  3. Else's giftprescription
  4. ?
  5. Lol should have copiesd updates
  6. Where dolny bitof saved it carefully but
  7. Not foolis assumption it there stupid boy
  8. Red bottle same dementia or curse
  9. What's todonowb spell or otr curse
  10. Something out to get me
  11. Too early for dementia 46 maybe hormonal un balanced
  12. What to do now phone wrong pocket  same wth passbus
  13. And carkeys what's to fonow
  14. When tired confused beware pressure used
  15. Silly mistakes put safely and keep chikings many times don't trust mind its not other ppls fault
  16. But my mind
  17. flopped ways jeweb why whynot giftyrself
  18. Cash lil then in bed watch bettings
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