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  1. For TTT:
  2. My plans for TTT are very similar to JimJam's.
  3. I plan to work closely with JimJam on a old project that was in affect a few years back. We intend to bring back TTT server 2.
  4. Our reasoning behind this decision is that it has been highly requested by quite a few members of the community and also, as of right now, our own TTT server is doing well, but there is no variety in terms of maps for players. This gave me the thought of when a new player joins the server, they may want to play a certain map that they've played else where, but they'd be greeted with the 24/7 minecraft map. It may be small, but this can cause our TTT server to gradually lose it's playerbase, we believe precautions for the possibility of this happening should be put into effect sooner rather than later so that we'll be able to easily implement ideas and not fuss over another server in the long run.
  5. Finally, I intend to have a stern talk with quite a few lead team members so that they can properly monitor their staff members so that we can fill the gap between staff and player to promote a new friendly environment for both new and existing players.
  7. For TF2:
  8. Same as before where I plan to make the community a better place as a whole by speaking to lead team members to properly monitor their staff, I'd apply this to the upcoming TF2 server when lead team members are selected.
  9. The reason for my backing in this server is purely the fact that I as well as Clarky I imagine, want to see a change of pace. I believe that the only other game that supported ZARP has been CS:GO, but bringing in a TF2 server gives the community a new server on a different game so that we do not follow the same repetitive GMOD ZARP server.
  10. I intend to fully back this idea and help where and whenever possible and I am fully willing to suggest things we can add to the server and with any sort of testing that is required.
  11. Bringing a new server hosted on another game can help us draw in players, reason being that we'll be expanding from solely GMOD game servers, to a free, easy to run and popular game.
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