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  1. ANONYMOUS is not an organization or a group of people. It most certainly is not a “group of hackers”. Anonymous is an online living consciousness, comprised of different individuals with at times coinciding ideals and goals. Anonymous is decentralized and as such it is free.
  2. Throughout the relatively short history of Anonymous, the atoms it is comprised of have never been the exact same in number, consistency or form. In this regard, Anonymous is similar to a river.
  3. Anonymous has no formal affiliations in any shape of form. Anonymous may choose to campaign for or against issues and groups of people or individuals that it finds relevant to its interests. WikiLeaks is one such group that Anonymous voluntarily campaigns for, by the will of its hive mind.
  4. To Anonymous—and millions of other people around the globe—the Internet represents the world’s collective consciousness and is a tool that should be used for the advancement of our civilization.
  5. ANON OPS emerged as the name given to the part of Anonymous that has been fighting for freedom of speech and fair use of the Internet in recent time. It is also the name given to the banner under which parts of Anonymous gathers to campaign for these causes.
  6. OPERATION: PAYBACK is the codename for the joint effort of Anonymous to fight against those who seek to misuse the Internet.
  7. OPERATION: PAYBACK is now directed towards those who employ unfair means to fight WikiLeaks. Morally corrupt organizations such as Visa and MasterCard among others, are facing attacks NOT to their critical infrastructure but to their corporate websites; the online public faces of those organizations.
  8. In contrast, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and PostFinance have attacked WikiLeaks’ critical infrastructure and personnel, by their denying of their services to WikiLeaks. In essence, the above organizations have targetted WikiLeaks’ supply lines in the ongoing War for Freedom of Information.
  9. Disruption for the sake of chaos is not the objective. Instead, Anonymous enables its voice to be heard by rendering the face of unethical organizations silent. It is made up of the Internet citizens who care enough to stand up; the anonymous faces in the digital crowd.
  10. ANON OPS: A Manifesto
  11. December 9, 2010
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