Very fair trade agreeement

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  1. We (the europeans) want,
  2. 1.) protect our agriculture industry and farmers from cheap genetic modified US exports2.) getting maximum taxes from US internet giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft for EU3.) that US pays 75% for NATO and we pay only 25% for our defence4.) 0 trade barriers and custom duties for our great cars in export to US
  3. Sound like a real fair deal, isn't it?
  4. Why that worked with Obama and why this loud rough stubborn Trump, doesn't understand, thats such a great deal for US?
  5. OK only joking, Juncker knew, that this wasn't a very fair deal.Give Trump what he wants (more exports for US farmers and 0-barriers for Internet Giants (no digitalization tax)) and then we will like german cars suddenly very much)
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