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  1. Aidhu reached for a small bag fastened to his belt. He never came unprepared, he always kept a couple of runes on him, for times such as this.
  2. Rummaging through the bag while also avoiding the demon's attacks, he finally found it. A small glass orb covered in thin, almost invisible lines. He waited for his opponent to attack him, and then fired the spell.
  4. "Try possesing this, scum." Aidhu said as the sword's blade was caught by a powerful bite. The orb wrapped it's tongue around the demon's arm, then grew to an enormous size and swallowed him whole. The mouth shut, becoming a thin line on the orb's surface.
  6. The demon realized what has happened and went into a fit of rage, stabbing it's translucent prison, and when it didn't work, casting spells that could probably turn squadrons of soldiers to dust, if only they weren't blocked by this wonderful rune.
  8. "You're not getting out of here, fucker. Unfortunately for you, Number 13 is an absorbent."  A grimace of hatred appeared on the demon's face. "Yes, you heard that right. Those spells you just cast have powered it for another... two hours? I'm surprised you didn't know about it, though. The spell was invented like 400 years ago, you must one ancient fucker, huh?"
  10. Aidhu pulled out a piece of chalk from his bag. He'll try to exorcize this demon, he can't risk it hurting Garen's body.
  11. >Roll d100
  13. * * *
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