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  1. [[id:b7b07a14-5dbb-48ed-9d9d-70df49e83231][Heading]]
  3. Non-nil means storing a link to an Org file will use entry IDs.
  5. The variable can have the following values:
  7. t     Create an ID if needed to make a link to the current entry.
  9. create-if-interactive
  10.       If ‘org-store-link’ is called directly (interactively, as a user
  11.       command), do create an ID to support the link.  But when doing the
  12.       job for capture, only use the ID if it already exists.  The
  13.       purpose of this setting is to avoid proliferation of unwanted
  14.       IDs, just because you happen to be in an Org file when you
  15.       call ‘org-capture’ that automatically and preemptively creates a
  16.       link.  If you do want to get an ID link in a capture template to
  17.       an entry not having an ID, create it first by explicitly creating
  18.       a link to it, using ‘C-c l’ first.
  20. create-if-interactive-and-no-custom-id
  21.       Like create-if-interactive, but do not create an ID if there is
  22.       a CUSTOM_ID property defined in the entry.
  24. use-existing
  25.       Use existing ID, do not create one.
  27. nil   Never use an ID to make a link, instead link using a text search for
  28.       the headline text.
  30. You can customize this variable.
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