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  1.         $Config = "../config/SQL.cfg";
  2.     $fh = fopen($Config, 'r');
  3.     if(filesize($Config) < 3) die("Configuration file was unable to be read, Please redo the installation. Make sure you /install/config folder is CHMod 777. ERROR ID 3-0.");
  4.     $SQL_Host = fgets($fh);
  5.     $SQL_Username = fgets($fh);
  6.     $SQL_Password = fgets($fh);
  7.     $SQL_Database = fgets($fh);
  8.     fclose($fh);   
  9.     $Connection = mysql_connect($SQL_Host, $SQL_Userame, $SQL_Password) or die("An error has occured. EasyP was unable to connect to your database. ERROR ID 1-2");
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