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Log Thirty: Ghostly Bear

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Aug 21st, 2013
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  1. <Schwarzbart> A teen is running to the the plazza of Serene Wissdom and is shouting we are needing a mage its urgent!
  2. <Bashir> (oh, you got 12 exp from the england crown adventure for Corbenik)
  3. <Corbenik> Oh thats nice
  4. <Bashir> (nudges Aiden)
  5. <Schwarzbart> He apears complet out of breat
  6. <Schwarzbart> he walks up to Bashir I saw you with some mages can you please call one?
  7. <Bashir> "a- o-of cause"
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  12. * Bashir looks around for a moment before rushing into the temple
  13. <Schwarzbart> "There is a Cloud raining inside of a house"
  14. * Bashir spots Aiden in the temple foyer and rushes up to him
  15. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik you have guard duty in front of the temple together with 3 other and Antonius dont whant to be disrupted today
  16. <Bashir> "C-c-can you help, theeeres a cloud r-raining in a house" [to aiden]
  17. <Corbenik> (then he won't be disturbed)
  18. * Momo wonders into the scene
  19. * Bashir ninja slaps Aiden with a trout
  20. <Schwarzbart> (We need Aiden -.-`)
  21. * Corbenik ignoring idiotic teen
  22. <Schwarzbart> Bashir is rushing past you or at last try to get into the temple
  23. * Bashir looks somewhat guilty, always trying to avoid Corbenik's gaze
  24. * Corbenik steps in the way of Bashir "The Philosper king does not wish to be disturbed" leans down
  25. * Bashir almost jumps a full step backwards
  26. <Bashir> "e-its urgent.."
  27. <Aiden> (sorry, but I'm juggling three thing, with no speakers. didn't hear you.)
  28. <Corbenik> "Then speak, to see if this is so urgent"
  29. <Bashir> (no worries, we are sorting a small problem, I've not spoken to you just yet - where are you btw? ^^)
  30. <Schwarzbart> Bashier make a awearness roll
  31. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1
  32. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 4 :3+1
  33. <Bashir> (sweet awareness, you fail me again :p )
  34. <Bashir> "a-a- cloud h-has fooormed inn a h-house
  35. <Bashir> "
  36. <Schwarzbart> Bashir you walking across the plaza in front of the temple
  37. <Schwarzbart> err Aiden
  38. <Aiden> "A what?"
  39. <Bashir> "a-a c-c-claaaud"
  40. <Schwarzbart> see Bashira argumenting with Corbenik about something
  41. <Corbenik> "Then get the magus who deals in weather. What was his name?"
  42. * Bashir looks around nervously
  43. <Aiden> "Oh, a cloud...?"
  44. <Bashir> "y-yes!"
  45. <Bashir> "Y-you a-a-are a-a mage, r-right?!"
  46. <Schwarzbart> the teen now have closed up to your talk
  47. <Aiden> "Well, I don't know what I can do about it, but show me the way!"
  48. <Schwarzbart> "Sir can you help its raining inside of a house!"
  49. <Corbenik> "The Philosper King does not wish to be disturbed" (as Bashir turns to Aiden) and leans in "Understand"
  50. * Bashir moves away from Corbenik as much as is polite
  51. <Bashir> "u-underst-t-tood"
  52. * Momo appears behind Bashir, "Oh Fishy gonna like this."
  53. <Schwarzbart> the male teen is leading to the Bazaar Quarter to a building there
  54. * Bashir gulps and follows Aiden and the teen
  55. <Bashir> (anything to get away)
  56. <Momo> "I will go call him."
  57. * Corbenik looks at "cat" "Hmmm what will you do?"
  58. * Momo goes away to get Fishy
  59. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik the changing of the guard happens now so if you want you can get after them
  60. <Bashir> "T-the ffflying f-fish?" Bashir grins a bit despite himself "s-sure"
  61. <Schwarzbart> as the teen is still out of breat he cant run so much
  62. <Fishy> "I'm here fishy~"
  63. * Momo return with Fishy
  64. <Schwarzbart> its on of the bether buildings and you see a women standing outside with a 1 year old in her arms
  65. <Bashir> (Maybe the teen is trying to murder the mages with some fabricated lie Corbenik, can you really let the stupid gits do as they please? :p )
  66. * Corbenik goes to guard office to get some reserve guards
  67. <Aiden> (hey baruch!)
  68. <Baruch> (Hi!)
  69. <Schwarzbart> (hi)
  70. <Baruch> (The bus was early :)
  71. <Bashir> (Hiya Wits :) )
  72. <Bashir> (We might even have a problem for you if Aiden can't fix it ^^ )
  73. <Corbenik> (hey baruch)
  74. <Aiden> (I'm a negater, so..)
  75. <Bashir> (hey, I didn't say you couldn't.. :p )
  76. <Bashir> (/me eats his foot)
  77. <Schwarzbart> when aiden cames around she shays "Thansk magus for taking your time its raining inside of my house!"
  78. <Aiden> "Now, now, I just heard about this, please show me!
  79. <Aiden> "
  80. <Fishy> "Show me, show me!"
  81. <Fishy> "fishy"
  82. <Schwarzbart> you see water running outside of the closed frontdoor
  83. <Schwarzbart> she open it and there is a cloud as huge as the room that raining cats and dogs
  84. <Bashir> "H-h-hello a-again l-little fish" [gives the fish a smile]
  85. <Aiden> "Well, that certainly seems to be a problem."
  86. <Fishy> "Hello, fishy~"
  87. <Momo> "What."
  88. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik you spot baruch who is coming from the covenant library
  89. <Bashir> "T-t-that iis p-pretty amazing" [looking at the cloud] "h-h-how ddddid it happen?"
  90. * Corbenik strolls over to Baruch (the weather magus)
  91. <Aiden> (aura here is 4 yeah?)
  92. <Bashir> (^ in native bazaar chant)
  93. <Schwarzbart> "I dont know I heared my sone crying and then I spoted this cloud"
  94. <Bashir> (if I recall yeah)
  95. <Schwarzbart> (er son)
  96. <Schwarzbart> (She speak in perfect Latin aka 6!)
  97. <Baruch> "How peculiar!"
  98. <Bashir> (I'd cry too if my mid day nap was so rudely interrupted by a downpour)
  99. <Bashir> (psst, Baruch, you are not here yet)
  100. <Schwarzbart> (Corbenik and baruch are still near the temple)
  101. <Baruch> You've all been noticing lately that Baruch seems to carry himself differently since Antonius' possession - he seems more confident, and contest others more
  102. <Baruch> (Oh, sorry)
  103. <Schwarzbart> (Give aiden a chance to solf it ^^)
  104. <Bashir> (Corbenik has an exclamation mark above his head though :p )
  105. <Baruch> (:)
  106. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+33 (wind of mundance silence lvl25)
  107. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (wind of mundance silence lvl25): 39 :6+33
  108. <Schwarzbart> (Do you have me the page number)
  109. <Aiden> (mundane*)
  110. <Aiden> (not offhand wait a sec)
  111. <Corbenik> (Partially)
  112. <Bashir> 161
  113. <Bashir> (in ArM5)
  114. <Schwarzbart> the cloud fanish
  115. <Momo> (Is it really raining animal or that's just a figure of speech?)
  116. <Bashir> (figure of speach)
  117. <Momo> (k)
  118. <Schwarzbart> (its was just watter)
  119. <Aiden> (the water also should vanish too!)
  120. <Bashir> (a real downpour)
  121. <Schwarzbart> (but extream strong rain)
  122. <Momo> (You can never know in ars magica~)
  123. <Bashir> (haha its true)
  124. <Bashir> (I think she'd been more horrified had it been dogs and cats tho)
  125. <Schwarzbart> (Not realy the water is real when rain is created)
  126. <Aiden> (awww.)
  127. * Fishy goes swim inside the cloud.
  128. <Fishy> "Fishy~~~~"
  129. <Bashir> "n-n-neat"
  130. * Bashir claps Aiden's shoulder
  131. <Schwarzbart> "thank you sir, Do you know why this happened?"
  132. <Bashir> "w-w-wll d-done"
  133. <Aiden> "Sadly I don't think I can do anything about the water.."
  134. <Schwarzbart> (roll int + Magic Theory)
  135. <Fishy> "Fishy~~~ can I take this home, fishy?"
  136. * Bashir grins
  137. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+5
  138. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 6 :1+5
  139. <Aiden> !roll 1d10
  140. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 6
  141. <Aiden> (whoo hoo 17!)
  142. <Bashir> (17 ^^ )
  143. <Aiden> (I'm usefull for once!)
  144. <Schwarzbart> "Btw I'm Sabrina Triceres the woman of Josephus Triceres a teacher at out lovcal school"
  145. <Bashir> (hehe to be fair Aiden haven't had much air time to be useful in)
  146. <Aiden> "Ah, I'm Aiden, of Meritina, nice to meet you!"
  147. * Momo is stay away from the wet spot
  148. <Aiden> (any dragons might find themselves dead now, mwahaha!)
  149. <Schwarzbart> (You suspecting it might be a turbulence generated by a unteached gifted Child but it should be nearly imposible within the strong Agegis)
  150. <Momo> (Too bad dragon arc is over~)
  151. <Aiden> "Hmmm"
  152. <Schwarzbart> Baruch and Corbenik also apear at the house
  153. <Aiden> "May I see your child for a moment?"
  154. * Baruch looks at the water
  155. <Corbenik> -_- (as he looks at all the water)
  156. <Baruch> "Most peculiar!"
  157. <Schwarzbart> "Huh if you wish so"
  158. <Schwarzbart> (its a 1 year old)
  159. * Corbenik turns to Baruch "Can you do something, other than say that?"
  160. <Aiden> (I suppose it's an awareness roll to check for the Gift?)
  161. <Baruch> "Oh, excuse me. Would you like this dried?"
  162. <Schwarzbart> (btw with your roll you know the family name of her has something to do with the Mercer house)
  163. <Momo> (There was a 9 months old baby that learned to swim, so I won't be surprise)
  164. <Corbenik> -_- "Yes, we can't have water out side of the moat at this degree"
  165. <Schwarzbart> "Oh the would be very nice!"
  166. <Momo> "YEs, very much."
  167. <Bashir> (Not sure what you use to check for the Gift, sorry Aiden )
  168. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+4 (per+awareness on the child)
  169. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (per+awareness on the child): 12 :8+4
  170. <Schwarzbart> (its intelego magic probably vim)
  171. <Aiden> (sadly I don't have that specific spell and can't spont)
  172. <Aiden> (with perception and knowledge of the effects of the gift hopefully he should get a good guess)
  173. <Schwarzbart> Aiden you feal kind of uneasy near this child similiar to the mages but this is no sure sign
  174. <Baruch> (drying the house ["completely dry something up to the size of a small house" is base 4 +1 touch to get all the adjacent wet surfaces so level 5)
  175. <Aiden> (for sure)
  176. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+12 (spont perdo aquam shout&wave)
  177. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (spont perdo aquam shout&wave): 15 :3+12
  178. <Aiden> "I don't know for sure, but I suspect your child may have been born with the Gift."
  179. <Schwarzbart> You get the watter out and the room was probably never as clean as it is now
  180. <Baruch> "The you go!"
  181. * Baruch looks cheerful
  182. * Bashir walks in and feels the floor, totally dry!
  183. * Momo loves the dry land again
  184. <Corbenik> -_- "Now, how did this begin"
  185. * Fishy doesn't
  186. <Bashir> (hehe)
  187. <Fishy> "aww, fishy~"
  188. <Schwarzbart> "I was in the other room when my son sudenly started to cry and then I spoted the cloud and run out, hopefull my stepdoughter is ok"
  189. * Bashir looks around for kid girl inside the house
  190. <Aiden> "Well, let's make sure everything else is in order."
  191. <Schwarzbart> a young woman comes down the stairs clearly scared
  192. <Baruch> (Intellego vim base 10 so very hard to spont the gift detection spell)
  193. <Schwarzbart> (15 is already young woman in the midle ages)
  194. * Bashir smiles and stammers a hello
  195. <Aiden> (I have flaws which prevents sponting, period.)
  196. * Corbenik bows to girl
  197. <Baruch> (Yeah, but I don't think Baruch could pull it off either :P)
  198. <Aiden> (:P)
  199. <Bashir> "w-w-we aaare h-here to h-help. W-w-with the rain aaand all"
  200. <Schwarzbart> (my char is not here I think he have a chance)
  201. <Aiden> "Is there anything else wrong?"
  202. <Schwarzbart> "Ohh thank god its gone!"
  203. <Bashir> (Silas has a poor Vim knowledge, but he might be able to pull it off)
  204. <Schwarzbart> (also in latin)
  205. <Schwarzbart> "It started at the same momemnt my brother started to cry!"
  206. <Bashir> "n-n-no, th-thank Aiden" [give a sly grin and gestures to Aiden]
  207. <Schwarzbart> (Any one have Order of Hermes or Mercer Lore?)
  208. <Corbenik> (nope)
  209. <Baruch> (Yeah, I have order of hermes)
  210. <Aiden> (I have 1 on the code of hermes)
  211. <Schwarzbart> (Code of hermes is wrong here)
  212. <Bashir> (nope, and just did the math, Silas wouldn't be able to spont a check for the gift, it'd have to be a roll vs. 30!)
  213. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+6 (int+order of hermes lore)
  214. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (int+order of hermes lore): 14 :8+6
  215. <Schwarzbart> (Baruch: Triceres was one of the apprentice of mercere him self so maybe its a mercere familiy line!)
  216. <Bashir> (Just take the child. for 'the good of the city' :p )
  217. <Baruch> "Ah, I believe this child to be of Silas' and Karvith's house lineage. They are sure to be interested."
  218. <Baruch> "If he is, indeed, gifted, this is a rare occurence."
  219. <Schwarzbart> The woman is clearly shoked by this words
  220. * Bashir nods, eyeing the little child
  221. <Schwarzbart> "You think my child will become one of your kind?"
  222. <Baruch> "That may be the case, madame. Is there anything unusual about your son?"
  223. <Schwarzbart> "I think he is a problematic child but bejond that there was nothing unusal so fare!"
  224. * Bashir smiles as he hears 'so far' maybe she is expecting trouble
  225. <Aiden> "We don't know anything for certain yet but I do believe the child has the Gift."
  226. <Schwarzbart> "You mind giving me my baby back?"
  227. * Aiden looks to Baruch, wanting no real part in this.
  228. <Schwarzbart> (Aiden your holding it right now)
  229. <Bashir> (don't drop it! Kids that age are fragile)
  230. <Baruch> "Certainly, certainly. Please take good care of her, and inform the guards of any unusual occurences - I will instruct them to pass the information on.
  231. <Baruch> (Him, even)
  232. <Aiden> (I know, but the senior one to make the decision is baruch)
  233. <Corbenik> -_-
  234. * Aiden gives the child back.
  235. * Corbenik standing there pretending to be a painted statue
  236. <Momo> "Ohh, a life decision~" Momo Wishpers.
  237. * Fishy stick to a moist spot of the house
  238. <Baruch> "You might feel a need for support with raising your son - please, do not hesitate to contact the magi if there is anything of that sort."
  239. <Schwarzbart> "Thanks again and I'm sure my man will give you a free language or Artes Lesson if you want to"
  240. * Baruch bows
  241. * Bashir follows Baruch's example and gives the little child a wave before leaving
  242. <Schwarzbart> Baruch the reason you was in the library was that the book is finished
  243. * Aiden also leaves after quickly bowing.
  244. * Baruch departs
  245. <Schwarzbart> you got the info that Ramon might not make it this winter as he have some family things to handle
  246. * Corbenik leaves
  247. * Momo leaves after calling Fishy to follow
  248. <Schwarzbart> Also the Hyperborean Toewnmagistrate hops he can travle with you all down to sell some goods at barcelona
  249. <Baruch> After we're out of earshot, I instruct Corbenik thus: "Corbenik, instruct the guards to keep an eye on the family, and the son in particular. No need for anything spectacular - simply make sure he is treated decently, that he doesn't disappear, and so on. And report any strange phenomena such as this to me, I will deal with them."
  250. * Bashir lets the mages stand between himself and Corbenik
  251. <Schwarzbart> you need to gater the people who you want to take with you
  252. <Corbenik> "It will be done" turns towards the direction of the guardhouse and leaves.
  253. <Baruch> "Another thing. We must travel to Barcelona shortly to conduct a book exchange. I would like you to come along - would you be available as well, Bashir?"
  254. * Bashir looks up
  255. <Corbenik> turns back "so be it" goes back to walking
  256. <Baruch> "Aiden?"
  257. <Bashir> "a-ah. yes. I-i-i was informed"
  258. <Bashir> "I w-was to c-come with you. Buisness f-for Antonius"
  259. <Bashir> (business*)
  260. <Aiden> "Surely that would be good. Lately I feel I've been cooped up a bit"
  261. <Baruch> "These trips are unpredictable, and the book is too valuable to take any risks."
  262. * Bashir nods
  263. <Momo> "Yess, I see you want me to safe guard it, very well!"
  264. <Momo> "I accept."
  265. <Baruch> "... Yes, you may come, as well."
  266. <Momo> "Yesss."
  267. * Baruch makes travel preparations
  268. * Bashir runs to his home to gather a few things and returns to the main square as quickly as he can
  269. <Schwarzbart> (Btw to all I dont know if you remember it but it was the child what birthday was celebrated at the Tavern Brawl ^^)
  270. <Bashir> (haha I suspected it might have been, Gui baptized it)
  271. <Fishy> "I will return to the town fountain, I guess, Fishy~"
  272. <Bashir> (or intended to, at least)
  273. <Baruch> When you all get to the square, you see a rather strange sight - Taitale is already there, but he's dressed in a grey habit of a monk, has let his beard and hair grow long, seems to have grown hugely fat - and it seems like he's standing on his own feet)
  274. <Baruch> "You may come if you wish and if Makara has no duties for you, Fishy. Just remember to stay hidden once we enter the city."
  275. <Baruch> Taitale now looks something like that:
  276. <Fishy> "Okay, fishy~"
  277. * Bashir walks up to Taitale and greets him
  278. <Schwarzbart> Baruch: You also know that the Covenant is at the main road when you leave the habor
  279. <Baruch> Taitale: "Ha, treetings, Bashir."
  280. <Baruch> Taitale: "Look what I had made!"
  281. <Bashir> "Greet-ings sir Taitale! H-how have y-you b-been?"
  282. <Bashir> "W-what is it?"
  283. <Baruch> He lifts the edge of his robe, and you realize he's wearing a disguise that makes him and his chair look like a tall, fat monk!
  284. * Bashir laughs
  285. <Bashir> "C-c-clever"
  286. * Aiden laughs pleasantly at this revelation.
  287. <Baruch> His chair is in fact levitating in the air, but he has sacks of sand tied to the chair, and when he flies around slowly and twists from side to side, they move around so that it looks as if his feet are moving under the robes
  288. <Bashir> "Aaare y-you c-coming too?"
  289. <Schwarzbart> Ok Baruch when do you want to start? its now around 3 hour after dawn
  290. <Baruch> "Yes! I thought it's about time I take these old feet for a spin, the last time I was down there was during my apprenticeship!"
  291. <Baruch> He doesn't have feet, obviously
  292. <Baruch> We'll go as soon as everyone is ready
  293. <Schwarzbart> then its short after noon as the baskets are right now brought to the boot and hang there
  294. <Bashir> (We are bringing Corbenik right, for protection? Bashir only carries light clothes after all and would be run through like wet tissue)
  295. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (pre+guile for Taitale's monk disguise - he worked with the best seamstress in the city for a +3 bonus)
  296. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (pre+guile for Taitale's monk disguise - he worked with the best seamstress in the city for a +3 bonus): 11 :3+8
  297. <Aiden> (if necessary I can call Gustbran but I really want some time playing Aiden)
  298. <Bashir> "A-ah w-when w-w-were yo-you app-renticed?"
  299. <Baruch> I'll confidence that, so the disguise is at 14
  300. <Bashir> (Aiden should be fine, it was just to have Corbenik come too :) )
  301. <Baruch> (Yes, I thought I asked Corbenik earlier)
  302. <Corbenik> (and he agreed, to come)
  303. <Baruch> (Yea, good)
  304. <Baruch> I'll cast the real cloud around the boat, and also cast true sight of the air on me
  305. <Schwarzbart> right now our covenant is over the ocean betwean africa and europe but closer to what becomes spain in the furture
  306. <Baruch> The problem with this approach is that no-one but baruch can see anything from within the cloud
  307. <Bashir> [continues the talk with Taitale] "I-I h-have not b-been d-down below b-before. I-it will b-b-be in-in-interesting"
  308. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+20 (true sight of the air against 15)
  309. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (true sight of the air against 15): 27 :7+20
  310. <Aiden> (so much for the usefulness of second sight. ;P)
  311. <Schwarzbart> (You know both spells?)
  312. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+41 (cloud base 2 +1 touch +1 Sun +1 rego requ)
  313. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (cloud base 2 +1 touch +1 Sun +1 rego requ): 44 :3+41
  314. <Baruch> No, have to spont the cloud but it's easy as you can see above
  315. <Baruch> (Oops, +2 Sun so altogether 10)
  316. <Bashir> (even so, easy for Baruch :p )
  317. <Schwarzbart> (yes just wonder for true sight if you need to roll at all as formulatic is outside of combat not strss die)
  318. <Baruch> (I'm not sure either. Maybe not, ought to check)
  319. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (int+finesse for flying the boat)
  320. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (int+finesse for flying the boat): 14 :6+8
  321. <Schwarzbart> do you have any resonable area lore baruch?
  322. <Baruch> As soon as everyone is on board withn the cloud, we take off. Taitale is flying in the boat, with his throne stacked between you all
  323. <Schwarzbart> or taitale
  324. <Fishy> "Can you make this cloud a bit wetter, fishy?"
  325. <Momo> "No. It's fine as it"
  326. * Bashir climbs into the boat, somewhat nervously. Trying to sit at the opposite side of Titale from Corbenik
  327. <Baruch> No suitable area lore - before we head off, I ask the magistrate "Can you give me instructions based on the landmarks I tell you about?"
  328. <Schwarzbart> ""That wont be good as the baskeds are not complet waterproof"
  329. <Fishy> "Aww"
  330. <Baruch> "I have a rough idea of where we are going, but have less experience than you on visiting the cities down there"
  331. <Schwarzbart> "The problem is we are over the ocean so you have to hold the right directions but Dirk left some stone here from the Habor"
  332. <Baruch> (Goddamn it's the stone again - Baruch can't do anything with that :P)
  333. <Bashir> (haha)
  334. <Aiden> (Hmmm.)
  335. <Aiden> (How do you use the stone?)
  336. <Schwarzbart> (Sorry Ramon know only this way to get a arcane conection lasting long enough ^^)
  337. <Aiden> (oh well)
  338. <Bashir> (The magister might know the way? He's been through this a few times I think?)
  339. <Bashir> (or wait,.. last was Paris, nm)
  340. <Baruch> (I think we'll have to rule he has fairly extensive knowledge of area lore : Europe, because otherwise we couldn't really do the trading stuff we do)
  341. <Baruch> (Usually we wouldn't even have arcane connections to the places, right?)
  342. <Schwarzbart> (Moment I give Lato the Area lore)
  343. <Schwarzbart> (ups he have it at 5)
  344. =-= Schwarzbart is now known as Lato
  345. <Baruch> (:)
  346. <Lato> "I would have to see the landmarks my self as its a while sience I'm in Barcelona last time!"
  347. <Lato> "But for now we have to fly nearly exact north east"
  348. <Lato> "till we hit the coast and then I have to check"
  349. * Bashir scoots back to give Lato some room at the front of the boat
  350. <Baruch> "Very well, let us do it like that"
  351. <Lato> "But I dont think we reach the coast bevor dawn"
  352. <Lato> (err dusk ^^)
  353. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+10 (Taitale rolls to see the north star with his astrologer's eyes)
  354. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (Taitale rolls to see the north star with his astrologer's eyes): 18 :8+10
  355. <Bashir> (phew, thought we would have to sleep fly! Those things never go well)
  356. <Baruch> Taitale points to north-east "That way, Baruch. See the little speck over there? That's the star, it's kind of hard to see during the day, but head a bit off of that and you're good."
  357. <Aiden> (yeah, next thing we know we'd have been stuck on mars or something.)
  358. <Lato> (Momo something is clearly strange with this MR Lato its like he is out of Glamor as you and Corbenik)
  359. <Bashir> (though arguably, crashing a boat of all things into the sea isn't too bad!)
  360. <Lato> (but its different)
  361. * Momo is napping
  362. * Momo didn't expect any complication to arise from the traveling
  363. <Baruch> Taitale "Oh yeah, about the apprenticeship, Bashir: I used to work for the old fat goblin Octavianus like Baruch here when I was a youngster. That's where all of this comes from." *waves at missing legs*
  364. <Lato> its geting dark but your seeing the coast by now
  365. * Bashir shudders
  366. <Lato> there is a small fishing fillage nearby if you flying a bit north west but barcelona is to the east a vew hour more
  367. <Bashir> "I am sorry for you, I couldn't imagine losing my own leg... - but you did well! With the chair and all.."
  368. <Baruch> I'll head straight for Barca
  369. <Momo> "It's okay bro, Fishy have no legs too!"
  370. <Corbenik> -_-
  371. <Momo> (That suppose to be from fishy)
  372. <Bashir> "Did you live in Barcelona before?"
  373. <Baruch> Taitale: "Yah, legs. Who needs 'em. So long as the li'l twiddler's still going strong, if you know what I mean."
  374. <Bashir> (haha that would've been untrue had it been said in Danish :p )
  375. <Lato> (Who are you asking)
  376. * Bashir chatting with Taitale
  377. <Fishy> "Yeah, we are both flying now, so it's all good, fishy~"
  378. * Bashir blushes
  379. <Lato> Anyone take over from Taitale?
  380. <Bashir> (Heh, I imagine Corbenik sitting behind us all, just imagining killing us to get through the day :p )
  381. <Lato> Dusk comes and your seeing the lights from a large tradeship below you
  382. <Baruch> Taitale "Nah, I'm Ivory and Jade through and through. Octavianus snatched me off of Goricious, you know. Who knows how things would have turned out if he hadn't?"
  383. <Baruch> (What do you mean take over? Baruch's flying, btw, but Taitale could too)
  384. <Corbenik> (Oh believe me, he does it everyday)
  385. <Lato> or from Baruch
  386. <Baruch> If Baruch gets tired, we'll switch to Taitale
  387. <Lato> I think its good as you have concentrated for like 8hours thats draining
  388. <Lato> ALso your geting close to the city after dusk
  389. <Aiden> (well, aiden might also be acceptable if not great at piloting the boat.)
  390. <Momo> (We need to program some auto pilot into this boat)
  391. <Bashir> (hehe)
  392. <Baruch> Baruch will land in the water somewhere and ask "Could someone try their hand? Now that the cloud is gone, any of you coul ddo this"
  393. <Bashir> (we should yeah :p )
  394. <Baruch> Taitale: "You wanna have a go, Aiden? I'll do it if you don't"
  395. <Baruch> (Or wait, if the water would soak our merchandise, I'l lland on land instead)
  396. <Lato> "If needed I also can fly the boat but I'm not realy good in it"
  397. <Bashir> (weren't the bags above the water line? didn't we land in the water last time too?)
  398. <Aiden> "I'll try..."
  399. <Bashir> (of cause, there are waves in the ocean..)
  400. <Lato> (the boat hovered slight over the watter till they where unload)
  401. <Baruch> (Ok, so land it is)
  402. <Bashir> (ah, I forgot, good idea to go over land then!)
  403. <Baruch> Baruch: "It is really quite simple. You must stroke it like so..."
  404. <Aiden> (we''
  405. <Baruch> (Roll int+finesse Aiden)
  406. <Momo> (botch)
  407. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+2
  408. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 10 :8+2
  409. <Bashir> "So, magister Lato, did you spend much time in Barcelona?"
  410. <Lato> you have some problems at first and nearly lost a basked and momo but you managed to get stable
  411. <Lato> "I, no I was there ony 3 times so fare"
  412. * Bashir clutches the sides till the boat stabilizes again
  413. <Aiden> "It seems I'll need more pactice at this."
  414. <Aiden> (practice*)
  415. * Momo didn't notice from the lazy sleep
  416. <Baruch> (Baruch will spont the cloud with creo imaginem this time, so Aiden can see)
  417. <Lato> Baruch any magic bevore you fly into barcelona?
  418. <Bashir> "Ah, alright." [Bashir sounds a little disappointed] "did you like it there?"
  419. <Bashir> (Forgot the stutter again, damnit)
  420. <Lato> "Now for me one city is like the other except for our home!"
  421. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+17 (base 1 touch 1 sun 2 = 4)
  422. <Bashir> (never again will I make a character with a speak impediment!)
  423. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (base 1 touch 1 sun 2 = 4): 24 :7+17
  424. <Lato> Corbenik you realise that you have some problems in targeting Lato with your language ability
  425. <Aiden> (easier to do when rollplaying in person, I bet)
  426. <Baruch> (That would actually have to have +1 for moving with our boat I think, so probably level 5, but succeeds anyway)
  427. <Lato> (yes per text its mor difficult to do)
  428. * Bashir falls quiet and follows Momo's example and takes a nap
  429. * Fishy admiring the scenery
  430. * Corbenik frowns
  431. <Lato> ok your near the habor there still some people working
  432. <Bashir> (hehe yeah originally I intended to play him almost mute, but I meddle too much, and it's too difficult to describe all movements to give any insight..)
  433. <Lato> are you direct go down at the habor or what are you doing?
  434. <Lato> the way descritption Baruch got is from the habor
  435. * Bashir Z z z Z z z
  436. <Lato> Aiden?
  437. <Momo> Z z z Z z z
  438. <Aiden> (I'm just following instructions)
  439. <Bashir> (what is your command Baruch? :) )
  440. <Baruch> (Thinking. We can't just fly into the harbor as a cloud, can we :D)
  441. <Lato> "This is where we need to go down anyone see a good place to go down without getting to much awearness?"
  442. <Lato> a cloud at a pier?
  443. <Fishy> "Oh oh, we can turn into a boat at the pier!"
  444. <Lato> (make a per+awearness roll the one who are aweak)
  445. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  446. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 5 :4+1
  447. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+4
  448. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 6 :2+4
  449. <Bashir> (give them some sea fog :) )
  450. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 if keeping watch)
  451. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10-1 (+1 if spotting)
  452. <Magic_Dice> Fishy, (+1 if keeping watch): 14 :10+4
  453. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik, (+1 if spotting): 5 :6-1
  454. <Lato> !roll 1d10+5
  455. <Magic_Dice> Lato: 9 :4+5
  456. <Lato> no stress die!
  457. <Bashir> (it does mean we'd have to land in fog though, possibly damaging all the goods)
  458. <Lato> Fishy you spot that the west pier is empty and there are no people around
  459. <Fishy> "The west pier is empty, Fishy!"
  460. <Baruch> "Well done."
  461. * Fishy blush "Fishy~"
  462. <Bashir> (aww)
  463. <Lato> Aiden one more roll for controlling the ship in the landing
  464. <Baruch> (Uh oh :)
  465. <Aiden> (dun dun dun)
  466. <Lato> (int + finesse)
  467. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+2
  468. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 7 :5+2
  469. <Bashir> (uh oh... and Bashir didn't learn to swim either!)
  470. <Lato> (you want to spend confidence?)
  471. <Momo> (So why didn't we get like the usual driver for the boat to do this?)
  472. <Aiden> (no. I've only got 1 left)
  473. <Bashir> (he'd have to land for the regular driver to take over either way I suppose)
  474. <Lato> you land the boat a bit hard in the watter
  475. * Bashir wakes up with a start
  476. <Aiden> "sorry about that!"
  477. <Momo> "Oiiii"
  478. * Aiden looks sheepish.
  479. <Baruch> Baruch. "Don't worry about it. It is a little tricky at first."
  480. <Bashir> "a-are w-we there?" [yawns]
  481. <Lato> "Oh noo what have you done hury get the baskets on the pier and hope nothing got wet!"
  482. * Bashir helps getting the bags onto the pier
  483. <Baruch> How many baskets are close to the water?
  484. <Baruch> Or in the water?
  485. <Lato> all 6 ar in the water
  486. <Aiden> (lol)
  487. <Momo> (Mission failed. ABORT ABORT)
  488. <Baruch> Baruch will ward two of them against the water with spont rego aquam
  489. * Fishy try to catch one of the falling basket
  490. <Corbenik> -_-
  491. <Lato> just the buttom but with the waves ...
  492. <Bashir> (haha Corbenik just murdered us all again...)
  493. <Lato> (Not in the watter they still hang at the boat but are inside the watter with the buttom
  494. <Bashir> (do you want a roll to get the baskets to safety?)
  495. <Bashir> (just to mess it more up :p )
  496. <Lato> (only people with negativ strength have to roll if they try to lift them)
  497. <Baruch> Nah, baruch can't ward them after all, will try to help unload
  498. <Bashir> (lol well.. which kind of roll? dice+str or so?)
  499. <Aiden> (a strength roll against what?)
  500. <Lato> no athletics+str
  501. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1 (using specialization "balance" for athletics)
  502. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (using specialization "balance" for athletics): 9 :8+1
  503. <Bashir> (to lift the baskets
  504. <Bashir> (ah ok!)
  505. <Baruch> (Baruch is a veritable athlete)
  506. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+4
  507. <Magic_Dice> Bashir: 10 :6+4
  508. <Bashir> (had -1 str :p )
  509. <Lato> !roll 1d10
  510. <Magic_Dice> Lato: 4
  511. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+2 (3 ath -1 str)
  512. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (3 ath -1 str): 3 :1+2
  513. <Aiden> !Roll 1d10
  514. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 10
  515. <Aiden> *haaha)
  516. <Bashir> (ooo)
  517. <Aiden> ()
  518. <Momo> (DO YOU EVEN LIFT?)
  519. <Lato> lato stumbles over the sleeping momo when trying to lift on of the baskets what now clearly awake momo ^^
  520. * Momo got step on
  521. * Momo is now a rug.
  522. <Lato> wow Aiden you maged to save the basked that Lato nearly droped in the water
  523. <Bashir> ( :) )
  524. <Aiden> (/does a little dance!)
  525. <Bashir> (haha)
  526. <Baruch> Baruch casts a formulaic fog that covers an area of 300x300x300 meters - the cloud illusion looks just like a thicker patch of fog then, and can't be seen from further away (don't ask why he didn't do that before ;D)
  527. <Bashir> (afk for but a sec)
  528. <Lato> OK the baskets are standing on the pier
  529. <Lato> Ok 5 Min break then
  530. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+39 (against 15)
  531. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (against 15): 46 :7+39
  532. <Bashir> (ah k, but back either way :) )
  533. <Baruch> (back)
  534. <Bashir> (curious, does knowing Hyperborean give you a small understanding of greek as well?)
  535. <Bashir> (the hyperborean we speak back in the city that is)
  536. <Lato> (if you have it at 5 you know old greek at 1)
  537. <Bashir> (ah ok)
  538. <Lato> (if I remember right)
  539. <Bashir> (will be a while then! :p )
  540. <Lato> (OK everyone bakc?)
  541. <Bashir> (*puts the stealth hat on* time to rob Barcelona of all their riches!)
  542. <Bashir> (<- is back)
  543. <Momo> (Take over Barcelona)
  544. <Aiden> (k)
  545. <Baruch> (y)
  546. <Aiden> (
  547. <Aiden> (damn keyboard)
  548. <Bashir> (-__-)
  549. <Lato> "I think we need to us a coach or at last some pony to transport the baskets. Who watch over them?"
  550. <Bashir> (You know he means to murder us all, right? :p )
  551. <Lato> err cart not coach
  552. <Corbenik> (Who, Lato or Me?)
  553. <Corbenik> (both answers work)
  554. <Bashir> "I-I should fo-fo-llow you" [to Lato] "f-f-for sssafety"
  555. <Bashir> (... yeah, both actually, but was thinking Corbenik in this instance :p )
  556. <Baruch> "I would like to have Corbenik with us when we do the book trade. Let us take them together, shall we?"
  557. <Lato> "Maybe the covenant can provide us with a cart and a place where we can put them till tomorrow"
  558. <Corbenik> -_- (doesn't look like he disapproves)
  559. <Baruch> "Yes, that seems like a good idea."
  560. <Bashir> "!"
  561. <Lato> "but what do we do with the boat I'm not sure if we can let it here as usual you have to pay habor tax"
  562. <Bashir> "I-i-if he g-goes, th-th-then m-maybe I ssshould stay, and watch the bas-baskets"
  563. <Baruch> "They won't see it before dawn, though."
  564. <Momo> "Maybe we can leave it in the middle of a lake?"
  565. * Corbenik slowly turns his head towards Bashir at his comment
  566. * Bashir shy away
  567. <Baruch> "Yes, would you watch the baskets while Lato gets the cart, Bashir?"
  568. * Bashir nods eagerly
  569. <Baruch> "We can all accompany you to the covenant, Lato."
  570. <Bashir> "G-g-gladly!"
  571. <Fishy> "To the bar--cerlonia! Fishy!""
  572. <Baruch> "Can you pay the harbor master, Lato? That way they won't wonder about the boat come morning."
  573. * Bashir somewhat defeated sits by the baskets
  574. <Lato> So the group walk along the habor to the center where the main road get away and there is a old tradhousebuilding that must be the covenant
  575. <Lato> "Lets talk with the covenant first they have regular dealings with them and so know bether then me how to handle this"
  576. <Momo> "Pay them extra to keep a good eye on it"
  577. <Baruch> "Very well."
  578. * Baruch heads for covenant
  579. <Lato> Per+Second Sight for everyone who have it
  580. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+2
  581. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 4 :2+2
  582. <Lato> Momo the Old tradhouse is just a imaginem its in real a havy fortified building (sorry aiden 4 is not enough to penetrate)
  583. <Lato> The front door is closed for the night but the symbol is right
  584. <Momo> "Look at that old tradhouse, so old and comfortable, it probably have a warm fireplace in there"
  585. <Aiden> (I figured as much)
  586. * Baruch knocks on door
  587. <Lato> Momo you spot a bell near the door
  588. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (CAT)
  589. <Magic_Dice> Momo, (CAT): 14 :10+4
  590. <Momo> "AHHHHHH!" Momo hop to touch the bell
  591. <Bashir> (jumping to ring the bell? )
  592. <Momo> (Paw attack The Bell!)
  593. <Bashir> (^^)
  594. <Lato> (you can reach the cord but not the bell it self)
  596. <Lato> you ring the bell
  597. <Lato> momo jumps 3 times and sudenly a bell rings
  598. <Lato> but you dont see where it comes from (except for momo ^^)
  599. * Momo watch it intently
  600. <Momo> intensely *
  601. <Lato> The door get openend by a old man who looks around 60
  602. <Lato> "You wish?"
  603. * Corbenik watching from the rear
  604. <Lato> after he looked at each of you
  605. <Lato> some guards walk down the main road
  606. <Baruch> "We have business with covenant."
  607. <Baruch> *quietly to the man*
  608. <Lato> "Hmm we didn't expect anyone today but come in!"
  609. * Baruch goes in
  610. <Lato> Right behind the door is some kind of office and 2 guards
  611. <Baruch> After the door has closed, I say "Baruch ex Bonisagus. It is good to meet you, sir. We are here for a book trade arranged by Ramon the redcap."
  612. <Lato> "Oh I see we did expect you at earlyst in the winter saison!"
  613. <Lato> (its 5 days till then)
  614. <Baruch> "Ah. I trust the book is finished, nonetheless?"
  615. <Lato> "I didn't see any transport outside, might I ask how you got here?"
  616. <Lato> "Sorry as fare I know they still doing the last finishing touches"
  617. <Baruch> "We have a flying boat hidden inside a cloud illusion at the harbor. Could you arrange matters with the harbor officials so that it may remain there come morning?"
  618. <Bashir> (They are planning to kill us! Take the book and steal our boat!)
  619. <Baruch> "Mr. Lato here also has some business he would like to request your help with, if such a thing is at all possible."
  620. <Momo> (Is not like Baruch's bounty is that low~)
  621. <Lato> "But I can let ask tomorrow"
  622. <Baruch> "Very well. We will wait as necessary."
  623. <Lato> "We can give you some rooms to sleep in our building"
  624. <Lato> "Whats this buissnes your talking about?"
  625. <Baruch> "Can you arrange the trade issues with this good man, Lato? You are the more knowledgeable in such affairs."
  626. <Corbenik> (that bounty really has been a pain, wouldn't be surprised if it returned)
  627. * Bashir walks back and forth by the baskets, doing stretches and jumping to keep warm
  628. <Lato> Mr Lato "We arived with a small boat that is curent at the pier but its preferabel to have it at some saver place when we have to stay for longer and I also have some trad goods that I want to sell in the city"
  629. <Baruch> (I doubt they'll have spread word to all tribunals - it's not that big, I think)
  630. <Baruch> (I don't think there really even is a bounty; it's just that a quaesitor has told people to grab me and bring me to them.)
  631. <Bashir> (The word that should be stressed here is 'I think' :p )
  632. <Aiden> (I can use a ward against demons if that might help! :P)
  633. <Aiden> (I know it wont)
  634. <Lato> "Now we can let you store the goods and the boat in our warehouse if they are not to big"
  635. <Momo> (Won't hurt to cast it, beside twlight)
  636. <Lato> Latto lusk questioning at the mages
  637. <Lato> err Lato looks
  638. <Baruch> "That would be excellent. Most kind of you."
  639. <Bashir> (We are dooooOOOoommmed)
  640. <Baruch> "Would it be possible to allow mr. Lato to borrow a cart or similar facilities from the covenant? We cannot transport the wares ourselves, you see."
  641. <Lato> "Do you need help with the tranport? We have a large ox cart in the stable if you can handle the ox"
  642. <Lato> Lato "Hmm I think I can do so but for the boat we would need probably more help"
  643. <Lato> (Or do we have enough musclepower to lift it on the cart and the unload it ^^)
  644. <Lato> (Or some mage who can help in this ^^)
  645. <Bashir> (<- is at -1 str)
  646. <Aiden> (<- is at -1 str)
  647. <Momo> (<- is at +5 str)
  648. <Momo> (I mean fishy)
  649. <Bashir> (But is a fish :p )
  650. <Lato> "But first thing first I will show you to the ox and the cart"
  651. <Bashir> (Crosses fingers for animal handling :p )
  652. <Momo> (Magic the ox into a minotaur, lift)
  653. <Baruch> "Would it be possible for you to deal with the transportation, mr. Lato? I am not versed in such things, and it is best I do not approach the animal."
  654. <Lato> (I think 4 strong men should be enough to get it undamaged on the cart but we dont have so many ^^)
  655. <Momo> (1 strong fish)
  656. <Baruch> "Should we announce our presence to anyone else in the covenant?"
  657. <Bashir> I see it now; the ox runs rampant through the streets with our goods and boat while it is chased by the mages. We end up with everything ruined and a fine for littering)
  658. <Lato> !roll 1d10+5 (Teamster)
  659. <Magic_Dice> Lato, (Teamster): 6 :1+5
  660. <Lato> !roll 1d10
  661. <Magic_Dice> Lato: 10
  662. <Aiden> (phew)
  663. <Lato> Lato handle the ox and the cart without any problems
  664. <Bashir> (good man!)
  665. <Lato> (its 26 as I forgot the spec. ^^)
  666. <Momo> (The ox obey)
  667. * Baruch retires to quarters when they are shown
  668. <Lato> "I dont want to risk to damage the boat thats why we need some other way to get this out"
  669. <Lato> "Corbenik do you mind helping me lifting the baskets togeter with bashir on the cart?"
  670. * Corbenik nods
  671. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+10 (doing contortions while he waits)
  672. <Magic_Dice> Bashir, (doing contortions while he waits): 18 :8+10
  673. <Baruch> Taitale: "I suppose I could fly the boat to the covenant now, with Baruch's fog covering everything and the boat hidden in the cloud."
  674. <Baruch> He's on his chair now, btw, and looking like a fat monk
  675. <Lato> Ok so everything is brough inside the warehous where other tradegoos are stored
  676. <Momo> (Look at all the goo~)
  677. <Lato> warehouse and goods
  678. <Bashir> (Shall we perhaps halt here for the day? Looks like we're in a good spot)
  679. <Baruch> (Fine by me)
  680. <Momo> ^
  681. <Lato> Momo your probably more interested in the mouse running away when spoting you
  682. * Momo is interested
  683. <Lato> OK then break here and play next weekend
  684. <Lato> ********************************************************************************************
  685. Barcelona Baruch talks with Yuval at Breakfast:
  687. <Schwarzbart>
  688. The Guards have send you all to your room short after they arived and request that should stay there for your own savety for now.
  689. They also told you that you get the oportunity tomorrow to tell what you saw.
  691. In the early morning Baruch wake up from the noice of hammer strokes.
  692. Looking trough the window he see a blond man working at a forge together with a ~12 year old blackhaired girl.
  693. A short while later someone knock on the door and when you openend 2 armed men wearing a redcap are there.
  694. "Your Baruch?"
  695. After you told them "Yes"
  696. "Then we have to ask you to please follow us as you are invited to have breakfast with Yuval our Head-Redcap"
  697. After puthing on your clothes you then followed this 2 Redcap.
  698. Right out of your room you see bored guards standing in front of each of your rooms.
  699. They lead you up to the 4. floor then trough a secret door that only can seen from the other side.
  700. A stair is leading up and a other down after passing trough the secret door but you think to remember that the building only haved 4 floors when you entered yesterday.
  701. Going down you can see the stairs you walked upwards from this side but you only was seeing solid stone walls when walking up.
  703. Your walk ended in a large room with no windows who have a light bright as a clouded day at the top of the room.
  704. The room have many paintings and a blackhaired man is mustering a picture of a pond with 2 swan swimming on it.
  705. Without turning to you "A Great work of Art isn't it?"
  706. The 2 other redcap silently take position left and right of the entrance inside of the room after they closed the door behind you.
  707. He turns to you "Orginal I had a apointment now with one of our ship Captains but as you might know he can't show up any more!"
  708. "We hope you like orange juice and galentas"
  709. Pointing to a large wooden chair at the table where this is served, there is also a soft cushion on the chair.
  710. He then sit down on the oposite side of the table and start to eat.
  711. "To our regret the painitngs in the book are not finished and so you have to wait a vew days."
  712. "This brings us to the other point. I doubt your Covenant haved something to do with this nasty buisness of the murder of a valuable member of our covenant and theft of covenant resources, but the evidence says otherewise!"
  713. "Do you have anything to say in this regard?"
  715. <Wits>
  716. Baruch looks puzzled. "Theft? I was not aware of any theft. This seems odd - according to my sodalis Aiden the spirit that left the room was insubstantial, and as such it is unlikely it could have stolen anything. What seems to be missing, if I may be as bold? In case me or any of my companions are suspect, I propose that your men search our premises - as we have not left your hospitality in the meantime, this should suffice to prove our innocence. If any doubt remains, we will also gladly subject to magical interrogation. This matter shall not be allowed to tarnish the good relations of our covenants."
  718. <Schwarzbart>
  719. "Now to my infos we are missing a Telecope, the Captain Logbook, the Harborpapers and a large bag with coins."
  720. "But whats this with the spirit? Its the first time I hear something about this!"
  721. (Taitale didn't mention he put this things back and the coin bag is taken by Bashir)
  723. <Wits>
  724. "Ah, your grogs must have forgotten to mention we returned the book and the telescope; we were merely investigating them to see if they could explain what happened. I cannot remember seeing any papers or money, however. Are you certain this is not a mistake? Perhaps Bashir or Taitale knows about them, they inspected the items more carefully than I. There was also an amulet of sorts there, which we also returned. "
  726. (Taitale would have returned everything, but we ended the session when the guards arrived. I am not sure what the papers are, did bashir take them too? If not, we returned them.)
  728. <Schwarzbart>
  729. The Guards have send you all to your room short after they arived and request that should stay there for your own savety for now.
  730. They also told you that you get the oportunity tomorrow to tell what you saw.
  732. Beside in the morning when you get out there was a guard in front of each room and the footprints of Aiden and Bashir gone.
  734. Thats why Teltaile didn't get the oportunity to give this things back.
  736. (I added this info also to the first post as I forgot to tell this, sorry)
  738. <Wits>
  739. "I see. Well, Taitale will surely return everything upon request. As for the bear, you should discuss this with Aiden or Momo the cat. They reported seeing a spirit bear of some kind moving through the door of the captain's room. We never caught it, and it was invisible to me, although I did hear it roar."
  741. <Schwarzbart>
  742. "Now it is still suspect that one of your covenant members walked in and out of the szene of the murder and no one beside 2 of your covenant folk have seen this BEAR spirit"
  743. "Hmmmm ... How about we give you the allowance to invetigate this murder in our covenant?"
  744. "If you manage to return everything that we are missing and capture this spirit so we can question it or find enouge evidence that lead to this murder then we provide you with 2 new charged iron items and we take over the responsibility of the first longvity ritual for Ramon even if he decided to settle down at your covenant."
  745. (to my knowledge the covenant where a Redcap settle down is usualy responsible for the longvity ritual)
  746. "The charged items have to be within the capabilitys of our Rustic and will be delivered by Ramon as soon they are finished."
  747. "But in chase you dont manage to do so within the next days your covenant will cover up for the still missing items, the damage done to the room, the death fee for the captains familiy and the usual rate for killing a educated grog."
  748. "I also look if one of our mages have time to assist you in this." (In case CJ want to play a new Mage from this covenant)
  749. "How does this sound to you?"
  751. <Wits>
  752. Baruch looks slightly apprehensive. "Ah, that is a most generous offer, and mutually beneficial, given that we are stuck here for the time being anyway. Very well. We will look into this, although I must warn you that we are no quaesitores. "
  754. <Schwarzbart>
  755. "Good we then have a agreement, we hope the next time we see you will be when you found the cutthroath and not when we the next person is killed."
  756. "On a second thought we will give one of our trusted guard to your side as she can see Spirits as well"
  757. To the two redcap "Can one of you get Isabela?"
  758. "Lets finish our breakfast, this delicous galentas shouldn't get wasted."
  759. You hearing someone leaving the room.
  761. ********************************************************************************************
  762. <Bashir> (only if I'm found out *cough* )
  763. <Schwarzbart> ******************************** Barcelona Day 2 *******************************************************
  764. <Schwarzbart> Any actions during the night when you have to stay in your rooms?
  765. <Bashir> A bit, in my case
  766. <Bashir> (working overdrive :p )
  767. * Corbenik sit cross legged on the bed with a annoyed face looking at momo
  768. * Bashir knocking on the door, asking the guard if I could visit the bathroom to get rid of the blood on my feet
  769. * Momo sit on high place cross legged
  770. <Baruch> I might try to spont ward my room - is that revi or rean?
  771. <Corbenik> (lol, oh that is a sight, seeing a cat cross legged)
  772. <Schwarzbart> "This can wait till after the breakfast"
  773. <Momo> (I didn't get the last session log so I am clueless)
  774. * Bashir checks on how many guards are keeping us locked up and if the door to the dead-mans room is open or closed
  775. <Baruch> No wait, it's rego mentem, against spirits, so I'll try to make or draw a ring around my bed and spont that before giong back to bed
  776. <Schwarzbart> YOu look out and can see a guard in front of each of your rooms and 2 more at the stairs
  777. <Bashir> (how did the murder room look?)
  778. <Schwarzbart> its on your side so no good view to it
  779. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+20 (Shouting and waving rego spont ward as high base as possible)
  780. <BearBot> Baruch, (Shouting and waving rego spont ward as high base as possible): 22 :2+20
  781. <Baruch> (haha, my 2's continue)
  782. <Bashir> (if I was allowed to the bathroom I might get a view tho :) )
  783. <Bashir> (we are doomed I tell you)
  784. <Schwarzbart> (No bashir if you mention you need to use the bathromm they bring you a cloasable nightpot
  785. <Corbenik> ( :D )
  786. <Baruch> (So 2 magnitudes for Ring, meaning my ward is good for 10 base levels)
  787. <Bashir> (was more to clean my feet, but I suppose they might bring some water too :p damn cautious guards!)
  788. <Baruch> Taitale has trouble sleeping because of fear, but manages to catch some z's anyway
  789. * Bashir thanks them for the night pot
  790. <Baruch> (No wait, the ward was sponted so a measly 4 base levels, heh.)
  791. <Corbenik> (Why would there be water in it, well if someone pissed in it already yeah, but other than that there shouldn't be)
  792. <Schwarzbart> In the early morning everyone in a room with a window weak up of forge nocie comming from the outside
  793. <Schwarzbart> (I alread mentioned that you haved to wait till after breakfast for cleaning your feet)
  794. <Bashir> (oh, must have missed it)
  795. <Schwarzbart> A bit later you hear that Baruch leave together with some guards when a Man with Black skin and wite hair comes in to each room and ask what you want for breakfast
  796. <Corbenik> "Yes, also something for my cat, points at Momo"
  797. <Schwarzbart> He put a glass of Orangejuce on the table as well as a large bowl with watter and a towel
  798. <Corbenik> (Points at Momo s a action and not a saying)
  799. * Bashir asks for bread and tea
  800. <Momo> (You shall address the king with a saying)
  801. <Bashir> (he did, 'my cat' - alost as good as my liege, I think :) )
  802. <Bashir> (almost* )
  803. <Schwarzbart> (tea? I thought that got pupular a vew millenia later)
  804. <Corbenik> Currently beer is the supstance of drink and water is poison.
  805. <Bashir> (hmm, thought tea was fairly common in the middle eeastern area, but. meh fine, juice or something)
  806. <Momo> (about 1602)
  807. <Momo> (is where tea get introduced in europe)
  808. <Schwarzbart> (as mentioned he put ornagejuce on each of your tables)
  809. <Schwarzbart> (and this actual in glasses!)
  810. * Bashir eats what he gets and is grateful
  811. <Momo> (so high class!)
  812. * Corbenik drinks orange juice, doesn't do anything with wash bole. I HAVE NO SINS THAT MUST BE WASHED AWAY!!
  813. * Momo drink someone orange juice
  814. <Schwarzbart> OK after your finished with eating and everything get removed again by the same person Baruch returned and your let out
  815. * Corbenik looks at cat with a strange face, when he comes for orange juice.
  816. <Baruch> Baruch: "I discussed the situation with this covenant's representative. I have promised that we investigate the murder while we wait for the book's completion in two days. The covenant seems to feign suspicion towards us to entice us to do this, and besides they promised to pay well if we find the murderer and some missing items. Since We don't have anything else to do, let us see if we
  817. <Baruch> can find the spirit bear and whoever was responsible for it, shall we?"
  818. <Baruch> Baruch: "Now, the covenant representative mentioned some items they were expecting to find with the dead captain. Taitale seems to have all the other things, but some money appears to be missing still. Does anyone know where the money might have gone?" *Eyes around in a friendly manner*
  819. * Corbenik At Baruches last comment slowly turns head towards group
  820. <Schwarzbart> There is a High growth woman with baruch with strang eyes and pointed ears
  821. <Bashir> (heh I'm tempted to say I found a small bag when I went out, but 10 kg is a bit much to accidentally find)
  822. * Bashir sticks to his food
  823. <Schwarzbart> This woman haved a longer look at Corbenik and Momo
  824. * Momo listening to the scenery cricket
  825. * Corbenik ignores woman, too busy intimidation those who stole things.
  826. * Momo counter with charm
  827. <Corbenik> (Momo rolls over and looks handsome :P )
  828. * Bashir just looks tired
  829. <Momo> (You can't get angry at me~)
  830. <Baruch> "This is Isabela, who is capable of seeing spirits. An extra pair of eyes should come in handy given our predicament, which is presumably why the covenant promised us her support." *introduces everyon* (correct me if I guessed wrong :)
  831. <Schwarzbart> "DidN't know we have guests from Arcadian, I hope its not one of theyr doing"
  832. <Corbenik> "Hmm" bows towards Isabela "A pleasure" returns to intimidating group
  833. <Baruch> Baruch: "Who is 'they'? Does the covenant have enemies that we should be aware of?"
  834. * Bashir gives Isabela a friendly nod
  835. * Momo wave at new person, back to being charming
  836. <Schwarzbart> "I was speaking of some of the people with you"
  837. <Bashir> (ah yes, Aiden too has some Fay influence)
  838. <Corbenik> -_- ignores woman still using his eyes to cut though group which consists of Taltale, Aiden?, and Bashir.
  839. <Baruch> Baruch looks slightly nonplussed. "Ah... yes, I understand your covenant suspects my people of this grisly assault. This is nonsense, I am sure."
  840. <Schwarzbart> Apearently Aiden didn't get the food to good and prefered to stay close to to toilet
  841. <Baruch> Taitale notices Corbenik's stare: "Look, I have money to feed sheep with. Bashir, you looked into the chest, did you not? Did you see any money there?" *in a slightly menacing manner*
  842. <Baruch> (Hmm, I guess the sheep metaphor works less well with metal coinage :D)
  843. * Bashir shakes head
  844. <Bashir> "Ma-maybe he h-hid it"
  845. <Corbenik> "So, you didn't take the money however, did you take anything, or at that matter touch anything." menacing back
  846. <Schwarzbart> (Bashir where have you now hiden the bag?)
  847. <Bashir> (guile roll?)
  848. <Bashir> (under the bed in my room)
  849. <Schwarzbart> yes make a guile roll and a awearness roll
  850. <Baruch> (Yeah, guile roll)
  851. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+5 (Taitale's folk ken, not awareness)
  852. <BearBot> Baruch, (Taitale's folk ken, not awareness): 12 :7+5
  853. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2 (-2 additionally if we count the lying to be spoken)
  854. <BearBot> Bashir, (-2 additionally if we count the lying to be spoken): 11 :9+2
  855. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1 (Baruch's folk ken)
  856. <BearBot> Baruch, (Baruch's folk ken): 5 :4+1
  857. <Baruch> Taitale: "He's lying! I tell you this kid keeps kidding you all like there's no tomorrow. He has the money, I'm sure of it!"
  858. * Bashir looks offended
  859. <Momo> "Ah ha!" Momo points at Taitale, "So you are the bear!"
  860. <Schwarzbart> Bashir also make a awearness roll
  861. <Baruch> Baruch: "That's a little extreme, don't you think?"
  862. * Corbenik (a fire within his eyes goes raging) slowly turns towards Bashir
  863. <Bashir> "W-wh-what d-d-did I do t-t-to you?! Aaaall sssince ye-yesterday"
  864. <Baruch> Taitale: "As for you, Corbenik: Yes, I took all this stuff (shows book, amulet, papers), to see if it would let us know what happened. Wasn't any use, though."
  865. <Bashir> (Was Isabela from the redcaps or the covenant? I may have missed it)
  866. <Schwarzbart> a old sailor with a broom and a bucket get past you all towards bashirs room
  867. <Baruch> Taitale: "You keep lying to me, that's what! I told you to cut it off, I'm too old for your bollocks in my ears, right?"
  868. <Bashir> (think damn you! think!)
  869. <Bashir> "I-if th-that isss h-h-how it is?!"
  870. * Bashir get up and in a huff goes to his room
  871. <Baruch> Baruch: "Arguing does us no good. Would you let us look into your room, Bashir? This is the simplest way to show them wrong."
  872. <Bashir> (hopefully passing the janitor on the way :p )
  873. * Corbenik turns back "That was a crime scene, as such everything done in there can be linked to the crime this includes before during and after it happens. As those who look at it see it as one. Thus taking something from a deadmans room makes it appear you killed him to get whatever. Though as I saw the blood, I know it's not you however not everyone was there. (means the dejure covenant)
  874. <Schwarzbart> "Sir would you please stai outside while I clean the mess you left on the floor?!"
  875. <Bashir> "c-c-clean ssssomeone eeeelseses rooom!"
  876. * Bashir ushers the man out and bolts the door
  877. <Schwarzbart> "It was you who walked around with blood on the feet not the others!"
  878. * Momo at Bashir, "Or maybe you are the bear!"
  879. <Baruch> Taitale: "Well boo-hoo. We need to solve this thing, don't we? It's not like they care, it's just a grog and magi can always buy new ones. Don't pretend you don't know."
  880. <Corbenik> (at the breakfest area) "I think we should follow him, as it would seem he is hiding things"
  881. <Baruch> Baruch: "He's certainly behaving strangely."
  882. <Corbenik> (Currently Bashir left and is now locked in his room, I do believe)
  883. <Bashir> (didn't most of us enter the room, or was it really just me?)
  884. <Schwarzbart> YOur at the Hallway right now for all 8 guards and the Isabele to hear ^^
  885. <Baruch> (Taitale was there as well)
  886. <Corbenik> :D
  887. <Baruch> (He produced the other stuff, but no one ever saw the money)
  888. <Bashir> (the janitor can clean Taitale's room then :p )
  889. <Baruch> (He flew over the blood)
  890. <Corbenik> "So Baruch or Isabella where do we hand off found missing items?"
  891. <Schwarzbart> "Now I can foward them if you think you dont need them for the investgation!"
  892. * Bashir forces the man out of the room and bolts the door
  893. <Baruch> "I think we are to return them all together when we have everything. We are still missing the money. And it seemed to me they didn't know about the amulet. Perhaps it is a clue of sorts?"
  894. <Schwarzbart> Bashir ini
  895. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1
  896. <BearBot> Bashir: 8 :7+1
  897. <Corbenik> ( :D )
  898. <Baruch> "If it is fine with you, Isabela, we should perhaps hold on to them for the time being in case we find a use for them in the investigation."
  899. <Bashir> +2 sorry
  900. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10+3
  901. <BearBot> Schwarzbart: 8 :5+3
  902. <Schwarzbart> OK you managed to get in bevore the guard get a hold on you neck
  903. <Corbenik> "Well you can see special things right? So can you see anything special on them, if not don't see much reason keeping them. As I don't they have anything to do with the killer"
  904. * Bashir hurries to the window to see if there are anyone in the yard
  905. <Corbenik> (to Isabella)
  906. <Baruch> Baruch walks to the door and shouts. "Bashir, please stop with the nonsense. You know the door will not stop us, but I would rather not unhinge another door of our gracious hosts."
  907. <Baruch> Baruch: "Open the door, let Corbenik take a look at your room, and all will be clear. Correct?"
  908. <Schwarzbart> If you wish we put him under arrest! he can't leave trough the window anyway.
  909. <Momo> "Better start swallowing those money to hide the evidence!" Momo advise through the door
  910. <Bashir> "T-t-then rreign iiin y-y-your c-c-cripple!"
  911. <Baruch> Baruch: "Could you try not to agitate him so, Taitale?"
  912. <Baruch> Taitale: "Buzz off, softypants."
  913. <Bashir> (anyone in the courtyard outside? :) )
  914. <Schwarzbart> @Bashir there 2 people working at the forge but no one else
  915. <Bashir> (Are the windows open-able)
  916. <Bashir> (or solid glass)
  917. <Schwarzbart> yes to the inside
  918. * Bashir opens the window and fetches the moneybag from the bed
  919. <Corbenik> "So Isabella where do you suggest we start looking for this thing, as you know about the locations and dealings, perhaps, around here."
  920. * Bashir sticks a head outside (if possible) To see if any nearby windows are open
  921. <Schwarzbart> "I just assit you its your investigation and if you think you dont need the things any more from the captain then I can let them deliver to our storage"
  922. <Schwarzbart> @Bashir you hit your head on something solid right at the outside of the wall
  923. <Bashir> (I'm tempted to just ram the bag through Taitale's window but that might not be.. fitting :p )
  924. * Bashir curses in bazaar chant
  925. <Corbenik> "Hm, do you have any idea what it is we are hunting?"
  926. * Bashir tries to push the money out the window, tossing it a bit towards Taitale's room if possible
  927. <Bashir> door brb
  928. <Baruch> Taitale: "Isabela, do you know anyone familiar to the captain? His men or such? Where might we find them?"
  929. <Schwarzbart> "Its you people who saw the murder or did I miss something here?"
  930. <Schwarzbart> "His crew is sleping in the large room below"
  931. <Corbenik> "Hmm, well from what I heard saw the murder is not exact, more like see a potential murderer and then see a body. Which I might add I haven't even seen."
  932. <Baruch> Taitale: "Oh yes, the men we woke up the other night. Excellent. Perhaps we should ask them? Does anyone speak their tongue? I doubt their latin is overly splendid."
  933. <Schwarzbart> "But usualy there more officer of a crew at this floor not just the captain that wondering me a bit!"
  934. <Bashir> (back sorry)
  935. <Baruch> Taitale: "Aha! All the more reason to ask them what is going on!" *taitale is getting into his gentleman detective mode*
  936. <Corbenik> "Alright, lets go ask why that is that... any idea where they are?"
  937. <Baruch> "In the room below, good sir!"
  938. <Schwarzbart> "As mentioned they are below"
  939. <Baruch> Baruch: "This is my last warning, Bashir. I will be opening the door unless you do."
  940. <Bashir> (could you throw stuff out the window?)
  941. * Corbenik heads down stairs towards sailors (completely ignoring the Bashir sillyness)
  942. <Momo> "Blast the door open"
  943. <Momo> "He probably swallowing the money now"
  944. <Corbenik> (It must be asked then, what will happen back at the covenant :D )
  945. <Momo> "Do it, do it."
  946. <Schwarzbart> (You have to try but at last you did hit you head good so that you probably get a swelling)
  947. * Bashir tries to push the money out the window, tossing it a bit towards Taitale's room if possible
  948. <Baruch> (I think what Schwarz means is that there's a barrier at the window that prevents stuff going through)
  949. <Baruch> (I think he means it's right AT the window and not outside, probably.)
  950. <Corbenik> (wasn't there just 1 room with a window?)
  951. <Baruch> (3)
  952. <Bashir> (may just be people tho :p )
  953. <Bashir> (a boy can hope)
  954. <Schwarzbart> (the complet left side haved window the right side didnt have windwo)
  955. <Bashir> (a grog certainly)
  956. <Bashir> (Did the money go through?)
  957. <Schwarzbart> "Let me open the door bevore you break it"
  958. <Momo> "Nah, break it."
  959. <Baruch> Baruch: "Oh, yes, of course. Sorry about that. Please do."
  960. <Schwarzbart> She put her sword at the door and the mettalbar on the inside follow the movement"
  961. <Schwarzbart> "Here you go"
  962. <Baruch> Baruch looks ashamed. "Ahem. Yes, thank you." *opens door*
  963. <Baruch> (So what happened to the money? I think it wasn't clear from your description what happened Schwarz?)
  964. <Baruch> (Bashir should probably have a few moments more to do something if the money didn't go out the window)
  965. * Bashir if it didn't go through the window then hiding it behind my back and twirl to meet them as they enter, still softly cursing my luck
  966. <Schwarzbart> The bag dont get to the outside as mentioned there is some kind of invisible wall right at the wall
  967. <Corbenik> (Corbenik is trolling downstairs, :D )
  968. * Bashir the money is resting between the window and my back then
  969. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik you acompanied by 2 guards
  970. <Corbenik> (okay)
  971. <Bashir> (meh, messed up /me and () either way)
  972. <Baruch> Baruch: "Now. Let us take a look, hmm?"
  973. * Momo confront "Now where do you hide that bear costume!"
  974. <Baruch> Taitale flies in behind Baruch.
  975. * Bashir motions to the room
  976. <Bashir> [with some spite] "f-f-feel f-free!"
  977. <Baruch> Baruch looks under the bed and any other obvious spots, but he's obviously not very good.
  978. <Baruch> What does Taitale roll to notice Bashir is hiding something?
  979. <Schwarzbart> (Bashir where did you put the letter and the picture?)
  980. <Schwarzbart> (in the chest?)
  981. <Bashir> (in the chest yes)
  982. <Schwarzbart> (You have the key with you?)
  983. * Bashir crosses his arms, giving a slightly angry sneer
  984. <Bashir> (yep)
  985. <Schwarzbart> YOu cant look in the chest then
  986. <Baruch> Is it perception + awareness for Taitale to notice the money behind Bashir's back?
  987. <Bashir> (awareness? maybe, or folk kin)
  988. <Baruch> Probably against his legerdemain
  989. <Baruch> but it's kind of a hard task
  990. <Schwarzbart> SO except for behind his back and in the chest the other options are nothing
  991. <Bashir> (would make sense)
  992. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+9 (Taitale's perception if sight)
  993. <BearBot> Baruch, (Taitale's perception if sight): 10 :1+9
  994. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+9 (Taitale's perception if sight)
  995. <BearBot> Baruch, (Taitale's perception if sight): 13 :4+9
  996. <Schwarzbart> (It would be more difficult becaus Bashir you haved in mind the bag was much smaller bevore you opened it to have a look)
  997. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+8 (legerdemain, add one if light touch is applicable)
  998. <BearBot> Bashir, (legerdemain, add one if light touch is applicable): 13 :5+8
  999. <Baruch> So Taitale gets 17
  1000. <Baruch> Taitale: "A-ha! There it is! He took it! Didn't I tell you he was lying! So the plot thickens!"
  1001. <Schwarzbart> with all the people looking at you from different angles you can't stay the complet time so that it is hiden from theyr view
  1002. <Baruch> Baruch looks disappointed. "Why did you have to do that? I know you couldn
  1003. * Bashir growls "ffffine! t-t-take t-t-the daamn th-thing!"
  1004. <Baruch> "Couldn't have ripped the man's head off, but now you're implicated in this mess until we have it sorted out."
  1005. * Bashir looks down, clearly embaressed
  1006. <Corbenik> (The plot thickens :P well you see, he killed the guy for his money and pendant, the bear costume was actually magic that he has been keeping secret from all of us, and he was planning on becoming the new philosopher king with his newly aquired wealth to by the sailor band to take over the City of Ivory and Jade.)
  1007. <Bashir> "y-you d-d-did nnnot g-g-get raised i-in the Bazaar, B-b-baruch. B-but I deeply regret misussing y-your t-trust"
  1008. <Baruch> Baruch: "Don't try anything like that again, will you? Do you think you can still help us find that bear?" *looks at guards* "If our hosts allow it, that is."
  1009. <Corbenik> (the captain had refused to become a part of his dastardly scheme and was planning on warning us)
  1010. <Schwarzbart> "Now finidng this money is still no clear evidence that your covenant did or didn't it but it points more towards your covenant responsibility"
  1011. <Momo> (And the mastermind behind all this is momo)
  1012. <Bashir> (I woudln't be surprised!)
  1013. <Corbenik> (And we never knew)
  1014. <Bashir> "Wouldn't*)
  1015. <Baruch> Taitale: "What are you thinking, Baruch? This kid is obviously no good. Lying, stealing, who knows how long till he'll put a knife in our back!"
  1016. * Bashir stares daggers at Taitale
  1017. <Schwarzbart> "He is within your covenants resposibility! We dont hang any punishment on a single covefolk from a other covenant!"
  1018. <Bashir> (sorry)
  1019. <Corbenik> To the guards "Any idea where someone can get a Ale?"
  1020. <Bashir> "o-of c-couse I'll help"
  1021. <Corbenik> (the two with me)
  1022. <Baruch> Baruch: "Antonius seems to wish he accompanies us. That is good enough for now."
  1023. <Bashir> (Didn't read Baruch's line to finish)
  1024. <Baruch> Taitale: "Fine. Your call. Let's go interrogate the sailors now. Corbenik is already at it." *moves to Corbenik disgruntled* *Baruch follows*
  1025. <Schwarzbart> "Now there is a good tavern on the other side of the street but didn't you get the responsibility to investigate a murder?"
  1026. * Bashir follows a ways behind
  1027. <Schwarzbart> OK what are you doing with the logbook, the amulet, the Telescope, the Harborpapers and the large moneybag?
  1028. <Corbenik> "Well there taking there damn time and it's they who decided to break into a room leaking blood, and either way I've been wanting one, oh here they come, I'll get it later."
  1029. <Bashir> (right on time to ruin a perfect day - as usual!)
  1030. <Corbenik> ( -_- damned magus' turning up right as I'm about to relax)
  1031. <Bashir> (indeed! So typical)
  1032. <Baruch> Baruch gives the money to Isabela. "You can take this back already, I doubt we'll need it and it weighs a ton. The other things might prove useful still."
  1033. <Baruch> Taitale: "So! What did they say, Corbenik?"
  1034. <Schwarzbart> (Sorry Adrian the defenses where alreay writen down bevore you started this mess ^^)
  1035. <Bashir> (oh guys, I'll be away next time, so if we don't finish up then house arrest or something :) )
  1036. <Momo> "Woah, woah, you should inspect the money first, it might be covered in honey!"
  1037. <Bashir> (haha it's fine :) )
  1038. <Corbenik> "Can't seem to find them, though I was talking a bit with these guys (points to the 2 guards with him)."
  1039. <Schwarzbart> "We will check if everything is present later together with the cpatins log and the ship log"
  1040. * Bashir continues to stare daggers into Taitale's back
  1041. <Baruch> (No wait, there was still smoething missing, right?)
  1042. <Baruch> (Something the covenant's redcap mentioned?)
  1043. <Bashir> (I don't think so, no)
  1044. <Schwarzbart> In the room of the sailors ther some still lying in theyr hammocks
  1045. <Corbenik> "...... well where's our great leader, and why is he still breathing? (looks at Bashir)"
  1046. * Bashir takes a step back, skirting half a step closer to the exit
  1047. <Corbenik> "Oh I get it, you need me to do okay" starts heading towards bashir
  1048. <Baruch> Taitale: "Nevermind that. Now, did someone know these people's language?"
  1049. * Bashir tries to keep the distance between them
  1050. <Schwarzbart> Lato "I for sure speak theyr language"
  1051. <Baruch> Taitale looks unhappy. "Looks like Baruch wants to keep him around for whatever reason. He stole the money though, like I said."
  1052. * Corbenik still walking towards bashir "I can"
  1053. * Corbenik stops
  1054. <Momo> "I knew these people's language, yes"
  1055. <Bashir> (half expecting the guards to bar me, damn guards! Life would be so much easier to enjoy without them)
  1056. <Corbenik> (He is now as still as a statue, actually stiller)
  1057. <Baruch> Taitale: "Could you ask the sailors if they have any idea what killed their captain or if someone might have wanted to hurt him or the ship or the covenant?"
  1058. <Baruch> (Schwarzbart: Is something that the covenant guy mentioned still missing? It's hard to keep track of all the books and papers and whatnot, but Baruch would surely realize if we don't have something yet.)
  1059. <Corbenik> "............(whispering) I need to have a talk with Baruch (/whispering) alright" starts heading to sailors room
  1060. <Schwarzbart> There 3 playing some card game near the entrance
  1061. * Momo ask the sailors about it.
  1062. * Corbenik walks up to them and looks down at them
  1063. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10+7
  1064. <BearBot> Schwarzbart: 13 :6+7
  1065. <Schwarzbart> Mr Lato talk for some time with the sailors the lought at some point but then theyr faces bacme hard as stone
  1066. <Corbenik> (Lato?)
  1067. <Momo> (latin)
  1068. <Schwarzbart> "They told me that most of theyr officers did gone missing trough the night betwean the last harbor and this one"
  1069. <Schwarzbart> "But they dont know of any enemys"
  1070. <Baruch> Taitale: "... In the ship, at sea, they mean? Or here at the covenant?"
  1071. <Corbenik> "........... well then it's not a natural thing around here, check the ship."
  1072. <Schwarzbart> "And that the Navigator was found beheaded in his room short bevor they reached this habor"
  1073. <Baruch> (Schwarzbart: Is something that the covenant guy mentioned still missing from our stash of things? It's hard to keep track of all the books and papers and whatnot, but Baruch would surely realize if we don't have something yet.)
  1074. <Schwarzbart> (Except for the money everything was in Teltales hand and the Amulet was never mentioned!)
  1075. <Baruch> (Ok, that's what I thought, but thought to make sure)
  1076. <Bashir> (knowing us it was a good idea :p )
  1077. <Baruch> Taitale: "You are right, Corbenik. We should take a look at the ship, then. Perhaps there is a curse of some sort?"
  1078. <Schwarzbart> (Mr Lato is the Hyperborean Magistrate @Corbenik)
  1079. <Corbenik> (hm)
  1080. <Bashir> (the guy who are going to sell our produce)
  1081. <Baruch> Baruch: "I should also check these items, I think, in case it has something to do with them."
  1082. <Bashir> (who is* going to sell)
  1083. <Corbenik> "Hmmm, it might also turn up tonight though for whom don't know" (has a idea, but won't say it)
  1084. <Schwarzbart> (As mentioned last time the log is in a Languuage none of you could read and the Harborpapers in Latin)
  1085. <Momo> (Have someone else read it)
  1086. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+10 (Baruch shouting & waving InVi spont +1 touch to check all the items we have for magic, touching them to detect magic at maximum base)
  1087. <BearBot> Baruch, (Baruch shouting & waving InVi spont +1 touch to check all the items we have for magic, touching them to detect magic at maximum base): 12 :2+10
  1088. <Corbenik> (another 2)
  1089. <Schwarzbart> (For the Date in the log he used the Roman numbersystem)
  1090. <Baruch> (jesus)
  1091. <Baruch> (It's still base 4 so detects 3rd magnitude or higher)
  1092. <Bashir> (another 2, I don't know whether to be impressed or horrified)
  1093. <Schwarzbart> (6 thats not much)
  1094. <Momo> (bearbot is hindering the investigation)
  1095. <Baruch> (Schwarzbart: It's base for so level 15 or higher it detects)
  1096. <Baruch> (Base 4 I meant)
  1097. <Schwarzbart> (On the amulet there is some magic)
  1098. <Corbenik> (guessed it)
  1099. <Bashir> (heh)
  1100. <Schwarzbart> (as she didn't take the coinbag away now there is also some magic on it)
  1101. * Bashir eyes Baruch's reaction as does magic with the amulet out of the corner of his eye
  1102. <Baruch> Baruch: "The amulet is magical, as are the coins. Now, it might be that this is what is those people, or it might not be."
  1103. <Baruch> (Killing those people I meant)
  1104. <Momo> "Told you the coin could have something on it!"
  1105. <Schwarzbart> "The Coinbag is a enchanted item from our covenant to make them easyer to carry even with lot of coins"
  1106. <Baruch> Baruch: "I see. That narrows it down, to be sure."
  1107. <Baruch> "Researching the specific nature of the magic in the amulet would cost too much time, alas."
  1108. <Corbenik> "Hmmm, either way those before died at night, correct? If so tonight we should be ready"
  1109. <Schwarzbart> Baruch make a MAgic Theory roll
  1110. <Corbenik> "We should also check the ship for stuff as well"
  1111. <Baruch> Baruch: "There is that possibility certainly."
  1112. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+12 (Magic theory)
  1113. <BearBot> Baruch, (Magic theory): 15 :3+12
  1114. <Baruch> (Not a 2, I'm feeling lucky here)
  1115. <Schwarzbart> You doubt that its Hermetic Magic
  1116. <Bashir> (only 9 3's to burn through and you can work your way up to 4 :) )
  1117. <Baruch> Baruch: "The magic does not feel... familiar to me. I suspect this might not originate from within the Order."
  1118. <Corbenik> "Well, there you go"
  1119. <Baruch> Baruch: "Corbeniks' suggestion is a worthy one. I just wonder... are we up to facing the bear, should it return?"
  1120. <Baruch> Baruch: "And if so, what should we do about it?"
  1121. <Momo> "Sure, we fought dragon before"
  1122. <Corbenik> "Well do you have any magics that can deal with spirits?"
  1123. * Bashir mutters something in bazaar chant under his breath. Something about not even seeing a bear.
  1124. <Baruch> Baruch: "Unless it materializes... there is a risk I cannot affect it."
  1125. <Schwarzbart> "If you dont mind I would like to go selling our products of the day" towards Baruch
  1126. <Schwarzbart> ... from Lato
  1127. <Corbenik> "I'm willing to attack it without magic to keep it distracted while you do things."
  1128. <Baruch> Baruch: "Certainly. Do anything you must, Mr. Lato, if our hosts are kind enough to allow it."
  1129. <Corbenik> turns to Isabella "Do you know of anything that can deal with spirits, be them Magical or Faerie?"
  1130. <Bashir> (Baruch really is too humble for his own good)
  1131. <Baruch> Baruch: "That is very brave of you. I suspect it has to materialize to attack, and I might be able to destroy it if this happens. Would this suffice as proof of our innocence, Isabela? I realize this may be interpreted in multiple ways."
  1132. <Schwarzbart> She looks at Mr lato "Now I dont have anything against itbut bether thake one or 2 of our gurads with you as except for the habor the city is fare from save right now as the crown is weak!"
  1133. <Baruch> Baruch: "This is extremely gracious of you."
  1134. <Schwarzbart> Isabella To Baruch "Strange People do your covenant have in its follow ship this Mr Lato looks like one of Arcadia but then also not"
  1135. * Bashir peaks up and looks in Lato's direction with some curiosity
  1136. <Baruch> (Baruch's faerie lore is 0, so...) Baruch looks puzzled again. "I... see. Yes, he is a curious fellow, but knows his business."
  1137. <Baruch> Taitale: "We should show the amulet to the sailors, to see if they know anything about it. Would you do it, Corbenik? Could you ask them if they know anyone who can read the logbook, as well?"
  1138. <Schwarzbart> Isabelle "Now I think I can read the log book most sailors can't read except for some of the officers"
  1139. <Schwarzbart> "What should I look for?"
  1140. <Bashir> (death by grizzly! ;) )
  1141. <Bashir> (I'm not disconnected, am I?)
  1142. <Schwarzbart> (NO but apearently the rest ^^)
  1143. <Baruch> Taitale: "Look for anything on this amulet, or on the deaths of the navigators and such. Any fights they had among themselves, such things."
  1144. <Corbenik> (huh, are our weapons steel or iron?)
  1145. <Corbenik> (yes I know steel is just refined iron but there maybe a difference in the way of faerie stuff)
  1146. <Baruch> (I'm not sure)
  1147. <Momo> (I thought only silver matters)
  1148. <Corbenik> (technically it matters if steel and iron are considered the same if a faerie as a taboo for iron, so Schwarz?)
  1149. <Schwarzbart> After some time "Hmm the amulet is mentioned that it was thaken by a officer because on of the new Sailors broken expensive gods trugh a small fistfight with nthe strongest other crew member
  1150. <Baruch> (Corbenik: I definately think steel is iron for fairy purposes there)
  1151. <Schwarzbart> (Unless special mentioned its iron you have to expect its steel)
  1152. <Corbenik> "............... well~~~"
  1153. <Baruch> Taitale: "Could someone ask the sailors about that? Whose amulet is it? Who was fighting with who? Are they here now?"
  1154. <Corbenik> turns to taitale "I can guess by that they undoubtedly have either a Faerie acting as a god, or a magical being"
  1155. * Momo ask the detail that Taitale layed out
  1156. <Momo> (perfect translation on Momo pls)
  1157. <Bashir> (I'm not sure I understood that Nyaa..)
  1158. <Schwarzbart> "The sailors running away from the talking black cat" You understand words like Christ and such thing
  1159. <Baruch> Taitale: "Yes, yes, there does seem to be some faerie mischief afoot here."
  1160. <Bashir> (ah, I see)
  1161. <Baruch> Taitale: "... Such as the cat, here."
  1162. <Schwarzbart> and some of them make 3 crosses
  1163. <Corbenik> (oh Momo's a black cat?)
  1164. <Momo> "Welp, can't be helped."
  1165. <Momo> (YES I AM BLACK)
  1166. <Corbenik> (YAY BLACK CAT, VERY FUSSY)
  1167. <Momo> (There's a pic of me in wikipedia in fact(
  1168. <Bashir> (Is worried for the mental health of the group)
  1169. <Baruch> Taitale: "Could someone try to soothe them or something? This is ridiculous. We need their answer."
  1170. <Corbenik> (you shouldn't be, I've had about 4 black cats (all at the same time))
  1171. <Schwarzbart> Lets have a 5 minute brake now that Momo sucessfull have manage to get all sailors to runaway ^^
  1172. <Bashir> =)
  1173. <Corbenik> (yay)
  1174. <Momo> "Clearly these sailor is superstitious about bad luck"
  1175. <Corbenik> "Well put yourself in their place, they have had all their superiors killed by something strange, and now a talking cat is trying to reason with less reasonable beings.
  1176. <Baruch> (Brb 5min)
  1177. <Bashir> (mhm having peoples faces ripped off can do that to you)
  1178. <Corbenik> (Hmmm, we shall see Bashir we shall see)
  1179. <Bashir> (hmm I'm not sure I understand that correctly but I hope not ;) )
  1180. <Bashir> (I'm melting though..)
  1181. <Corbenik> (really)
  1182. <Schwarzbart> Everyone back?
  1183. <Momo> y
  1184. <Corbenik> yes
  1185. <Bashir> yep
  1186. <Schwarzbart> (Baruch?)
  1187. <Baruch> Yep
  1188. <Schwarzbart> Ok anyone try something to calm them down?
  1189. <Bashir> (nope)
  1191. <Baruch> Taitale: "Could you scare them into order or something, corbenik? I would, but I don't speak their language. Hard to order people around, then, you know."
  1192. <Bashir> (Makes it easier to scare them witless though :p )
  1193. <Baruch> Taitale: "Tell them you're a ventriloquist, something like that."
  1195. <Schwarzbart> Roll Pre+LEadership
  1196. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+7 +1 if intimidate (not counted :D )
  1197. <BearBot> Corbenik, +1 if intimidate (not counted :D ): 12 :5+7
  1198. <Bashir> (an iron gloved fist rams into a nearby table nearly shattering the poor furniture making a clear dent into the fine wood)
  1199. <Corbenik> 13 if intimidation
  1200. <Corbenik> ps I am in full scale mail
  1201. <Bashir> (Doesn't that mean iron gloves? :) )
  1202. <Schwarzbart> 3 people stop but the rest runs away
  1203. <Baruch> Taitale: "Good, good. Now ask them."
  1204. * Bashir watches them run with a little sigh of longing
  1205. <Baruch> Taitale looks at Momo and squints. "And I'm not talking to you, cat.
  1206. * Corbenik run after them draws sword "SO BE IT!"
  1207. <Momo> "Okay"
  1208. <Bashir> (oh sweet jesus.. he's gonna murder them all)
  1209. * Momo run after to herd them back here
  1210. <Corbenik> (not all of them 3 stayed put)
  1211. <Momo> (I want all of them, herd them like sheep)
  1212. <Bashir> (ah right, all sans 3 who had no spine or self-presevation instinct :p )
  1213. <Schwarzbart> Isabel very loud in Latin "I warn you dont kill any more people of our covenant or the deal is void!"
  1214. <Corbenik> "I KNOW!!!"
  1215. <Bashir> (hehe indeed, don't kill anymore Corbenik, one captain is plenty)
  1216. <Baruch> Baruch looks at Corbenik stunned. "Don't! We can ask these three!"
  1217. <Corbenik> (still running after them)
  1218. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10
  1219. <BearBot> Schwarzbart: 3
  1220. * Corbenik the sword is sheathled and now cracking knuckles as the chase goes on
  1221. * Momo also keep chasing
  1222. <Schwarzbart> Corebnik you hit some kind of invisible wall wher the sailors could run trough but you not!
  1223. <Baruch> Taitale: "Could you ask these men, Isabela? These fools are useless, as you can tell."
  1224. <Corbenik> (hmm does my might score of 10 do anything?)
  1225. <Schwarzbart> (Your might was 10 right?)
  1226. <Corbenik> (yeah, corpus)
  1227. <Schwarzbart> (yes stop you from entering ^^)
  1228. <Baruch> Taitale: "Whose amulet is it? Who was fighting with who? Are they here now? That sort of thing."
  1229. <Corbenik> -_- walks back
  1230. * Bashir smiles a wry smile at Baruch's comment but it fades quickly
  1231. <Bashir> (Taitale's comment, rather)
  1232. <Schwarzbart> (Sorry they just passed the Aegis of the covenant and thanks to your might your blocked out)
  1233. <Corbenik> (then how the hell did I even get in)
  1234. <Schwarzbart> (Not everything is within the Aegis and that was clearly mentioned last time)
  1235. <Corbenik> (well I might have not been here at that part)
  1236. <Baruch> (The spirit probably wouldn't have appeared withint the aegis in the first place)
  1237. * Corbenik goes to tavern
  1238. <Bashir> (/me doesn't blame him)
  1239. <Schwarzbart> Ok back to the other
  1240. <Schwarzbart> Isabele ask this 3 people who have now very pale faces
  1241. <Baruch> Baruch: "Corbenik, wait! We might need you to face the spirit."
  1242. * Corbenik waves his hand basically mean just a moment
  1243. <Corbenik> -meaning
  1244. <Baruch> Baruch looks on with a resigned expression as Corbenik disappears around the corner.
  1245. <Schwarzbart> "One of them mentioned a Corsican with the name Olivierie who no one even tryed to touch after he easy beaten theyr strongest but the a officer took away the amulet of this Corsican to cover for the damge done
  1246. <Corbenik> (He needs a drink, he gets woken up in the middle of the night for something he never was able to do, his "masters" are accused of a crime due to them not listening to him not to go into the room, Bashir lives, and now some magic bs kept him from getting the entire sailors in for questioning)
  1247. <Baruch> Taitale: "I think that's our man. Where is the corsican now?"
  1248. <Corbenik> (running)
  1249. <Schwarzbart> "They dont know he leaft in the morning"
  1250. <Bashir> (Such a guy would probably not run from a cat :) )
  1251. <Momo> (Bad luck is the bane of sailor)
  1252. <Bashir> (ah yes, true!)
  1253. <Baruch> Taitale: "Where did they see him last? Did he say where he was going? Do they have any guesses where such a guy might go here?"
  1254. <Schwarzbart> (Yes Momo they where already at the Edge from what happened then there is a person with a bad aura in front of theyr room and a black cat ... when you then started to talk this was to much)
  1255. <Schwarzbart> "Maybe he is at the ship or in the city the crew have free right now"
  1256. <Baruch> (Baruch is trying to stay back as much as possible, but still within hearing distance)
  1257. <Baruch> Taitale: "Could you try to get as good of a description out of them as possible? We need to recognize him if we see him."
  1258. <Baruch> Taitale: "Also, ask if he left anything behind, any items, clothes, or such."
  1259. <Schwarzbart> "His Hammock and some change cloths are still here" She point at this things after a sailor showed her
  1260. <Schwarzbart> "I gave them the alowance to leave and have a drink"
  1261. <Schwarzbart> "I hope this is OK as I doubt I could get anything else out of them"
  1262. <Baruch> Taitale: "Yes, that is fine." *grabs a piece of the corsican's clothes*
  1263. <Baruch> Taitale: "Anything you can do with that, Baruch? We should probably go check out where the sailors are going - a place like that might also be where the corsican is headed."
  1264. * Bashir casts a sidelong look at Taitale
  1265. <Baruch> Baruch: "Not really, no. You, Momo?"
  1266. <Baruch> Taitale heads after the sailors. "Tell them not to worry about us - we want a beer too."
  1267. <Momo> "I'm sure those sailor would love to see me."
  1268. <Baruch> Baruch: "I was thinking more like... a scent, like a dog?"
  1269. <Schwarzbart> There even some people slowly and carfull comming back to the room
  1270. <Baruch> Anyone fit the description of the corsican?
  1271. <Baruch> Taitale: "Ask them, too, if they know where this corsican guy is or how we might find him."
  1272. <Schwarzbart> No
  1273. <Momo> "I can smell thing sure."
  1274. <Schwarzbart> She ask soem of the others
  1275. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10+4
  1276. <BearBot> Schwarzbart: 6 :2+4
  1277. <Baruch> Taitale gives the clothes for Momo to smell. "Tell us if you smell that anywhere."
  1278. <Momo> (Cat smell sence is 3x weaker than dog)
  1279. <Momo> (3.5x)
  1280. * Momo sniff the clothes
  1281. <Schwarzbart> "The dont know anything beside that he allways wearing a red cloth bound to a headband"
  1282. <Bashir> (Would have thought Momo would have resented being compared to a simple canine :p )
  1283. <Momo> (Overwrite by his weakness of cannine)
  1284. <Bashir> (ah ^^)
  1285. <Momo> "Ugh, plebeian odor"
  1286. * Momo rub his nose
  1287. <Baruch> Taitale: "Ok. Time to go looking, then. Let's follow the sailors to whatever establishment of merriment they are off to, and see if we find the guy there. If not... well. Suggestions are welcome."
  1288. <Schwarzbart> "It stinks like some weeks worn and not washed"
  1289. <Momo> (So I roll something?)
  1290. <Schwarzbart> Do you have hunt?
  1291. <Momo> (yes)
  1292. <Schwarzbart> the per+hunt
  1293. <Momo> !roll 1d10+1
  1294. <BearBot> Momo: 10 :9+1
  1295. <Bashir> (flippin hell, brb, door again)
  1296. <Schwarzbart> In front of the door the trail is to weak for your nose you might need to try at a place where he was more recently with less stinking other sailors
  1297. <Momo> (fun fact: Cat have better hearing than dog)
  1298. * Corbenik drinking his second ale
  1299. <Momo> "The scent is too weak, maybe somewhere more recent with less stinking sailors"
  1300. <Schwarzbart> (the roll stays unless you special want to go for a reroll)
  1301. <Momo> (Spec is smaller critter just in case)
  1302. <Baruch> Taitale: "Well, that probably won't be the pub, then."
  1303. <Baruch> Baruch: "Ideas, anyone? Should we try the ship? But I think this is where he was last."
  1304. <Bashir> (and back)
  1305. <Bashir> "Y-you can't ssspeak w-with the d-dead man?" [very small voice]
  1306. <Bashir> "M-mmaybe he k-knows the spirit - if it was one"
  1307. <Baruch> Baruch: "That is not my strong point, unfortunately."
  1308. * Bashir does a small nod
  1309. <Momo> "Maybe if you disgrace his body, his spirit will come back and haunt the place."
  1310. <Schwarzbart> who keeps the Amulet right now? Baruch if I remember right?
  1311. <Baruch> Yeah, he probably has it from having cast the spell
  1312. <Bashir> (Well, goodnight Baruch, enjoy the spirit bear this evening :p )
  1313. <Baruch> (:D)
  1314. <Momo> (Better armor up your neck)
  1315. <Schwarzbart> OK what are you doing now? YOu only know one entrance / exit to this building
  1316. <Bashir> (ah yeah, there was a bit of tendency there)
  1317. * Corbenik at this point Corbenik comes back, holding a ale
  1318. <Baruch> (Schwarz: remember that iif something hits my parma, I can feel if it doesn't go through)
  1319. <Schwarzbart> (Sorry Corenik even with the building on the other street side it takes a bit longer to drink so much ^^)
  1320. <Corbenik> (GAHHHH, okay more drink)
  1321. <Baruch> Baruch will try to enhance his own sense of smell up to as good as possible ("nose of the dog" probably) and see if he can sense which way the guy went
  1322. <Bashir> "D-does the sspirit live in t-the amulet then?" [cast a distrustful look at the amulet]
  1323. <Schwarzbart> (One Ale at this Tavern is around one pint)
  1324. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+10 (shouting and waving inside where no one can see muco spont after having rested off the first fatigue level)
  1325. <BearBot> Baruch, (shouting and waving inside where no one can see muco spont after having rested off the first fatigue level): 17 :7+10
  1326. <Momo> (Should had enchance it on momo)
  1327. <Baruch> (Couldn't penetrate your might I think)
  1328. <Schwarzbart> (He would have to get past your MR for this)
  1329. <Bashir> "Oor... ma-maybe th-the sa-sa-sai-sai - the man is a m-mage, u-using the am-amulet somehow"
  1330. <Bashir> "T-t-the m-man with the b-band-d-dana
  1331. <Bashir> "
  1332. <Baruch> !roll 1d10 (plus whatever for having extraordinary sense of smell - baruch will look strange smelling the ground, but will do it anyway to see which way the guy went)
  1333. <BearBot> Baruch, (plus whatever for having extraordinary sense of smell - baruch will look strange smelling the ground, but will do it anyway to see which way the guy went): 1
  1334. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  1335. <BearBot> Baruch: 5
  1336. <Momo> (Someone start farting now!)
  1337. <Baruch> Baruch got a 10 with dog sense :)
  1338. <Schwarzbart> Ok our small lead you outside the same way you got in and then toward the Habor
  1339. <Baruch> Baruch: "You may be right, Bashir. I am inclined to think the amulet is magical and the man not, though - why else would he work as a sailor?"
  1340. * Bashir shrugs
  1341. <Baruch> Baruch: "I think I got it. Follow me."
  1342. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik you spot them leaving the building when you payed for your first pint of ale
  1343. <Bashir> "m-m-maybe t-to avoid sssomeone h-hunting him?" [follows Baruch]
  1344. <Baruch> Baruch is sniffing the ground like a dog
  1345. <Corbenik> Okay
  1346. * Corbenik after done paying ONWARD
  1347. <Schwarzbart> just a normal awearness roll everyone except for Baruch and Corbenik
  1348. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1
  1349. <BearBot> Bashir: 4 :3+1
  1350. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+6 (+3 if sight or hearing)
  1351. <BearBot> Baruch, (+3 if sight or hearing): 8 :2+6
  1352. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (noise)
  1353. <BearBot> Momo, (noise): 5 :1+4
  1354. <Momo> !roll 1d10
  1355. <BearBot> Momo: 1
  1356. <Baruch> Taitale got 8, or 11 for sight or hearing
  1357. <Momo> !roll 1d10
  1358. <BearBot> Momo: 1
  1359. <Momo> !roll 1d10
  1360. <BearBot> Momo: 1
  1361. <Momo> !roll 1d10
  1362. <BearBot> Momo: 8
  1363. <Momo> welp
  1364. <Baruch> (Haha)
  1365. <Bashir> (wow...)
  1366. <Corbenik> well that cat
  1367. <Momo> ( I CAN FEEL THE COSMOS_
  1368. <Bashir> (no kidding)
  1369. <Schwarzbart> Momo you spot someone with a read headband walking along the habor
  1370. <Momo> 52 I think
  1371. <Momo> legendary roll
  1372. <Bashir> more like 134 I think
  1373. <Momo> oh
  1374. <Bashir> wasn't that... 4 1's? :p
  1375. <Momo> yeah, 132
  1376. <Bashir> 16 times 8 + your 4
  1377. <Baruch> Do you tell us?
  1378. <Bashir> ah right, 132
  1379. <Schwarzbart> YOu can clearly smell from here that its the person your looking for
  1380. <Momo> (Now I am top in the hall of fame)
  1381. <Bashir> (haha, naa, if the puny humans can't see them then why bother ;) )
  1382. <Momo> (Even god is like, Oh no, Momo saw me!)
  1383. * Momo point the group toward the person we are looking for
  1384. <Bashir> (Do you say you notice the guy with the headband though? you all-seeing cat :p )
  1385. <Baruch> Baruch: "Well done, Momo! That's the man."
  1386. * Bashir continues to follow Baruch in whatever pace he keeps
  1387. <Momo> (That also stack on faerie sight so I can see every faerie activity happening )
  1388. <Baruch> Taitale: "Let's have a word with him."
  1389. <Corbenik> (activating grapple mode, waiting for orders)
  1390. <Schwarzbart> Oh and you smell fishy hiding below the piers and this Bird thing that played with Baruch yesterday from above
  1391. <Momo> (No problem finding fishy later~)
  1392. <Baruch> Taitale: "Grab him if he tries anything, Corbenik."
  1393. <Momo> "Oh, I sense fishy and the weird bird from before too"
  1394. <Bashir> (Fishy is still hiding from the bird it seems :p )
  1395. <Momo> (yep)
  1396. <Momo> (And all the fisherman/sailor)
  1397. <Baruch> We proceed to talk to the Corsican I think.
  1398. * Corbenik starts heading towards guy with red cloth headband thing from behind
  1399. <Schwarzbart> The corsican sit down on a plank and look towards the sea
  1400. <Corbenik> (aka from the oppisite direction of group)
  1401. <Baruch> Taitale: "Ask him about the amulet - what is it?"
  1402. <Schwarzbart> Stealth or Ini?
  1403. <Schwarzbart> How do you want to handle this Corbenik?
  1404. <Corbenik> hmmm well i'm not trying to blend into the crowd (as thats basically impossible) so approaching him from the oppisite side from group that way should him run he will most likely run into group.
  1405. <Momo> (Don't sneak up on a fighter)
  1406. <Schwarzbart> (Oposit direction dont work and the Harbor is very empty)
  1407. <Corbenik> (hmmm well since I can't seem to exactly describe what I want to do, walk up to him.)
  1408. <Bashir> (and then beat him senseless?)
  1409. <Schwarzbart> You get him from behin thats no problem but without stealth you whant a ini roll
  1410. <Baruch> (You can try to sneak, though.)
  1411. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10+1 (ini)
  1412. <BearBot> Schwarzbart, (ini): 10 :9+1
  1413. <Corbenik> Well as I said I don't want to stealth as a guy in bloody scale mail (not to mention doesn't even have it) will be easy to spot.
  1414. <Schwarzbart> then roll Ini
  1415. <Bashir> (do an ini :) )
  1416. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+3
  1417. <BearBot> Corbenik: 10 :7+3
  1418. <Schwarzbart> OK your first bevore he could turn around to you
  1419. <Schwarzbart> so what are you doing
  1420. <Bashir> (Grab his shoulder in a bonecrushing grip? :) )
  1421. <Corbenik> Get close to him and say "You are wanted for questioning, you can fight me, but that would be assaulting a law figure. So what will you do?"
  1422. <Corbenik> Ps his sword is drawn but not raised
  1423. <Schwarzbart> (In Latin right?)
  1424. <Corbenik> Hmmmm what were the sailors speaking?
  1425. <Schwarzbart> (You spoke the last with the group right?)
  1426. <Schwarzbart> (So its Latin)
  1427. <Corbenik> Asking if I heard any small talk really before everything went to hell, like at the card table.
  1428. <Bashir> (You know he is from Sicily though, not that it may mean much..)
  1429. <Corbenik> (well then latin)
  1430. <Schwarzbart> "He turns around to you and get up "What do you want?" in a bit strange Catalan
  1431. <Schwarzbart> he looks combat ready
  1432. <Schwarzbart> (You now can answear him in his language if I know your power right)
  1433. <Corbenik> In what ever he is talking in "Did not here me, there are some questions that need answered and it is beleived you have the answer. So you can come with me, run, or fight. However remember we are in a covenant, and these blighted Magus seem to always be watching"
  1434. <Corbenik> Yeah thats how faerie speech works also I have a skill of 5 in it.
  1435. <Momo> ( me too)
  1436. <Schwarzbart> "I have done nothing! And what are you talking about? Magus? Such things dont exist! YOur crazy man?
  1437. <Momo> (said the man that fear bad luck cat)
  1438. <Schwarzbart> (Now he wasn't present then ^^)
  1439. * Corbenik raises eyebrow " Crazy. I might indeed be however it takes one to know one. Either way what is true is I'm a law enforcer and I didn't say you did anything I said you might have answers. Now again, which will it be."
  1440. <Baruch> Baruch stays farther back, Taitale inches a little closer to try to hear, but realizes he doesn't understand anything and stays away.
  1441. <Schwarzbart> "Whats the Questions you have for me?"
  1442. <Momo> (Marry me)
  1443. <Bashir> (please say yes!)
  1444. <Corbenik> "How did a fellow such as yourself get here"
  1445. <Schwarzbart> "I work as Sailor for the this ship over there and we have free right now"
  1446. <Schwarzbart> "Form something one need to feed wive and childs"
  1447. <Corbenik> "Who is your Captain? Where did you just leave port from"
  1448. <Schwarzbart> "Oh don't ask me for his name but he stays over there in this building with the Blue Triangle Shield" (the covenant)
  1449. <Schwarzbart> "I'm not good with names you need to know"
  1450. <Corbenik> "I understand, you said you have it free currently. Is there any particular reason, or just sometime for you sailors to unwind?
  1451. <Schwarzbart> "Some of the crew got missing on the trip and they needed to replace them first bevore we can sail of again. I just hope this get soone the earlyer I can see my wive and children again the bether"
  1452. <Corbenik> "Missing?"
  1453. <Schwarzbart> "Also this offtime dont get payed!"
  1454. * Bashir does some simple stretches for a bit, while everyone is watching Corbenik torture the poor sailor
  1455. <Schwarzbart> "Yes fallen in the water because they were drunk or something"
  1456. <Corbenik> "Same with the guard, here" tosses 4 coins "Seriously that's a pathetic way to die as a sailor"
  1457. <Schwarzbart> "I dont know the exact reason and the captain nvere tells us simply sailors such things"
  1458. <Schwarzbart> "Ohh thanks man your to generous"
  1459. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik make a Per+Folk Ken roll
  1460. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10-1 (+1 if city of ivory and jade)
  1461. <BearBot> Corbenik, (+1 if city of ivory and jade): 3 :4-1
  1462. <Corbenik> :D
  1463. <Schwarzbart> (How long can everyone still do)
  1464. <Corbenik> (per the second worst attribute to int)
  1465. <Bashir> (its running a bit late, but 15 min or so)
  1466. <Bashir> 25, rather
  1467. <Momo> (30 min)
  1468. <Corbenik> (I can keep going for until you guys can't)
  1469. <Schwarzbart> "Anything else? Beside you can put your sword away I'm unarmed"
  1470. <Baruch> (Yeah, 15-30 for me too)
  1471. <Corbenik> "Sorry it's guard protocol to keep sword out during questioning no matter how easy going it is."
  1472. <Corbenik> "Yes there is, can you take me to this captain, as I don't know his name nor how he looks, I won't be able to find him, I tried already."
  1473. <Corbenik> makes unhappy face
  1474. <Corbenik> -_-
  1475. <Bashir> (Isn't the captain dead in his room - or is it a trick question to make the man admit guilt? :) )
  1476. <Corbenik> (hey he might have a different captain you never know)
  1477. <Schwarzbart> "If he is in his room sure but I think its easyer your talk with the peoplke managing this Office here"
  1478. <Bashir> (Want to kill him too? :) )
  1479. <Corbenik> "Alright show me to is room"
  1480. <Corbenik> scratches head with left hand
  1481. <Schwarzbart> He walk stright for the covenant past the rest of the group
  1482. * Corbenik waving gesture to follow
  1483. <Baruch> Baruch & Taitale follow
  1484. * Bashir finishes his stretches and prepares to follow
  1485. * Bashir follows as well then
  1486. <Schwarzbart> He enters the covenant and speaks to the the person in the office (a different on to yesterday when you arived)
  1487. <Schwarzbart> "This man want to see the Captain is it Ok when I bring him to him if he is here?"
  1488. <Schwarzbart> The person at the office "You didn't hear it? The Captain got murdered!"
  1489. <Schwarzbart> His face got pale
  1490. <Corbenik> "Hm, great he's dead" tsk "Well this makes it harder, who takes command now?"
  1491. * Bashir whispers to Baruch with the usual stutter "Didn't the amulet belong to the man? Wouldn't he know if it is cursed or not - and doesn't it belong to him?"
  1492. <Schwarzbart> "This office is responisble then if I understand it right"
  1493. <Baruch> Baruch whispers back: "Yes, perhaps. I do not understands what is going on. But we have him where we want him."
  1494. <Schwarzbart> "But thats absolut horrid!"
  1495. * Bashir looks doubtful but looks away, content to follow
  1496. <Corbenik> "Ugh, well knowing my fellows they are most likely investigating the crime scene, so any items found will probably be confiscated, not to mention the ship as it is a murder."
  1497. <Schwarzbart> "I think I need something strong on this!"
  1498. <Schwarzbart> Mumbling In Arabic "how should I get my amulet now back? The elder sayed when I lose it bad things happen"
  1499. <Bashir> (Does bazaar chant give some Arabic? )
  1500. <Baruch> (Yeah, pretty sure it does at some penalty)
  1501. <Corbenik> "Either way, as you are a part of this guys crew can you please go to the inn. There will most likely be others who have investigated the crime scene who are asking the crew for questions. So please go there."
  1502. <Corbenik> still in last mentioned language "also"
  1503. <Corbenik> In arbic "what amulet"
  1504. * Bashir listens in more intently now
  1505. <Schwarzbart> "He looks at you with big eyes" "Sorry this was nothing!"
  1506. <Corbenik> (Should mention thats arbic with skill 5 sooooo I do believe thats fluent at least)
  1507. <Schwarzbart> (yes thats fluent)
  1508. <Bashir> (Well, not that I was listening in before :p )
  1509. <Bashir> (Does Corbenik notice when he switches languages? :) )
  1510. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik do you have some social skills you can use now?
  1511. <Bashir> (intimidate hehe)
  1512. <Corbenik> leadership really which is what I'm about to do
  1513. <Baruch> (Did Bashir and Taitale understand what he said in Arabic with thei Bazaar chant skill?)
  1514. <Corbenik> "Well if there was anything the captain had of yours it has most likely been taken as evidence. Either way there will be others with questions so please go to the inn it will be the same place where you can ask for whatever this thing is" starts walking off away from the covenant. "I have some things to do, I suggest you be there when I get there. Understand?"
  1515. <Schwarzbart> what he mumbled not but when when it got normal yes but abd at best
  1516. <Corbenik> I think this will either be leadership or charm, which ever.
  1517. <Corbenik> (still in Arabic)
  1518. <Bashir> (leadership I think..)
  1519. <Schwarzbart> Thants LEadership
  1520. <Schwarzbart> and com
  1521. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+6 (+1 if intimidation)
  1522. <BearBot> Corbenik, (+1 if intimidation): 12 :6+6
  1523. <Schwarzbart> "If you come across some amulet made out of different toths could you give it to me the capatin confistated it and wanted to give it back to me when we are in the habor!"
  1524. <Schwarzbart> He the turn around to leave for the tavern
  1525. <Corbenik> "Evidence, after this whole mess is done I will"
  1526. <Schwarzbart> OK so lets break now
  1527. <Schwarzbart> See you all next weekend?
  1528. <Corbenik> alright
  1529. <Bashir> yeah, sounds good
  1530. <Baruch> Ok. Thanks for today, everyone! Was fun, if strange :P
  1531. <Corbenik> basically
  1533. <Baruch> Hmm.. looks like I won't be able to play at all next weekend, unforstunately
  1534. <Baruch> I have a conference thingy through the weekend.
  1535. <Schwarzbart> Oh :(
  1536. <Corbenik> T_T but Baruch and Taitale, who is Corbenik going to agree with?
  1537. <Corbenik> (meaning Taitale)
  1538. <Baruch> :D
  1539. <Corbenik> (baruch not so much)
  1540. <Schwarzbart> (Btw Taitale Mr Lato make your char concurence when it comes down to influence from be wealty ^^)
  1541. <Baruch> What are we/you going to do? If Freespace is there, there's at least 1 mage present
  1542. <Bashir> I'll be off next time, just made a post on the forums. Hopefully it'll be alright
  1543. <Baruch> (Heh, good to know)
  1544. <Baruch> Ah, dang. That probably means it's best to skip next week?
  1545. <Schwarzbart> I would prefer to have Baruch present next session we play
  1546. <Baruch> Ok, that too
  1547. <Schwarzbart> yes then best skipp if 2 player missing
  1548. <Baruch> Alright, see you all in two weeks
  1549. <Momo> k
  1550. <Bashir> hmm yeah, might be best, but either way, I'll leave it up to you guys :)
  1551. <Corbenik> See ya Baruch
  1552. <Bashir> Take care everyone, and I'll send you a copy of last weeks happening Nyaa, if you want
  1553. <Corbenik> meow
  1554. <Momo> yes
  1556. <Lato> ********************************************************************************************
  1557. <Bashir> reminds me I wasn't logging either, good going so far :p
  1558. <Schwarzbart> (So Aiden still have a bad stomach and Nyaa following a cat lady^^)
  1559. <Bashir> (sounds about right)
  1560. <Bashir> (Momo rather :p )
  1561. <Schwarzbart> (jep Names are my weakness :( )
  1562. <Bashir> (haha it could be worse believe me!)
  1563. <Schwarzbart> So Corbenik time for you to tell the rest of the group what yopu learned :)
  1564. <Schwarzbart> and then put your heads together what to do next ^^
  1565. * Corbenik walks in the rough direction of group, if the guy is gone then to the group exactly
  1566. <Schwarzbart> He left for the tavern
  1567. * Corbenik walks to group
  1568. <Baruch> (Where are we? Are Baruch and Taitale there?)
  1569. <Schwarzbart> Bashir is also finished with his talk
  1570. * Bashir slips back to the group, coming from the desk lady's direction
  1571. <Schwarzbart> inside of the covenant Fronttrade office
  1572. <Corbenik> "Hm" as he approaches group "That was interesting"
  1573. <Baruch> Baruch: "Something new, Corbenik?"
  1574. =-= Baruch is now known as Wits
  1575. <Bashir> (Thanks Baruch for posting the covenant head mages btw :) )
  1576. <Corbenik> "Well, from what I found out. The amulet is "his". It most likely belongs to some elder he spoke of in a murmur not meant for me to hear. Though from his reaction I believe he didn't purposefully kill them, well, as if he did he would have already gotten the amulet. Which he does want."
  1577. <Corbenik> "To be exact a elder of what I can guess he comes from, oh yeah, the murmur was in arabic"
  1578. <Wits> Baruch: "I see. It may be non-hermetic magic that we are dealing with."
  1579. * Bashir frowns
  1580. <Corbenik> "Either way, he should be waiting over at the tavern"
  1581. <Corbenik> "or inn" (if there is a differnce)
  1582. <Wits> Baruch: "It might be worthwile studying the amulet once we are done here. The problem is: How do we prove this to our hosts? And how do we keep ourselves safe from this creature?"
  1583. <Bashir> "P-p-perhaps we ssshould return it- but not r-r-right away, I think. I-it would nnnot c-c-clear us offf t-the murder"
  1584. <Wits> Baruch: "Returning it seems like a dangerous course of action. It is only a matter of time before he loses it again, and more lives are lost."
  1585. <Corbenik> "Well the easiest way is to let them study it first and keep it one night with observation"
  1586. <Corbenik> (them as the covenant we are at)
  1587. <Wits> Baruch: "Studying such a thing is a laborious endeavor. It might be months before we have anything."
  1588. * Bashir cast a suspicious glance towards Corbenic
  1589. <Wits> BAruch: "Or them, for that matter."
  1590. * Bashir nods quickly
  1591. <Wits> Baruch: "We could try to slay the bear if it makes another appearance. I am not certain this would be final, though."
  1592. * Corbenik "and what do you suggest"
  1593. <Bashir> "m-m-maybe we c-can l-l-learn w-w-hy t-t-the captain was k-killed b-b-y the bear s-s-specificly, and then r-re-create the e-e-event"
  1594. <Wits> Taitale: "Yeah. If it's a ghost, it might come back even if we manage to gib it. Seems unlikely though."
  1595. <Wits> Baruch: "What do you mean, exactly, Bashir?"
  1596. * Bashir shoots Taitale a venomous look
  1597. * Bashir takes a step back
  1598. <Corbenik> ".............. well we can do mutiple things at the same time can we not?"
  1599. <Bashir> "j-j-just th-that Iiif we knew wh-why th-the spirit att-attacked him, th-then we-we might bait it again. t-to-to kill it or l-l-learn more"
  1600. <Corbenik> "How do you suggest we find out Bashir?"
  1601. <Bashir> "t-t-trap, m-maybe"
  1602. <Wits> Taitale: "My guess it it just attacks whoever has the amulet."
  1603. <Corbenik> (acutally that was more of a statement)
  1604. * Bashir takes another step back from corbenik
  1605. <Bashir> "W-why w-w-was th-the sailor n-not dead then?"
  1606. <Schwarzbart> "Hey thake a look where you go from the desk you dont whant to trip over our decoration or even destroy it"
  1607. <Bashir> "i-if it was h-his amulet"
  1608. * Corbenik ignores Bashir "Thus was my opinion when this mess began, because don't you know the weird ways of magic for one reason or another a magic won't affect certain people I guess he is one of these"
  1609. <Wits> Taitale: "Bashir, I'm guessing it was made for him. It's a kind of safety device, maybe?"
  1610. <Corbenik> (the because directed towards Bashir)
  1611. <Wits> (Schwarzbart: Who said that thing aout the desk?)
  1612. <Schwarzbart> (There is a redcap behind the desk Corbenik was talking to him bevore and Bashir also and because Bashir walked a vew times backward he warned him to not trip ^^)
  1613. <Bashir> (ah, didn't catch that :p )
  1614. <Bashir> (hehe)
  1615. * Bashir quickly looks around, and takes a step forward
  1616. <Bashir> [a small step]
  1617. <Schwarzbart> So whats your plans? if you don't do anything special trough the day we can forward to evening
  1618. <Wits> Baruch: "I suggest we try to slay the thing. Corbenik can hold the amulet, maybe, and Aiden and Momo can watch out for the bear. If it appears and materializes, I'll strike it with lightning. I think that should kill it."
  1619. <Bashir> "m-maybe we s-should h-have Aiden t-take th-the amulet f-from you Baruch, a-and then sleep i-in the captain's room"
  1620. <Corbenik> -_-
  1621. <Bashir> "He can kill t-those things r-right?"
  1622. <Wits> Baruch: "It is unfortunate he is not here. I think he might be able to do that, yes."
  1623. <Wits> Baruch: "My way is much more dangerous for everyone involved."
  1624. <Corbenik> "If you fail at killing it, your paying for my funeral, and are going to invest in the town guard in my memory"
  1625. <Schwarzbart> Baruch make a Magic Theroy roll
  1626. <Bashir> "h-his st-stomach-ache w-w-will p-pass q-quickly.."
  1627. <Wits> !roll 1d10+12 (magic theory)
  1628. <AmuletBot> Wits, (magic theory): 20 :8+12
  1629. <Schwarzbart> OK if the Spirit have Might then Aidens Magic will be usfull but there Spirits especial if it is from a Magic that dont have might and then you need mentem!
  1630. <Corbenik> (hmmm, I would guess vis)
  1631. <Schwarzbart> err magic effect
  1632. <Bashir> (We are in a covenant through.. maybe they have a mage or mentem apprentice we could borrow :p )
  1633. <Bashir> (since we are intruding on their hospitality hehe)
  1634. <Wits> Baruch: "It's also easily possible Aiden wouldn't be able to affect it. These things are complex, and you can never be sure."
  1635. <Schwarzbart> other attacks might work as well if you can aim then or if it is materialised
  1636. <Schwarzbart> but VIm magic only work at creatures with might
  1637. <Wits> Taitale: "You know what, though, Corbenik? Unless it materializes, it won't be able to behead you. If it materializes, it can behead you, but Baruch can fry it then. So win-win, right?"
  1638. * Bashir hides a grin
  1639. <Wits> Baruch: "Of course we will make all necessary arrangements in such a case, Corbenik. I'm quite certain that won't be necessary, though. I'll try to be careful."
  1640. <Bashir> "m-m-maybe s-s-sleep in a r-r-room w-without f-fake w-windows!"
  1641. <Bashir> "s-s-so y-y-you can u-use y-y-your wind t-thing"
  1642. <Wits> Baruch: "We need to find Aiden and Momo for this. After this, meet each other here, and travel outside the city. We can't do it here - I need to do some really spectacular things for this."
  1643. <Schwarzbart> Aiden is actual easy to find and he feels bether by now but from Momo no trace
  1644. <Wits> So we try to find Aiden and Momo - we need them to see it, and Baruch needs to see the thing as soon as possible, because he has to conjure the storm before striking it, which takes a little while. After that, we try to find a private spot outside of the city, preferably in a forest or somesuch
  1645. <Wits> And wait for the evening there. Corbenik holds the amulet and stays away from the others, and Baruch is ready to cast.
  1646. <Bashir> "I-i m-may h-h-have t-to w-wait in m-my room, t-to d-deliver a me-message.."
  1647. <Wits> Baruch: "If it is necessary. I doubt we can use your help with this in any case."
  1648. <Bashir> (and to stay out of harms way *whistles* ...)
  1649. * Bashir nods eagerly
  1650. <Wits> (:)
  1651. <Bashir> "M-m-my l-little d-dagger w-would b-be of little use"
  1652. <Schwarzbart> You hear from the desk "Mr Bashir, I have to tell you that you best have to wait till the book is finished as then he will take the time to meet with Baruch again and you can join this"
  1653. <Bashir> "ahh... t-thank you" [Bashir smiles bit it does not appear geniune]
  1654. <Bashir> "S-seems I c-can j-join a-after all.."
  1655. <Wits> Baruch: "Well good. Come along, then."
  1656. <Wits> If we can't find momo, we'll simply do it with Aiden
  1657. <Bashir> "H-h-he w-went c-chasing a-after a another c-cat..."
  1658. <Schwarzbart> Isabela "I will come with you just have to take some things"
  1659. <Schwarzbart> (You forgt she is with you and also can see Spirits?)
  1660. <Wits> (Yeah, I forgot, sorry)
  1661. <Bashir> (holy friggin... Aiden has a perdo vim of 26 :p )
  1662. <Wits> Baruch: "Excellent. Yes, of course, this would be very helpful. If you know a suitable spot outside the city, it would be useful."
  1663. <Schwarzbart> (yes but cant spontan cast)
  1664. <Bashir> (true)
  1665. <Schwarzbart> "Now it depend what your looking for."
  1666. <Wits> Baruch: "It shouldn't be close to other people - preferably a bit away from farmhouses and such. A forest clearing would be good."
  1667. <Schwarzbart> (For Momo is the problem he left with a other cat and is somewhere in the city so no way you can find him)
  1668. <Wits> (What would be the intellego mentem base to detect the presence of minds? The guidelines don' tmention that)
  1669. <Schwarzbart> (except for magic)
  1670. <Bashir> (mhm momo is a lost cause :p )
  1671. <Schwarzbart> (Adrian do you want to play Aiden for this? as you have the char open anyway)
  1672. <Bashir> sure
  1673. <Bashir> I was trying to find the mentem guidelines but sure :)
  1674. <Bashir> (can't find it either Wits)
  1675. <Schwarzbart> OK you used a coach to get outside of the city
  1676. <Wits> (I think I'm going to say it's base 1, because it seems most base 2 effects are "tougher" than just plain knowing if something is THERE - e.g. it's intellego herbam base 2 to locate a plant, which is tougher than simply sensing one if it's around)
  1677. * Bashir Aiden complains about the bumps in the road clutching his stomach but he looks much better
  1678. <Wits> (Hm, on the other hand, that would make it very easy to sense invisible people)
  1679. <Schwarzbart> (Would say go with 4 and then some effect that cover a area)
  1680. <Schwarzbart> (as Consciousness sound exact right for this)
  1681. <Wits> (Ok, it's too tough for Baruch then. He'll trust Aiden and Isabela.)
  1682. <Wits> Let's carry out the plan, shall we
  1683. <Schwarzbart> You haved some rest on they way as it took around 2 hour
  1684. <Wits> (About what time was it when we woke up to the bear's roar the last time?)
  1685. <Schwarzbart> Mourning hours when it was still dark, you haved around 2h of seep till you was weakened by the work noices
  1686. <Schwarzbart> afterwards
  1687. <Wits> (Ok)
  1688. <Corbenik> -_-
  1689. <Schwarzbart> its a open field where some fruit trees a growing in not to close distance
  1690. <Schwarzbart> right now there people working on it but they sould leave when darkness comes
  1691. <Schwarzbart> "Would this do it?" Otherwise we have to go much fater as everything around is used
  1692. <Corbenik> (thinks if there is enough light)
  1693. <Wits> Baruch: "This will have to do then. The locals will wonder about what is going on, but it cannot be helped."
  1694. * Bashir Still clutching his stomach Aiden pleads for us to stop here
  1695. <Schwarzbart> @Baruch your bird friend land on a tree and look at you
  1696. <Wits> Baruch: "Now we wait. Corbenik, you keep the amulet and be ready to defend yourself at all times. Aiden, you keep your eyes peeled to see the thing as soon as it makes its move."
  1697. <Wits> Baruch looks at the bird thoughtfully
  1698. <Bashir> "I-i-it w-will b-be n-n-night though.., s-surely, w-when t-the b-bear comes..."
  1699. <Wits> Baruch: "Maybe this fellar could help us."
  1700. <Wits> Baruch: "Yes, a torch or somesuch might come in handy"
  1701. <Corbenik> ".... as I said should I die your paying for my funeral, investing in the guard, and .... please take my sword to one of the Hyperborean adjacent garden sectors"
  1702. <Schwarzbart> Isablea shakes hear head "Good that I thought about this , here is one of our lamps for each"
  1703. <Wits> Baruch: *solemnly* "I promise this. Don't worry, I believe we are up to this."
  1704. * Bashir rolls his eyes
  1705. <Wits> Baruch: "Yes, yes. Good, thank you."
  1706. <Bashir> "t-thank you f-for th-the lamp, Isabella"
  1707. <Bashir> Aiden: "So, how does this work?"
  1708. <Bashir> Aiden "We will just wait till it happens to turn up?"
  1709. <Wits> After sundown and parma rituals, Baruch will try to spont on image discplacement spell on Corbenik. But it fails. He looks puzzled, but leaves it.
  1710. <Wits> Baruch: "That was what I was thinking, yes. Any better ideas?"
  1711. <Schwarzbart> "Any one hungry? I have also brough bread and fuitemush"
  1712. * Bashir Aiden shakes his head
  1713. <Bashir> Aiden: "Just wanted to be sure"
  1714. <Wits> Baruch: "Good thinking, Isabela. Thank you."
  1715. * Bashir Aiden does the parma ritual as night falls as well
  1716. <Schwarzbart> Isebella did sleep at the wagon the afternoon
  1717. <Schwarzbart> The bird still watch you all but especial baruch even in the evening
  1718. <Bashir> [Bashir finds a spot beneath a tree and curls up for some rest, casting a few glances to the bird flying overhead]
  1719. <Schwarzbart> but left when dawn comes
  1720. <Corbenik> -_-
  1721. <Schwarzbart> *ok let forward a good bit*
  1722. <Schwarzbart> err dusk not dawn
  1723. <Corbenik> oh then
  1724. <Corbenik> -_-
  1725. <Bashir> (five days to be exact, the ghost doesn't show and the provisions you brought have diminished to nothing :p )
  1726. <Wits> (Remember that the thunderbird can see literalyl everything - so she can keep an eye on us even from very far away, and immediately appear by us, especially is she sees vis :)
  1727. <Corbenik> (you must now resort to eating Isebella or spend that moutain of gold you have to by more food)
  1728. <Wits> (:D)
  1729. <Schwarzbart> YOu keeped watch for some time and you all ar kind of tired from it when the GM ask for a Second Sight roll from Aiden
  1730. <Bashir> (lol)
  1731. <Schwarzbart> (per+Second Sight)
  1732. <Wits> (Baruch has cast wizard's sidestep on himself in the evening - no need to roll I think)
  1733. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2 (+1 if faery)
  1734. <AmuletBot> Bashir, (+1 if faery): 11 :9+2
  1735. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10+8
  1736. <AmuletBot> Schwarzbart: 16 :8+8
  1737. * Corbenik standing there with his longsword, and heater shield with this face -_-
  1738. <Schwarzbart> Isabelle "There is something comming from the city looks like a bear"
  1739. <Schwarzbart> short after she saied this Aiden see it as well
  1740. <Bashir> (/me idly wonders if Corbenik fell asleep while standing guard)
  1741. <Bashir> Aiden: "I see it too!"
  1742. <Corbenik> -_- "...............goody"
  1743. <Wits> Baruch immediately summons the storm
  1744. <Wits> No roll, probably?
  1745. <Bashir> [Aiden looks a bit giddy actually, the fear and aches would appear to have passed]
  1746. <Schwarzbart> ok Ini rolls everyone except Aiden and Isabel -3 for the first round
  1747. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1 (Aiden)
  1748. <AmuletBot> Bashir, (Aiden): 11 :10+1
  1749. <Bashir> (reroll?)
  1750. <Wits> !roll 1d10+1 (not yet counted the -3 in)
  1751. <AmuletBot> Wits, (not yet counted the -3 in): 10 :9+1
  1752. <Schwarzbart> except someone want to do a preperation round
  1753. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1 (Aiden, rerolled in case of stress)
  1754. <AmuletBot> Bashir, (Aiden, rerolled in case of stress): 5 :4+1
  1755. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+3
  1756. <AmuletBot> Corbenik: 10 :7+3
  1757. <Wits> (Yeah, Baruich wants to cast the storm as soon as possible and keep it going)
  1758. <Wits> (In preparatio, before the bear gets here)
  1759. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+2
  1760. <AmuletBot> Bashir: 6 :4+2
  1761. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10-1 (Isabelle)
  1762. <AmuletBot> Schwarzbart, (Isabelle): 4 :5-1
  1763. <Wits> !roll 1d10-1 (Taitale's ini, not yet factored in -3)
  1764. <AmuletBot> Wits, (Taitale's ini, not yet factored in -3): 8 :9-1
  1765. <Schwarzbart> (ini is allways stress)
  1766. <Wits> So Baruch's ini is 7 with the -3, and Taitale's is 5 with the -3
  1767. <Bashir> Bashir is at 3, Aiden is at 11 (unless it is stress dice)
  1768. <Wits> (It is stress, Schwarz said, so reroll)
  1769. <Bashir> (in which case he is at a whooping 1)
  1770. <Bashir> (i did, it was a 6 or so)
  1771. <Bashir> (so 1 :p )
  1772. <Wits> (Ah, ok, sorry missed it. So 1)
  1773. <Bashir> (Aiden never had a shred of luck :p )
  1774. <Wits> (Yeah :)
  1775. <Bashir> (is ok, I missed what Schwarzbart wrote :p )
  1776. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10
  1777. <AmuletBot> Schwarzbart: 3
  1778. <Bashir> (at least he is't at minus 2...)
  1779. <Schwarzbart> Ok the bear materialised right in front of Corbenik (he have the Amulte right?)
  1780. <Wits> Baruch is looking tense and focussed, Taitale frightened
  1781. <Corbenik> (yep)
  1782. <Wits> (Yeah he has it)
  1783. <Wits> Baruch will try to lightning it as soon as possible
  1784. <Bashir> (GG Corbenik old pal, I'll remember you fondly)
  1785. <Schwarzbart> Baruch your storm started
  1786. <Schwarzbart> and its your turn
  1787. <Corbenik> (your turn?, whos turn)
  1788. <Schwarzbart> Baruch
  1789. <Wits> Ok, so lightning away. +30 damage, penetration 32
  1790. <Bashir> not Corpenik?
  1791. <Bashir> (ah right, the minus 3, nm)
  1792. <Wits> (Corbenik is at 7 as well I think)
  1793. <Schwarzbart> (Yes Corbenik your move also)
  1794. <Bashir> (stick your iron sword into that lighting, I dare you!)
  1795. <Wits> (Yeah, we act simultaneously
  1796. <Wits> (Haha :D)
  1797. <Schwarzbart> So Corbenik whats your action with the bear right in front of you?
  1798. <Corbenik> uletBot Corbenik: 10:7+3
  1799. <Corbenik> What was the -3 from?
  1800. <Bashir> (the bear is invis)
  1801. <Schwarzbart> because you couldnÄt see him comming
  1802. <Bashir> (or was..)
  1803. <Corbenik> oh
  1804. <Corbenik> Can I delay my action :P
  1805. <Bashir> (He has materialized tho, and wants to eat your head)
  1806. <Schwarzbart> He sudenly showed up in front of you and you just have time for 1 action befor he for sur hit you
  1807. <Bashir> (or remove it from it's proper place!)
  1808. <Corbenik> (I was suppose to stay here and let the magus handle it)
  1809. <Bashir> (can't fault the man for not having faith hehe :p but clever move)
  1810. <Wits> (Ok, so he focuses on trying to dodge if it tries to hit him, I'm guessing)
  1811. <Schwarzbart> (so you wait? Then I want to have a Curage or Loyality personality roll from you)
  1812. <Schwarzbart> (unless you have carless or something like this)
  1813. <Bashir> (haha Bashir would have started running at this point, no questions asked)
  1814. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+2 (loyal to superiors)
  1815. <AmuletBot> Corbenik, (loyal to superiors): 9 :7+2
  1816. <Schwarzbart> you have difficult to follow the order but you manage
  1817. <Bashir> (god he is loyal... meh..)
  1818. <Bashir> (meh I tell you!)
  1819. <Corbenik> (though we can go into a debate if Baruch is a superior)
  1820. <Wits> (haha, if he wasn't faerie his personality attribute should probably rise to +3 :)
  1821. <Schwarzbart> (he is a Elder Mage so yes he should be)
  1822. <Corbenik> (exactly, delay action)
  1823. <Wits> (If the lightning hits, Corbenik will have to roll size +6 to remain standing)
  1824. <Corbenik> (something tells me I'm going to get hit with the +30 damage, pen 32 lightning)
  1825. <Wits> (So probably just stress die against 6)
  1826. <Schwarzbart> the lighning struck and when you can see again there is no more bear sprit
  1827. <Schwarzbart> (human size is 1)
  1828. <Bashir> (no blood splatter? :p )
  1829. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10+1
  1830. <AmuletBot> Corbenik: 7 :6+1
  1831. <Corbenik> (HELL YEAH)
  1832. <Bashir> (like a boars)
  1833. <Wits> (Haha)
  1834. <Wits> Baruch: "Plan perfectly executed, I should say. Well done, Corbenik."
  1835. <Bashir> (works better when spoken I'd think)
  1836. <Wits> Taitale: "Now we just hope it stays away."
  1837. <Bashir> (Can Aiden look around to see if the bear didn't just dematerialize?)
  1838. <Corbenik> "Hm, well that was something, why don't you use something like that more often?"
  1839. <Schwarzbart> (let me just do some math)
  1840. <Wits> (Also, if it left behind vis in spirit form, I think Aiden and Isabela should see it)
  1841. <Bashir> (possibly)
  1842. <Wits> Baruch: "Well, it's quite dangerous, you see. Not that I thought you would be in any danger, of course, but whoever gets hit tends not to survive."
  1843. <Schwarzbart> Baruch something in your mind says there is no vis taht wasn't a magical creatur snief
  1844. <Bashir> (I'm just considering whether Aiden should be complaining about the missed chance to show off his worth :p )
  1845. <Wits> (Schwarzbart: what's "snief"?)
  1846. <Bashir> (where'd you see it?)
  1847. <Schwarzbart> sad
  1848. <Corbenik> "Exactly, think of how many fights you could have ended with that one spell" whissles
  1849. <Wits> (Ah, sniff, right :)
  1850. <Bashir> (oh :p unrelated hehe)
  1851. <Wits> The storm begins to settle down.
  1852. <Wits> Baruch: "Do you think this is enough evidence for your superiors to consider the case settled as agreed?"
  1853. <Bashir> [Bashir looks a bit shaken and sits back down by the tree he had been sleeping by]
  1854. <Schwarzbart> "Now I clearly was withness of this bearspirit we just have to see if it was the sailor or something else
  1855. <Corbenik> (oh I forgot to show Corbeniks face when the lightning stroke, -_- "
  1856. <Bashir> Aiden: "So the ghost is totally gone?" He sounds a bit disappointed
  1857. <Bashir> (hehe)
  1858. <Wits> Baruch: "Hmm. I doubt we can prove the sailor's or anyone else's involvement without studying the item in greater depth. The bear is obviously tied to it, but I doubt it is controlled by the sailor. Why else would it have attacked Crobenik just there?"
  1859. <Schwarzbart> (Actual baruchs Lightning wouldn't be enough but I haved to speed up)
  1860. <Corbenik> :D
  1861. <Bashir> (hehe fair enough :) )
  1862. <Schwarzbart> (Ok the combat is over and I think you get some rest that you can back to the city tomorrow or other plans?)
  1863. <Bashir> (what happens to a spirit bear when struck by lightning? -- well... it survives but due to time constraints we'll be assuming it's dead :p )
  1864. <Wits> (Yeah, back to city, I think keep the amulet separate from any people in case the bear comes back, get some sleep, report back to the covenant head and return the items to him.)
  1865. <Schwarzbart> (No one could see as the lighning bedazzled everyone for more then just a vew seconds
  1866. <Corbenik> (It was actually sucked up by the lighting, currently it's within the clouds and is suffering many thunder bolts striking it, yes I know it's not possible)
  1867. * Bashir will follow Baruch to deliver the letter
  1868. <Schwarzbart> (Baruch wasn't called so fare ;) )
  1869. <Bashir> (bleh, now I'm doing it!)
  1870. <Schwarzbart> (give me a vew minutes need new tea)
  1871. <Bashir> (no wait..)
  1872. <Bashir> (well, the name was right at least :p )
  1873. <Bashir> (will do a quick bio run then)
  1874. <Wits> (Ok. I'll get some tea as we. But I'll give all the items to Isabela and ask her to tell the covenant head what we know thus far - about the sailor, the amulet, the bear and so on)
  1875. <Schwarzbart> "I don't think our covenant whant this cursed amulet so you could keep it"
  1876. <Corbenik> "hm, fair enough"
  1877. <Bashir> (back)
  1878. <Schwarzbart> (Bashir remember the second task you got ^^)
  1879. * Corbenik keeps holding amulet
  1880. <Wits> Baruch: "Yes, I might be interested in investigating the curse, perhaps."
  1881. <Bashir> "I think we should keep it"
  1882. <Bashir> (add stutter if you like :p )
  1883. * Bashir also hands over the letter to the covenant head
  1884. <Wits> Baruch: "Something like this is certainly too dangerous to be held by a mundane sailor, unfortunate as this may be for him."
  1885. <Schwarzbart> (Ok you got 2 more days at the covenant, it turned out that the sailor was dead at the next tai with the only sighn of a bit blood tickling out of his nose that something not right
  1886. <Schwarzbart> (err tai=day)
  1887. <Bashir> (good lord!)
  1888. <Corbenik> (Shame, I guess thats why it came from the town)
  1889. <Bashir> [to the death] "m-maybe the bear killed h-him b-before it w-went aafter us?"
  1890. <Schwarzbart> We handle what you did buy in BArcelona in the forum
  1891. <Wits> Taitale: "It would have ripped the man's head off, wouldn't it? I have a bad feeling about this."
  1892. <Wits> Would Taitale get any lore roll about that?
  1893. <Corbenik> "yeah"
  1894. <Wits> (Ok, we'll deal with the purchase stuff forum-wise)
  1895. <Schwarzbart> Wits it might Mentem Magic Theory
  1896. <Wits> (Not magic lore? Ok, I'll roll for both Taitale and Baruch then)
  1897. <Wits> !roll 1d10+8 (Taitale)
  1898. <AmuletBot> Wits, (Taitale): 15 :7+8
  1899. <Wits> !roll 1d10+12 (Baruch)
  1900. <AmuletBot> Wits, (Baruch): 22 :10+12
  1901. <Bashir> "w-w-we s-should e-ensure sssomeone g-gives him a burial.."
  1902. <Wits> (Was that stress?)
  1903. <Wits> Baruch: "Perhaps his coworkers will provide this service - I believe they have customs for that among sailors."
  1904. * Bashir nods, apparently satisfied
  1905. <Schwarzbart> Baruch is rather sure that with slaying the spirit you also destroyed the mind of the one whos spirit it was
  1906. <Corbenik> (what about tiatale)
  1907. <Wits> (*oops*)
  1908. <Schwarzbart> its difficult magic that not fully undertsnd with the Hermetic Tradition but thats what you thinl
  1909. <Bashir> (naa I much prefer it this way)
  1910. <Bashir> (much less dangerous to steal it now that the head-stealing spirit is dead)
  1911. <Wits> Baruch: "Ahem. Something presently occurred to me. It may be the bear was, in fact, the man's spirit form. I am not certain whether he was aware of what he was doing, but perhaps we killed him along with the bear."
  1912. <Bashir> "..."
  1913. <Wits> Baruch: "These sorts of magics are not well known among the order, so I could not possibly have predicted this."
  1914. <Corbenik> "Either way, he is dead, and we don't know where he is actually from. So we might as well keep it"
  1915. * Bashir kneels by the man and checks his pockets and hands for other potentially mystical artifacts
  1916. <Schwarzbart> Bashir you just heared the reports but did't see him
  1917. <Bashir> (ah, ok)
  1918. <Bashir> (shame :p )
  1919. <Wits> Ok, I think that's all we'll do about this - if there's a reaction from the covenant's side, tell us what it is. Taitale and Baruch will focus on finding the area lore:europe thing we talked about
  1920. <Schwarzbart> OK anything else you wanted to do in the city?
  1921. <Wits> Baruch: "Yes, ther emight be traces of the magic still"
  1922. <Schwarzbart> (You want to investigate this with baruch or AIden?)
  1923. <Wits> (The amulet you mean? Or the area lore?)
  1924. * Bashir is tempted to throw a rock into one of the windows of the covenant but thinks better of it)
  1925. <Schwarzbart> (the traces of Magic)
  1926. <Wits> (It's lab work, isn't it, so Baruch can only do it once we get back to our city)
  1927. <Wits> (Ah, right. Yes)
  1928. <Wits> (actually, Baruch will spont spells to see if there's still magic in the amulet or if it's gone)
  1929. <Schwarzbart> the make a intelego+vim roll
  1930. <Schwarzbart> and say me what you exactly looking for
  1931. <Wits> !roll 1d10+10 (+aura?)
  1932. <AmuletBot> Wits, (+aura?): 11 :1+10
  1933. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  1934. <AmuletBot> Wits: 9
  1935. <Wits> So 26 plus/minus aura - I'll do it in the covenant's aura if I can
  1936. <Wits> And halved, of course
  1937. <Schwarzbart> where you doing this? In your room?
  1938. <Wits> Do I haev access to the covenant? If yes, I'll do it in their aura
  1939. <Schwarzbart> No you dont have acces to the place where the labs are
  1940. <Wits> Ok, in that case in my room
  1941. <Schwarzbart> and you can be happy to have a 0 Aura here as in the city you encounter Divine auras of even past 3
  1942. <Schwarzbart> Ok its sure some kind of enchantment on this Amulet but its non Hermetic so you can't say what it is
  1943. <Wits> Yeah ok, so it's still there. In that case we'll bring it with us. I'll ask Corbenik to carry it and stay alert in case the bear comes back - although I also emphasize that I'm quite certain it won't
  1944. <Corbenik> "Okay"
  1945. <Wits> Anything else anyone wants to do? Or anything anyone wants to discuss about my council meeting stuff for next time?
  1946. <Bashir> (Bashir will be sure to explain all that has happened, and that the amulet is now in our city to Antonius once we return)
  1947. <Wits> (Oh sorry Schwarzbart, I missed the point about saying exactly what to lok for. I was just looking to see if it's still magical, which is just what you answered :)
  1948. <Schwarzbart> OK then Baruch and Bashir got a audience once more for a breakfeast where Bashir could hand over the letter and Baruch trade the books
  1949. <Wits> (Do we play that?)
  1950. <Schwarzbart> ok and its aktuall qute strong magic Wits
  1951. <Schwarzbart> (no)
  1952. <Wits> (Ok)
  1953. <Schwarzbart> You fly back to the covenant using some fog to cover the departmeture
  1954. <Schwarzbart> at the covenent
  1955. <Schwarzbart> Mr Lato "Someone interested at having dinner with me? For most I think we even have the same way"
  1956. <Schwarzbart> err (lunch not dinner)
  1957. <Wits> Baruch: "Certainly."
  1958. <Corbenik> "Does it include ale?"
  1959. <Schwarzbart> I think Baruch want first to deliver the book to the library to end this task
  1960. <Wits> (Ah, yeah, sure.)
  1961. <Schwarzbart> "Sure"
  1962. <Bashir> "I h-have m-mmatters to att-ttend to, b-b-but thank y-y-you ff-for the offer!"
  1963. <Corbenik> "Alright"
  1964. <Wits> Baruch: "I must deal with some things first. Perhaps next time."
  1965. <Schwarzbart> but Teitale live nearby so they have the same way
  1966. <Wits> Taitale: "I'll come, Lato. I'm hungry as a spirit bear, right?)
  1967. <Schwarzbart> (the only one of our group now not heading this direction is Bashir your comming anyway for a good meal?)
  1968. <Schwarzbart> (ah ok missed it sorry)
  1969. <Bashir> (Naa, Bashir will try to inform Antonius as quickly as he can, in case the amulet needs to disappear :) )
  1970. <Schwarzbart> So most of the group head to the hyperboran quarten when sudenly .... all roll per+awearness
  1971. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10-1 (+1 if spotting)
  1972. <AmuletBot> Corbenik, (+1 if spotting): 2 :3-1
  1973. <Wits> !roll 1d10+6 (+3 if hearing or sight)
  1974. <AmuletBot> Wits, (+3 if hearing or sight): 8 :2+6
  1975. <Wits> So 11 if hearing or sight
  1976. <Schwarzbart> !roll 1d10+3
  1977. <AmuletBot> Schwarzbart: 10 :7+3
  1978. <Bashir> (Aiden is coming, I closed the window)
  1979. <Wits> (Aiden is with us you mean?)
  1980. <Bashir> (I,.. thought so :p )
  1981. <Wits> (Roll perception+awareness then)
  1982. <Bashir> (working on it!)
  1983. <Wits> (Hehe, sorry:)
  1984. <Corbenik> (uhhhhh define us)
  1985. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+4
  1986. <AmuletBot> Bashir: 13 :9+4
  1987. <Wits> (Us is Taitael, Lato, Corbenik, Aiden, I think)
  1988. <Bashir> (Aiden's roll)
  1989. <Wits> (Baruch and Bashir went away)
  1990. <Schwarzbart> Teltail you see 3 arrows flying stright at you
  1991. =-= Nyaa are now known as Aiden
  1992. <Wits> (Fuuk)
  1993. <Aiden> (oh god, did I just get Aiden killed?...)
  1994. <Wits> "AAAARGHHlokooouutu" tries to dodge out of the way
  1995. <Corbenik> (yes, as I can't spot these guys)
  1996. <Schwarzbart> they comming from the place on the opsit stree side to where dirks lab is
  1997. <Corbenik> (DIRK HAS BETRAYED US)
  1998. <Wits> (:D )
  1999. <Schwarzbart> Wits just make a int+ finesse roll
  2000. <Wits> !roll 1d10+9 (intfin)=
  2001. <AmuletBot> Wits, (intfin)=: 18 :9+9
  2002. <Wits> (Ha, my streak of 2's is officially broken)
  2003. <Aiden> (haha the real danger is all the others who gets hit by a throne gone wild)
  2004. <Schwarzbart> you got enough hight so they just scratch your throne a bit
  2005. <Schwarzbart> The others with 9+ on theyr rolls for sight
  2006. <Wits> Taitale: "Corbenik! Get them! Over there! Assassination! Assault!"
  2007. * Corbenik looks about (can I see them)
  2008. <Schwarzbart> there 2 people running away in complet black cloths and a 3th was hit by a blck bolt comming from dirks lab
  2009. <Wits> Taitale: "By Apollo's buttocks! I'm getting you for this!" *shakes fist*
  2010. <Aiden> "There!" [points to the running black hooded people] "They are running!"
  2011. * Corbenik ......CHARGE
  2012. <Wits> Taitale will fly high and try to follow them with his eyes while simultaneously maneuvering furiously sideways to make him a hard target
  2013. <Wits> And fly after them as well, obviously
  2014. <Schwarzbart> short after you spot them they fanish in some ruins
  2015. <Corbenik> Which ruins are these, surface abandoned or going down under?
  2016. <Schwarzbart> but the one hit by a black bolt is crying from pain
  2017. <Schwarzbart> surface ruins but when your there there is no trace of them
  2018. <Corbenik> -_- "I need the magus to search this place" turns to walk back
  2019. <Aiden> "we got one,at least!"
  2020. <Wits> Taitale: "Put this guy behind bars. Maybe he can tell us something once we get the arrow out."
  2021. <Schwarzbart> Mr Latho thake the face mask of from the one hit by the black bolt and get pale
  2022. <Aiden> (if we want to get the arrow out! cue to evil grin)
  2023. <Schwarzbart> "its my son!" "Why, how could he do such a thing?"
  2024. <Corbenik> "Give me the mask, please"
  2025. <Schwarzbart> Corbenik its one of the new young recruts you have as there where some looses
  2026. <Aiden> (awkward...)
  2027. <Corbenik> eye twitches
  2028. <Wits> Taitale: "Damn. You should keep your kids on a tighter leash, Lato."
  2029. <Schwarzbart> the person in black clothes "Where I'm?"
  2030. <Schwarzbart> "And why hurt everything?"
  2031. <Wits> Taitale: "You just tried to shoot me up, kid. Didn't notice?"
  2032. <Aiden> "he is delirious"
  2033. <Schwarzbart> "huh? Whats this cloths I have on me?"
  2034. <Schwarzbart> "I hate the color black!"
  2035. <Schwarzbart> "Wo put me into them?"
  2036. <Corbenik> (He has no taste in color)
  2037. <Aiden> (lol)
  2038. <Wits> Can I roll folk ken to see if he's lying?
  2039. <Schwarzbart> sure
  2040. <Aiden> (That earns him an extra beating for disliking black - when he is behind bars :p )
  2041. <Wits> !roll 1d10+5 (pe+folk ken)
  2042. <AmuletBot> Wits, (pe+folk ken): 7 :2+5
  2043. <Schwarzbart> Mr Latho "Yes its strang he would never wear black cloths unless forced"
  2044. <Wits> (And it's back to normal, isn't it)
  2045. <Schwarzbart> to Aiden "Could you be so nice to check if was magical influenced?"
  2046. <Corbenik> "hmmm, Latho give me the mask"
  2047. <Schwarzbart> here
  2048. <Aiden> "humm"
  2049. <Corbenik> takes it "Let try this, RECRUIT, put this mask on"
  2050. <Schwarzbart> by now a swan lands nearby and change to the High Priest Spirit
  2051. * Aiden Aiden thinks for a moment [rather, I'm going through his spell list]
  2052. <Wits> (Did I get anything from the folk ken?)
  2053. <Schwarzbart> @Wits to all what you can tell he saying the truth
  2054. <Schwarzbart> still winding in pain "Sir why should I do this?"
  2055. <Aiden> (Do anyone recall if Aiden learned some intellego spells that could be used to this effect? - his character sheet isn't 100% up to date I elieve)
  2056. <Schwarzbart> High Priest "I spot them attacking you and so I hit one of them with the might of Apollo sadly the 2 others got away!"
  2057. <Schwarzbart> (Not to my knowledge)
  2058. <Aiden> (I don't think so either..)
  2059. <Wits> Taitale: "Mr. Priest sir! Could you give this kid a hand? It's good you gibbed him, but we'd rather not kill him."
  2060. <Aiden> "Sorry Mr. Lato, I can't help with that, though I would have liked to!"
  2061. <Corbenik> "Because you along with other people wearing black and masks tried to assainate one of the magus's memebers, as such all possiblities must be investigated."
  2062. <Schwarzbart> "He wont die but might need rest for some time to recover"
  2063. <Wits> Taitale: "If you say so, mr priest. We should probably lock him up just in case. Did you notice if he was possessed or something like that?"
  2064. <Wits> (I'll have to go in about 15-20 mins)
  2065. <Aiden> (I'll have to run, sorry for the lack of warning. Hopefully Bashir or aiden won't be soarly missed :) )
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