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  1. Varn glanced at Commissar Fell, despite trying not to. The woman was stunning, there was no other word, and she knew it. She had subtly changed almost every part of her commissariat outfit, expert tailors fitting it perfectly to her body. The shirt was tighter than usual, drawn in around her waist to exaggerate her chest, and a few buttons had been left intentionally undone. Her sleeves were skin-tight, exposing the form of her arms, stretching between her gloves and her ornate shoulder pads. A miniskirt replaced her trousers, just long enough to show nothing, just short enough to hint everything. She sat the chair next to him, long legs crossed, the arm closest to him thrown back over her chair, accentuating her bosom. Long black hair ran down her back beneath the commissariat hat which, along with her boots and bolt pistol, were the only things standard issue about her.
  3. Even if Varn hadn't been too busy to see his pet for the past two days, he would have struggled to drag his attention from her. Tense as he was, craving sweet release inside his daemonette, even looking at Fell was agony. Worse, he was sure she knew it.
  5. “Varn?” said a man's voice.
  7. Varn snapped his head to the front. He'd almost forgotten the Lord General was there. He thought he saw Fell smirking out of the corner of his eye. Damn the woman. He turned his attention back to the aging military officer. No matter that Varn was technically outside the chain of command, it wouldn't do to offend such a powerful individual.
  9. “I apologise, Lord General,” said Varn. “Please continue.”
  11. “As I was saying...” The Lord General launched back into his discussion of military tactics with the other high ranking officials in the room. Varn looked back at Fell. She winked at him, then blew him a kiss. Damn. That. Woman.
  13. He had to get back to Karilith. This was too much. He glanced up at the clock in the corner of the room. The meeting had already run forty minutes over time. Not helpful. He considered excusing himself, but no. An Inquisitor couldn't be seen to be anything less than perfectly dedicated. He tried to clear his mind, working through the mental techniques he used to focus before unleashing his psychic ability. Time ticked away. He heard the rustle of Fell slowly uncrossing and recrossing her legs. He had to leave.
  15. “Right. Thank you, gentlemen.” said the Lord General.
  17. Varn let out a deep breath as the room began to clear. Military officials and scribes left in short order, and the Lord General walked over to meet him, offering a hand. Varn took it and gave it a firm shake.
  19. “Sorry that took so long, Inquisitor. I know your time is precious.”
  21. “Not at all, Lord General. Always a pleasure to see the strength of the Imperium at work.”
  23. “Ahh, call me Gerard,” said the Lord General, “now, about your request. I understand you're having a little… staff shortage.”
  25. That was putting it lightly. His entire team was gone. He'd barely escaped the Hollow Ghost with his life, clambering into an escape pod just seconds before the hull breached. Even now, he was still piecing corrupted audio and video files, trying to make sense of what happened. It was only by complete chance that his pod had been picked up by a rogue trader. He had commandeered the ship, taken over a set of rooms for himself, and spent the rest of the journey trying to uncover the mystery. Well, when he wasn't with his pet.
  27. “Yes,” said Varn. “An unfortunate situation. And I understand that you are busy trying to win a war, but I must request a small number of troops transferred to my command.”
  29. “Very well, I shall see what I can do. Fell, we have matters to discuss. By your leave, Inquisitor.”
  31. The Lord General turned away, Fell walking alongside him, her hips swaying. Was she doing that on purpose? It was like the Emperor had sculpted her body to frustrate him, and then given her orders to do exactly that. He really had to get back to Karilith.
  33. Varn stepped outside into the red dust of Elucies. It's red sun hung high in the sky, close to midday. Its heat beat down on his back as he strode briskly to his shuttle.
  35. Ensign Aveline was waiting for him. The flight officer stood to attention as he drew near.
  37. “Sir.”
  39. “At ease Aveline.”
  41. Did he really have to say that every time? The woman needed to relax a little. She had been assigned to his new ship when he had first arrived here. Varn supposed that the Imperial Navy felt like they should have at least one officer aboard the rogue trader now it was under Inquisitorial command. But someone too senior, and it would look like they were taking control. Someone incompetent, and it might sour some strand of the bizarre relationship that had begun to evolve. So they had sent their youngest and their brightest. Ensign Aveline, top of her class, perfectly dressed, and so stiff your could use her to iron clothes well enough she might even wear them.
  43. Her cute face relaxed at his words, and she nodded to him.
  45. “Where to sir?”
  47. “Back to the ship.” said Varn.
  49. Varn piled into the back of the shuttle and tried not to think about what Aveline would look like out of her uniform. Maybe he shouldn't have ordered her to be his personal chauffeur. Or maybe he should have ordered her to do something else. Maybe he should tell her to stop the shuttle in orbit, pull her back to his seat, bend her over and-
  51. “Sir, is everything alright?” said Aveline.
  53. “Fine.”
  55. “You started smiling.”
  57. “It's nothing.”
  59. The journey didn't take long, but it still felt like an eternity.
  61. By the time Varn had got back to his quarters, informed the crew that he didn't wish to be disturbed, and started to open the door to his pet's room, his cock was already throbbing in his robes.
  63. Karilith bounded up to her knees as he entered the room, tearing off his robes and throwing them to one side. He crossed the room to her, naked, shutting the door behind him with his mind. Within seconds of seeing him, his cock was in her mouth, and she went to work.
  65. “God-Emperor I needed this,” sighed Varn.
  67. His pet moved her head up and down, sliding him in and out of her mouth. Her long, alien tongue wrapped around his length, dragging him down her throat. He closed his eyes.
  69. And the first thing he thought of was Fell.
  71. The image of the Commissar filled his mind as his pet sucked him. Frustration started to mix with pleasure. Varn had an idea. It would be difficult, yes. But worth it.
  73. “Pet?” he said, stroking the top of her head.
  75. “Yes?”
  77. “Do you want to play a game?”
  79. The daemonette nodded, eager to please.
  81. “I'm going to let you touch my mind, okay? I'm going to give you a little bit of my memory. I want you to pay close attention to it, got that?”
  83. The daemonette nodded again. Now came the dangerous part. He'd never done this with anyone other than another human before.
  85. Varn opened his mind. He pushed images to the front of it, memories. Images, sounds, even smells. Everything he felt, and thought, everything he wanted, everything related to... Her. His pet drank it in. Her big eyes looked up at him, and he knew she knew exactly what he wanted.
  87. Karilith began to change. A combination of daemonette physiology, illusionary psyk, pheromone releases took hold. She had untold practice enticing the minds of men, showing them exactly what they wanted to see. The transformation didn't take long.
  89. Another woman stood in front of Varn. A woman with long legs. Large breasts. Black hair. Naked, except for an illustrious hat and a pair of boots.
  91. “Fell.”
  93. She looked exactly like her, a flawless copy. When she spoke, her voice, inflection, even her choice of words was perfect as well.
  95. “Inquisitor.”
  97. Varn wrapped his strong arms around her waist, picking her up off the floor. She wrapped her legs around him as he impaled her on his cock. He started to lower them both, pitching forward, slamming her back into the cold metal, pushing her to the floor in a mating press. His movements were slow, but powerful. Each one slid his entire length out of her, just the hint of the tip remaining inside, before he forced himself back down to the hilt.
  99. “Come on, Varn. You can do better than that.”
  101. He started to increase his speed, his powerful frame still pinning her to the floor. His hips slapped against her thighs, her hard body transferring the motion to her chest, which bounced in time with him. Pleasure started to overwhelm him, and the anger of having been denied this so long, of having to put up with Fell, started to give way to joy.
  103. “Is that all you've got?”
  105. His fury returned in a flash. He slapped her. Hey cheek began to redden and she bit her lip, nodding to herself.
  107. “Better.” she said.
  109. “Fucking. Bitch.” said Varn, and started to pound her ruthlessly, holding nothing back. He was rough with Karilith, sometimes, of course. But that was a violence borne of affection. This was different. His hands gripped her tightly, and his cock hammered into her. Fell smiled up at him, an infuriatingly smug look on her face.
  111. She kept her composure as he continued to slide in and out of her. She smiled, teasing him, enraging him. She knew exactly what to say to stoke his anger and arousal simultaneously. He hit her again, choked her, took out two days of frustration on her body, rutting bestially on the floor. Before long he felt himself growing close.
  113. Varn pulled out of Fell and raised her up on her elbows. He knelt astride her, sliding his cock between her ample breasts. He used both hands to squeeze them together as he started to fuck her chest. Fell tossed her head, getting her hair out of the way, then leaned back, letting him use her. She looked faintly disgusted.
  115. “Really?” she sighed.
  117. “Shut. Up.” said Varn.
  119. She looked up at him as he thrust away, fucking her tits, her expression still imperious. Then she winked, and blew him a kiss.
  121. Varn exploded. The first jet of cum streaked over Fell's forehead, but she reacted quickly, raising her head. The second landed on her cheek. He continued to cum, and Karilith, her movements undoubtedly those of the daemonette's now despite the face that wore them, caught it all. She kept Fell's appearance, but moved sensually in time with his spurts and shudders, ensuring every inch of her mouth and face was painted in his semen, letting him cover the woman he despised.
  123. Varn lay back, his rage floating away. Karilith pet set about her usual work of cleaning him, the same way she did after every one of their encounters, appearance slowly melting back to normal. She only removed his cock from her mouth briefly, to ask a question.
  125. “Was I good, master?”
  127. He sighed and ran a finger along one of the horns that had reappeared along with her real form.
  129. “Yes, pet. Very good.”
  131. “Aveline next?”
  133. Aveline? He hadn't meant to share that much of his mind with her. The link should have been restricted to his memories of Fell. Perhaps he had let her in too deeply. A hint of worry started to flick at the back of his mind, but was banished as he realised what the demon had in mind. Images of Aveline in her tightly pressed uniform filled his mind, and his cock twitched in the daemonette's mouth.
  135. “Yes,” said Varn. “Aveline next.”
  137. *******************************
  139. When he finally returned to his quarters, Varn was exhausted. It took him a moment to realise that the vox at his door was buzzing away. He wandered over to it, tightening his robes, straightening himself. He pushed the button, spoke into the receiver.
  141. “Yes?”
  143. The voice that replied was oh so familiar, and his heart leapt into his chest as it spoke.
  145. “Hello again, Inquisitor. So sorry to disturb you. May I come in?”
  147. Fell. She'd heard them. No, she couldn't have, he'd chosen that room specifically because it was soundproof. Why was she here? Did she suspect something? Was she here to arrest him? To kill him? It was a strange quirk of their respective stations, that they both held such power over one another. The Inquisition might be responsible for the soul of the Imperium, but the Commissariat were responsible for the mind. If she decided to put a bolt round in his chest and shout heresy at his corpse, it wouldn't take long for an investigation to turn up the fact she was right. He could do the same to her, he wouldn't even need the evidence. But that was the only difference. Not whether they could kill each other, but that if she did there would be more bureaucracy.
  149. Varn flicked the switch, opening the door.
  151. Fell strode into the room, looking exactly as he remembered. She wandered to his desk and sat on the edge, drawing one long leg upward, hugging it to her chest. She tilted back and forth, almost playfully. She didn't know then. He was safe.
  153. “What do you want?”
  155. “No small talk, Inquisitor? You're so mean.” She almost purred the last sentence.
  157. “Out with it, Fell.”
  159. “Ohh, but the suspense makes it all the sweeter, don't you think?” She fluttered her eyes at him. He didn't respond.
  161. “Ohh fine, have it your way,” she sighed, “You know, you weren't the only one with a staff problem. My previous regiment was all but wiped out. I was on Elucies to discuss my reassignment with the Lord General.”
  163. “So?”
  165. “So I overheard what you were saying to him. A small group of the very best, a secret mission into enemy territory, the mysterious hand of the inquisition. So romantic. How could I resist?”
  167. Realisation of what she was saying began to dawn on Varn.
  169. “I've already assembled our people. They should be shipping aboard now. I picked them myself. A handful of Tallarn, good men. A squad of Catachan women. A group of Cadians.”
  171. She flopped off his desk, and sashayed towards the door. She stopped as she passed him, raising a finger and running it along his cheek.
  173. “Yes, Inquisitor. The two of us are going to be spending a lot of time together from now on.”
  175. His eyes followed her hips as she walked out of his office. He locked the door behind her.
  177. Then he went back into the room with his pet.
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