Anselm Versus Tanks

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  1. 01[18:13] <Anselm> [So. Dozens of heavy weapons pointed at me. This'll be fun.]
  2. [18:14] <antoine> The way it is set up you are not surrounded by enemies
  3. 01[18:14] <Anselm> [Oh. Well then.]
  4. [18:14] <antoine> the hydras were in different courtyards
  5. [18:14] <antoine> so buildings between you are other enemies
  6. 01[18:15] <Anselm> I see.
  7. 01[18:22] <Anselm> [So I'm set to go whenever you are.]
  8. [18:31] <antoine> [26m from hydra, go when ready. I can do some scene fluffing so you get a feel if you want]
  9. 01[18:31] <Anselm> [That'd be splendid, but take your time with me - Belle and Omniel appear to have a finer catch.]
  10. [18:36] <antoine> As the rain patters down on your helmet and pools into the cracks you left in the pavement after your landing you observe your environment. You stand in a 50 square meter courtyard/park with hab buildings all around. The people who live here likely work in the spire but live here, your moment of thought is suddenly blown away as the hydra opens up on the vulture once more, shredding it...
  11. [18:36] <antoine> ...entirely and sending a ball of fire across the sky.
  12. 06[18:37] * Anselm grunts, pleased at the work of the Vulture.
  13. 01[18:37] <Anselm> [You mentioned battle tanks last time...]
  14. 01[18:38] <Anselm> [Where might I find those?]
  15. [18:39] <antoine> [No, outside this area. They are taking up positions closer to the spire]
  16. 01[18:40] <Anselm> [I suppose I'll try to get on top of the buildings, then for a better vantage. Pilot Test?]
  17. [18:40] <antoine> [sure]
  18. 06[18:41] * Anselm looks about, and then fires his jump pack to leap atop one of the buildings and get an better look at the situation surrounding the spire.
  19. [18:56] <antoine> On the concentric circles that are the roads surrounding the spire tanks and chimeras speed around, unloading men and setting up roadblocks. You spot ten tanks and triple that in chimeras.
  20. [19:00] <antoine> The fact they operate on different roads (two provide a defense with depth) also isolates themselves from each other. ie: inner circle, outer circle there are buildings between them so they would have to drive to assist a friendly.
  21. 01[19:01] <Anselm> [What's the distance to the nearest tank?]
  22. [19:02] <antoine> [100m]
  23. 01[19:03] <Anselm> [Dern. Um. Hm. I imagine I'll start getting shot at, so... what's the closest unit like?]
  24. [19:05] <antoine> [If you snuck your way across this hab you could get within 20m of the tank]
  25. 01[19:06] <Anselm> [Right, then, I suppose I'll do that.
  26. 01[19:06] <Anselm> Rollan.]
  27. 06[19:07] * Anselm thumbs on his stummer, and moves for the edge of the rooftop.
  28. 06[19:11] * Anselm attempts to cover the distance to the closest tank by jumping the roofs.
  29. 01[19:11] <Anselm> [Got that roll, right?]
  30. [19:11] <antoine> [You are not spotted]
  31. 01[19:12] <Anselm> [Cool.]
  32. 01[19:14] <Anselm> [So I suppose I'm close to the tank now...]
  33. [19:14] <antoine> [yeah, lol]
  34. [19:14] <antoine> [standard leman russ pattern]
  35. 01[19:15] <Anselm> [Fair enough, fair enough. Any nearby infantry or anybody else that will be in eyesight of it?]
  36. [19:15] <antoine> [No infantry support, I can't speak for civilians who could be looking out of windows.]
  37. 01[19:16] <Anselm> ["Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a giant homicidal maniac!]
  38. 06[19:17] * Anselm takes a few quick steps back, then sprints off the edge of the roof he's on, firing his thrusters to attempt and land atop the tank's turret.
  39. 01[19:18] <Anselm> [Rolling for Pilot, then.]
  40. [19:18] <antoine> [its good]
  41. 01[19:18] <Anselm> [Sweet.]
  42. 01[19:18] <Anselm> [Shall I?]
  43. [19:19] <antoine> [Do as you wish]
  44. 06[19:19] * Anselm drops down with a crash atop the tank, and bangs against the vehicle's hatch.
  45. [19:29] <antoine> You hear a commotion inside the Leman Russ battle tank before a commander wrenches open the hatch, a surprised look on his face when he sees a 1 ton terror crouching over him.
  46. 01[19:29] <Anselm> [Rolling to Intimidate.]
  47. 01[19:30] <Anselm> "Surrender. Now.
  48. [19:30] <antoine> Cowed into silence, the man puts his hands up.
  49. 01[19:32] <Anselm> "Swear to me your loyalty to the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, and you may just live through this endeavour."
  50. [19:49] <antoine> "Of course, I have always sworn loyalty to the parliament and the Emperor." he quickly stammers out
  51. 06[19:51] * Anselm draws his power sword from its sheath. "Then you will set your vehicle's vox to communicate with your fellow armor, and you will give it to me."
  52. 06[19:51] * Anselm lights the sword's power field, letting the harsh glow and the assaulting scent of ozone work on the man.
  53. [19:51] <antoine> The man calls down to his vox operator who quickly hands up the hand held mic
  54. 06[19:54] * Anselm takes the vox by hand, but hesitates before he opens the channel. "Does your crew also know the stakes set against them, body and soul?" he says loudly. "That if they betray me, they shall be destroyed wholly by the blade-edge of the righteous?"
  55. [19:56] <antoine> "I can patch you through a private net to loyal brothers only if you like?"
  56. 01[19:57] <Anselm> "After this," the Knight-Brother says, and clicks the vox on.
  57. 01[20:01] <Anselm> "Mortals! You whose loyalties are bound to float in the eddies of politics! Hear me, and hear your reckoning, your final opportunity for salvation! I am Anselm, Lord of Silen, slayer of Tau and their lesser followers, bane of Tyranids and doom of the unrighteous! No-doubt you have already seen the devastation done to your misguided aerial force. It is in shambles by my will, and mine alone! Be you loyal or traitor, the fact that I was summoned here is evidence of your cowardice! You will redeem yourselves by standing down, you will redeem yourselves by bringing the rest of your fellows in this planet's defense force back on the path -- the only path -- of humanity! To refuse is to invoke destruction... and I am ever-vigilant."
  58. 01[20:01] <Anselm> [Is... there any way I can fix that?]
  59. [20:02] <antoine> [wait one while I tally modifiers]
  60. [20:06] <antoine> [passed with a couple degrees]
  61. 01[20:07] <Anselm> [WHAT]
  62. 01[20:07] <Anselm> [MIND=BLOWN]
  63. [20:08] <antoine> [It may have to do with the morale of a regiment that saw its flying corp ripped to shreds and then one of they vultures attacking their own men.]
  64. [20:08] <antoine> their*
  65. 01[20:08] <Anselm> [This Mission is going to get even weirder very quickly.]
  66. [20:10] <antoine> The tank squadron commanders give assenting replies, as you state, their loyalty floats with the currents.
  67. 06[20:12] * Anselm glares down at the tank commander again. "Your fellows have pleased me greatly. You will now switch to this 'loyalist' channel of yours..."
  68. [20:17] <antoine> The man has his vox operator switch over the channel
  69. 06[20:17] * Anselm activates the vox once more.
  70. 01[20:18] <Anselm> [Aaaand because I failed to use them last time around...]
  71. 01[20:18] <Anselm> ++I will now hear you justify the sad state of this planet and I will hear you tell me what I want to know.++
  72. [20:35] <antoine> [Man, trying to justify this planet is pretty hard]
  73. [20:36] <antoine> [ :P }
  74. [20:38] <antoine> [sorry for the delay, responding now]
  75. 01[20:40] <Anselm> [No problem.]
  76. [20:43] <antoine> A commander, likely the most senior in this merry band of loyalists responds ++We are on the edge of Imperial space, we are constantly under threat, the weak minister bow under that pressure and yield to the alien. I am ashamed of them but please do not abandon this world, there is much good here, faith that can be renewed, manufactoriums can be opened again, the good people can work once...
  77. [20:43] <antoine> ...again to arm Carthoginians to serve the Emperor once more. Please show the people that the Emperor has not abandoned us.++
  78. 01[20:44] <Anselm> [I can't help but laugh at "Carthoginians." It's like you're begging me to burn this city and sow salt in the earth.]
  79. 06[20:46] * Anselm ponders, then speaks again: ++The God-Emperor waxes impatient with this planet's people. You will tell me where I can begin in cutting out the heart of this world's treachery. I must have your soldiery fighting for me, not against me.++
  80. [20:46] <antoine> [lol]
  81. 01[20:46] <Anselm> ++Now... who are the greatest of the conspirators against the Emperor's light?++
  82. [20:50] <antoine> ++Ministers Markov, Ronhaus and Perrithos are the head of the Tau diplomatic relations committee. They are the three men who have pushed for xenos integration and they hold sway over many other ministers.++
  83. 01[20:50] <Anselm> ++And where, pray-tell, can I find them?...++
  84. [20:54] <antoine> ++The upper spire I would say sir. I don't hob nob with the upper house so I don't know where they live.++
  85. 01[20:57] <Anselm> ++And the PDF intentionally attacked knowing that they might cause structural damage to the building holding their leaders?++
  86. 01[20:57] <Anselm> [We... WERE in THE spire, right?]
  87. [20:58] <antoine> [yeah]
  88. [20:58] <antoine> ++The Parliament is near the top, not near the bottom.++
  89. 06[20:59] * Anselm groans, and puts the vox-caster to his head. ++What elements of the present forces need to be eli-- ... brought back into the Emperor's fold?++
  90. [21:14] <antoine> ++The North Eastern units are under the Markov, Ronhaus and Perrithos' orders++
  91. 01[21:16] <Anselm> ++Then be ready to move and hold the spire. You will be easily able to identify me.++
  92. 06[21:17] * Anselm drops the vox, and looks about to get his bearings.
  93. 01[21:17] <Anselm> [Shall I roll... er... Navigation or something?]
  94. [21:17] <antoine> [Not that hard, and you can get directions to them. Tell me where you want to go]
  95. 01[21:19] <Anselm> [I want to go deal with that northeastern unit, but I'm not going to ask for directions from the men... THEY'RE NOT WORTHY OF BEING ASKED FOR HELP.]
  96. 01[21:24] <Anselm> [So, uh, shall I roll, or is there a convenient sign somewhere that says "SOUTH"?]
  97. [21:24] <antoine> [You know where NE is]
  98. 01[21:24] <Anselm> [Cool beans.]
  99. 06[21:25] * Anselm looks down at the tank commander. "I trust the lot of you will keep your word..."
  100. 06[21:26] * Anselm lets off from the top of the tank, and takes off with his jump pack for the northeastern section of the spire's base.
  101. 01[21:26] <Anselm> [Roll for Pilot?]
  102. [21:28] <antoine> [sure]
  103. 01[21:30] <Anselm> [So. I wait.]
  104. 01[21:30] <Anselm> [And I hope Sinbad lives through his unfortunate misadventures.]
  105. [21:31] <antoine> [We will see.]
  106. [21:32] <antoine> You bound from building to building heading around the spire to the north eastern position where you spy a squadron of tanks (4) spread out in roadblock positions like the others.
  107. 01[21:33] <Anselm> [Shall I take another Pilot Test to try and land one one of them?]
  108. [21:36] <antoine> [sure]
  109. 01[21:43] <Anselm> [Alright, time to see if a Fate-Burn will finally be necessary.]
  110. [21:47] <antoine> You fire your jumppack, careening over to land on the turret of one of the tanks [2 concentric circles, 2 tanks on one, 2 on the other, buildings between them and a road in the middle connecting them.]
  111. 06[21:48] * Anselm draws his power sword, and begins cutting into the Russ's turret-hatch. "The butcher has come for his bill!" the Knight-Brother shouts.
  112. 01[21:48] <Anselm> [Attack roll now?]
  113. [21:48] <antoine> [yeah]
  114. 01[21:49] <Anselm> [I wonder, were these some of the guys who heard my ranting?]
  115. [21:50] <antoine> [yes the original speech]
  116. [21:50] <antoine> [before channel change]
  117. 01[21:51] <Anselm> [Alright, so this is all just some cruel and unusual brutality from me, then.]
  118. [21:51] <antoine> You slice the hinges for the hatch off and discard the metal protecting the cowering crew inside the vehicle.
  119. [21:51] <antoine> [agility test]
  120. 01[21:52] <Anselm> [This'll be interesting.]
  121. [21:52] <antoine> The driver rams the throttle forward in an attempt to escape/throw you off
  122. 01[21:52] <Anselm> [I'm kind of scared to re-roll that.]
  123. 01[21:53] <Anselm> [GO BIG, GO HOME.]
  124. 01[21:53] <Anselm> [IN A CASKET.]
  125. 01[21:53] <Anselm> [THOSE ARE THE OPTIONS.]
  126. [21:53] <antoine> You manage to hold on as the Leman russ turns sharply and accelerates.
  127. 06[21:54] * Anselm snarls, digging his power sword deep into the side of the vehicle and reaching in to snatch up one of the crew.
  128. 01[21:54] <Anselm> [Roll for Grapple now, then, eh?]
  129. [21:56] <antoine> [sure]
  130. [22:03] <antoine> You grab him with ease, hauling out the commander who fumbles and drops his laspistol.
  131. 06[22:04] * Anselm slinks down to the side of the tank, and brings the commander's head close to the spinning tread. "You will tell your driver to stand down, and you will tell your allies to surrender as well!"
  132. 01[22:04] <Anselm> [Roll to Intimidate?]
  133. [22:09] <antoine> [sure]
  134. [22:12] <antoine> "ARUGH, TURN OFF THE ENGINE, TURN OFF THE ENGINE!!" the man shouts at the top of his lungs as dirt and small rocks are thrown up by the tracks into his face.
  135. 06[22:13] * Anselm pulls the man up, and sticks his head back into the tank's turret. "Now say it again!"
  136. [22:15] <antoine> The man continues to wail, shouting to his driver who promptly brings the vehicle to a halt. You do however hear several other tanks moving towards you.
  137. 01[22:15] <Anselm> [I trust there is sufficient light on me now?]
  138. 06[22:16] * Anselm brings the tank commander up by his head and holds him out for all the others to see. "Behold my wrath and despair, cowardly lickspittles!"
  139. 01[22:18] <Anselm> [Will I need to make another WS Test to take a swing at this poor guy's head? After repositioning my arm and everything.]
  140. [22:18] <antoine> [You have him in hand, fluff as you want]
  141. 01[22:19] <Anselm> [Jawsome.]
  142. 06[22:19] * Anselm re-works his grip on the tank commander and, ignoring any sort of desperate flailing jams his fingers into the man's eye sockets and takes a swing at his neck.
  143. 06[22:22] * Anselm roars, his vox at full volume, as he jams the head upon one of the spikes of his helm.
  144. 01[22:24] <Anselm> "Surrender! Or known death!"
  145. [22:32] <antoine> The men and women inside the tank hold up their hands as you hear a vox call coming from the internal vox set "On our way green leader."
  146. 06[22:33] * Anselm draws his other sword, and jumps down from the Russ's chassis. "More foes! I hope they are stronger than you petty mortals, for they shall know fear and death!"
  147. [22:37] <antoine> A Leman russ rumbles around a corner,spinning on its tracks to line you up.
  148. 01[22:37] <Anselm> [Roll Initiative?]
  149. [22:38] <antoine> [yes]
  150. 01[22:38] <Anselm> [Something proper fighting instead of just using my borked Intimidation does the GM some good.]
  151. [22:46] <antoine> [Anselm, NPC's]
  152. [22:46] <antoine> [you go first, tank is 70m away]
  153. 01[22:46] <Anselm> [Will roll to add 20m onto my Charge in a sec.]
  154. 06[22:47] * Anselm roars as he begins a mad charge towards the battle tank. "In nomine Imperator! Et Solium! Et Mechanicus sanctii!"
  155. 01[22:47] <Anselm> [Rolling now to Hit.]
  156. [22:54] <antoine> You throw yourself into a reckless charge bringing down your powersword down onto the side of the vehicle and cutting deep into the hull, the powerfield humming as it cuts through the tough hull [good dmg]
  157. 01[22:54] <Anselm> [Okay! Now they can't actually shoot me with that horrific battle cannon... I think...]
  158. [22:55] <antoine> [read vehicle rules. Can move and shoot every turn :(]
  159. 01[22:56] <Anselm> [No, it was more the issue of angling that horrible turret.]
  160. [22:56] <antoine> The Leman Russ rolls into reverse while turning to line you up. The gunners let fly with side sponson heavy bolters and a hull mounted lascannon.
  161. [22:57] <antoine> [Oh, no they are not going to try to battle cannon you when you are so close]\
  162. 01[22:58] <Anselm> [Hm... what to dodge...]
  163. [23:00] <antoine> The heavy shells go wide and the lascannon almost hits the other tank behind you.
  164. 06[23:02] * Anselm screams out with some hint of rage: "Are there none who can even hurt me?! Why can no-one have the aptitude to shoot what stands before them?!"
  165. 06[23:04] * Anselm charges forward and leaps for the las cannon sticking out from the front of the tank.
  166. 01[23:04] <Anselm> [Gonna grapple that thing.]
  167. 01[23:04] <Anselm> [No seriously.]
  168. [23:04] <antoine> [sure]
  169. 06[23:06] * Anselm quickly sheaths his personal sword, and takes the weapon's barrel in-hand.
  170. 01[23:06] <Anselm> [Since I forgot to do that before.]
  171. [23:08] <antoine> Grabbing the lascannon you heave, bending and then tearing off the barrel of the weapon.
  172. 06[23:09] * Anselm howls at the hole left in the vehicle.
  173. 01[23:16] <Anselm> [Your move, suicidal vehicle crew.]
  174. [23:17] <antoine> The Leman russ's engine revs and it rams forwards in an attempt to run you over.
  175. [23:19] <antoine> But the engines gives out a splutter and it suddenly stops, the heavy bolters either side unable to track you the currently defenseless vehicle is at your mercy
  176. 06[23:19] * Anselm laughs at the poor handling of the vehicle, than swings his power sword at the vehicle's tread.
  177. [23:25] <antoine> You manage to inflict some damage but none of your strikes were as powerful as the first.
  178. 06[23:27] * Anselm climbs atop the vehicle, and attempts to rip its hatch off with his hand.
  179. [23:29] <antoine> Getting the vehicle back into gear it lurches forward once more the roar of the engine passing you as you scramble out of the way of the huge tank, it speeds off to about 30m away. its rear armour now facing you.
  180. 06[23:30] * Anselm decides to charge once again and leap atop the vehicle, favoring the option over destroying the engine block.
  181. [23:34] <antoine> [ok what action did you roll for?]
  182. [23:34] <antoine> [I know grapple but what are you grappling?]
  183. 01[23:34] <Anselm> [Grapple to get ahold of the thing's hatch. Was going to rip it off bare-handed.]
  184. [23:37] <antoine> [str test]
  185. [23:39] <antoine> You rip off not only the hatch but the entire top half of the Leman Russ turrent, the metal is torn from the rest of the chassis, rivets useless against your augmented strength.
  186. 01[23:40] <Anselm> [Give me a moment, I need to figure out how I'm going to react to that.]
  187. 01[23:41] <Anselm> [Okay, just... act cool... you meant to do that... totally!]
  188. 01[23:43] <Anselm> "Witness your doom!" Anselm bellows, raising his arms to the air for all the other tank crews to see.
  189. 01[23:46] <Anselm> [Okay, once I'm finally done with these people it'll probably be overtime, but I'll have to ask for just a bit more time - what I want to do will probably be resolved quickly.]
  190. [23:47] <antoine> [k]
  191. 01[23:47] <Anselm> [Well, not that I can anticipate what I'll find between me and the top of that spire.]
  192. 01[23:57] <Anselm> [So, shall we push on to utter disaster?]
  193. [23:58] <antoine> [sure but only for one more hour]
  194. 01[23:58] <Anselm> Fair enough. If you want to get lunch or anything first that's fine.
  195. [23:58] <antoine> [lets just push through so I can nap and the get up to write that essay]
  196. 01[23:59] <Anselm> [Alright. For your sake I'll try to wrap it up quicker than that.]
  197. [23:59] <antoine> [It isn't a problem, if we run out of time we just pick up where we leave it]
  198. 01[23:59] <Anselm> [Shall I just begin attacking the crew then, or do they want to attempt anything after what I just did?]
  199. Session Time: Sun Sep 04 00:00:00 2011
  200. [00:00] <antoine> [Nope, they want to stall the engine again]
  201. 01[00:00] <Anselm> [Well then.]
  202. [00:01] <antoine> The driver again fails at driving
  203. 06[00:02] * Anselm methodically cuts down into the crew-members...
  204. [00:05] <antoine> ...his blade dismembers and punctures the bodies of the vulnerable crew, the bottom of the bottom of the interior quickly filling thick red blood.
  205. [00:06] <antoine> (minus "of the bottom")
  206. 06[00:07] * Anselm stands tall atop the ruined Russ once again, and roars in triumph.
  207. 01[00:07] <Anselm> "I am Anselm! I am vengeance!"
  208. 01[00:08] <Anselm> [Rolling for Pilot.]
  209. 01[00:08] <Anselm> The Knight Brother drops from the tank and immediately charges for the spire, taking off to fly as high as his jump pack will take him.
  210. 01[00:08] <Anselm> [Gonna look for a window yet again as high up as I can go.
  211. 01[00:11] <Anselm> [Rolls?]
  212. [00:12] <antoine> Anselm makes it about 15 floors up where he slams into a small window, smashing it and landing inside a kitchen of some kind.
  213. 06[00:12] * Anselm snorts, and storms through to try and find some sort of lift upwards.
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