Cold Edge Anon Part 7

Apr 27th, 2014
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  1. > You tend not to have a problem with solitude, but that is usually because you have music or games or some such to occupy your time.
  2. > Out here in the snowy wasteland, you have neither. However, you do have company.
  3. > You turn to the snowpone as you trot.
  4. "Let's start again. It is nice to meet you, my name is Anonymous."
  5. > She nods pleasantly, still smiling gently.
  6. > You wait for her reply, but none is forthcoming.
  7. > Finally, you ask,
  8. "And what might yours be?"
  9. > Her voice is low and soft.
  10. "Frozen Hart."
  11. > Well, she can talk.
  12. >Also, note to self: Do not sing that song to her.
  13. "And what brings you out to this new road?"
  14. "Following you."
  15. > You had noticed that.
  16. "Any particular reason why?"
  17. "You didn't die."
  18. > That's not ominous at all. /sarcasm
  19. "So are you making sure I die?"
  20. > She shakes her head.
  21. "The opposite."
  22. > That's good to know.
  23. > As you continue onward, a vast shadow looms out of the blizzard.
  24. > Looks like you've reached your destination.
  25. > Details start to stand out as you get closer.
  26. > Immense stone columns
  27. > A truly staggering amount of stairs
  28. > In due time, you and your retinue enter the cave mouth plaza.
  29. > You follow the main cavern, and as you go deeper, it gets noticeable warmer.
  30. > The walls are covered in ledges and tunnel mouths. From time to time, you see golden eyes glimmer in the dark.
  31. > This is actually a good thing; it means that there are probably enough dragons for what Sandra has in mind.
  32. > You round a corner and find yourself in the throne/hoard room.
  33. > Atop the standard pile of treasure reclines a formidable white dragoness.
  34. > Crowding every ledge and hole in the wall are much smaller dragons of every make, model, and color.
  35. > Showtime.
  36. > You bow low, and are pleased to note that your retinue does as well.
  37. "I bear unto you salutations from Sombra, Sovereign of the Kingdom of the Shard."
  38. > The dragoness nods slightly.
  39. "Let's cut this short, emissary. What does the old fool want and why should I care?"
  40. > You get the feeling that you may have come at a bad time.
  41. > Nevertheless, you have your mission.
  42. "He wants to hire your hatchlings as farmers. He will be paying in gems of his own creation."
  43. > The dragoness considers this.
  44. "How many does he need?"
  45. > You cough, suddenly embarrassed.
  46. "He, ah, didn't say."
  47. > She lets out a bark of laughter.
  48. "Such an old fool. Tell him this, I shall require fifty gems per worker, but he must feed and house them for the duration of their hiring. I can spare up to two hundred hatchlings. These are my terms. You are dismissed."
  49. > You bow once more, and leave.
  51. > You stop at the foot of the steps, and sigh in relief.
  52. "That went well."
  53. > Frozen Hart nods.
  54. > You look at your road, a clear tunnel though the wind and snow.
  55. > Now that it's made, it's time to travel in style.
  56. > You wish for a carriage, with cat harnesses.
  57. > It's easy with all this snow around, and within seconds you and Frozen Hart climb in a stately Victorian cab.
  58. > As you set off, you continue your conversation with Frozen Hart.
  59. "So how long are you planning on following me around?"
  60. "Forever."
  61. > Okay...
  62. "So what do you want to do now? It'll be about an hour until we get to the Kingdom of the Shard."
  63. > She gives you a sultry look.
  64. "I have often thought of what I would do, if a stallion should live."
  66. > When you arrive at the citadel, you stumble out of the carriage, flushed and disheveled.
  67. > Sombra waits in the courtyard, concern plain in his voice.
  68. "Cousin! What hath befallen you? Were you so poorly received?"
  69. > You smooth your mane, and Frozen Hart strolls smugly to your side.
  70. "King Sombra, may I present my traveling companion, Frozen Hart."
  71. > She nods regally. Sombra raises his eyebrows at you, but returns the nod.
  72. "Welcome to the Kingdom of the Shard. Pardon me, but Anonymous and I have some business to discuss."
  73. > He draws you aside, and speaks to you in a low tone,
  74. "Knowest thou the nature of the creature that thou nameth companion?"
  75. "Trouble thyself not for my sake; there is harmony betwixt her nature and my aspect. In regards to others, it seemeth to me prudent that our lodging be outside the gates, that thy future citizens be not troubled with her presence."
  76. > Seadra nods solemnly.
  77. "It shall be even as thou sayest. Let us speak of other things; was Polychromasia receptive to thy offer?"
  78. "Yea, and here are her terms: Fifty gems per hatchling, that though provideth room and board. She may spare up to two hundred hatchlings."
  79. > Mothra sighs.
  80. "It shall be a labor all around, but the terms are acceptable. "
  81. > You yawn.
  82. "If that be all, cousin, I would see to my lodgings and retire."
  83. "Rest well, for I do not doubt I shall require thy excellent aid on the morrow."
  84. > You and the snowpone decide to settle to the west of the city, where the least amount of traffic will pass.
  85. > Together, you raise a stately mansion, with sliding doors, solitary courtyards, and a veranda around the outside.
  86. > As you enter your master bedroom, you realize a major flaw in crystalline construction.
  87. "We'll have to get a mattress, or at least some pillows."
  88. > Frozen Hart smiles at you.
  89. "I can be your pillow."
  90. > Can't argue with that.
  91. > Soon enough, you fall asleep, your head resting on her side.
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