Good night Pinkie (comfy/cute/comedy (kinda))

Dec 20th, 2018
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  1. >>
  3. "Come on Penka, let's get you to bed,"
  4. >"Mmmnnh,"
  5. >she frowns a bit to show her annoyance, eyes still closed as she turns her head away from you as if to try and escape the noise your lips are making
  6. >but she doesn't fight your hold, and she soon enough lets go of the balloon
  7. >she's heavier than she looks, but that's not your first rodeo anyway
  8. >nor is it hers, and her face instantly finds shelter into the crook of your neck not half a second after you've picked her up
  9. >you find amusement in the irony behind the pink terror looking so calm and sleepy
  10. >you always expected her to be the kind to sleep-walk, or even dance and sing-walk in her case, and yet here she is
  11. >recharging her batteries for tomorrow's antics, you guess
  12. >but you can't let her do it here, there's no way sleeping on inflated plastic is good for her, so off to her room you go
  13. >and not a few steps in you feel her nuzzling against the side of your neck before moving back a few inches, just enough to be able to speak
  14. >"Nonny?"
  15. "What?"
  16. >"What time is it?"
  17. >you have to take a few steps back to peek past the door frame of the living room and check on the clock
  18. "A little past midnight,"
  19. >she lets out a soft gasp
  20. >"Oh, nooo, wait, I have to finish with the party plaaaaaaaaanning,"
  21. >she yawns the last word as she rubs at her eyes, before trying to push herself free from your grasp
  22. >which you fight yourself by tightening your hold onto her
  23. "No you don't, you need to sleep, you've been at it the whole day already,"
  24. >"But if I don't spend the whole night on it then I won't have the time to finish it tomorrow!"
  25. >you don't have to look at her to know she's pouting, you can nearly hear her bottom lip quivering from that
  26. >but you're not one to fall for such an easy trick, you're a battle hardened man
  27. "Of course you will, I've seen you plan parties and decorating the entirety of AJ's barn in less than two hours, and all of that plus making and delivering all the invitations too,"
  29. >"But--"
  30. "You even invited Condense and Shining! And they live in another country!"
  31. >"But--"
  32. "It took my train four hours the last time I went there, and you still managed to come back in time to bake the cake!"
  33. >"Buuuut~!"
  34. "Nope, no buts allowed here, other than your own butt, in your bed, right now!"
  35. >"But I want this one to be extra super duper special!"
  36. >you can't help but roll your eyes
  37. "You say that about all the parties,"
  38. >"I don't!"
  39. "You do,"
  40. >"Do not!"
  41. "Do too,"
  42. >"Okay, maybe I do, but this one IS really really really very super extra special!"
  43. "Oh yeah? Why?"
  44. >"Because it's the first heart's warming eve we'll be spending with you, silly!"
  45. >you have to stop yourself from climbing the stairs any further to process what she said
  46. >and blink
  47. >twice
  48. "What? I've been here for like, five years, and I've been to every single--"
  49. >"Those didn't count!"
  50. "How come?!"
  51. >"Because I've got a surprise for you! And for everypony too!"
  52. >you let out a sigh as you resume climbing
  53. "Of course you do, just like the other times,"
  54. >"Nope, not like the other times!"
  55. "And I bet it doesn't have anything to do with you disguising yourself as santa claus either, huh?"
  56. >she gasps
  57. >"N-no! Not at all! Hahaha!"
  58. "Please don't do the forced laugh, not you, it really doesn't fit you at all,"
  59. >"I'm not! It's a real laugh because I found it funny that you'd think I'd do the santa thing! Again! Which definitely isn't what I had planned!"
  60. "Oh really? So the reason you asked rarara to stitch it back up yesterday had nothing to do with any of this?"
  61. >she gasps again
  62. >"She snitched!"
  63. >you shake your head as you push the door of her room open
  64. "Nope, it was Sweetie, she saw her working on it, and of course she told Scoot and AB and then they told their sisters and then the girls told the others and here we are,"
  65. >"Ughh... and now I have to find another surprise to surprise ponies with! I don't have the time to sleep around!"
  67. "You'll have the whole day to think of something, and then another to prepare everything,"
  68. >"But what if I don't think of something?!"
  69. "You will,"
  70. >"But what if something unexpected happens?! Something really bad, like Starlight would turn out to still be evil and she'd grow wings and she'd work with Flurry Heart and Cozy glow to take over--"
  71. "There's no way this would happen--"
  72. >"You don't know that! And what if Scootaloo turned out to be a changeling all along, and we'd have to go and find her true parents!"
  73. "Where the hell do you even find these ideas,"
  74. >"Or what if the writefag never planned to write the rest of this story and we'd never get to know what kind of surprise I'd--"
  75. "Ponko! You can't just break the fourth wall like that, for fucks sake!"
  76. >"But it could--"
  77. "Fine! I'll help you! I'll stick around tomorrow and we'll find something nice for you to do, okay?! Just please, go the fuck to sleep,"
  78. >you bend down and try to free yourself from the grasp she has on your neck and push her onto her bed, but to no avail
  79. >"Really?!"
  80. >how is she so fucking strong
  81. "Yes! Now just--"
  82. >her eyes grow wide as her lips threaten to split her face into two with the smile she gives you
  83. >"Thank you nonny! You're the best!"
  84. "Oof!"
  85. >any efforts you put into pushing her away are crushed in the blink of an eye as she hugs you hard enough to force the air out of your lungs
  86. >and you know you're not getting away from this one until she's had her fill, so you instantly stop trying to push her off again and simply return her hug
  87. "Yeah, yeah,"
  88. >she may have won this battle, but you have a hard time finding out if you lost anything this time around
  89. >other than time, as the precious seconds turn to awkward minutes
  90. "Okay that's enough, sleepy time now,"
  91. >you feel her nodding against your neck before tightening the embrace for a moment before letting go and letting you finally push her off and lay her onto her bed
  93. >and almost automatically, your hands reach for the edge of the blanket and start covering the comfy pink pony under them
  94. >a content coo escape her throat and she beams at you as she wriggles herself into the perfect position
  95. >phew, finally
  96. "Okay, good night Ponks--"
  97. >"Wait!"
  98. >the blanket all but start flying as her hooves stop your hand from retreating away from the bed
  99. >"Cuddle with me until I'm asleep!"
  100. >what the fuck
  101. "Pinkie, I can't, I'm tired too and if I do that I'll just fall asleep here and--"
  102. >"Pwetty pweaaaaase???"
  103. >you realized you lost that battle the second your eyes fell into hers
  104. >you try and wipe the exasperation away from your face using your right hand before sighing in defeat
  105. "Oh for Pete's sake, just stop with the puppy eyes already, fine, whatever,"
  106. >the tears welling up in the corner of her eyes dry up faster than it takes for her lips to turn back into their typical grin
  107. "But I'm keeping my fucking socks on,"
  108. >she giggles, bouncing a bit and to the side to give you enough space to lay down
  109. >and these pony beds are too god damn small!
  110. >at least the mattress is soft
  111. >and maybe the pony cuddling against your side isn't so bad either
  112. >"Good night nonny~,"
  113. >your adversary might be cunning, but you'll get her next time
  114. >the war is far from over
  115. "G'night Pinkie,"
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