embrava method

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  1. Embrava water bottle jig
  2. by liless
  3. difficulty :2/10
  5. 1. first you are going to head over to amazon and search up embrava.
  8. 2. pick out the water bottle you like the best.
  10. 3. once you have done this head over to
  11. or email
  13. 4. you can say whatever you like but just make sure you make it believable.
  14. you can say the bottle cracked and it's starting to leak.
  15. 5. they will respond asking for POP( proof of purchase) and a picture.
  16.     -1. you can photoshop it
  17.     -2. you can go on amazon and go to 1 star review and pick a picture from there.
  18. 6.You can generate the pop from
  19. just find the bottle you picked out on amazon and copy paste in all of the details
  21. 7. they will respond with something along the lines of " we do not sell replacement parts so we are just going to replace the bottle for you".
  22. 8. they will ask for color and your shipping address.
  24. 9 enjoy you new water bottle!
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