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  1. The hooded woman regarded the breakdown in communication with annoyance, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for the different groups to figure out who was who. She became even more annoyed by Claire's almost childlike display of frustration. If her face could be seen, it would be curled into a scowl.
  3. "Ah yes..." The hooded woman spoke, barely concealing her irritation and resentment for this young girl. Whatever was grating at her though, she did the smart thing in keeping it to herself.
  5. Rei was appreciative of Hannasvira helping her to the ground after the sudden shattering of their foothold. She nodded in respect to the draconian woman, before setting about floating towards the indisposed young man that was one of her traveling companions. Though when Xanthe's sudden jerking of his body away from her and Claire occurred, she felt taken aback. Almost...angry? "You need not protect him from me. He is--"
  7. The hooded woman interjected silently, putting a hand on Rei's shoulder and shaking her head. Rei tilted her head, curiously, wondering the meaning.
  9. When Claire tried to level a question at Satero, he weakly rose his head, trying to process the question she had asked him, yet he was not fully able to answer. He tried to say something, but it came out as weak garble. "He's in no condition to decide for himself. Besides, Spectre, your leech treatment wont solve his problem. It'd just kill him in the most agonizing way possible. If his blood didnt activate in response to the intense distress you'd be subjecting him to. If he was anyone else, your cure would work though, so dont feel too bad. Or maybe killing him was your goal, so you could have another drone serving your lost princess? The modern medicine will do nicely, so if you could get cracking on that, I'd really appreciate it. If that runic script is anything to go by, the seal I placed on him has maybe another two minutes before it's overtaken by the spelltropy and he becomes a magical, disease spreading W.M.D." The hooded woman spoke, her voice becoming less friendly by the second. It was obvious, she had some stake in this.
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