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  1. Pentolik: Hello there
  2. 👌: hello
  3. Pentolik: Would you mine If I enterupt you for a minute?
  4. 👌: what you want fool
  5. Pentolik: I'm just looking for a trade.
  6. 👌: Did you lose it?
  7. Pentolik: What do you mean? I'm about to offer something for your stuff
  8. 👌: Oh! Silly me, you should have said so!
  9. Pentolik: Are you open for trade?
  10. 👌: How does one become open for trades?
  11. Pentolik: I'm asking
  12. 👌: you're asking?
  13. Pentolik: Ya
  14. 👌: Asking what?
  15. Pentolik: About making some deal
  16. 👌: A deal you say. What kind of deal are we talking about?
  17. Pentolik: About your knife, is it still open for trade. I'm a professional... So please be kind of talking back to me.
  18. 👌: Indeed my fine lad, I am a simple merchant of murder tools.
  19. 👌: Anything specific of interest my fine sir?
  20. Pentolik: Sure, I deal with it
  21. 👌: Ah I see. Wise profession indeed.
  22. Pentolik: Yup
  23. Pentolik: So are you interesting about trading?
  24. 👌: Of course lad, but I do need you to inform me of which item you find keen!
  25. Pentolik: I'm about to offer something for your ★ Bayonet | Damascus Steel
  26. 👌: A fine choice lad! I see you have a sharp eye.
  27. Pentolik: Bye
  28. 👌: ?
  29. 👌: Time is money friend, make haste!
  30. Pentolik: Am about to offer this  http://steamcommunity.com/economy/item/730/2/10989354381/?l=danish&o_url=Swizimoni
  32. 👌: I think you've mistaken this profession!
  33. 👌: Anything of audible credibility would have send a trade request
  34. Pentolik: Oh... I don't need to send that fast... You can still view my invent if someone wants an assurance
  35. Pentolik: Still there?
  36. 👌: pardon me for a brief moment lad.
  37. Pentolik: Okay take your time troller
  38. 👌: Are you jesting my language?
  39. 👌: how rude
  40. Pentolik: What do you mean?
  41. 👌: Comparing me to a hideous creature!
  42. Pentolik: No I did'nt say anything like that
  43. 👌: Hmm, you truly have peculiar behavior.
  44. Pentolik: ???
  45. 👌: I see, are you unfamilier with the usage of steams trade functions?
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