What if my backlink does not get indexed at google?

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. What if my backlink does not get indexed at google?
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  4. What if webpage on which I created the backlink doesn't get indexed by google. will that backlink worth to my site.
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  16. If you're going say no then:
  17. There are hundreds of sites which create backlinks on web pages which are not indexed on google. I saw the backlinks report and I found most of the baclinks which listed in the report are not indexed on google.
  19. Depending on your niche and the type of content you use to create the backlink, you can quickly solve this problem by linking to your new page through a sub-Reddit.
  20. Google loves to follow links from Reddit.
  21. In the past quarter Google grew their ad clicks 42% YoY by pushing a bunch of YouTube auto play video ads, faster search growth in third world markets with cheaper ad prices, driving a bunch of lower quality mobile search ad clicks (with 3 then 4 ads on mobile) & increasing the percent of ad clicks on "own brand" terms (while sending the FTC after anyone who agrees to not cross bid on competitor's brands).
  22. The lower quality video ads & mobile ads in turn drove their average CPC on their sites down 13% YoY.
  23. The partner network is relatively squeezed out on mobile, which makes it shocking to see the partner CPC off more than core Google, with a 14% YoY decline.
  24. What ends up happening is eventually the media outlets get sufficiently defunded to where they are sold for a song to a tech company or an executive at a tech company. Alibaba buying SCMP is akin to Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post.
  26. they've repeatedly engaged in shady endeavors like flooding a competing network with bogus requests & trying to screw with a competitor's ability to raise funds
  27. as subprime auto loans have become widespread, Uber has pushed an extreme version of them onto their drivers while cutting their rates - an echo of the utopia of years gone by.
  28. Google invests in disruption as though disruption is its own virtue & they leverage their internal data to drive the investments:
  29. “If you can’t measure and quantify it, how can you hope to start working on a solution?” said Bill Maris, managing partner of Google Ventures. “We have access to the world’s largest data sets you can imagine, our cloud computer infrastructure is the biggest ever. It would be foolish to just go out and make gut investments.”
  30. Combining usage data from their search engine, web browser, app store & mobile OS gives them unparalleled insights into almost any business.
  31. Google is one of the few companies which can make multi-billion dollar investments in low margin areas, just for the data:
  32. Google executives are prodding their engineers to make its public cloud as fast and powerful as the data centers that run its own apps. That push, along with other sales and technology initiatives, aren’t just about grabbing a share of growing cloud revenue. Executives increasingly believe such services could give Google insights about what to build next, what companies to buy and other consumer preferences
  33. Google committed to spending as much as a half billion dollars promoting their shopping express delivery service.
  34. Google's fiber push now includes offering business internet services. Elon Musk is looking into offering satellite internet services - with an ex-Googler.
  35. The End Game
  37. Google now spends more than any other company on federal lobbying in the US. A steady stream of Google executives have filled US government rolls like deputy chief technology officer, chief technology officer, and head of the patent and trademark office. A Google software engineer went so far as suggesting President Obama
  38. Retire all government employees with full pensions.
  39. Transfer administrative authority to the tech industry.
  40. Appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America.
  41. That Googler may be crazy or a troll, but even if we don't get their nightmare scenario, if the regulators come from a particular company, that company is unlikely to end up hurt by regulations.
  42. President Obama has stated the importance of an open internet: “We cannot allow Internet service providers to restrict the best access or to pick winners and losers in the online marketplace for services and ideas.”
  43. What if my backlink does not get indexed at google?
  44. If there are relevant complaints about Google, who will hear them when Googlers head key government roles?
  45. Larry Page was recently labeled businessperson of the year by Fortune:
  46. It’s a powerful example of how Page pushes the world around him into his vision of the future. “The breadth of things that he is taking on is staggering,” says Ben Horowitz, of Andreessen Horowitz. “We have not seen that kind of business leader since Thomas Edison at GE or David Packard at HP.”
  47. A recent interview of Larry Page in the Financial Times echos the theme of limitless ambition:
  48. "the world’s most powerful internet company is ready to trade the cash from its search engine monopoly for a slice of the next century’s technological bonanza." ... "As Page sees it, it all comes down to ambition – a commodity of which the world simply doesn’t have a large enough supply."
  49. “I think people see the disruption but they don’t really see the positive,” says Page. “They don’t see it as a life-changing kind of thing?.?.?.?I think the problem has been people don’t feel they are participating in it.”
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