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  1. Application
  3. Preferred name: My real name is Sabina, but I would prefer people to call me Luna, Lunaris or Rini
  4. Age: 22
  5. Country and Time Zone: (currently) Denmark, GMT+2
  6. Languages: Romanian and English
  7. Sections: Questions and Answer, Shop
  10. What can you bring to the moderator team and how can you lead a good example to our forum users?
  11. I like helping people as much as I can, I always try to stick to the rules while also being funny and opened to talk to. I know when to be serious and when to be easy-going and apart from my cute personality I also know I can bring you guys some fun and creative ideas for the forum or for future in-game games / events. I know I could be a good example for the forum users because I’m overall a balanced person and even though sometimes it’s all fun and games, rules should still be taken seriously while maintaining a healthy environment with other users and respecting each other.
  13. Any past experiences in moderating forums?
  14. Yes, I’ve been on forums since I was a kid and I also got to be moderator for two of them: I moderated my guild’s forum in a popular strategy game when I was younger, and I was also helping one of my friends a few years ago with her forum she had for drawings.
  16. Would you be available at least 8 hours a week (nonconsecutive)?
  17. Yes, I would probably be available AT LEAST 2-3h per day.
  19. Would you be available to help build guides and answer forum questions for our guests?
  20. Of course, after all, with 2 days before I went in holiday, I made the price list in NWLO just because I saw a lot of people struggling with the prices and I wanted to do something for the community before leaving for 3 weeks, even though no one asked me to. Honestly, I like making guides because I get to choose how they look like, and I’m a perfectionist overall and a wannabe designer so I will always try my best to make them look good, but simple and easy to understand as well. And for questions, I will always answer any question that I know the answer for whenever I will see one.
  22. What does a moderator mean to you?
  23. Responsibilities. I always thought that if you could make the word “moderator” as a visual representation, it would be something like the relationship parent-child, where the parents try to teach their children all they know, and always make sure the house is nice and clean for the kid and they have all the things the child might need at the moment and later on. That’s pretty much what a moderator means to mean
  25. Hypothetical situation: You give a warning to someone who has broken rules. The player objects to the warning and blames you for abusing your powers as a moderator. How would you personally deal with the situation?
  26. Well, to make this easier for both of us I am going to imagine a dialog for this:
  27. Player: Jesus Christ, this guide is trash, fuck off with those bullshits.
  28. Me: Please refrain from using inappropriate and vulgar language towards other people or their work. This would be your first warning.
  29. Player: Oh yeah of course cause if a guide is bad mods don’t do anything about but just abuse their power and warn and mute other players. Good job mods.
  30. Me: This is not called “abusing power” because you are not respecting the rules *insert the respective rule here*, so I am just asking you to refrain from using such a language, as it is disrespectful. It would be nice to hear some suggestions that you have in order to make the guide better, so either we (mods), or the person who made the guide, can work on it and fix possible mistakes. Thank you for your understand and I hope you would be able to cooperate with us.
  31. This would be pretty much how I would handle a situation like this: prove them that they are wrong by listing the certain rule as proof of their mistake, talk to them nicely and calm and trying to channelize their hate or anger into a constructive criticism that would be helpful for all of us.
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