Fate's Intervention

May 7th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. There was an uncomfortably familiar energy in the air as you approached her. Something within you twitched - withdrawing within you, desperate to protect itself. It knew what was coming, as did you. The girl looked at you uneasily, clutching the hem of her skirt with enough force to render her knuckles white. She looked unsure - as if she was mentally making a decision on the spot as she saw you coming - but she finally took on a resigned yet resolved look when you were across from her.
  3. “Hey,” you began tentatively. You knew what was coming. “Is something the matter?”
  4. “Anon…” she replied, still looking just the smallest amount conflicted. She flicked her eyes away from your gaze. “Look. I...I know I accepted your confession yesterday, but…”
  5. “It was a joke or you’re moving schools, right?” you responded immediately. There was no anger nor hate in your tone; it was calm. You were calm. Your heart sunk deeper and deeper into your chest. “That’s what you’re going to say.”
  6. “...I’m sorry,” she concedes, still looking away from you. “It...came up suddenly. It’s outside of my control...I just...thought you should know. But we can’t be together. I’m...really, really sorry.”
  7. “It’s fine,” you mutter. “Thank you for being honest with me. Good luck.”
  9. Saying your goodbyes to the now silent girl, you stick your hands into your pockets and skulk away back to lunch. You don’t have it in you to be upset, anymore. Not even sad. It’s just your curse, as far as you know. It’s been happening for over two years now, if memory serves - the hex that plagues your love life. You confessed your love to the girl, anxious and horrified...and you remember being completely overjoyed when she reciprocated your affections. Your relationship was short-lived - three days, if you remember correctly; your record - before she had to change schools. You were heartbroken.
  11. Again, six months after that, you had the courage to try dating again. A similar story; confess, get accepted...something happens. This time she said it was a joke that was taken too far. She tearfully apologized...before transferring away. Rinse and repeat. This was your fifth attempt at romance, yet it ended the same way. You wonder what you did to earn such ire from fate...but you’re past the point of getting caught up over it. No matter how much you made an attempt to figure out what happened to the girls after the fact, nothing ever came of it. No calls returned, no news from old friends - who would now look at you with fear, for some reason you weren’t entirely sure of - nothing at all.
  13. Reentering the classroom, only one person is there. Sure enough, Rushia leaps from her seat to your side as soon as you enter. She wraps her arms around you in a tight hug - something the diminutive girl often did - and stays there. Rushia’s been a constant in your life since you were both young. She’s probably the best friend you have...and the only one you trust with all your heart. She’s been consoling you ever since this entire curse business started. You aren’t against it, but...there’s only so much she can do. You feel guilty whenever she tries to make you feel better, like you’re making her worry or monopolizing her time. It’s part of the reason you try to shut out the feelings of despair so much. Regardless, she seems to have picked up on the general air, because she’s rubbing her cheek into your chest again.
  15. “It happened again, didn’t it?” she asked quietly, holding you to her. When you quietly let out an ‘mhm’, her grip tightened, fingers digging into the cloth of your uniform jacket. “Heartless...awful, heartless women! I’ll never forgive them!”
  16. “It’s not worth it,” you calmly reply, patting the top of the girl’s head. She shivers at your touch, seemingly mollified. “It’s over. I’m just not meant for love, I guess.”
  17. “Don’t say that!” Rushia all but yells, quickly catching herself as she looks at you sheepishly, seemingly not intending for that to come out as loud as it did. “It’s just...maybe you’re trying with the wrong people...o-or maybe it’s fate trying to steer you to your one true love?”
  18. “Then fate can fuck off,” you grumble in response. Rushia’s grip waivers for a moment before she doubles down, clinging to you. The action stokes the fires of guilt within you. “I want to find my own way, damn it…why bother when every time I try, it just blows up in my face?”
  19. “It’s okay...your fated one...they’ll be there for you! Don’t give up on love!” she continues. She’s tugging you so close to her that it’s actually almost painful. “T-They may...even be closer than you think…”
  20. “Right,” you sigh. Patting Rushia’s head once more, you slowly try to wriggle from her grasp. She’s really just trying to help,’s not working. Managing to pull yourself away somewhat, you force a smile for the girl. “Thanks, Rushia. I appreciate it…”
  22. Managing to pull away from her completely, much to her chagrin, you return to your seat...repacking your lunch and deciding to save it for later, your appetite nonexistent at the moment. She takes her seat next to you, scooching in closer as she does so.
  24. “It’s okay, Anon…” she quietly begins, resting her head on your shoulder. You cast a glance in her direction as she looks up to you, eyes filled with resolve. “No matter what, we’ll always have each other, right? Don't feel bad about telling me how you feel…”
  25. “It’s fine, Rushia,” you wince. You didn’t expect her to hit the nail on the head. She moves in closer. “I know. Thank you.”
  27. Satisfied, the girl closes her eyes, resting her head on your shoulder with a tiny sigh. You look back to her as she rests, intending to thank her again properly, when something odd catches your eye. Through the window in the door leading into the classroom, you see her. The girl you confessed to, wearing an expression of horror as she sees the two of you in the small embrace. Raising your eyebrow, she notices you looking. She looks at you, locking eyes with you...before she points to Rushia, clearly very nervous. You can see her mouth moving...and you focus. Her lips move in a slow, deliberate manner, finger still raised accusingly. The words she’s mouthing become clear.
  29. “Her fault,” she says silently. She still seems nervous, eyes flitting between you and Rushia. “I’m sorry.”
  31. Rushia’s head shifts just the smallest amount, forcing the girl to jump. Hastily, she gives you an apologetic bow before vanishing from the small pane of glass. Inquisitively, you look down to Rushia...who seems to be ignorant to the entire exchange. She looks up to you as her eyes flutter open, giving you a polite smile, cheeks flushed the faintest shade of pink.
  33. “Don’t worry...fate’s just leading you to the one who will love you forever. It’ll all work out, okay, Anon?”
  35. You slowly nod. Glancing back up to the window in the door, you confirm it’s still empty. Rushia slides an arm around your torso, pulling you back into a hug.
  37. “And if anything ever happens...I’ll still be here for you. You’ll always have me. Remember that, okay?”
  38. “I-I know, Rushia…”
  39. “And I’ll always have you,” she quietly adds, snuggling up closer to you.
  41. You accept the hug in silence...a sinking feeling of worry beginning to embed itself within your stomach, yet you aren’t entirely sure why. Rushia’s fingers grip the cloth of your clothing once more.
  43. “It’s fate,” she mutters in a voice just barely audible. “It’s fate…”
  45. Unsure of what to do, you simply stay still. For some really can’t wait for the bell to ring.
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