Experience of abuse by Merseyside Police

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  1. March 23rd, 2015
  3. RE: Police sympathy and alignment to feminists
  5. Dear Janet, I am writing this open letter to you and the MRA/Anti-feminist community in the hopes of exposing the current system here in the UK and perhaps getting some helpful advice and moral support.
  7. Here is some background on the relevant UK laws (harassment and "malicious communication"):
  11. Yeah, in the UK at least, you can be arrested for saying something, "offensive" on Twitter.  Byebye freedom of speech.
  13. Anyway, this whole thing began around October last year.
  15. A conversation started on Twitter between me and a woman who some of you may already be aware of. Here is a video someone made about her:
  16. This conversation quickly turned ugly as the comments I'd previously made about feminism apparently "made me seem crazy".  Yeah, she's one of those....
  18. Insults went back and forth for a few weeks between myself, the woman and her allies (including SJW MikeBrendan).
  20. Nothing remarkable, this happens a millions time everyday on Twitter.
  22. At one point she finally grew tired and blocked telling me not to contact her again.  The mistake I made was leaving some messages on her blog ( offering her an olive branch (like the idiot I am - NEVER offer feminazis anything!!!).
  24. On December 7th; despite me not threatening this woman or any of her allies (I was actually threatened by one of them) I found myself being arrested on "suspicion of harassment".  They
  26. confiscated several hard disks, a tablet computer, a mobile phone and their chargers.
  28. They took my fingerprints, a DNA sample and kept me in a cell for several hours.  God knows how long they'll keep those on record.  Forever? :(
  30. I have Asperger Syndrome, and not once did they bother to take that into their account in any of their dealings with me.
  32. The conclusion of the arrest was that I would be on bail until late March of 2015 and they would keep my seized property as "evidence in their investigation" until at least then.  They've since cancelled that bail, but still have my property.
  34. Why did they require taking these items?  Especially considering that during the initial interview I admitted, on tape, that I had sent the various specific messages to the girl (and one of her allies).  Why didn't they just charge me there and then instead of being bailed until March?  What are they investigating?  I admitted the messages they accussed me of.  Not only that but does Twitter even keep a record on it's user hard disks of what they have posted?  I don't think so.  If they want to see what I've written, why not just look at my account (@bluesuedejeans)?  Seems like they're on a fishing expedition to me....
  36. You can probably imagine how disruptive it would be to have all your hard disks and anything that can connect to the Internet seized.  I have had my work severely disrupted, I have had my social life disrupted (what little I had), I have had my privacy severely invaded, and I have been put out of pocket as a result.  It has cost me hundreds of pounds to partially replace my equipment - can't afford to replace it all.
  37. I also wonder if I'll ever get this stuff back, and whether it'll be in the same condition as well as whether or not it'll be riddled with spyware (police or otherwise).
  39. Did they arrest the girl and any of her allies?  NO!  Despite the threat one of her allies threw at me, and despite the fact she and her allies had launched a tirade of insults at me.  
  41. Why is it ok for her and her allies to tear me apart, but not likewise?  Oh that's right, I am male and an MRA/antifeminist.
  43. Why the bias from the police?
  44. Could it be due to the 2 complainants being female?
  45. Could it be due to my tweets about feminism?  I had spent the last several months tweeting very aggressively about feminism and how hard it sucks, retweeting similar messages, as well as becoming increasingly noticed in the antifeminist/MRA community (I am bluesuedejeans on Twitter - at least until the police demand I close the account).  One of the woman's allies actually did demand I shut the account down otherwise he would keep harassing me.  That is the guy who made threatening remarks too, wanting to know exactly where I live, talking about stalking me on various sites, printing and distributing literature about me, putting photos of me on his feed etc.  I've repeatedly compalined to Twitter about that, but you can guess the outcome....
  47. During the interview, the police actually made a snide comment about me commenting a lot on feminism.  This is all on tape.
  48. Why make a comment about it?  Why do they care?  Am I not entitled to my opinions about the cancer that is 3rd wave feminism?
  50. Suffice it to say I was so enraged by the arrest / property seizure and whole one-sidedness of it that I returned to twitter to vent about the police, the woman and her allies.
  52. What happens next?  They arrested me again on December 24th!  That's how I spent my Christmas Eve, in a police station, several hours in a cell.
  53. This time they bundled me into the back of a big yellow van like this:
  55. They seized more hard disks (including a brand new one), another tablet computer, a brand new phone and some more chargers.
  57. In all they have about £2000 (US $3000) of items now (discounting depreciation).
  59. They told me the van was there, as opposed to a car, for insurance purposes and my own safety.  Really?  I was sat on a bench in a glass cage, bouncing around like a ball in a squash court, no seatbelt, no protection of any kind in that van.  The kind of van used in riots.
  61. Not once did I offer resistance to them, in fact the arresting officer noted that I'd been, "compliant", so I don't know what the big van was for.
  63. They decided this time the arrest was due to "further harassment" and "malicious communications".
  65. Apparently the woman was "so scared of me that she now carried a bottle of water in her bag incase I threw acid in her face"!
  66. Ha!  Really?  Did I threaten to throw acid in her face?  NO!  My exact comment was something like, "the best way to deal with scouse women is with acid", meaning throwing them in big vats of the stuff or something.  Scouse women i.e. the women of this city, not that woman specifically.  And I was just venting anyway.  No specific threat to anyone.  Did I send it to her?  
  68. NO!  Was I referring to her?  NO!  Like I said I was just venting about the irritating women of this clownish 3rd rate city.  She was not @'ed in the message.  In fact by that time she had finally gotten round to blocking me.  Which is another point, am I not entitled to post comments about anything I want on my feed, even insults?  If someone feels like they've been libelled then aren't they free to take a civil action against me?  Aren't they free to retaliate on their own feed (which she did)?  Why not just sue, or more intelligently just ignore it, why is it a police matter?
  70. I very much doubt she actually fealt threatened either as some days later she decided to announce her lunch plans very specifically!  Time/location etc.  And of course there was no-one there to great her with acid.  The point being she probably lied to the police about how seriously she took my comments.
  72. So basically the "malicious communication" was whining about the local women and laughing at a local cop who had been murdered a few weeks earlier (do they really expect me to have a good opinion of cops after my first arrest on December 7th, not to mention other historical abuses by them which is beyond the scope of this?) as for the "further harassment" that they levelled at me it was basically just continuing to poke fun at her on my OWN FEED.  I did not @ her at this point and as stated there is always the block option on social media.  My legal representative made the point it was absurd that I could "harass" someone if they had to go out of their way to read the comments.
  74. The conclusion after this 2nd arrest is: huge amount of seized property, and bailed until mid-May (they recently wrote to cancel the March one).  In addition to being BANNED FROM ALL SOCIAL MEDIA (even dating sites!) while the case is still ongoing.
  76. The arresting officer was female (the same one), on both occassions.
  78. In January I went to court to appeal for a variation to my bail condition so that I may use dating sites again as well as using my OWN website (as it has social media components in the form of a forum ( - my represantitives strongly advised me to pick one or the other, not both, and for that to be access to my own site.  So essentially I had to beg in
  79. court, via my solicitor, to use my own website!  I still cannot legally use dating sites even though I know mails and matches are piling up.
  81. Hopefully someone can find my account useful/interesting.  The moral of the story is UK police are completely on the side of women, even when they know they are feminists, and they will treat you mercilessly if they know you have anti-feminist views.
  83. This whole BS thing has turned my life upside-down the last 4 months and it still isn't over.  I haven't even been formally charged with a single offence yet!  
  84. It seems if you have anything to say, anything that remotely contravenes that hard-left narrative prevalent in most of the Western world (especially in the UK) then you better not say it on social media!
  86. Regards,
  87. Andrew.
  88. (
  90. Some background about local police:
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