Template Project

Legomancer Feb 14th, 2020 69 Never
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  1. template project
  3. Codename
  4. goal
  5. stretch goals
  6. constraints
  7. brief descrip of expected behaviour +scope
  8. plan
  9. Timescale
  10. client/user/Audience
  11. 2do+Milestones [separate?]
  12. Setup +Tools+Usable Resources [put lower?]
  13. Deployment
  14. People+Roles+Help
  15. page approach
  16. layout structure
  17. output
  18. mechanics
  19. mechanics slightly more detailed
  20. resources+Tuts places list [own?]
  21. resources detailed [own?]
  22. experiment
  23. Diary /Thoughts /Reflection afterwards [own?]
  27. Technique:
  28. In the files, first write plaintext describing the proj goals and turn into comments. Then turn it into actual code to match goals. Flesh out features over time for specific mechanics.
  29. Make notes file to track proj progress, .txt files wont be tracked if in .gitignore. In notes, put references to info eg. tutorials or docs
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