Breakfast - Minty dew coffee

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >Recently, you have been being around Meisa a lot.
  3. >She's quite enjoyable to be around.
  4. >She always focuses on good things in both of your lives.
  5. >... But you can tell she has her secrets she'll never trust you enough to tell.
  6. >Just like you.
  7. >She seems to have some kind of feeling toward a friend she confides in.
  8. >... You have high suspicions it's "Caramel".
  9. >She has many different tell signs, like always hanging a bit at the mention of her.
  10. >And she always seems just a little happier when Caramel is brought up.
  11. >The weirdest part is: she knows she does it. She knows you can tell, but she doesn't stop doing it. She never actually does it on purpose, but she does nothing to prevent it.
  12. >Meisa is odd.
  13. >Though, everyone is odd to you.
  14. >... Today, you are meeting with Hexferry at a café.
  15. >It's the only café you know of, and you're five minutes early.
  16. >You open the door and a bell rings.
  17. >... You're really glad you still have your ability to not jump.
  18. >"Shimmer!"
  19. >Hexferry walks over to you from a seat near the door.
  20. >"Come on, let's order something. I'll buy for both of us."
  21. >She leads you to the counter at the other side of the room.
  22. >... The board over the counter is filled with solid foods you can't eat.
  23. >You'll just order a strawberry smoothie.
  24. >The light moth mare at the counter smiles at you both.
  25. >"Welcome back, Hexferry. And... Shimmer, right?"
  26. >You freeze.
  27. >Hearing your name is just... weird.
  28. >You'll never get used to it.
  29. >"Yeah, Shimmer, this is Minty, she runs this café."
  30. >"This half, at least."
  31. >... What?
  32. >You take a good look at the café you're in.
  33. >The half of the room you're in has several tables and chairs, while the other half has many bookshelves.
  34. >... There's also another half to this counter.
  35. >This café is only half café.
  36. >You're finding this difficult to recover from.
  37. >"Shimmer?"
  38. >You glance back to Hexferry.
  39. >"What are you getting?"
  40. "... Strawberry smoothie."
  41. >"Ooh, good choice!"
  43. >You just go back to looking at the room.
  44. >There's a grey moth mare attending the shelves, dusting them and making sure the books are organized.
  45. >You... don't remember ever seeing her.
  46. >You've seen this Minty a few times before, but you can't recall the pony at the books.
  47. >"Hey, you okay?"
  48. >You nod and turn away.
  49. >You both sit at a nearby table.
  50. >The only other moth sitting on this half of the room is a brown stallion dressed in cliché "mysterious" attire.
  51. >He's reading a newspaper and drinking coffee.
  52. >... You don't really remember seeing him either.
  53. >This place is so odd...
  54. >Hexferry crosses her forelegs on the table you're sitting at.
  55. >"So... is getting to know Meisa nice?"
  56. >You nod.
  57. >... Silence takes the two of you for a minute.
  58. >"Uh... what did you talk about?"
  59. >She's really stretching for things to talk about.
  60. >She sounded so... awkward.
  61. >... What did you talk about?
  62. >Things each of you liked... Fashion, cleaning... things that generally made you happy.
  63. >Too much of that was Meisa trying to get you to talk about Hexferry.
  64. >Though, you were easily able to turn it around by mentioning Caramel.
  65. >You never really said anything profound, but you could at least hold up your tiny end of the conversation with her.
  66. >Much like you do with Hexferry.
  67. "... A lot."
  68. >... She tensed up.
  69. >It was only for a second, but you saw her tense up.
  70. >Why?
  71. >Was she jealous of you talking to her?
  72. >Actually, that's somewhat understandable. She's been trying to get you to talk for months; Meisa's only been there for a week.
  73. "Well, I didn't talk much. About as much as normal."
  74. >That was the most you've said at once.
  75. >She should be flattered.
  76. >Hexferry just smiles softly.
  77. >... She also appears as though a weight has been lifted off her.
  78. >"That's fine, I'm sure she was glad to talk with you."
  79. >She seemed happy enough.
  80. >... It's still weird to think others enjoy your company.
  81. >Well, Hexferry is a testament to you being likable.
  82. >Maybe you will fit in someday.
  83. >... You hope so.
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