The Next Cycle: Races: The Tormin

Aug 13th, 2012
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  1. The Tormin
  3. The Sha-Tormin are a hard shelled reptile like race, approximately 4 1/2 feet tall by our measurements, hailing from Morath, a planet mostly covered in swamps and wetlands with a high Ezo content. The Tormin adapted to the Ezo thru the use of a symbiotic plant life diffused through their bodies. Around adolescence they become receptive to the plant’s growth and are drawn to places were these plants germinate, becoming integral to their immune system, digestion, healing, and hormone production. These plants are not only vital to their bodies functioning, but also serve as a sort of naturally occurring biotic amp by linking with the nervous system and the biotic nodules to synchronize them just as well as an artificial Amp. This however is only compatible with Tormin biology. The Sha-Tormin are deeply religious worshiping a trifecta of gods, The Archangel, the enforcer of law and defender of the innocent, The Shadow, Bringer of knowledge and discipline, and The Mask, Giver of food and medicine. This combined with their habit of both recreational and in training meditation has given them an image as wise men; this is only true to a point as their renowned patience has limits and some have raised suspicion about the homogeneity of their culture.
  5. A split happened during one of the Tormin's early colonization attempts, an incident forced a number of ships to land on a desert planet, while supporting of life; they were not prepared for the planet’s conditions. With the ships irreparable and rescue generations away (this was prior to discovering the relays) they decided to live on the planet. Without access to sufficient hydroponic facilities to grow the symbiotic plant life their young would need, they resorted to crude cybernetics, they did the job, but they never acted the same, over the years implants were refined and the colony thrived. When the ships finally arrived they were a new culture, one founded on martial prowess and deeds of greatness. The Sha-Tormin as they called their predecessors found these new Cy-Tormin unsettling and impatient, they had a distant relationship for some time until the relays were discovered, soon after, the Sha-Tormin began a religious campaign of cultural conversion on the desert planet, hoping to bring their brethren back to the light. The Cy-Tormin took this as an insult to all of their development, and a refusal to accept that they have grown differently, tensions rose and though the first shot could never be confirmed, history would consider the Cy-Tormin the aggressors in the ensuing civil war. The tide of the war was turned when the Cy-Tormin Recruited the then primitive Gashunk, a race of ferocious aquatic predators, to their cause, but this would be their defeat, when the Gashunk became convinced the Cy-Tormin saw them as nothing more than tools most of them defected to the Sha-Tormin and the war was won by them. The Sha-Tormin claim to hold no grudge to their "wayward" kin, but the galaxy at large resents the Cy-Tormin to this day.
  7. Tormin Ships are Circular in front, with a cylindrical section in back containing the primary engine. Sha-Tormin Weaponry generally consists of Light arms bought from other races, due to their combat preferring to utilize biotic powers. Cy-Tormin tend to design simple and efficient weapons, favoring rapid fire, and Long ranged weaponry, some affixing heavy weapons to shoulder mounted modules on their backs. They also make heavy use of rapid deploy turrets, cover, and ammunition dispensers. They do still possess biotic power, but train less in its use, favoring technical prowess, this makes the biotic powers they do use in combat a rather nasty surprise for their enemies. Both sub-races make frequent use of their smaller size in stealth missions.
  9. The Sha-Tormin are the 3rd race to have a seat at the Citadel Tribunal and are credited as a positive influence on the Yahg.
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