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Aug 20th, 2011
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  1. OpPaparazzi
  4. Dear citizens for a free and just world,
  6. Lately there has been an overwhelming amount of police officers arresting innocent citizens for filming law enforcement. They are justifying this by calling it a number of things from 'obstruction of justice' to 'wiretapping'. This is nothing short of an outrage, and we can not allow them to continue to arrest innocent people who are merely assuring the safety of everyone by monitoring and recording what is happening around us. Recording police officers not only serves the people, but the police officers as well, we are ensuring the safety of all parties involved by eliminating the 'he said, she said' bullshit that keeps true justice from being served. These charges can not logically be associated with our right to digitally preserve our daily lives.
  8. Obstruction of justice- the crime of interfering with the work of police, investigators, regulatory agencies, prosecutors, or other (usually government) officials.
  10. wiretapping- the monitoring of telephone and Internet conversations by a third party
  12. These are definitions that we should become better aware of, including the officers who are unjustly charging innocent people with these crimes. Filming police has no good valid argument against its legality, Those WE pay to protect and serve US should have nothing to hide from the public while they are on duty. Good honest cops should welcome motorization for not only our safety, but theirs as well. I have seen officers say "i can not do my job while you are filming me", this makes no sense what so ever, and i question what prevents you from protecting citizens because there is a camera present?
  14. We must not allow this to continue, wiretapping has a maximum sentence of 10 years, to put someone in prison for 10 years for monitoring a public servant is nothing short of complete insanity. If these cops are good, honest, and free of corruption, recording them should be no problem. cases in point:
  16. good cop- No problem with being recorded, no problem with people seeing how he performs his job, voluntarily gives his badge number
  18. bad cop- Problem with being recorded, is not comfortable with people seeing how he does his job, does not give his badge number after it is requested.
  20. We are entitled to ensure our safety, and not be charged with crimes because we have to babysit our law enforcement. The days of corrupt cops twisting the system to their favor will soon be at an end. #OpPaparazzi is a movement in which we all film our law enforcement at all times, for all reasons. Film them discreetly, or in large groups collectively asking them questions as if they are celebrities. Tell them it is your right, and ask them for the penal code which states it is illegal to film them. Why can we film every single movement of Tom Cruise, but filming officer Tom will send us to jail? This is a movement that will only result in corrupt police officers being exposed, and good police officer getting the credit due for risking their lives to protect us. This is a movement that can be combined with any and all other operations. With today's technology it should be almost impossible for corrupt law enforcement to continue. Take out your phone at the first sight of police, start up the camera and be prepared, together we will change the world for the better by showing what is actually occurring in the streets when bad cops confront good people. what good is a dash cam that only protects the officers? Why is your camera legal and mine is not? You are NOT above the law, you are NOT allowed to speed, talk on your cellphone while driving, run red lights, beat us while we are restrained, or search us without warrant, yet these are things i see every day. Officers must be held accountable for their crimes, more so than citezens, these are the people we employ and depend on to protect us, to lead by example, but they are merely protecting themselves, we must put this to an end. report all crimes committed by police to their superiors, as well to the people of the internetz with #OpPaparazzi. THIS IS YOUR RIGHT, THIS IS YOUR DUTY!!!
  25. EXPECT US!!!!!!!
  27. @anonstopable
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