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Apr 28th, 2014
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  1. Not a programmer. Will be reading and doing exercises from a book on C this summer, then starting university this fall. I like roguelikes, but I dislike how all roguelikes quickly become way to complex to quickly and easily modify.
  3. I know how to use terminal commands (cd, ls, make, grep if I have a guide handy), I know how to read and follow instructions, I run Linux (granted it's Mint Debian), I've screwed around with other roguelikes in the past. I have a good idea of how to use grep to puzzle through code, but the codebases of most roguelikes are way too huge to easily make something fun. It quickly becomes a chore, where I must document all occurances of something-or-other using grep, then figure out how they work and comment them, then write a spreadsheet with all my changes I plan to make and update it as I make changes. It seriously sucks the fun right out of it.
  5. I want code mixed with data because I'm easily confused when I have to edit stuff in JSONs and in the *.c and *.h files too. I'd rather keep it on one place.
  7. I initially tried a bunch of very old games, but I couldn't get them to compile. I'm happy with something very old as long as it compiles, is small, isn't too buggy, source is available, and it runs on linux. Ideally I want something that is CLI, written in C or C++, and keeps the data and code together.
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  11. How long until the captcha is no longer mandatory?
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