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  1. An Idiots Guide to Al Jazeera
  3. Step 1:
  4. Go to and download either the Firefox or Chrome addon. Don't mess around with the actual .exe.
  6. Step 2:
  7. to start making Al Jazeera sports think you are located in Egypt. It really is as simple as clicking that link once Hola is installed.
  9. Step 3:
  10. Go to and click "subscribe now". Enter your name and email address and choose a random country. Egypt would match your Hola but it isn't important.
  12. Step 4:
  13. Scroll up, make sure you have chosen the time you want to subscribe for. I do monthly at $19 myself.
  15. Step 5:
  16. Click "pay with paypal" and "continue to secure payment". At this point it is a standard paypal transaction.
  18. Step 6:
  19. Any time you want to watch Al Jazeera, make sure you are using the browser with Hola installed, then just go to , sign in and either choose a channel or go to schedule. It's fairly intuitive.
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