Dino The Hip Hop Dragon, Fan-Mail

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  1. “local health officials are amazed by the sudden increase in the birth of white haired children” said a pretty but older reporter.
  2. “This is Katherine Mulligan, signing off!”
  3. Dino gave a grunt and turned off the t.v., today was a wack one. First his delivery boy got conned out of a pizza. Again. Then some brats figured out how to do the old “penny trick”, chunked those bastards right out. To top it off his new album still isn’t selling.
  4. Shit sucked, but those are the least of his worries. Right now dino had to focus on whats important. Fan mail.
  5. Oh shit did dino love it. Shame it all seems to come from one weird girl.
  6. Dino lifted one of the many letters beside him.
  7. “deer mistr DINO, my name is LIZZI LOD. I jave a ? for you, can you breth green fiyare?”
  8. Dino flustered his brow.
  9. “Jeez kid give it a rest, stay in school” he thought aloud.
  10. The dinosaur entrepreneur added the letter to a stack for his read letters.
  11. His attention was soon drawn to a very different letter. It was in a teal envelop and had a strong smell of perfume. Dino's heart started to pick up. Maybe this was an admiration letter from some fly honey, the thought to himself.
  12. Confidently he tore it open and unfolded the latter, and began to read.
  13. “Dear Mr. Park, my name really isn’t important but well, I believe I may be your daughter. I don’t want to waste your time so I will get to the chase. Two years ago I was adopted by a really nice woman, I won’t give up her name but I will say she is a good mom. Recently I became curious on who my real parents where and I did some research on my own. My dad had my adoption papers in his drawing room and from them I found my birth certificate. Your name was on that certificate, your real name. I know you go by Dino for business reasons but it was your name from when you were a rapper In Los Angeles. I know its just a name and nothing more but there is one thing. Do you remember a woman name Jade Soo? She was my birth mother and one of your groupies from back then. Her name was on the birth certificate as well.
  14. Now this is all just a hunch on my part and I may be wrong, but I believe in my heart that your my birth dad. I don’t want money, I don’t want attention, I don’t want anything. If you are my dad I just want you to know that I am okay. My mom is the best mom in the world, even though she can be a bit ditzy. My dad is a funny man with a really big heart. My older sister doesn’t talk much but her love speaks louder than any words; she also cooks amazing food! My older brother is always there for me and is my best friend in the whole world. I have lots of friends and even more siblings then I know what to do with. I am loved, I am taken care of, I am where I want to be. Thank you for making me, so I could be so happy with my family.
  15. I don’t remember the name you or mom gave me, but my new name would make you laugh. Lets just say that when I eat my breakfast my aunt always asks people if they get it.
  16. Love, Your Daughter”
  18. Dino put down the letter and was left alone in the dark. Nothing accompanied him but silence and a new feeling of regret.
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