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  1. Name:  Ollie
  3. About yourself (Age: 24 , location: Bristol  England )
  5. Character Information:
  6. Name:  [ ILLIDUSK - Tarren Mill ]
  8. Class: Demon Hunter
  9. Spec: Havoc
  11. Off-spec (if applicable): I started out the Xpac grinding Mythic Plus to about 800 in VENGEANCE and i am compitent in said role. - then, as Uldir was released and I joined [ Mantra-ChamberOfAspects ] under the raidleadings of Scrumpul <<  I turned my attention to exclusively existing as a Havoc Mainspec DemonHunter for guild and raiding progress..!
  13. Armory Link :
  14. WarCraft LOGS Link :
  15. Link :
  17. Do you have any raid ready alts? If so, do you have any experience on them? YES - I have a 369 warlock I'd just levelled to cap and have geared out in order to help my last guild out with range dps, however  : [mantra-chamber] disbanded like 3 days after!
  19. Internet Speed: 199.5 MBPS Download -  12.6 MBPS upload. (With Game Closed)
  21. Battletag: FLUUX#2718
  23. Previous raiding/expansion experience:  I have been a consistent and avid WoW player since hitting puberty back in the good old days of 'Vanilla, I actually joined 1 month before BC launched and continued to play through Wotlk - starting out i was really doing my first raids with a guild in Trial of the Crusader and Grand Crusader, Ulduar and then by the time ICC came around, i was going as hard as i could at the time and had officially started my raiding career through clearing ICC10man HC as an enhancement shaman. I've max levelled every class upto 100 or so, I've been focussing on raiding in HC and Mythic especially throughout Legion and now; Starting in BFA I have managed my class and my time irl & ingame to progress as efficiently and potently as possible via M+ Dungeons and within MYTHIC Raiding .
  25. Anyone in our guild who can vouch for you?: Yes, Scrumpul - My recent GuildMaster from [MANTRA - ChamberOfAspects] He's a real good guy and compitent where it counts, I learnt alot from him and I also would follow this guy into any raid there is ;) Scrump said you guys were kinda in search for a DH that isn't just an alt, and I believe he found you a worthy and compitent candidate at the very least - :)
  27. Logs (Note: Applications without logs have a severely reduced chance of being accepted):
  29. Raid Availabilty (please state yes or no for each time listed):
  30. (All times are listed in server time)
  32. Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 yes
  33. Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 yes
  34. Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00 yes
  36. Do you have a working mic, and if so, how comfortable are you with using it?: As Comfortable as can be! Communication is key within Raiding, I should expect no less and am a discord regular.
  38. Joining Stress Test:
  39. Why do you want to join us? As I mentioned earlier, Scrumpul mentioned you were looking to fill an important melee role and I would follow this mage into the depths of hell aslong as it's promising upgrades ;) but jokes aside, after I was looking for guilds after mantra - I found a 3/8M guild that wanted to snap me up, and at that time i was just leaving a 3/8M guild so i thought Great! however my new guild, however pushing 5/8M now are ever so slightly more casual players, and quite frankly I want to push the highest tiers of Mythic Raiding, not fall somewhere in the average. I am a dedicated and passionate little fella and I'm looking for a guild that can support my own persuits, in coalition.
  40. During Progression we want a close to 90 % of attendance is that okey with you? So far in BFA - I have a 100% attendance rate on ULDIR signups, with absolute dedication in mind on raid nights and raiding availability as my priority as standard.
  41. World of Warcraft
  42. Curu - Character - WoW
  43. Curu (Twisting Nether) ❮Risen❯ - 120 Blood Elf Demon Hunter, 381 Equipt ilv (385 in bags)
  46. *edit - I trimmed this down a fair piece, however still needed to resort to PasteBin.
  47. Thanks Guys -
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