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Cash for Cars in Elizabeth NJ

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Sep 21st, 2019
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  1. Contact
  3. Address: 129 Jaques St Elizabeth, NJ 07201
  5. Phone: 908-845-0057
  7. Website URL:
  11. About US
  13. We pay cash for cars in Elizabeth. Any cars! This means we will buy any make and model of vehicle, regardless of how old it is. Moreover, we pay cash for cars that are damaged or that don’t start. We will make you a very good offer on your vehicle.
  15. In fact, we usually pay the most money in Elizabeth for old cars. Our professionals are personable, experienced and very courteous. We are here to exceed your expectations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to sell a car for cash!
  17. Want to sell salvage car today in New Jersey? We pay cash for junk cars in Elizabeth and the surrounding cities. And truth be told, the process of selling us your old, broken down car isn’t complicated either. You will need to provide us with some basic information about yourself and about your car. We want to know the make, model and year of the vehicle.
  19. All our professionals are insured and licensed. In addition, we run periodic background checks on our personnel to make sure they are 100% safe to work with. When you sell your car for cash, you can be sure that the person who comes to pick it up is reliable and trustworthy. Working with us is 10 times safer than selling your old car to a stranger on Craigslist.
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  25. Additional Details
  27. Hours: Mon - Thur 9 am-9 pm
  28. Fri 9 am - 7 pm
  29. Sat 9 am-9 pm
  30. Sun 10 am - 7 pm
  32. Peyment: Cash.
  34. GMB Listing
  38. Social Profiles
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