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  1. Need to know so we can pick flaws in it, people still haven't decided what they want to main.
  3. Things I have a problem with:
  5. [list]
  6. [li]spell haste is limited to shadow 1priest, elemental shaman and moonkin. We need this [b]all the time[/b] for progression, it can't be something we sometimes have because it's nice (haste caps etc.)[/li]
  8. [li]Too many people on the same gear. Cups and Ela are on the same token as a [b]lot[/b] of other people. They're on the same gear type too. Quotey might have to offspec healing (depending on how powerful monks are) and is also on the same token and gear type.
  10. We need to know who the mystery person is so we can sort this out, I suggest someone on the conq. token preferably a shadow priest which solves problem #1. as well.[/li]
  11. [/list]
  13. If you are thinking about re rolling please be reading up and playing on the beta. LFR is up now and you can work out how to play and set up your raid frames.
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