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Nov 27th, 2012
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  1. I'd like to check out with the community on the state of things, concerning being able to query for & (possibly) modify as much of the OS state, via a SSH with X11 forwarding, on a MBP running OS X 10.8.
  3. I'm aware that there are tools out there already which allow one to grab the window title of a running X11-based application process from the SSH shell terminal, but I'm unfamiliar as to whether this is possible with native Mac applications.
  5. A typical example for me would be: I run my MBP as a server (with appropriate NAT configured), exposing both SSH access and X11 forwarding. Suppose I have a list of tabs in Chrome already open, and I need to leave the house, only to later log on to another machine to SSH back to my home MBP. I would like to know the title of the webpages of those tabs in order to continue browsing. I also know that Chrome comes with a feature to store the list of currently opened tabs across machines logged into the same Google account, but let's say this is not available (for other native Mac non-X11 based applications, in a more realistic use case).
  7. Does anyone here know of which API/frameworks or and contribute anything useful about tools for this purpose? I'm language-agnostic for this. Thanks!
  9. *Of course, the best is still to run a CLI server, for advantages of a small memory footprint, and being able to exert control over the machine remotely like this.
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