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Laska and Sensei

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  1. This short series involving Laska and her crush on Sensei and contains short snippets that was originally shared on the IRC. That being said, although I would have liked to make this longer and more concise, I have other duties to fulfill and time constraints limit me for now. So for now, enjoy Laska and her adventures with Sensei. And its written in greentext because fuck you that why.  
  5. >Laska sitting in class at school
  6. >absentmindedly doodling on her test
  7. >currently drawing hearts with her name and her crushes’ name in them
  8. >her Crush being Sensei
  9. >bell suddenly rings, catching Laska’s attention
  10. >”Alright times up, hand in your tests” Sensei says
  11. >Laska hands in her test along with the rest of the students
  12. >some minutes later>
  13.  >the sound of a plastic mechanical pencil can be heard snapping as Laska realizes she had turned in the test with her doodles on it
  14. >its fine, its fine
  15. >she only drew them on the back of the test
  16. >what are the chances of him finding them?
  17. >That night, Laska worried herself to sleep
  19. >the next morning, Laska quickly took her seat and waited for class to begin
  20. >Sensei walks in and starts the lesson
  21. >miraculously, Sensei continues on like nothing happened
  22. >Laska breathes a sigh of relief
  23. >bell rings signaling the end of class
  24. >Laska hurriedly gathers her things
  25. >”Oh Laska, can you stay after class for a moment?” Sensei chimes in
  26. >Laska freezes
  27. >the rest of the students file out of the classroom as Laska sits back down at her desk
  28. >Sensei begins to pull out some papers from his desk
  29. >Sensei holds up the test with the hearts on it
  30. >the poor scared Cheshire girl is sweating enough bullets to supply World War 3
  31. >an awkward silence descends upon the two of them
  32. >Sensei finally speaks first
  33. >”I can understand…that girls at your age have certain urges…”
  34. >Laska fidgets in her chair, obviously uncomfortable at the situation
  35. >”And the best thing I can do as an educator is try and alleviate any…misgivings that you may have.” Sensei continues
  36. >”Is there anything you want to ask me?”
  37. >Laska’s mind is running wild, trying to find a suitable excuse
  38. >Instead, she panics, and blurts the first thing that comes to mind
  39. >”Are you single Sensei!?” she blurts out
  40. >her face goes white with horror as she realizes at what she had just said
  41. >sensei looks at her with a passive expression
  42. >"No, I'm not single at the moment." the sensei said as a matter of factly
  43. >Laska is at a lost for words.
  44. >Instead, she quietly sits there, unsure how to process this new development
  45. >Sensei checks his watch "So...when are you available for a date?"  
  48. >few days later, Sensei is talking with another teacher in the hallway in-between periods
  49. >Laska passes by Sensei
  50. > "Dark Blue" Laska says out loud to Sensei
  51. > "Green" Sensei replies back
  52. >Other teacher asks what was that about
  53. >"Its a word association game." sensei explains
  54. >dosnt tell him that its actually underwear color
  55. >another day, Laska and Sensei pass by each other in the hallway
  56. >Sensei sipping on some coffee from his mug
  57. >notices Laska first
  58. >"White with hearts" he says trying to hide his smirking grin behind his mug
  59. >it took him hours trying to find that stereotypical comical underwear
  60. >Laska walks past him without making eye contact
  61. >"Nothing at all"
  62. >sensei spits out his coffee and turns around suddenly, spilling even more coffee
  63. >a confident Laska just struts away
  65. >Sensei asks for Laska to stay behind after class
  66. >"Is there something you wanted?" Laska asks unsure
  67. >Sensei dosnt say anything, just stands there and stares at Laska
  68. >continues to stare
  69. >and stares some more
  70. >"Uhmm...Sensei? Are you okay?" Laska asks, breaking the silence
  71. >jiiiiiiiii~
  72. >"I'm undressing you with my eyes right now...." Sensei says intently, as if she was in a deep trance
  73. >Laska gasps and covers her chest with her arms
  74. >but Sensei continues to stare at her
  75. >Laska’s face slowly becomes red, as she hesitantly begins to lower her arms
  76. >Eventually, her arms fall to her sides
  77. >"Turn around...slowly..." Sensei ordered
  78. >Laska does so, timidly turning around
  79. >though she wore her school uniform, she felt naked underneath sensei's gaze
  80. >the next bell rings, snapping Sensei back to reality
  81. >"Alright now, you get to your next class now"
  82. >Laska both relieved and slightly saddened that it ended
  83. >Sensei gives her a light pat on her butt as she leaves
  84. >Laska “eeps” as she skips forward, giving sensei a coy look over her shoulder before leaving
  87. >another day
  88. >Laska working on test corrections after class
  89. >"So how many times do you masturbate in a day?" Sensei suddenly chimes in
  90. >another mechanical pencil breaks
  91. >"Nya-Nyani?!" Laska yelps with a beet red face, clutching a shattered plastic pencil in her hand
  92. >Sensei just continues to stare at her behind tented fingers at his desk
  93. >"....Once...or twice a day...u-usually before school...." she finally admits under his unrelenting gaze
  94. >"And why is that?" Sensei asks genially curious
  95. >"I get too....horny....in class.... if I dont masturbate before coming to school" Laska admits
  96. >Sensei raises his eyebrows, "Oh? And what do you use as…inspiration?"
  97. >Laska has to think about it for a moment
  98. >"You...doing...things to me...." she says quietly
  99. >Sensei sits there for a moment, before rising up from behind his desk
  100. >he walks over to the desk besides Laska
  101. >"Like....this?" he said drawing close to Laska's ear, whispering softly into it before blowing gently on it
  102. >Laska's ears immediately twitch and a mewl escapes her lips, before catching herself and covering her mouth with a paw
  103. >"Jerk...." she says shooting him a pouting look
  104. >Sensei cant help but laugh
  105. >"Its fine...besides..." sensei says, taking his seat behind the desk again
  106. >"I masturbate to you as well..."  
  107. >sensei said with a sly grin
  110. >another day at school
  111. >Laska's phone rings in class
  112. >have to confiscate it now
  113. >Laska begrudgingly hands her cell phone over
  114. >Sensei places in in his desk drawer
  115. >after class, Laska comes to him
  116. >"Sensei, please please please! Dont look through my phone! I dont have a password on it..." she says desperatly
  117. >"Of course Laska, I respect my students privacies" Sensei assures her
  118. >Lunch period
  119. >a cellphone of a teenage girl with no lock on it
  120. >an entire lunch period for himself
  121. >sensei takes out the phone and begins to snoop through it
  122. >some texts to her friends and parents, nothing important there
  123. >go to the gallery section
  124. >eyes go wide in shock
  125. >Laska selfies
  126. >in her underwear
  127. >check to make sure no one was looking in through the door
  128. >proceed to flip through the pictures
  129. >Laska in provocative poses sprawled out on her bed
  130. >her boobs threatening to burst freee
  131. >sensei begins to sweat as he carefully ingrains the images into his head
  132. >the next series of pictures, Laska is topless, only her arm covering her breasts
  133. >Sensei biting his lip now
  134. >this could only get better
  135. >next picture confuses him for a moment
  136. >its Laska in bra and panties again
  137. >theres a message written sloppily on her stomach in black ink
  138. >"Sensei, you perv!"
  139. >Lunch bell rings
  140. >class comes back in
  141. >Laska dosnt say anything as she takes her seat
  142. >"Alright class, lets begin with that quiz now…" Sensei says hurriedly putting the phone away
  143. >Sensei tries to stand up
  144. >something hits the desk, causing a loud thud
  145. >sensei immediately sits back down
  146. >"...you know what...lets take that quiz at the end of class, shall we?" Sensei responds back
  147. >the sound of muffled laughter can be heard as Laska buries her head into her arms and laughs
  148. >later that night
  149. >Laska returns home and flops on her bed, exhausted from school
  150. >she gets a text message from a number she dosnt recognize
  151. >Its a picture of an erect dick
  152. >On it, sloppily written in black ink "This means war"
  153. >Laskas couldn’t get any sleep that night
  157. >Laska staying behind after school working on test questions
  158. >asks Sensei for help
  159. >Sensei sits down beside her, wraps his arm around her and places his other hand over hers, and writes out the problem with her
  160. >Laska holding her breath as she can feel his body heat on her
  161. >Laska finally remembers to breath "Se-Sensei...I'm not really comfortable in this position..."
  162. >Sensei ponders for awhile
  163. >motions for Laska to get up and follow him as he leads her to his desk
  164. >and sits her down on his lap
  165. >her ears tickling his chin as he begins to explain the problem for her
  166. >all the while he pets her like a common house cat
  167. >Laska tries to ignore the fact that something hard is beginning to poke her butt
  168. >but at the same time she doesn’t mind at all
  172. >laska buying a christmas present for Sensei
  173. >its a tie
  174. >her friends tell her that Sensei will never wear it; its tacky and ugly
  175. >Laska giving it to sensei after class
  176. >Sensei looks at it for a long time
  177. >"Thanks Laska, I'll cherish it."
  178. >Sensei proceeds to pet her
  179. >Sensei continues to wear the tacky tie for the rest of the year
  180. >everytime Laska sees it, her heart skips a beat
  181. >Sensei gets her a present as well
  182. >its tacky socks
  183. >Laska looks at disappointedly at first , but since its a gift from sensei, Laska decides to treasures it
  184. >Sensei smiles, noticing her expression
  185. >”Don’t worry, they'll look better in the air anyway"
  186. >Laska looks at him for a moment
  187. >Sensei only continues smiling
  188. >"Per-per-pervert!"
  189. >but in her mind, Laska agrees with him
  192. >sensei gets a text from "My Kitty"
  193. >"I'm sick" it says
  194. >Sensei tells her to do problems 1-15 for homework, and to drink plenty of liquids
  195. >Sensei puts his phone down and gets back to work
  196. >Phone vibrates
  197. >Sensei picks it up
  198. >"I'm naked right now"
  199. >Sensei looks long and hard at his phone
  200. >lets out a heavy sigh
  201. >Sensei starts texting frantically
  202. >"As your Sensei, it is my duty as both an adult and as a teacher to ensure the well-being of my students"
  203. >"That being said, I believe its imperative that you send pics to me, so I may ascertain your current health"
  204. >some minutes pass
  205. >Phone vibrates again
  206. >Its a picture of Laska looking up at the camera while lying on her stomach nude on the bed
  207. >the phone angled in such a way that you could see her ass
  208. >Sensei looks long and hard at the photo
  209. >texts back, "You’re not sick at all, are you?"
  210. >minutes pass before getting a reply from her
  211. >"....I'm naked though..."
  212. >sensei texts back "1-25 for homework now. Special remedial lesson for you after class as well."
  213. >finishes with "Bring something to bite down on"
  214. >Laska drops her phone in shock
  217. >Sensei goes to the movie theater one day
  218. >Finds Laska outside wearing a dress and patiently waiting for someone
  219. >Sensei sneaks up on her and pokes her cheek, causing Laska to jump back in surprise
  220. >”Your late…” she says rubbing her cheek
  221. >Laska and Sensei buy a ticket for a movie that’s been out for a few weeks
  222. >hopefully, there wouldn’t be a lot of people in the theater
  223. >luckily Its practically empty, with only a few people sitting near the front
  224. >Laska and Sensei take their seats near the back
  225. >they don’t bother to put down the arm rest between them
  226. >as soon as the movie starts, Laska leans against Sensei, while he wraps his arm around her
  227. >the two enjoy cuddling with each other as the movie plays, Laska’s ears twitch occasionally
  228. >suddenly, Sensei can feel a paw on his inner thigh  
  229. >Laska looks up and whispers to him
  230. >"Im really horny right now..."
  231. >Sensei whispers into her ear, “Likewise…”
  232. >The two stare at each other in the darkness of the theater, only the occasional brightness of the screen revealed Laska’s face to be bright red
  233. >Sensei uses his friend hand to undo his belt buckle, quickly catching Laska’s attention
  234. >As soon as he pulls down the zipper, Laskas’s paw dives in and quickly grasps him, causing Sensei to shift in his seat
  235. >Laska notices
  236. >”Heh sorry…” she says apologizing for her hastiness
  237. >Her digits begin to explore the throbbing appendage, running her hand along the length
  238. >Sensei tries to sit still, but the combination of inexperienced but eager fingers is an interesting sensation to say the least
  239. >Laska continues to touch and explore him, running the tips of her digits across his phallus with awe
  240. >She finally wraps her digits around him and begins to pump him rhythmically
  241. >Sensei hand began to grip his armrest as Laska played with him
  242. >Laska soon began to go faster, intent upon tasting his seed
  243. >Soon enough, and much to Sensei’s own surprise, he came hard
  244. >Laska immediately brought her head down, trying to take his semen into her mouth
  245. >instead, it splattered on her face as Laska tried to catch it into her mouth,
  246. >being the dutiful student, she cleaned up the mess she made and gingerly licked his head clean with her rough tongue before looking back up at Sensei expectantly
  247. >Sensei could only stifle his satisfied grin as he took a finger and wiped off a strand of left over cum off her check
  248. >Immediately she lunged forward and engulfed his finger, licking it clean
  249. >She took her time cleaning his finger before taking her own furry digit to wipe clean her face, hungrily licking her paw clean of the collected cum
  250. >finished, her cat like eyes shone in the dark movie theater
  251. >”Am I a good student now, Sensei?” Laska teased him
  252. >Sensei raised an eyebrow  
  253. >She still had much to learn
  254. >some minutes later
  255. >Laska was panting heavily, her head leaning against Sensei, occasionally twitching as Sensei licked his fingers clean of her juices
  256. >her yelping caused a few curious glances from the other audience members
  257. >”You…you jerk….” Laska breathed as she nuzzled up against him
  258. >Sensei only grinned as she petted his proud student
  259. >Yes, so much more to learn….
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