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Aug 18th, 2020
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  1. Business Name
  2. CMB Clifton Stucco & EIFS Repair
  3. Websites
  5. Keywords
  6. Brownstone Restoration In Clifton NJ, Cultured Stone Installation In Clifton NJ, Interior Plastering In Clifton NJ, Repair Exterior Acrylic In Clifton NJ, Exterior Cement Stucco In Clifton NJ, Acrylic Paint Systems In Clifton NJ, Stucco Brick Pointing In Clifton NJ, Brick Pointing In Clifton NJ, Residential Stucco Service In Clifton NJ, Acrylic Stucco In Clifton NJ, Eifs Installation In Clifton NJ, Eifs Repair In Clifton NJ
  7. Thin Brick System In Clifton NJ, Brick Waterproofing In Clifton NJ, Exterior Acrylic Paint Systems In Clifton NJ, Commercial Stucco Service In Clifton NJ, Exterior Wall Systems In Clifton NJ, Stucco Contractors In Clifton NJ
  8. Business Address
  9. 851 Van Houten Ave #115
  10. Clifton NJ 07013
  11. Business Phone
  12. (862) 248-6900
  13. Year Found
  14. 1996
  15. No Of Employee
  16. 20
  17. Operating Hours
  18. 6AM-9PM
  19. Video URL
  21. Description
  22. With regards to the requirements of the work, construction work will often take several contractors to perform. Think of CMB Clifton Stucco & EIFS Repair as your full-service stucco repair contractor around Clifton, NJ. If the stucco on your business or home is damaged, though, we excel at rendering it look new again. We do detailed application of repair materials that seal holes and cracks, preventing water from seeping into the stucco. If water does penetrate the outer layers, it could affect every one of the stucco's support structure including the lath and wood framing. Our goal for repairs is to repair the damage, restore the look, and extend the life of one's stucco. Remember, we handle stucco installation and painting, too.
  23. Contact us at (862) 248-6900 for stucco repair that eliminates cracks and other signs of damage.
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