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  1. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:39pm] jas0n: i dont want you to ghost me
  2. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:39pm] jas0n: unless we need it
  3. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] jas0n: so if we are up 4-1
  4. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] jas0n: no
  5. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] Limitless: i'm ghosting u unless we have already won the game
  6. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] jas0n: i wanna prove that i am good enough to keep on midseason as a starter
  7. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] Limitless: period
  8. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] jas0n: this is utter bullshit though
  9. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] jas0n: i wanna play
  10. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] jas0n: midseason
  11. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:40pm] jas0n: and you CANT blame me for that
  12. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:41pm] jas0n: if i get #1 on po can i play
  13. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:41pm] Limitless: no, you don't think through every move
  14. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:41pm] Limitless: i'm telling you this all straight
  15. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:41pm] Limitless: if you don't like it
  16. [15:42] <jas0n> [2:41pm] Limitless: i'm not holding you here
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