TI-83 Daleks Code

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  1. AxesOff
  2. 84→Xmin
  3. 72→Ymax
  4. ZInteger                //golfed initialization of the graph screen to square coordinates
  5. 1→C                       //starting Dalek count
  6. Repeat C>9              //Levels 1-9 will run with 2-10 Daleks
  7. binomcdf(C,0→L₃             //Fill a C+1 long list of 1s for whether each Dalek is alive.  On OS 1.02, binomcdf appears to work differently and 0 needs to be 1.
  8. C+1→C                 //Increment the number of Daleks each level, placing it here to avoid C-1 in the previous function
  9. 1+3int(31rand(Ans→L₁        //coordinate placement for Dalek enemies.  rand(c sets a list of C random numbers, then the list is transformed into 3 pixel wide coordinates for the graph screen
  10. 1+3int(21rand(C→L₂
  11. Repeat not(sum(X=L₁ and Ans=L₂      //place the doctor on the grid using A and B for X and Y coordinates, and make sure he doesn't start on a Dalek
  12. 1+3int(31rand→X
  13. 1+3int(21rand→B
  14. End
  15. 1→S                       //S is 1 until the Sonic Screwdriver is used
  16. While sum(L₃          //repeat the loop within the level while some Daleks are still alive
  17. Pt-On(X,B,3             //draw the doctor's sprite
  18. For(D,1,C              
  19. Pt-On(L₁(D),L₂(D),2     //draw the dalek sprites
  20. End
  21. Repeat Ans              //look for a keypress until one has happened.  Repeat loops go once before checking conditions, so Ans always has a chance to become the value of getKey
  22. rand                    //spurious rand call to aid RNG manip in TAS
  23. getKey→G              //store the last key code to G
  24. End
  25. Pt-Off(X,B,3            //delete the doctor's current sprite using pt mode 3 to draw a +
  26. If S(Ans=81             //Use the sonic screwdriver if it hasn't been used yet and the Ln key was pressed (above store)
  27. DelVar SL₃not(4>abs(L₁-X) and 4>abs(L₂-B→L₃       //Note the use of the screwdriver and kill Daleks that are directly adjacent to the doctor.  DeMorgan's laws can flip how this is done, haven't tested which way is faster yet, not( allows for implicit multiplication
  28. If G=91                 //if the store key is pressed, use the Tardis (moves somewhere on the grid randomly, including dangerous places)
  29. Then
  30. 1+3int(31rand→X
  31. 1+3int(21rand→B
  32. End
  33. min(91,max(1,X+3(max(G={74,84,94})-max(G={72,82,92→X  //golfed movement code for the Doctor using the numpad
  34. min(61,max(1,B+3(max(G={72,73,74})-max(G={92,93,94→B
  35. For(D,1,C)              //loop through the Daleks to clear their current sprites
  36. If L₃(D                   //If the dalek is alive
  37. Pt-Off(L₁(D),L₂(D),2    //Clear the current sprite using pt-off mode 2 to delete a square
  38. End
  39. L₁+L₃3((L₁<X)-(L₁>X→L₁      //Move all daleks toward the doctor.  This code can be 10 bytes shorter using a trick with tanh(E9X to pull the sign of X, but it runs slower.
  40. L₂+L₃3((L₂<B)-(L₂>B→L₂
  41. If sum(X=L₁ and B=Ans     //if the character's coordinates are equal to both of any of the Dalek's locations
  42. Then
  43. Text(28,32,"YOU DIED    //Stop the game and tell the player they died
  44. Stop
  45. End
  46. For(D,1,C)              //We have to do 2 separate loops so that all daleks move before locations are checked for dalek collision
  47. L₃(D)=sum(L₁=L₁(D) and L₂=L₂(D→L₃(D           //Mark daleks as dead if there are multiple in the same place, keeping them dead if they already are
  48. If not(Ans              //If the current dalek is dead
  49. Pt-On(L₁(D),L₂(D        //Mark its death by filling in the dalek's sprite
  50. End
  51. End
  52. V+C→V                 //update the score for winning the round
  53. ClrDraw
  54. Text(28,40,"SCORE:",Ans //Draw the score between rounds
  55. Pause
  56. ClrDraw
  57. End
  58. Text(28,32,"YOU WON
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