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  1. Finn says:
  2.  lol chris
  3.  LOlOLoLOloL GIUY
  4. Chris says:
  5.  ?
  6.  Kid, I don't know you, I'm Jessica's Brother.
  7. Finn says:
  8.  pic
  9.  otherwise your jessi
  10.  and you're a guy
  11.  lololol
  12. Chris says:
  13.  My sister ins't here, she's at a party..
  14.  Look kid, I don't know who the fuck you are.
  15. Finn says:
  16.  u mad
  17.  u mad at being a guy
  18. Chris says:
  19.  What the fuck are you talking about
  20. Finn says:
  21.  Jessi is you
  22.  Therefore; you're a guy.
  23. Chris says:
  24.  Jessi, is my sister, this is my email.
  25. Finn says:
  26.  How come this is the first time, you have EVER been on
  27.  this msn
  28.  in 3 years
  29. Chris says:
  30.  I'm always on this MSN.
  31. Finn says:
  32.  so you're not jess ithen
  33.  you're jessi the man
  34. Chris says:
  35.  No... Jessi is at a party..
  36.  Kid, just stfu, seriously.
  37.  I just came on to check my mail, and you come here flaming me thinking I'm Jessi, when I'm her brother
  38.  Can't talk anymore? You're just wasting my time.
  39. Finn says:
  40.  I'm too sexy for my shirt.
  41.  You're a guy Jessi
  42. Chris says:
  43.  Kid, I'm not Jessi..
  44. Finn says:
  45.  okay
  46. Chris says:
  47.  Yeah I am a guy, my sister, Jessi is a girl, obviously.
  48. Finn says:
  49.  let me see a pic of jessi then
  50.  grab one of facebook or something
  51.  because 'jessi' uses google images
  52. Chris says:
  53.  Ok.. you want her FB?
  54. Finn says:
  55.  as her pictures
  56.  I want a picture
  57.  not her whole FB
  58. Chris says:
  59.  Why? She doesn't use Google Images. You can complain about it, why don't you want her FB?
  60.  Whatever kid, you're wasting my time, and I need to leave for work.. I'll tell Jessi you're talking shit, bye.
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