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Jul 7th, 2020
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  1. Compound verbs where double inflection is attested for the past tense:
  2. blow-dry, spin/tumble-dry, stir-fry, crash-land, fine-tune, sleepwalk, cross-reference, cross-check, cross-examine, slam dunk, kick-start, jump-start, jump rope, force close, force-feed, spoon-feed, bottle-feed, leapfrog, ice-skate, no-look-pass, pooch kick/punt, squib kick, blacklist, breakdance, shrink-wrap, type-cast, spell check, home school, tailor-make, custom-make, steamroll, shadow-box, own goal, hang-glide, hitchhike, backfire, backstab, chain-smoke, dive-bomb, lip-sync, mountain bike, housetrain, obedience-train, pinch-hit, pressure cook, savescum, guest star, mass-produce
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