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  1. Your people worship two primary deities. Pani and Surya. Pani is the goddess of water, life, and rulership. Surya is the god of fire, warriors, and slavery.
  3. Supposedly there were once more gods than just two, certainly the literary record attest to there being gods of Earth, Metal, and Nature as well as the worship of spirits as the god's servants on Mundus. However, when Surya turned his baleful gaze on the inhabitants of the world and urged his servants to begin exterminating all life on the planet, Pani stepped in and defeated him in battle. She cut his flesh and the blood that spilled out of the wound and fell to Mundus was magic. She then shackled him and bound him to her will, so that he may not threaten the world again. From that point forward, Surya has been a reluctant guardian angel, only turning his baleful gaze towards the enemies of your race.
  5. When a Samjan dies, Pani embraces their spirit and guides them to her great river in the stars. They are submerged in the river, and as they flow back to Mundus they are gradually stripped of most memories and vestiges of their old life, though some do remain. When they exit the river they are reincarnated into a new form. Your people don't believe in any greater afterlife than that.
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