Elastic Panic B01-B12

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  1. "I'm home." Sam said coming in the door with a heavy box under his arm. Mae came over to kiss him, and stretched her arms around him in an elastic hug that seemed to last forever."You're back early." Mae said releasing him a bit so he could catch his breath.Sam returned Mae's kiss, "The company has me on a late flight, so I have a few hours to finish getting ready.""Good, because Ray and I had a few ideas about what we could be while you were away next week.""What, you don't even want to try my idea, your amazing elasticness?" Sam said with a grin holding up the box, "Say, where's Rachel anyway?" Sam caught himself as the smooth tan floor seemed to shift beneath them, rising up and billowing like a huge flag in a stiff wind, but all around them. Rachel's face appeared on one of the bulges as Sam caught himself gawking, as he realized what was going on."Here I am." Rachel smiled brightly, "Just making sure no dirt gets on your nice clean floor. You could say nothing is beneath me.""She's still looking for a job that will let her in on the ground floor." Mae deadpanned, as she let Sam go, "She does manage to have everything covered when she puts her mind to it.""Except ceilings- I can't quite stick to that yet. " Rachel giggled, as her flat form roiled into a spiral shape, condensing into her normal form."So what idea could you possibly have that is better than OUR great idea?" Mae asked Sam, waggling a stretched out finger under his nose.Sam hunched over like a demented scientist and in his most menacing voice said "Well, you'll just have to come out to the lab and see what a little, puny insignificant idea I have hit upon this time my dears." Mae and Rachel giggled and followed him out to his workshop.
  2. ________________________________________
  3. Like a master magician, Sam had set things up carefully in his workshop- something to distract Mae and Rachel as he pulled the tarps off the machines he had restored. As he hoped, it worked."Oh Mae, you kept it after all!" Rachel squealed, going over to a worktable. Among the clutter was a dollhouse- one they had played with while they were children."Of course I kept it - but what's it doing out of storage?" Mae asked, picking up a toy sailboat that must have belonged to Sam, "What's going on?" She asked suspiciously."Something completely different." Sam said, gesturing over to an odd machine. It stood about as tall as Sam, and had several rods sticking out- four to a side. To each side, a basin stood, "You could say, very different. Now if you would have a seat?"Mae took off her clothes, as Rachel jumped onto the strange contraption, and looked it over, "So what is it? A new chemical applicator?""Uh- not quite." Sam said as Mae took her seat on the middle rod, "Now hold on, and stay on your own side." Sam pressed the large green button on the front, and with a start, the bars began to move, twisting and weaving back and forth.Mae had no time to react as the bar she had been holding onto gyrated back as the one behind her turned forward, folding her, and pulling her out of shape. she briefly glimpsed Rachel who had a look of surprise before her face was kneaded into her breasts. Mae's face followed, vanishing into the pink pleats of her pliable form as she was twisted, pulled and stretched by the turning metal bars. If they had been given a chance, either girl would have shrieked in joy and ecstasy as they were stretched, folded and pulled over and over, but the machine was moving too fast to give them a chance to reform anything remotely recognizable.Sam grinned, and opened up the box. "Good thing these arrived just in time." He said, putting a pink roll on another trough like machine he had repaired. He turned it on, and tested it - yes, that seemed to be working- and turned his attention to the girls who were now nothing but blobs being pulled to and fro.
  4. ________________________________________
  5. "Oh, why are we stopping?" Rachel thought as the machine stopped turning, "I've got to tell Sam how great this is - OH!" She gasped as the machine began to knead her again to her delight. Sam had stopped the machine only long enough to pull Mae's pink form off of the rods on her side and dump it in the basin below, which he brought to the long trough like machine.Mae, still a little twisted out of shape by her experience on the first machine tried to form her face as Sam laid her down and stretched her out along several metal cylinders. Before she could say a word though, she found herself spinning, back and forth as a familiar loud clicking noise filled the air. Memories of bygone fair days filled her thoughts as a new feeling came to her from her tapered end - a quick pinch, then a snug hug, then the feeling of dropping down, where she bounced a bit.Over and over it happened, as Mae lost count of how many pinches and hugs she got. Mae focused, on one of the dropped pieces of her plastic body, but all she could 'see' was a hazy red. What was Sam doing, she wondered, as she spun back and forth. Whatever it was, she was enjoying every minute of it.Sam had finished hauling the toys into the house when he went to check on Mae , "Okay, that should be enough." Sam decided, as he shut the machine off, and pulled what was left of Mae off the machine, and put it in a large pickle jar on the cleared off bench."Ohhh, it's about time." Mae thought to herself as all movement stopped and she found herself completely at rest. The feeling of what she had been through was indescribable, and was as good - no better than almost any orgasm she had ever had. She gasped to herself as she felt something brush through her separated parts - almost like someone caressing her through a tight blouse."Your turn Ray." Mae distantly heard Sam say. Rachel didn't say anything back, but soon the loud clicking noise filled the room again.As Mae focused, she realized one part of her was still unrestrained. With some concentration, she formed her face on one end of her tapered tube-like form, and looked up at the towering glass walls around here. "Where am I?" She gasped, looking around. Everything was so huge!"How's my little inchworm doing?" Sam said, from Mae's point of view, lumbering over to the workbench and looking down at her. Inchworm? Mae thought, and looked back at herself. Yes, so she was."Sam, what are you doing to us?!" Mae shouted up to him, as she began to reshape herself, sprouting arms and legs out of her serpentine body."Giving you a little adventure sweetie." Sam chuckled, "Or more precisely, a little scavenger hunt while I'm away."Mae, now reformed as a six-inch miniature of herself stamped her tiny foot, "Samson, what are you talking about? Where's the rest of me?" She waggled her finger menacingly at her now giant boyfriend."All right all right, you know how we found you and Ray could divide yourselves without harm? Well, this is something along those lines, see?" Sam hefted up a box filled with what looked like bright pink wrapped candies. Only, when Sam ran his hand trough them, Mae shuddered in delight as if every part of her body was being stroked at once. It was her in there!"You've turned us into taffy kisses?" Mae gasped, more in glee than amazement. The clicking sound was almost the same as the one she heard at the fairs when she was a little girl, and would watch the saltwater taffy being made fresh under the tents. She looked over at the noisy machine where green wrapped candies were now dropping out of the hopper into another box."Right the first time hon." Sam chuckled, "Red is for Mae and green - or Jade - is for Rachel. And since no chemicals were involved, every piece is stretchy fresh in its wrapper."Mae was stunned and hypnotized as she watched her friend's cylindrical form growing smaller as it was turned, trimmed, wrapped and dropped into the waiting box below ,"This has got to be the best bizarre thing you've ever done to us, but why not wrap us all completely up?" She asked, envisioning what it might feel like to be wrapped up in wax paper, bagged and sitting on the shelf for the week that Sam would be away."I thought of that. But then how would the two of you have a scavenger hunt?" Sam grinned, peering over to see how Rachel was doing, "I'm going to scatter the two of you all over the house, and it'll be up to you two to find yourselves - and pull yourselves back together before I get home. Whoops, it looks like Rachel is done." Sam turned off the machine and pulled out the tapered cylinder that was all that was left of Rachel, depositing it in the pickle jar with Mae. "I'm off to hide the two of you, so sit tight and explain it to Ray before I get back."Before Mae could say anything, Sam dumped the box of Rachel kisses in on top of her, causing her to gasp in delight. Sam grinned and shook it up more, causing Rachel's tube like body to shiver. With that, Sam left the workshop to hide his girlfriends.Mae looked over at Rachel who was twitching around aimlessly, "C'mon girlfriend, get your act together.""Ohh, that was so wild!" Rachel groaned, forming her face at one end of her tan snakey body, "Was it as good for you?""Absolutely." Mae grinned, as she could feel Sam picking parts of her out of the box and dropping them down in the house."Hey, why aren't we - you know - inanimate?" Rachel asked. Mae explained Sam's plan as Rachel reshaped herself into a miniature version of her normal body, bouncing bountiful breasts and all."A miniature scavenger hunt - that's so cool!" Rachel cried, jumping up and hugging Mae, "And at this size, we'll be able to try all sorts of things we couldn't before without letting people see us! The couch will be like a mountain, the tub an Olympic sized swimming pool..." Rachel stopped and looked down at her friend- something she rarely did since she was the shorter of the two. Mae's face was now nestled between Rachel's breasts, even though Mae was standing on her tip toes."I think Sam should have left you in there a little longer." Mae said, stretching her head up between Rachel's breasts."And now I have a little sister!" Rachel giggled, hugging Mae even harder as Sam returned, "Sam, thanks for giving me a little sister!""All part of the service." Sam bowed, as he tipped the pickle jar on its side. Mae and Rachel walked out onto his hand, and he placed them in his shirt pocket."I could get to like this kind of travel," Mae said, as Sam turned off the power and walked back to the house with his two tiny passengers. The sun had almost set - how long had they been at it?"I should hope so - I can be a genius after all." Sam chuckled, entering the house. Rachel and Mae kisses were scattered everywhere, along with a few toys - and the centerpiece on the kitchen table."Oh, the dollhouse!" Rachel gasped, realizing why Sam had pulled it out of storage, "I've always dreamed of sleeping in it!" Rachel began to stretch down to the table top before Sam could pull her out of his pocket. Mae followed suit, coasting over his groping fingers and landing on the table top."This is wonderful!" Mae marveled as Rachel darted into the dollhouse. Sam walked around to see Rachel inside talking to the occupants of the house."Move over Barbie!" Rachel said pushing the doll aside, and taking on Barbie's slender form , "This time Ken is MINE! Mine you hear!" Mae and Sam both laughed as Rachel wrapped herself around the helpless Ken as a horn sounded out front."Whoops - that's my ride." Sam said sadly - uh - lets see - the lights are on timers, I left food and water for the girls until they grow up," He pointed to a huge bowl of Cheerios and another bowl of water, "Anything else I should do?""Yeah, one more thing, but you'll have to come down here and get it." Mae said. Sam obligingly bent down and Mae stretched up and wrapped herself around his nose - the only part she could realistically hug at that size - and gave him the biggest kiss her tiny lips could. Rachel soon wrapped herself around Sam's nose too. The horn honked again, and they let go."Thanks for doing this to us Sam, "Mae said as Sam looked back. The two tiny women looked at each other and smiled, saying in unison "We love you!""I love you two too! And don't worry, I'll be keeping you near and dear to my heart" Sam said, pulling two candy kisses - one red and one jade- out of his coat pocket before putting them back, and blowing them each a kiss before he headed out the door to catch his ride."Looks like we're going to have a fun week alone after all Mae." Rachel sighed, looking over the towering vistas of the kitchen cabinets where parts of them were wrapped up tightly on the counter. With a little effort, she found she could make one twitch- only to have it fall off the counter and hit the floor, where if bounced a little."Yes, but let's get one thing straight, 'big sister'" Mae said trying to look very serious, "While Sam's away - Ken is MINE! MINE YOU HEAR!" They both giggled and tackled the Ken doll together.
  7. The King turned restlessly in bed. Gray had reported to him no traceable magics had been cast- all the subjects had been present, and all denied any tricks.Yet that unknowable source of happiness remained.Impossible - he knew it- to a lesser extent the Queen knew it. Someone had been watching- spying on them in a fashion. It was as if a child was loose in the kingdom. No, two children at least. But what use were children in a realm of immortals?Leave them to the mortal world, and all it’s woes...Suddenly, his eyes shot open.Awake.Aware.What had been a teasing guilty dream in the back of the King’s mind he suddenly knew was reality. He looked down at the moonlit bed where his Queen lay soundly asleep, shining with an unearthly beauty. He was as ashamed at what he had wrought, as he was amazed at the fact that it had been done at all.It shouldn’t have been done.But it had.He had a daughter.The king quietly rose to consider what to do. She would have to be retrieved. But who to do it? Pan? Puck? Robin? Each one he mentally dismissed- they had escaped last time, and while loyal, they couldn’t be trusted to remain tactfully quiet. The one who brought them back?Yes. Old Gray had his uses after all.
  8. ________________________________________
  9. “Gray! Gray!” The halls echoed with the sound of imperial authority as a storm raged outdoors in response to his outburst. A lone gray figure in long robes hurried down the hall, unused to such urgent summons. Behind him the floor rolled, lifting him up and throwing him into the great ballroom hall, and flat on his face. He recovered, and turned to the center of the maelstrom in dread.“Where are you Gray?”“Here, mi’lord, ever at your service,” Gray kneeled with the deepest of respect before his liege - Oberon, lord of the Fay. The king stood in his splendor, glowering down at his subject, almost unsure what to say. Oberon clapped twice, and all became silent. “This can’t be good.” Gray thought to himself as Oberon approached, and one by one the windows and doors shut. He hadn’t a clue what Oberon wanted or wished - surely even the mighty king could not fault him for finding nothing when there was nothing to be found in the Retreat.“Gray, you are a worthless, blundering scholar, slow to teach, a peril to your pupils, barely worth my notice, but...” Oberon paused, to let Gray digest the import of his words, “You are cunning, discreet - very capable in your own wretched ways. And you appreciate fully what the consequences will be if what I am to say are ever uttered elsewhere without my leave.”“Of course, my liege.” Gray said, stretching his ears wide.“Gray.” Oberon said, quietly, almost hesitantly, “My daughter may be in trouble.”“Your daughter? In trouble?” Gray said, as he did a mental check- yes, all daughters, sons, subjects, and other relations seemed to be accounted for - that was his task since there were no more young Fay to teach- to ensure that no one left the Retreat. And no one had during his watch, since the year 1944, as mortals counted time. To Gray though, that was only a few years ago, thanks to Oberon’s power.“Yes, my- daughter. The one no one knows about.” Oberon said, “Save you and I.”“I - I do not understand mi’lord.” Gray said. Actually he did, but feigning ignorance of the obvious had saved his scrawny neck in the past. Oberon fidgeted, glancing at the grand clocks that marked time between the Retreat and the mortal realm. Gray looked at them too- time in the Retreat was speeding up, temporarily, to match that of the Mortal realm“As you know, I took the time recently to- step out and see the mortal world after you caught Foo the last time.” Oberon stated the obvious, “It’s marvels, almost magical- they can talk and see over vast distances-- they had even landed on the moon. The moon!” Oberon was very impressed with that as he fingered a moonstone he had long ago plucked from that celestial body and fashioned into a royal crest. “And then I met her. A bewitching mortal woman.”“And?” Gray said sitting down. Kneeling, even for a Fay grew tiring.“Don’t play the fool!- That is Puck’s role!” Oberon spat, “How else do you suppose I might come about to have a daughter?”“But mi’lord, surely you knew what was involved.” Gray said trying to calm his lord. Ladies of the Fay had absolute control over their fertility, but mortal women did not. There were several other factors to consider as well, foremost of which was that a mortal-born child of the Fay was skilled, but hardly dangerous.Oberon was treating it like a threat. There was something more to it than met the eye.“I knew - but she assured me her mortal magic- ‘the pill’ would work.” Oberon paced uneasily, “Evidently it did not. And I did not dare dally any longer among the mortals lest - she find out.” Gray nodded - of all the Fay, only his wife, Queen Titania could equal his power and rage. “So, I made the usual arrangements - marriage to a handsome and loving mortal, and vanished from her life- before it became evident to me that our union had somehow borne fruit.”“I see. So I am to snatch back the babe in the still of the night?” Gray said. He had been commanded to do such distasteful tasks before, but not for centuries. Oberon glared at him, his gaze charring the floor about Gray. Something was amiss.“She is hardly a babe any longer.” Oberon glowered, “Had she remained unaware of her potential, even I might not have realized she was of my flesh.”“Oh.” Gray said, pondering, “And how old is she mi’lord?”“She has blossomed into full maidenhood...”“Not good.” Gray thought to himself.“She dwells above a place of powerful magics...”“Definitely not at all good.” Gray thought. It couldn’t possibly be worse though...“And she is deeply in love with a mortal. It is- a true love.” Oberon finished with a voice as grave as a death sentence. Briefly Gray considered if begging for his immediate binding punishment might not be the easiest, least painful way out of this problem.“Begging your lord’s judgment, but is not your daughter safe and happy where she is right now?” Gray said as he followed Oberon to the Eye of the Realm. The stony sanctum was but one of two safe ways to view and enter the mortal world- all other passages were far too dangerous even for the Fay.“She is for now, but for how long?” Oberon said as he waved his hand and a scene appeared, “Look how her true love treats her.” Gray watched in amazement as Sam started up a strange stretching machine on the two girls, stretching them out and then placing them one after the other on another diabolical device that cut and wrapped them.“Two daughters?” Gray asked, “But how?” The Fay were not prolific breeders - twins were almost unheard of.“Yes - Another mystery, isn’t it?” Oberon frowned, “You may have to bring both of them back.”“They they seem to like what he is doing to them mi’lord.” Gray said. Young Fay learning how to stretch and reshape themselves would often stretch each other around in the strangest ways- and get stuck in the worst possible situations. These mortals had devised a very new - and interesting way to do that. The scenes changed showing the two girls trying out various forms all in miniature. Much more practical than stretching into a giant dragon and accidentally laying waste to the countryside, Gray thought.“Yes- but they are untrained, unseasoned - undisciplined.” Oberon said disapprovingly, “What happens if they hurt their mortal lover? Or other mortals? Training is required, which is why you must bring them back here to learn among their own kind.”“Surely mi’lord, you know they will object.” Gray protested. Mortals could be such infernally stubborn creatures, “Especially when they find out what it will cost them to come here.”“Which is why they would never be able to return.” Oberon said smugly. Time passed much more quickly in the mortal world. By the time they found out, they would find themselves facing a strange new world. And judging by some of the things the two girls were doing, it was a strange world to begin with.“It will be a very difficult task.” Gray added. Where true love was involved, such was always the case. And Gray disliked destroying the rarest of all treasures.“It is better this way - while they remain forever young, their true mortal love will age, whither and die.” Oberon said dismissively, “Better to let them remember him in his prime than along his slow decay- or when they break him accidentally.” Fay-mortal romances in the past often had that happen.“Then there’s the fact they may not be fit to enter the Retreat.” Gray said, playing a final gambit, “They are after all, part mortal- they fit neither here nor there. Best to leave them there, happy and content.”“But they are better suited for here.” Oberon glowered, his eyes glowing with anger best left alone.“Without a doubt - they ARE your daughters. Or one of them is.” Gray said carefully, “This is a difficult position you are in mi’lord- even you cannot tell which is your true daughter if they both have your blood.”“Which is why both must be brought back.”“A true daughter of Oberon - and a false one?” Gray shook his head, “No sire, I think there is something greater at work here. An Unseelie plot, the Great Ones work, or some new mortal magic even more wondrous than others we have witnessed. Perhaps even the hand of that foul wizard Spadeheart is at work here. They should be watched, tested, their true nature discovered.”“One of their weeks has passed since we began this pointless discussion.” Oberon fumed at Gray, “Tests are hardly required for a daughter of Oberon, or a child of the Fay.” Gray groaned inwardly - Oberon had taken the same stance with every child Gray had taught.“Of course mi’lord,” Gray bowed in submission, “I shall go and fetch them at once.”“Good.” Oberon turned to go, satisfied that the matter was to be taken care of.“I can hardly wait for the feasts and festivities to welcome the two youngest daughters of Oberon. The music, the food. The entertainment.” Gray said trying to embellish the moment, “I am sure the Queen shall be- - - astonished.” Oberon stopped and glanced back at Gray.“I- see.” Oberon said slowly.“Of course it will be nothing like Foo.” Gray continued. Foo had left the Realm for the mortal world, and played amongst the flying knights in the dark skies over Europe during a vast war. Gray had retrieved the foolish lass, and brought her home for a dire punishment even Gray had not expected from the Queen.And young Foo had been a favored one.“Of course.” Oberon said, slumping. If anything, two unknown daughters showing up unexpectedly, with only a hint of training, with a trace of Fay within them, would expect a far worse fate - if that were possible, “I have reconsidered - you shall watch them, test them to see if they are who and what I know them to be. Then once you are satisfied, you shall bring them back the the Retreat- where they belong.”“Of course, mi’lord.” Gray said with a bow, as he prepared to return to the mortal realm.
  11. Mae drifted out of sleep as the first rays of the sun lit up the kitchen, "Mmmm, Sam, why are you so hard?" Mae murmured as she ran her hands over her companion’s form, reaching down to the groin, "And when did you get fixed?" Fixed? Mae's eyes opened wide as she sat up and looked at the male doll next to her. Mae jumped up in surprise, hitting a wall that seemed a tad flimsy.
  12. "Good morning and welcome to Dolly Land." Came Rachel's voice behind her. Mae turned to see a tan Barbie-like doll with black hair grinning an artificial smile at her.
  13. "Ahhhh!" Mae managed, jumping back again. The Barbie twin frowned and shifted into her friend, Rachel.
  14. "Whoa, calm down Mae!" Rachel said concerned, "I was just joking! I mean, when did Barbie ever have a set of these?" She lifted her top to show off her breasts.
  15. "Where - oh right. - I almost forgot." Mae sighed in relief, as she remembered her boyfriend Sam had wrapped up most of their plastic putty bodies into taffy, leaving them only enough mass to form doll-sized bodies to explore the house. Waking up though in the dollhouse was a bit of a shock. "Nice outfit - where did you get it?"
  16. "Oh, Barbie didn't object when I asked her if I could borrow it - and I fill it out so much better than she could." Rachel giggled, changing back to the almost absurd proportions of a Barbie doll, "Of course I'm fully functional, unlike her."
  17. "Nice work on the joints," Mae marveled as she caressed her friend's arm, "Right textures and everything."
  18. "Yes I was looking her over real carefully, " Rachel said, moving stiffly as a doll with limited articulation, "You can even pop my arms off, like you did to my doll that time when we were kids."
  19. "Hmmm... Let me try..." Mae said, concentrating. Soon she was looking more like a doll. The two moved stiffly over to the dollhouse mirror, "Not bad. Kinda hard to stay this way though. Maybe when Sam gets back he can make us inanimate in this form."
  20. "Well, breakfast is ready." Rachel said, as they shifted back to normal miniature version of their usual sexy forms and went over to the bowls Sam had left out for them, "We have - well - Cheerios and water." Rachel slipped out of the doll clothes she was wearing and tossed them back onto the nude Barbie doll while Mae took in the sight of a huge bowl of giant Cheerios.
  21. "I'd call them donuts." Mae said, picking a pair up. At their size, they were almost donuts. She stuffed them into her mouth, which made her cheeks bulge out like a chipmunks. Rachel laughed as Mae stretched her teeth out into buck teeth, "Think you can do better?" Mae challenged Rachel.
  22. "Oh, yes," Rachel said, pulling on her nose. With a little stretching and molding, Rachel soon sported a working elephant's trunk. As Mae laughed, Rachel took a deep drink out of the water bowl and squirted her friend.
  23. "Hey! Two can play at that game." Mae laughed. Soon two elephant-trunked girls were circling the water bowl, squirting water at each other, and laughing as they each worked to make themselves look a little more elephantine. Rachel would stretch her ears out like that of an elephant. Mae would follow suit, and add tusks. Rachel added her own, larger tasks and reshaped her feet into round elephant feet. All the time, they circled the bowl, trying to catch each other.
  24. By the time Mae caught up with Rachel, they looked all the world like two miniature elephants, with long tresses of hair and breasts. Mae bowled Rachel over, and they each began exploring the other's sex with their long pliable trunks, snorting and trumpeting in delight as they rolled around on the table top.
  25. "Oh, oh, oh, ad enoff,"Rachel slurred, rolling away from Mae and gasping for air. That didn't sound right. Of course she had reshaped her mouth and couldn't speak correctly - a problem she quickly remedied, "That was fun!" Rachel giggled, somewhat muffled as her trunk swayed in front of her mouth. Mae came over and hugged her friend with her trunk.
  26. "Yeah, that was great." Mae agreed, forming her mouth at the end of her trunk and kissing Rachel on the cheek, "But we really should explore this big house." The two of them began to reshape themselves, reducing their ears and noses as they stood up on normal human feet, and flexed their fingers.
  27. There was just one problem to exploring the house - Sam had left them and their doll house up on the kitchen table. At their size, the small kitchen was a cavern of towering cabinets, and they were at least five stories above the linoleum floor, "How do you think we should get down?" Mae asked as they walked along the edge of the table, looking for a string, a little ladder, anything that would let them off of their lofty perch.
  28. "Well, we could probably stretch down to the chair seat, and then down to the floor..." Rachel said mischievously, "Or we could think outside of the box." Before Mae could say anything, Rachel had sat down, and curled up, sticking her head between her legs, and grabbing her ankles, as she rolled around, reshaping her body into a tight little tan ball that rolled off the edge of the table, and fell to the floor.
  29. "Rachel!" Mae gasped as her pliable friend hit the floor. Mae had expected her to go splat, but instead, Rachel bounced like a rubber ball, higher than the table, and then bounced again.
  30. Rachel was surprised too, having expected to go splat, and then reform herself. "Wheee! Ohhhh!" Rachel thought to herself as she bounced around, each time her face being forced more deeply into her slit. She had no time to pleasure herself between each bounce, but each time she bounced, the thrill multiplied, until finally, she hit the side of something, then another side- she lost momentum and landed in something crinkly.
  31. ________________________________________
  32. Mae had watched her friend bounce around in amazement, not realizing that they could do that. She was about to try it herself, when Rachel's bouncing form landed in the wastebasket. "Maybe not." Mae thought. She was pretty sure she could stretch down, but like Rachel said, it was time to think outside the box.
  33. Mae thought for a moment and began to take deep breaths, massaging her breasts and belly. With each deep breath, she grew bigger, and bigger, rounder and rounder, becoming a Mae balloon. Only her feet, hands and head poked out of her rounded form. Taking a final breath, she waddled off the the table, and gently floated down to the floor, bouncing a little as she landed.
  34. "Whew!" Mae said, letting go of all the air she had gulped up - a minor mistake as she began bobbing across and around the floor as the air escaped from her inflated form. Each bounce and blow titillated her, as she tried to regain control. Mae came to a rest between the chair and table leg, blowing out the last of her air, and collapsing into a limp pile of deflated plastic.
  35. "That was different." Mae decided as she lay there, and began to pull herself back into a pink blob, that grew back into her normal shape. She looked over at the trash can, to see Rachel hadn't gotten out yet. Better go and help her, Mae decided, as she began to walk across the kitchen floor. What would have taken her a stride or two was now like walking a couple of blocks through a city of skyscrapers.
  36. ________________________________________
  37. Rachel, realizing that her bouncy boinking was finally over, slowly opened her balled form up, like a flower greeting the sun ," Wow, that was fun- but where did I land? Ew!" Rachel stared up the high walls of the small space she was in, and realized she had landed in the trash! She slipped on some old tickets, tissues and receipts that littered the trash can bottom as she went over to the smooth wall of the can. With a grin, she stretched her arms up and up the side, finally grabbing the edge of the can. Then she began pulling herself up, retracting her arms as she walked up the side of the trash can. She reached the top as Mae got to the base of the can.
  38. "Hello in there!" Mae shouted, rapping on the trash can side, "Are you all right?"
  39. "Yes, just give me a minute!" Rachel shouted from her perch at the top of the can. Mae waved up at her, and watched as she stretched down, this time lengthening her legs to just touch the floor before she stretched the rest of the way down, "Did you try doing that!? It was fun!" Rachel said with a grin.
  40. "I tried it a different way." Mae said, explaining to Rachel how she had inflated herself. Rachel's eyes looked like they would almost pop thinking about trying that herself.
  41. "That sound so cool," Rachel giggled,"Do you think it would work going up the stairs? I mean, after landing in the trash, I really need a bath!"
  42. "I don't think so." Mae said as they walked towards the stairs - which were even further away. Each tread was as tall as they were. "It was good for falling, not rising. I kinda got the idea from those lander things."
  43. "Oh yeah." Rachel said, thinking for a moment, "Well, these steps should be a snap." Rachel stretched her legs so she stood almost twice as tall as the tread, and tried to take the first step. Since she hadn't reduced her body size, she succeeded in losing her balance and falling down in a tangle of legs. Mae covered her mouth to hide a smile as she helped Rachel back up on her feet.
  44. "I think this calls for some teamwork Ray." Mae said with a smile, stretching up to the top of the first step, where she grabbed the carpet. Then she stretched out her middle, creating holes in herself as she reshaped herself into a ladder.
  45. "That'll do." Rachel said, scrambling up her friend's body, then pulling her friend up onto the first step, "Now it's my turn." As Mae reformed herself, she watched with some amusement as Rachel stretched up and grabbed the carpet, and turned herself into a ladder as well. They kept this up, each taking a turn, and stretching into something different as they climbed the sixteen giant steps to the second floor.
  46. ________________________________________
  47. "We made it," Rachel gasped as they reached to top tread, pulling herself up Mae's rope like form. She pulled her friend up, coiling her neatly next to her, as she looked down the stairs. It was a long way down. Mae changed into a pink blob, and then reformed herself, and lay there next to her friend.
  48. "That's a long way down." Rachel said quietly, "How are we going to get back down there to the dollhouse?"
  49. "Well, we can always open up some of these and get bigger," Mae said, picking up one of the taffy-wrapped bits that was her. She was curious to feel how it was to be unwrapped, and reabsorbed into herself.
  50. "Then how would we stay in the dollhouse?" Rachel moped, "I wanna stay this size a little longer."
  51. "We'll figure a way back down," Mae said, getting up, "But after all that hard work, we should take a bath like we said we would."
  52. "Race you there." Rachel said brightly, jumping up and running towards the bathroom door, Mae ran after her. Even though the hall and the bathroom was short, it seemed like a dozen yards from the stairs to the tub.
  53. Rachel raced in and slammed into the side of the bathtub, "Beat ya!" She said, peeling herself off. Mae looked at her and laughed - her breasts and chest had been flattened out be the impact. Rachel looked a little sheepish, and popped them back out as Mae went to the far end of the tub, where the shower curtain hung down. Mae began climbing the curtain, expecting Rachel to follow. Instead, she found Rachel waiting for her at the top of the tub's wide edge.
  54. "How did you beat me?" Mae asked as Rachel helped her up.
  55. "Super suction cups," Rachel said, forming her hands and feet into concave suction cup disks - even her breasts were sucked in a bit, "It worked great on the sides of the tub."
  56. "Clever." Mae admitted, then gazed out onto the tub. Before she had gotten her elastic powers, the tub was the biggest luxury in the small house, easily able to hold two active adults trying to get clean. At this size, it was a huge pool, almost a lake. Sam had figured the tub would be a stop on their adventures, and had left it filled with water, a few floats and a sailboat that bobbed in the center of the tub, "Oh, Sam - he always wanted us to sail around the world." Mae said wistfully.
  57. "Maybe we will- we'd both make great sails." Rachel laughed as she jumped into the water. Mae followed, and the two of them began to swim and splash around.
  58. "Look at me, I'm a mermaid," Mae said, fusing her legs together and flattening out her feet into a wide tail flipper. She easily outswam her friend to the far side of the tub. When she turned around, Rachel was nowhere to be seen, "Ray?"
  59. Suddenly, something coiled around Mae's tail, pulling her down with a splash. Mae thrashed around as more snake like things coiled around her- until she saw who was behind them- it was Rachel, smiling impishly. She had split her arms and legs apart into long tentacles that encoiled Mae. They broke the surface of the water together as Rachel gave Mae a nice long kiss, "Look at me - I'm an octo-pussy!" Rachel playfully said, giving Mae a playful squeeze.
  60. "Octo-prick is more like it. You could have drowned me!" Mae gasped more annoyed than anything else with her friend's little stunt.
  61. "Drown? Mae, think about it- we've been reshaped into inanimate objects for days on end and we haven't suffocated yet. I don't think we really need to breathe if we don't want to." A lot of what Rachel said made sense to Mae who nodded as Rachel changed the subject, "Of course if you think I would make a better octo-prick..." Mae gasped as a phallic shaped tentacle broke the water and slid into her mouth even as another penetrated her sex. Rachel caressed her friend 's breasts and body with her other tentacles- and her own body too, since she had plenty of tentacles to go around. The pair both climaxed and rolled apart in the water, where they drifted down to the bottom of the tub and enjoyed the afterglow.
  62. As Rachel had observed, they really didn't need to breathe, so as the afterglow faded, they began to try out different aquatic forms as they swam around in the tub. One would become a fish, the other a dolphin, then the other would try becoming a whale. They kept up at this swimming stretching contest, almost always returning to the general shapes of an octopus girl, where they would explore each other with their tentacles in ways they had never imagined before. They soon realized though that daylight was fading.
  63. "This," Rachel gasped as she climbed up on a rubber duck, "This is great! You guys definitely need a pool!" Rachel was back in a more or less humanoid form- although with webbed hands and feet and a flipper tipped tail, she looked more like a sea monkey from the back of an old comic book ad than her normal self. Mae climbed up on the duck next to her, and leaned back on it's head, looking much like her friend.
  64. "You've got that right," Mae agreed, idly swishing her tail in the water, "There's something bothering me though, all day."
  65. "What's that?" Rachel asked, a bit concerned, "Was I too rough with the tentacle stuff?"
  66. Mae blushed, "No, I mean- I keep on feeling movement, like I'm on a boat - but I'm not, you know."
  67. "Same here - like right now- like we're on two different boats." Rachel said looking around. Rachel slipped back into the water, and stretched her legs out into the largest pair of flippers she could manage, and made a large splash. The wave went across the tub, bobbing the few toys on the surface as it went by, "There - when the wave hit the toy sailboat I felt it - didn't you?" Mae nodded eagerly, and dove back in as her friend began swimming towards the sailboat.
  68. "How are we going to get on board?" Rachel said as they got next to it. With no ladders, the slick curved side had nothing to hold onto.
  69. "Like this." Mae changed her arm into a tentacle, and stretched it to the sailboat's mast. Once she knew she had a secure hold, she began climbing up the boat's side as Rachel watched, unsure if two climbers might capsize the boat."Go to the rear of the boat - no, the flat end, not the pointy end." Mae called down to her friend once she was on board. Rachel swam to the boat's rear, and was pulled aboard by her friend.
  70. "Arr! Look at all the booty," Rachel said in a pirate voice as she spied the pile of red and green wrappers poking out of the sailboat's hold. Within each candy kiss was a small piece of her and her friend.
  71. "I guess we can sense ourselves wrapped up like that, even if we can't move." Mae said, picking up a red kiss that contained part of her pliable body, "And what's wrong with my boots?" Rachel looked down to see Mae had reshaped her feet and legs into tall high heeled pink boots, and laughed.
  72. "Why nothing matey," Rachel replied piratically, turning her hand into a hook, and making a patch over one eye. To add to her odd look, she managed to form a plastic parrot on her shoulder, causing Mae to laugh in turn. Rachel dashed over and tackled Mae, tickling her and rocking the boat.
  73. "I know you wanted to go back to the dollhouse for the night, but it's getting kind of late to make the trip back," Mae said, collecting herself as she pushed Rachel away so she could catch her breath, "But look- here we are on the open bathtub, with a full nightlight and calm seas- why don't we sleep up here for the night?"
  74. "I don't know- there might be pirates sailing these waters," Rachel said in a half mocking tone, "But as long as I'm with you, it's fine with me." Rachel stretched herself around Mae, and Mae entwined her friend as they drifted off to sleep, and the sailboat drifted across the nightlight lit tub.
  77. Rachel drowsily woke up to the gentle rocking of the sailboat and a strange sound overhead. Through cracked eyes, she glimpsed something big. Very big! Rachel shook her head and stared up at the biggest lizard monster she had seen outside of a “Godzilla” movie.“Rahr! Rahr!” The looming pink horror said as it loomed over the boat, grabbing it and shaking it as Rachel shrank back in horror and screamed. “Gotcha!” The pink monster said, bearing its big pointed teeth as its ridged head wavered and reshaped itself into Mae’s grinning face.“Mae! Gee, don’t DO that!” Rachel stood up- a little shakily as the waves in the tub rocked the boat back and forth. She went to the back end of the boat and stamped her foot in anger, “And how did you get so big anyway?”“Well, I had a few kisses to grow on.” Mae said as she reshaped herself into her more normal form. Rachel looked back at the sailboat’s hold to see that the red kisses that had contained parts of Mae’s pliable form were gone- their wrappers folded up in one corner of the boat. The green kisses, which contained parts of her pliable form were still stashed away in the sailboat’s hold. “Ones from the boat and around the bathroom.”“Well, that’s just great.” Rachel moped, sitting down, “I thought we were going to stay doll sized a few more days. Instead, my friend is growing up without me.”“I’m not that big.” Mae admitted, looking down, “Maybe twice your size. You know, so we can get around easier, like down those stairs for something to eat.” Rachel had to admit she was getting hungry.“But I had a great idea for getting down the stairs.” Rachel said, “You can’t do it like that.”“All right, all right, I’ll downsize myself.” Mae said, picking her friend up, and hoisting her onto the side of the tub. Mae then clumsily climbed out, and slid down to the floor. Although she was bigger- perhaps a foot tall now- the tub was still a challenge. She lowered Rachel back down, who was still a bit miffed.“Aren’t you going to downsize yourself now?” Rachel asked. Mae sighed, and melted down into a pink blob, which split into a small blob and a larger blob. The smaller blob reshaped itself into Mae’s normal form - which was now closer to Rachel’s size. Rachel smiled and hugged her friend, “It’s nice to have you back to a size I can handle.”“But wait - our ride is here.” Mae said as Rachel let go. Rachel looked in amazement, as the larger blob began to reshape itself into the shape of a cat. A large cat, with Mae’s head and breasts, “I hope you don’t think this idea sphinx.” the feline Mae’s head said with a grin, “Get on board.”“How are you doing that?” Rachel said as she and the doll-Mae climbed onto the Sphinx’s back.“It’s not easy- I kinda jump from this part,” Doll Mae said, stopping and stiffening a little as the sphinx-Mae stood up and continued, “To this part - oh - this will take some getting used to,” Mae clumsily padded out of the bathroom of cat paws, “I’m not used to being a cat.”“Well, just stop at the top of the stairs.” Rachel said, as sphinx-Mae slowed down and laid down so her passengers could get off.“This is going to take more practice.” Doll-Mae said, shaking her head as she got off and stroked her larger sphinx body that rested stiffly at attention, “I think this part will be all right up here. Now how are we supposed to get down there?”Without a word, Rachel spread her arms, and stretched them out. A thin layer began to fall from her arms, like a bed sheet. Her fingers stretched out into struts, supporting thin layers of skin Mae could almost see through, “We’re going to fly down there.” Rachel said confidently, flapping her batlike wings.“Are you sure about this?” Mae said, stretching her own arms out, and duplicating Rachel’s appearance, only adding a pair of pointed ears to the top of her head. If she was going to be a bat-girl, she might as well look the part.“Of course I’m sure - it’ll be just like swimming.” Rachel said, walking as far back as she could and them running to the top step where she jumped and glided- no, flew down the stairway. The feel of the air blowing by her breasts and being caught by her wings excited her as much as the thrill of flying, “Come on, this is fun!” Rachel shouted as she dodged the first floor ceiling, and hit something hard.“Rachel?” Mae cried, hearing a dull thunk. Without thinking, she jumped, and began to fly down too, thrilled by the falling, flying sensation and the wind caressing every part of her body. Mae swiftly realized what had gone wrong for Rachel, and banked to one side of the stairs. Rachel had flown down the middle- and sure enough, there she was, peeling herself off the large globe of the light fixture that was positioned right in the middle of the stairway entrance. Mae began to laugh, but stopped, because she had to concentrate on flying. She circled the light fixture and cried out ,”Rachel, are you all right?”“mmmmpf! Yes!” Rachel managed to reply, peeling herself off the smooth glass surface. She looked around to see her friend, flapping and circling, “Okay, this is trickier than it looks- whoa!” Rachel managed to peel enough of herself off to begin to fall, but through frantic flapping, she became airborne again.“You look like a flat bat now!,” Mae chuckled as she flew next to her friend. Rachel looked down at herself briefly, to see her entire front had been flattened out by her impact. She couldn’t concentrate to restore it and fly at the same time, so she shrugged a little as the two flapped and flew around the house, and grew bolder as they learned how to control themselves, and explored every corner of the house, upstairs and down.“This makes for a great obstacle course,”Rachel said, boldly flying under the coffee table and between the chairs, “But I wonder how it would be like to go outside like this.”“And be seen - or caught by something?” Mae said, shaking her head, “No thanks. This is big enough for me. Now, how do we land?”“I uh- didn’t think about that.” Rachel said uncertainly- going splat once was enough for her, “Maybe like this...” Rachel said, aiming for the table, she swooped up, then folded her wings in, dropping to her feet on the table top, just like she jumped out of a swing. Mae shrugged, and followed her friend’s lead, making a landing as well.“Now what’s to eat? Blood?” Mae said, stretching her teeth out into a set of oversized vampire fangs. Rachel who had been busy reshaping her breasts to their normal bountiful proportions looked up and laughed at her friend’s vampire rendition. Mae hissed and smiled, as they resumed their more normal- if reduced- shapes. Wings were fine for flying, but they did become a drag as they walked over to the cereal bowl.“It’s thoughtful for Sam to have left this out for us,” Rachel said, munching on a stale cheerio,” But some milk would be nice too.”“You're right - I’m is on the job!” Mae sat down in one of the nearby doll chairs they had brought out of the doll house, and stiffened up.“Mae?” Rachel asked, concerned, as she went over to her friend. She waved her hand back and forth in front of her staring eyes, and shook her, “What are you doing?”“Getting milk!” Mae’s voice came from below the table. Rachel scrambled to the table edge and looked down to see her friend’s sphinx-body looking up at her, twitching her tail much like a cat, “I should be able to open the fridge at this size. Come on down!”Rachel looked down and blinked, before holding her arms and legs out and forming a huge fold of skin between them. Rather than fly as a bat, she glided down like a flying squirrel and landed on all fours.“Nice landing. My small half will be down in a moment” sphinx-Mae said with a smile as she stiffened up. Rachel looked behind her, and saw doll-Mae’s form coasting down the same way she had done.“That is so weird, you jumping from one body to the other,” Rachel said as they climbed onto sphinx-Mae’s back, “Can’t you control both at the same time?”Sphinx-Mae stood up and padded over to the refrigerator, “Well- yes and no. I can look and talk from one part, and move another part, but I can’t do both from different parts at the same time. At least not very easily- not yet.” Sphinx-Mae reached the fridge, and Rachel slid off. Mae absorbed her doll-form into her larger body and stood up, taking on her normal human proportions- although she was only standing a foot and a half tall. “This could be tough.” Mae said as she walked over to the fridge door and pulled on it- hard.“You can go do it girlfriend!! Rah rah!” Rachel cheered her friend on, stretching and splitting her fingers so her hands looked like pom-poms. Mae changed her feet into suction cups to get a better purchase of the smooth linoleum floor, and pushed again. A crack began to form, and with a slight chuff, the door began to swing open like a huge bank vault’s door. Once it began to swing open, Mae slowed down, hefting it slowly.“Can you get the milk?” Mae said to Rachel as they looked up the huge grates of shelving, laden with food. Mae strained trying to keep the door from swinging back.“Up there? Oh, wait!” Rachel said, spying a pint of milk on the bottom shelf. Sam must have left it there. Rachel stretched her right arm out longer and longer, grabbing it with her right hand to form a lasso that she twirled over her head, and threw, roping the pint easily. “I’ve got it!” Rachel said in a surprised tone, and she pulled hard- too hard it turned out, as the pint fell out and onto Rachel’s petite form, flattening it.“Rachel!” Mae cried, letting go of the door, and dashing over to Rachel. Only Rachel’s legs and left arm stuck out from under the pint, wiggling slightly. Mae glanced behind her, to see the door slowly swinging back at the two of them, as she picked up the carton, with Rachel still stuck to its side, and moved it out of the way.“Rachel, are you all right?” Mae asked as she put the pint down, and peeled her friend off the side. Rachel’s flattened face still showed a look of frozen surprise. A minute ticked by with no response. “Rachel, speak to me!”“Yuh, hol’ on,” Rachel managed to say, as she slowly unflattened herself- a process that seemed to take a while, “That was weird. And FUN!”“You had me scared!” Mae said, unlooping Rachel’s arm from the pint, “Maybe we should ‘Grow up’ and reabsorb all of our pieces.”“And miss this experience?” Rachel said with a smile, “You should try it!”
  80. “How do I let you talk me into these things?” Mae asked looking down from the top of the refrigerator.“It’ll be fun.” Rachel said with a smile, “Just open the freezer door with your big self, and we’ll get in.”Mae sighed, but she was curious about Rachel’s ‘Discovery’ Bracing herself, she opened the freezer door from the top as Rachel finished tying a piece of string around herself and a doll-sized version Mae had split off from herself. Rachel then jumped into the freezer, rappelling with Mae’s immobile doll form onto the ice cube box on the door. “Are you all right?” Mae called down.“Yes! C’mon down!” Rachel called up. Mae sighed, and sat back on the top of the fridge. In an instant, she transferred her consciousness back to her doll-sized self in the freezer. In the darkness, a light lit up, “Why does Sam keep penlights in the freezer?”“So we will know where they are.” Mae said looking around at the huge boxes of frozen vegetables inside the freezer, “So why aren’t we - freezing?” Neither had a stitch of clothing on, yet inside the freezer it didn’t seem to be much worse than being in a room with the air conditioning on high.“That’s one thing I’ve been noticing since we became plastic, or whatever you call our condition,” Rachel said, a bit more on the serious side, “Whenever I have something cold, it sort of stiffens me up- same with you, right?” Mae nodded as Rachel continued, “So what happens when we get really cold-? See, it’s already happening- I can’t move my hand.” Rachel held up her hand, which had hardened into a shiny plastic fist.“Yeah, it does feel- odd.” Mae said, cradling her breasts, “Oh, great, my hands are stuck like this!” Rachel stiffly walked over to her friend, and rapped on her boob. Both her hand and Mae’s breast made a hard rapping sound.“Let me give you a hug,” Rachel said, as her voice began to slow down. Mae tried to walk over to Rachel but her legs refused to respond- they were there, just asleep. Rachel stood there with her arms outstretched with a silly look of panic and concern on her face ,”Mae, I cannnn’d muv...” Rachel managed to get out, as her entire body took on a glossy tan sheen.“R... R....” Mae managed to stutter out, more because her lips were hardening than because of the cold. She found herself unable to move, staring at her friend. They were both frozen in place - frozen in time- like leftovers in the freezer. It wasn’t like the agents Sam had sprayed on them before, to make them keep their shape, this was different- and exciting, as they stared at each other, unable to move or utter a single sound.“Fun’s fun, but this is getting old...” Mae thought to herself, as she willed her consciousness back to the larger body she had left outside the deep freeze. Usually, it was something like stepping from one room to another. This time, it was like a bullet train across the house , “Whoa! That was rush!” Mae said, shaking her head. She stopped and stared at the clock. At least two hours had passed since they had gone into the freezer. From her perspective, it seemed like ten minutes! The cold must have slowed down their thinking process as well as their bodies!“Time to come out.” Mae said, cracking the freezer open again, and pulling on the string Rachel had tied to herself and Mae’s doll-sized body. At Mae’s one-foot tall size, they were much heavier than she expected. She carefully swung the rigid doll-sized forms over to the counter top, where they landed with a thunk in the corner. Mae soon joined them and stood them up.To Rachel, everything was happening in fast forward. The door opened, they were lifted out, and landed, and suddenly there was Mae propping her up, looking concerned- then moving her about again, talking faster than she could possibly understand. Each of Mae’s touches, caresses, as she moved Rachel seemed like a brief but erotic breeze. Rachel was so turned on by this that she almost missed the fact that the room was getting bigger again. Or rather, she was getting lower.“If cold stiffens us...”Mae said to Rachel as she positioned her friend’s immobile form on a hot plate, “Then heat should thaw us out.” Hot water did the job very well, they already knew that. She put her own doll-body onto the hot plate, turned it on low, and sat down before she jumped back into her small frozen form. What Rachel had told her was true- everything went by much faster when they were cold like this. They were thawing out though, and quickly. Mae saw Rachel’s body quiver a little.“Mae?” Rachel managed to say as feelings began to flood back into her body - rather pleasant warm feelings too, as she thawed out, “Wasn’t that wild?”“Yeah.” Mae sighed, feeling control returning - and then going away again. Still stiff, Mae managed to look down, and see that the hot plate wasn’t just thawing them out - it was melting them!“Mae, what’s going on?” Rachel said, mildly panicked as she watched her friend’s legs melt into a blob. Rachel managed to look down in time to see her own pussy melt into the blob forming where her legs used to be, “This wasn’t part of the plan!”“No - I was trying to thaw us out but - oooh, this feels so good.” Mae groaned as her breasts melted down into the puddle she was turning into. Rachel moaned to as she melted more and more and erotic sensations flooded her mind and liquefying body. The two puddles flowed towards each other, their faces meeting for kisses in between groans until all that was left were their lips. These too vanished as the puddles swirled around each other, exploring their new liquid forms that slowly began to spill off the hot plate.The two girls silently thrilled as they flowed off the hot plate, and across the short counter top, where they began dripping down to the floor below. Dripping was only a start, and they began to flow like tiny waterfalls, creating a large puddle on the floor below. The last drip of their plastic forms finally fell, and all was silent.“Rachel? Was that as good for you as it was for me?” Mae’s reformed lips managed to utter as the two exhausted plastic girls began to reform themselves.“Better. Even better.” Rachel sighed as she began to draw herself back together, “We should try that again!”“Maybe later,” Mae said as she sent a tendril toward’s Rachel’s puddle like body and twirled it around. Rachel squealed, and collapsed back into herself. The two girls flowed towards each other, and explored each other as they slowly cooled down and regained full control over their bodies. Eventually, almost reluctantly, they did pull themselves together and back into their doll-sized bodies.“Now what?” Rachel asked, fixing her hair as Mae looked up toward the counter.“Well - oooh...” Mae groaned, as if she was having in invisible orgasm, “I’ve unplugged the hot plate up there and.. I should be coming down. in a moment.” Mae stood there with a blissful smile and a vacant look as Rachel went over to her.“Mae, what are you doing... Oh?” Rachel stopped as a large pink blob hit her on the head. Rachel looked up in time to see a stream of pink liquid drizzling off the edge of the counter top, landing on and all around them. Rachel yelped in surprise and glee as the drops of hot Mae showered down on them, causing her to melt again, this time surrounded by her friend’s larger form.Mae just stood there, enjoying herself - she had unplugged the hot plate, but she had laid her larger body down on it, and in short order she had melted again like butter in the frying pan. Even jumping back into her doll sized form, she could feel the intense erotic feeling as she flowed across the counter top and began pouring onto the floor- melting her smaller form. The plastic puddle that was Mae continued to grow until the last of her dripped off the counter.Mae lay on the floor for the longest time, twitching and rippling in delight as she slowly cooled down and began to regain control. Dimly she felt Rachel inside her, twitching and moving around.“Oooohhhh.” Mae finally groaned as she spread herself out, and reformed herself to her normal- if reduced- proportions. She sat up and looked around- Where was Rachel? With a start, she realized Rachel was still inside her, and was trying to get out. Mae concentrated, and made a passage for Rachel.“That was fun, but warn me next time Mae!” Rachel said, as she popped her head out of Mae’s vagina. Mae groaned in ecstasy, as Rachel looked around and realized what position she was in. Grinning widely, Rachel slowly began pulling herself out- then thrust herself back in, acting as an oversized dildo as Mae groaned in pleasure. Back and forth Rachel went, as Mae fondled her breasts, until both collapsed in exhaustion, Rachel finally slipping out of Mae’s crotch.Mae recovered first, gathering up Rachel in her arms and cradling her next to her breasts, “Oh, you’re such a wonderful friend-child,” Mae giggled. Rachel reached for Mae’s nipple and began suckling on it like a baby as Mae walked back the the kitchen table, and stretched up to it, depositing her friend next to the dollhouse“Coming in for the night?” Rachel asked her bigger friend. Mae smiled and sat down, reshaping her body into a small house that became an extension of the dollhouse. The door of Mae’s new form opened, and out stepped Mae, now doll sized like her friend.“Of course.” Mae said as the two petite girls went into the dollhouse for more stretching fun that lasted late into the night.
  83. Rachel woke up and groggily stretched herself - really stretched, since she was made of plastic and like her sleeping friend Mae, could stretch into almost any shape imaginable. This morning, she was waking up as a sheet that she had wrapped around Mae as they had finally fallen asleep.Rachel retracted herself, and got up, careful not to disturb her friend, and began to explore the house again - or to be more precise, the dollhouse they were sleeping in. Mae’s boyfriend Sam had packaged most of their pliable bodies up into taffy like pieces and had scattered them around the house for them to find while he was away.The two of them had hardly done that, exploring the house and trying new things with their flexible forms. Rachel absentmindedly stretched her arms down to the ground so he knuckles were dragging as she examined the workmanship of the dollhouse and the furniture within. She paused when she saw her face in the mirror over the tiny fireplace.She was green.Rachel pulled her hands up and looked at them - they were green too! She stretched her neck out, and began looking over her entire body. Every part of it was a bright shade of green.Rachel shrieked in dismay.“Rachel!?” Mae woke with a start and tried to get up, only to fall on the floor. Rachel had been playing that night and had tied Mae's toes and fingers together. Deciding to sort herself out later, Mae stretched her head into the living room and gawked at her green friend. “Rachel, what’s happened to you?”“I don’t know,” Rachel said, still looking herself over, rubbing her body to see if it would go away, “I woke up, and was walking around, and suddenly realized I was green!” Rachel looked at Mae in a worried tone, and her eyes grew bigger, “ And you’re RED!”Mae looked back at her stretched out neck, and sure enough, it was a bright hot pink shade of red. Rachel followed her friend’s head back into the bedroom and sure enough, Mae’s entire body - now untangled- was the same shade of red as her face.“How could this happen?” Rachel said, sitting down as Mae looked herself over.“I don’t know. We’ve been doing the same things, so you would think that if we changed color, we would both be the same color.” Mae said carefully. Then it hit her, “Wait a minute! The wrappers!”“The what?”“The candy kiss wrappers we’re mostly wrapped up in,“ Mae said anxiously, “You’re in the green wrappers, and I’m in the red ones...”“But this hasn’t ever happened before.” Rachel said looking concerned, “I mean, we can stretch, but we can’t change colors!”Mae thought for a moment, “Actually, we can - look!” Mae went over to the mirror to check on herself, “We melt down into uniformly skin colored blobs usually, right? But when we reshape ourselves back to normal, our teeth become white, our eyes go back to normal, my hair is blonde and not pink while yours goes back to black- even our skin tone usually goes back to a natural shade.” Rachel went over to the mirror to look- yes, Mae was right- Rachel even stuck out her tongue, which remained its normal shade of pink.“But when you painted me...”“There was the thin paper between you and the paint,” Mae shrugged, “Maybe that’s what kept you from shifting colors - or- or maybe because the candy wrappers we’re in are transparent, we’re being ‘trained’ like a plant to take on these colors.”“Oh, I think I can do a plant very easily now.” Rachel said, stepping back, and sculpting her feet into roots, and elongating her arms into branches and leaves, “Now everyone will have to admit I have a great set of melons.” Rachel swayed her breasts back and forth, jiggling them.“And there you are doing it.” Mae said, cupping Rachel’s breasts. Rachel looked down, and there was a change - dark green stripes wavered across her breasts, just like a watermelon, “We must have to really think about it.” Mae let go of Rachel, and stared intently at her hand, trying to change its color as Rachel restored herself. Nothing happened.“I don’t know how I did that. Maybe you need to change your shape like I did?” Rachel offered. Mae nodded and began to shrink, her arms and legs growing stumpier, as her body grew plumper. Soon, she looked like a teddy bear, only with her head on its shoulders. Mae held up a stubby paw and sighed. She was thinking hard about being a panda teddy bear, but she was still a bright red all over - her stubby arms paws and leg paws were a darker shade of red though. Mae shifted back to her normal proportions.“I think if we want to get back to our normal colors, we have to grow up.” Mae said again. Rachel shrugged and the two brightly colored plastic girls went out to find themselves - or rather, all the pieces of themselves. Mae went over to the house-shaped portion of herself that was now a bright red when Rachel stopped her.“Wait a minute - You’ve already got a head start on pulling yourself together,” Rachel said, “Let’s grow up together.”“All right.” Mae said, leaving the large portion of herself behind, and sitting down on the edge of the table “So how do we get down this time?” Rachel smiled and got down next to her on all fours.“What about like this?” Rachel said, as she stretched and climbed over Mae, who laid down as Rachel began licking her pussy.“Ohhh, Rachel, I meant --- Ohhhh.” Mae groaned as her friend pleasured her. Mae looked up at Rachel’s tight little ass that was in front of her face, and began to lick right back. They began to wrap their limbs about each other as they rocked back and forth on the table top, becoming more and more ball like as they probed deeper and deeper into each other.Then they rolled off the table - more by accident than by design. They hit the floor and bounced, and bounced again, each jolt doubling the friend’s pleasure as they were forced deeper and deeper into each other. Unlike Rachel’s first try, they bounced into the living room, and landed on the couch. They sat still, enjoying the afterglow of their embrace before they began to let go and unwrap themselves, and stretch back into their normal forms. With love in their eyes, they hugged and kissed each other before Rachel said, “I think you’re sitting on a piece of me.” Mae looked, and a green-wrapped piece of Rachel was right under her.“Here.” Mae said, pulling it out, and handing it to Rachel, “I think you’re going to like this.”“I like being this size anyway.” Rachel pouted as she pulled the wrapper open- it was a task at this size - to reveal a piece of her inside. Like Rachel, it was now a bright green, not her ‘normal’ tan plastic shade. It twitched a little as Rachel looked at it uncertainly, then placed her hand on it to reabsorb it into her plastic body.Rachel’s eyes opened wide as the small plastic part of herself was absorbed back into her doll sized body. She could feel it like a complete full body massage as the mass temporarily enlarged her arm out of proportion, and then spread itself evenly to every part of her body, like a total orgasm. She gasped from the thrill, as her body grew slightly, and then looked at her friend in amazement.“That was- that was fantastic!” Rachel groaned, looking down at the empty wrapper, “Why didn’t you tell me how good it feels?”“Wanted to surprise you.” Mae said with a smile, “I almost went out hunting for all of myself without you yesterday morning. I did clean myself out of the bathroom though.” Rachel nodded, since there was no way there had been enough of Mae’s kiss-wrapped body on the sailboat to make her as large as she had gotten yesterday.“And you wanted to play that trick on me too.” Rachel said with a wry smile. Mae shrugged, as Rachel got up and grabbed another kiss-wrapped piece of herself and went through the delicious delight of reabsorbing it into her body. Mae smiled, and began opening kiss-wrapped pieces of her own body, taking delight in reabsorbing herself.The two climbed and searched the room, somehow knowing instinctively where Sam had hidden their kiss-like pieces. The fun wasn’t so much in finding the piece as it was reabsorbing it. The two laughed as they tried absorbing the pieces in different ways. Mae tried touching her nipples to a pair of opened kisses, and was briefly sporting a pair of tire-sized tits that Rachel fondled in delight. Rachel sat on a piece, and her pussy grew to a huge size.Their experiments didn’t always work the way they planned though. Rachel tried to make her hair grow longer, and only made her head the size of a medicine ball. Mae laughed and tried to imitate Rachel, but only made her nose as big as her head.The changes were temporary, as the reabsorbed mass redistributed itself evenly through their growing bodies. And as they grew, the changes grew less and less noticeable. What was noticeable, by the time they were each three feet tall, was that their skin coloration was changing back to a more natural shades.“I wish we knew how we were doing this color change,” Rachel said as she stuffed a piece of herself up her pussy, and orgasmed as it was reabsorbed into her. She was glad she was almost back to her normal tanned state.“I don’t know - we’ll figure it out.” Mae said, picking up a pair of baskets, “Why don’t we collect all of ourselves this way. and finish this in the kitchen. We’ve already made a pretty big mess.” Rachel looked back at the wrapper-strewn living room and nodded.“How many pieces of us to you think there are?” Rachel said as they climbed the stairs, picking up their taffy-wrapped pieces and depositing them in their baskets.“Lots.” Mae said, looking up, “At least Sam hid us in the house.”The pair scrambled around upstairs, collecting themselves, pausing only a moment to model a pair of t-shirts. Even though the t-shirt’s barely fit Rachel and Mae when they were normal sized, at their three foot stature they were like large baggy dresses. Their laughed at the sight, and soon stretched out of the restraining fabric as they hunted for themselves.“I think I’m over here.” Mae said as the hunt continued, and she stretched her arm far under the bed to pull out some taffy-wrapped pieces of herself out, “Yes - that’s it.” As the girls grew larger, and they collected themselves into one concentrated area, it was getting easier to find each stray piece.“And I think this is the last of me.” Rachel said, depositing her last pieces from the bathroom into her basket, and hefting it onto the bed, “Now lets finish growing up.” Mae smiled and pulled the trash can over, and the unwrapping and absorbing began again on the bed - with pauses for laughter and a little play.“I wonder how I taste.” Mae said, popping an unwrapped piece of herself into her mouth. With some surprise, her tongue grew out and dangled out of her mouth. Mae looked down amused, and dropped another piece of herself on it, causing it to lengthen down further so she could easily lick her breasts - which she did with delight as Rachel laughed. Another two pieces later, and Mae was licking her crotch.“I’ve got to try that.” Rachel said, holding a piece of herself up to her lips. She didn’t quite pop it in, and rather than lengthening her tongue, her lips fused together, creating a featureless surface of skin below her nose. “Mmmm? Mmmmm!” Was all Rachel could say in surprise as Mae laughed at her friend- and becoming tongue-tied about herself in the process as her serpentine tongue wrapped itself around her arms and breasts. Rachel might’ve smiled, but without a mouth, Mae couldn’t tell, Rachel stretched over and tickled her friend. Mae tickled as good as she got and the two fell off the bed.“Oh, this is so much fun!” Rachel gasped as she reformed her mouth.“Yeath it is.” Mae said, slurping her overextended tongue back into her mouth. The two climbed back up - a much easier climb since they were slowly getting larger - and continued to unwrap and absorb themselves. As they grew larger, the effects of each absorption diminished, fading from a full blown erotic experience to titillation.“And that is that,” Rachel said, absorbing her last two pieces into her nipples, which grew out across her breasts for a moment and then retracted. Rachel stood up and looked down at Mae, with a smile. Their natural color had been completely restored, “Aw, I’ve got a little friend again.”“How? Oh!,” Mae said, looking up at Rachel, “That’s right, there’s still a piece of me downstairs.” Mae went down, and touched the piece of herself that she had fashioned into part of the doll house the previous night, and shuddered in delight as it flowed back, up her arm and into her body.“That’s going to depreciate the doll house value you know.” Rachel said, following her down and tossing her a t-shirt. Rachel already had one on, and nothing else.“Whatever.” Mae said, putting on the t-shirt, “Let’s move this out to the living room, and get something good to eat.” Together, they moved the dollhouse - although it was so heavy that the two of them found that their arms were stretching as they carried it across the short distance from the kitchen to the living room coffee table.“Oh, this will make picking up the wrappers so much easier.” Rachel said as her knuckles scraped the floor, and grabbed up the empty taffy wrappers. Rachel worked on that, as Mae set to making dinner- the first real one they had had for four days. Somehow, they hadn’t really been hungry when they were doll-sized. Full sized and fully restored though, they were very hungry.“It’ll be good to be in bed tonight.” Mae said as she finished up.“Bed? As in upstairs? Aren’t you forgetting something?” Rachel said, getting up for a moment and going to the living room, “We have this dollhouse to sleep in - and a drive-in theater too!” To prove her point, Rachel turned on the TV- which, while it was average sized, was huge to a doll-sized girl- which Rachel promptly created on the coffee table next to the doll house. “What about it? Come on down!” Rachel’s doll-sized form squeaked.“All right.” Mae said, getting up, and creating a doll-sized version of herself on the coffee table. She transferred her consciousness into it to see her smiling friend coming over and giving her a big hug, “But I want some dessert, and I get to pick the movie.”“Well, all right.” Rachel said with a wry grin, letting go and standing back. Suddenly, Rachel’s voice boomed across the room,” So what’s for desert little friend?” Mae stepped back, and looked up- Rachel had sent her consciousness back into her full sized body, and was looking down at Mae again. At this size, their normal bodies seemed like skyscrapers!“Chocolate pudding.” Mae said, jumping back into her full sized body and surprising Rachel.“Oooh- maybe we should set some aside and wrestle in it.” Rachel giggled.“Maybe when Sam gets back.” Mae smirked, and pulled the dessert out of the fridge. They both dug in, but Mae seemed distracted.“What’s wrong?” Rachel asked Mae as she finished off the last of dessert. Mae had been looking toward the blank wall off and on all through the meal.“Nothing - it’s - well, I feel like something’s missing. I know there’s part of me over there, but there’s another piece- over here. I think.” Mae said, going over to the wall and looking it over. There was no place for Sam to have hid anything, yet Mae could feel a piece of herself, tightly wrapped up in wax paper, somewhere dark and warm. She projected her consciousness to the lone little piece of herself- yes, it was still wrapped tightly, and try as she might, she could barely wiggle in the wrapper’s confines. She jumped back into her larger body to see Rachel scowling too.“Yes- there’s a part of me there too...” Rachel said, as her body stiffened up, “It’s dark and warm and - I think you’re there too...” Suddenly, the phone rang.“How are my two favorite stretching wonders doing tonight?” Sam’s voice said as Mae answered the phone.“Sam? It’s about time you called!” Mae said in a surprised tone. Rachel went in the living room to listen in on the phone there.“Well, I didn’t call earlier because I figured you two would be too little to answer the phone,” Sam replied. Yes, that was true, Mae thought to herself- a phone would have squashed them when they were doll-sized, “But I had a feeling you two pulled yourselves together a lot more quickly than I expected.”"And how would you know - oh!" Mae said as she remembered, "You have our last two pieces in your pocket!""Right. When they began twitching, I figured you two were looking for them. I hope there weren't any problems," Sam said."No, this was the best thing you ever did to us, we're having a great time, and we love you lots for it!" Rachel cried out with glee on her phone before Mae could answer, "Come home soon, love you, bye!""I take it that it was a hit." Sam said as Rachel hung up, "So why are you two - er - back together so soon? I won't be home for another couple days.""Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful Sam, but there was this small problem," Mae said, explaining their color change, as Rachel did the dishes and went back into the living room."I see- well, your theory makes as much sense as any," Sam said when Mae finished, "I knew you two could change color, but I'm still trying to figure out how you know how to do it.""Well, we're back to normal for now - as normal as we usually are." Mae giggled. They made some more small talk, before they finally hung up as they realized that their phone bill would be through the roof at the rate they were going. Mae went into the living room, and sat down on the sofa next to Rachel, who was watching a good romance."This all right?" Rachel asked. as Mae put her arm around Rachel."Oh yeah - but let's see it on the big screen." Mae said, sending her consciousness into her doll sized body. Mae blinked and looked up - yes, Rachel was right, the TV was huge at this size. Mae suddenly noticed something else. She had no arms - or legs! She stretched her neck slightly to look at the two huge round orbs that now made up her plastic body- and a long slit between them. She was now a pair of tits. "Rachel!""I thought since you were the big friend, you should have the bigger set of tits for a while." Rachel said - now in her doll-sized form, caressing Mae's mammoth mammories, "I got the idea, and did it while you and Sam were talking on the phone.""Rachel - ohhh." Mae said as she got a better look at her little friend - and her not so little change. Below Rachel's breasts, she had reshaped her body into a phallic form, more dildo than penis. Rachel moved over, positioning her throbbing form between Mae's breasts, "Well - yeah - I guess we have better things to do than watch a movie.""Good." Rachel said, looking blank for a moment as she went back into her larger body and turned off the television, "I can think of lots of things too." She said, returning, and thrusting herself into Mae's vagina-edged cleavage. Mae gasped in delight, stretching her head down around her massive mammories to kiss Rachel, and then attend her breasts as Rachel thrust herself back and forth. The two kept up their delightful fun until they collapsed into an exhausted slumber, Rachel still stuck deeply into Mae's cleavage.
  85. Mae woke up, feeling warm and full, "Mmmm! That was good," She thought as she tried to stretch her arms.
  86. She found she couldn't find them. or her legs.
  87. Mae blinked away the sleep as she lifted her head off the billowing cushion she had been resting on and gasped as she saw herself sitting like a giant pink statue, staring ahead blankly, next to Rachel's equally huge motionless form.
  88. "Oh yeah." Mae realized with a start, remembering she and Rachel had sent their consciousness into smaller forms on the coffee table. Slightly bizarre forms right now to be sure. Rachel had reshaped Mae into a pair of giant breasts while she had been distracted on the phone with Sam. Mae looked down at Rachel, who was still slumbering in her cleavage- she had reshaped herself into a prick from the chest down.
  89. As neat as their situation was - they couldn't stay this way all day! Mae focused, and began to reshape her small elastic form. Her breasts shrank as arms and legs became more defined, rising out of the sides of her once mammoth mammories. She soon had arms and legs again - and a torso as her breasts became a much more manageable size. She hugged herself with glee- stretching just felt so good!
  90. Mae carefully stood up- she was already straddling Rachel, and didn't want to wake her up if she could help it. Rachel was already stirring, "Mmmm- would someone turn up the heat?" Rachel mumbled, and turned over, disturbed by the disappearance of Mae's large warm form.
  91. "I wonder if... oh, no- not today." Mae thought as she inspected Rachel - she had shaped herself into a really good cock. "Come on, time to wake up Rachel." Mae said, rubbing her friend's breasts." Rachel's eyes fluttered awake, and she dreamily stretched her arms and yawned. Then frowned.
  92. "Mae, I can't feel my legs - YEEP!" Rachel cried as she saw what she had reshaped themselves into. A memory of last night flitted through her head, "Okay, we DID do it last night." she reshaped her huge cock back into her normal legs, and the tiny elastic pair got up.
  93. "Why is it that every time we wake up after trying something new - it's like a total surprise to us?" Rachel said as they walked towards the edge of the coffee table nearest their bodies, "I mean, shouldn't we be getting used to this by now?"
  94. "We're still learning I think." Mae said, "I mean, once we take on a shape - or stretch out - it becomes easier and easier. We get used to it I guess."
  95. "Good point - so if I wanted to be..." Just thinking about it, Rachel swiftly stretched her arms out into the bat-wings she had so carefully created a day or so earlier, "Wow! That was quick!"
  96. "I think we should be thankful enough that we do keep our shape - whatever it is- after we fall asleep. I mean, what if we reverted to blobs in bed? Sam might begin making us go to sleep in buckets or something to keep us from pouring all over the bed and floor."
  97. "Good point." Rachel said, reshaping her arms to normal, "So now what?"
  98. "Now - I think I'm going to be the first person to climb Mount Mae." Mae giggled, pointing at her larger, inert body that was staring ahead blankly, since her consciousness wasn't in it, "Here I go!" With that, Mae jumped the short distance between the coffee table and her larger body's knee- and vanished. Her smaller body was just absorbed by the larger one, which stirred to life.
  99. "Oh, darn!" Mae said, looking down and rubbing the knee where her doll-sized form had vanished, "I hit myself too hard."
  100. "In that case - I get to climb Mount Mae!" Rachel said, jumping over to Mae's knee, "You can always climb Rachel ridge there." Mae smiled, and in a moment a new doll-sized figure of herself stepped out from the side of her belly. By then, Rachel had stretched up to grab one of Mae's nipples. She slowly began to climb, using her elastic arm as a rope, like a rock climber scaling a cliff. Mae grinned and followed suit on Rachel's large inert body, even as she felt Rachel climbing on her own large inert form.
  101. "I bet Sam would love this view." Rachel said as they climbed on top of their respective breasts. Doll-Rachel plopped herself down in Mae's cleavage, as Doll-Mae grabbed Rachel's long hair and used it like a mass of ropes to keep on climbing to the top of Rachel's head.
  102. "Oh, I bet he would." Mae said, looking down at Rachel as she reached the top of Rachel's head, "Of course at that size, you have to watch out for breastquakes."
  103. "Breastquakes?" Rachel giggled, as Mae stretched her doll form over to her large body and regained contact with it. In a moment, Mae was whole again, and was jiggling her tiny friend with her breasts, "Ohhh - now I get it." Rachel giggled, stretching out of Mae's cleavage and rejoining the rest of her body.
  104. "Mmmm- that felt pretty good." Mae said as Rachel slithered off of her. The pair looked at each other, smiling broadly, "What should we try next?"
  105. "Breakfast, I'd say." Rachel said.
  106. * * *
  107. "If Sam came in here right now, he'd freak out." Rachel said as they sat down for some hot oatmeal cereal. Sam didn't seem to mind that they tended to go around the house in the nude- after all, they could stretch, their clothes couldn't. But when they sat down to eat, he always pulled out a pair of robes that hung in the cellar stairway. Since Sam wasn't around, neither girl had on a stitch of clothing - and it didn't really bother them much.
  108. "Of course, you've been nude at this table when Sam has been here." Mae said teasing Rachel, "As the setting, the tablecloth, a chair..."
  109. "That doesn't count." Rachel said, pausing, "But it does remind me of something Sam was puzzling about once."
  110. "Oh?" Mae said, a little interested, "What?"
  111. "Let's see if I can do this." Rachel said, closing her eyes. As Mae watched, Rachel's face sank into her head, leaving a smooth rounded surface framed by her hair.
  112. "Okay - how are you going to eat that way?" Mae asked, a bit amused as Rachel reached up to feel where her face should have been.
  113. "Oh- like this?" Rachel said as her face suddenly emerged - located on her right breast. Mae dropped her spoon in surprise.
  114. "How are you doing that?" Mae wanted to know. Rachel shrugged - or rather her body did, surprising her a bit- the breast her face was on jiggled a bit from the movement.
  115. "I just thought about it. I mean, we can reshape ourselves into anything, right?" Rachel said with a smile as she picked up her spoon of oatmeal and carefully guided it to her breast-face. It was difficult, since habit made her want to lift the spoon up to where her mouth should be, "You could call this a new way to breast feed?"
  116. "That's one way of looking at it. Let me try." Mae said, closing her eyes and concentrating. Unlike Rachel, she left her face on her head, even as she slowly stretched out two identical faces on her breasts.
  117. "Wow!" Rachel said, impressed as all six of Mae's eyes opened and blinked in surprise.
  118. "How do I look?" Mae asked - in triplicate, blinking and trying to focus in on three different points of view.
  119. "Great - I gotta take a picture of this." Rachel said, getting up clumsily - she wasn't used to her unique point of view. Luckily, the camera was just in the other room, "Now smile - is there something wrong?"
  120. "No- well, yes." Mae said, blinking, "It's kind of hard seeing with three sets of eyes. I can't keep this up." With a sigh, Mae let two of her faces blend back into her form, leaving one face behind on her left breast, "Oh- much better."
  121. "If you say so." Rachel said sitting down and looking at Mae- facing breast to breast, "I think you would look better on your right breast."
  122. "Oh? Why's that?" Mae said with a wry grin.
  123. "Hey - listen to your breast friend here," Rachel said with a smile, lifting up her breasts a bit, "I've got another idea."
  124. "All right." Mae said as she submerged her face from her left breast and surfaced it again on her right one, "What - omph!" Mae found herself face to face (or would it be breast to breast?) with Rachel's left breast- her normally shaped one, with the nipple stuck right into Mae's mouth. Mae could feel Rachel pleasuring her left breast enthusiastically, so Mae returned the favor to Rachel's left breast, suckling away on it.
  125. Slowly they finally parted, "See? Wasn't that fun?" Rachel giggled. Mae smiled back, remembering a trick she had tried on Sam.
  126. "Oh yes - now have you thought about this?" Mae said as her face faded into her breast, which shifted back to normal.
  127. "About WHOOOOA!" Rachel exclaimed as something penetrated her pussy. Rachel looked down to see a face smiling up from Mae's crotch, her long tongue licking away at Rachel's sex, "Oh, yes." Rachel sighed, once her surprise passed and she let Mae pleasure her some more before she moved her face down to her own crotch to give Mae a kiss.
  128. "That was a good idea." Rachel said, standing up unsteadily, "Although- it's kind of odd going around like this." Mae stood up and the two tried walking around with their faces located in their crotches. It was odd, walking and watching one leg, then the other slide by their face- and they could only really look straight ahead.
  129. "Not very practical -- for anything but sex." Mae sighed, stopping and standing. Rachel turned and watched Mae's face sort of slide and float across her nude body, like a leaf across a pond as she tried different places to look out from, before she finally slid her face back on the front of her head,"I think this is the best spot of all for my face." Mae announced.
  130. "I bet Sam would agree too." Rachel grinned, letting her face flow up her body, pausing momentarily just above her cleavage, "Although we should try it out on him at least once."
  131. "Oh, I'm sure we will." Mae said, hugging herself, "I can hardly wait for him to come home."
  132. "Plenty of time to plan for his return," Rachel said, sliding her face back into its proper place, "And to practice some more. So do you think he would like quality..." Rachel asked, enlarging her breasts, "Or quantity?" Her breasts rippled and split into two pairs of large breasts, that Rachel massaged.
  133. "It's hard to say," Mae said, splitting her own breasts to see how it felt - the feelings of arousal were intense as Rachel came over and rubbed her breasts against Mae's, "Oh! That's nice!"
  134. "Mmmm- maybe we had better go upstairs and find out how many more nice improvements we can make," Rachel giggled as they went upstairs to experiment further.
  137. Rachel woke up to the sounds of the shower. Since Sam was not due back until the next day, it must be Mae, she decided as she tried to move- and found she couldn't. Looking up- and then stretching her neck up for a better look- she could see why. She was tied spread-eagle on the bed, her arms wrapped around the top bedposts and her legs around the lower bedposts. Her plastic body was stretched out across the bed, almost completely flat except for her breasts that rose up like two mountains on a rolling, rippling plain as Rachel tried to get free. "Mae!"Mae stretched in - or rather stretched her long neck into the bedroom to look in on her friend while she kept on showering the rest of her body, "Well, it's about time you woke up - I know I couldn't get you up.""You did this- and I didn't wake up?" Rachel exclaimed, as she painstakingly untied herself as her friend's head waved back and forth with a silly grin."Well, yeah- you were trying to eat me up last night." Mae said, as the shower stopped, "All of me - you know, like that silly song about being eaten by a boa constrictor.""I was? Well, I did have this weird dream about eating this huge sandwich thing, but it kept getting away from me..." Rachel said as she freed herself, "Sorry about that." She apologized as she reeled in her flopping appendages."Well, you only made it up to my breasts," Mae said, as her body walked into the room, drying itself off as she shortened her neck back to more human proportions,"And it felt kinda good - although I couldn't wake you up.""I can't imagine why..." Rachel said, rubbing her head- she had a small headache, almost like a hangover that was slowly fading- of course neither of them had anything to drink last night. Rachel looked at her friend who was heading to the closet, "What are you doing?""Getting dressed - I have to go out and get some groceries you know." Mae said as she looked through the closet, almost disappointed- it had been fun going around in the nude almost all week, stretching with her friend."Ohhh! Let me help!" Rachel said enthusiastically. Sitting on the bed, she began to split and reshape herself quickly. Focusing on her legs, they lowered and thickened around her feet, opening up slightly so each one became a high top sneaker. Her lower torso flattened out into a long pleated skirt, while she drew her head and arms inward as her chest flattened out into a t-shirt with the smiling image of her face on the chest, "I feel like getting really worn out today."Mae had finished getting her panties on when she looked over at her friend's flattened form on the bed and smiled at her latest trick, "You look great Ray, but there's just one problem.""What? Collars are in this year?" Rachel said, as the neck of the shirt reshaped itself into a pretty collar and the stitching became more refined, "Miniskirts are hip?" Rachel shortened her skirt portion to a scandalously short length and reshaped her sneaker parts into platform sandals. Mae smiled and picked Rachel's shirt portion up to model in the mirror so Rachel could see."No, the problem is the color." Mae said. Rachel frowned as she saw Mae was right - Mae's fair pink skin and Rachel's tan shirt form were a little too closely matched. If she was worn out, everyone would think Mae was going around in the nude. "Nice try though.""Yeah- hey, what about paint?" Rachel said as Mae put her back down on the bed, "Or food coloring? Or...""Or forget it." Mae said putting on her jeans and a shirt, "Maybe some other day, but we have some cleaning to do. We don't want Sam to think we've been a couple of pigs while he's away.""We don't?" Rachel said, regrouping herself and looking like a fat tan pig."No. I'll see you downstairs." Mae said smiling as Rachel nosed around oinking loudly. Mae went down and made some breakfast with what was left in the refrigerator. It was almost bare, so she really had to get some more groceries."Sure I can't come with you?" Rachel said as she finally came down, wearing an unassuming pair of black shorts and a shirt, "I got dressed just for the occasion.""No Rachel, it's just groceries," Mae said, looking up from her modest list- then she did a double take, "Rachel, where did you get that outfit?""You like?" Rachel said, turning around to model the glossy black cloth. "It's something I just whipped up.""I'll bet." Mae said, getting up for a closer look, "Wow, you really outdid yourself- but aren't hair shirts out of fashion?" Rachel smiled - her friend had guessed the truth. Rachel had carefully stretched out her long elastic hair, and reshaped it into a shirt. The shorts she had stretched out of her public hair. Even though it was just her hair, she could feel every fiber."Well, it's time for a comeback." Rachel said with some conviction."And you don't think anyone is going to notice that your hair, your shirt and your shorts are all the same color?" Mae said looking up from inspecting the weave. Rachel had done a fantastic job."Well- maybe." Rachel said, as her shirt split apart and shrank back, as did her shorts, turning into a bikini top and bottom, "It does take a little extra concentration, but I'll get the hang of it - oh, and watch this trick," Rachel said, as the swimsuit (now looking like strings with gland conditions) vanished.To Mae's amazement, Rachel's hair tumbled down to the floor, "I can have it long," Rachel said, then it pulled back to its more normal length, "Average," Suddenly, Rachel had no hair at all- even her eyebrows had vanished into her smooth tanned skin, "Or none at all." She rubbed her bald head, unaccustomed by the lack of hair there."Well, that's why we haven't been to a hair stylist since we got this way." Mae pointed out as Rachel went and looked at herself in the mirror, "You look almost like a store mannequin.""Really?" Rachel said turning around with an artificial smile and a stiff look. Her skin was totally smooth, her nipples missing from her breasts and her crotch smooth as it could be. Little seams appeared on her body where a store mannequin might be taken apart, "Maybe Sam can make me a real mannequin for a while when he gets back." Rachel thrilled inside, at the thought of being on display in some store window, where she would be dressed and redressed."Maybe - but right now, I need you to help out here." Mae said, as Rachel changed back to her more normal appearance, "While I'm out, could you vacuum the floors?""Yeah, they were kinda dirty." Rachel said looking down. Of course while they were doll-sized, all the dirt on the floor looked bigger then it was, "Where's the vacuum?"Under the stairs - it came with the house." Mae said, going to the bottom of the stairs where a triangular panel at the foot of the stairs lay partially hidden by a footstool. Mae pulled it away and opened the door to reveal a strange sight."What is THAT?" Rachel asked, looking at the odd electric blue vacuum cleaner.It looked like a long thick capsule, sitting on a pair of wheels. Both of the rounded ends had a hose hookup, lined with chrome which led back to a centrally located panel with more knobs than any vacuum cleaner had a right to have."The Omnivac." Mae sighed, "It was an all purpose state of the art vacuum cleaner in 1939, and Sam went overboard restoring it when we found it hidden there. It works pretty good" Mae pulled some of the tools out of the carefully crafted storage space and showed Rachel the basics on how the vacuum worked before she left."Let's see," Rachel said, as she began vacuuming, "For state of the art, it doesn't seem to have much suction. Let's try the next setting- oh!" Rachel accidentally put the hose down on her foot as she turned a dial on the old vacuum, and the suction was suddenly more than enough to start drawing her up the hose. It felt so good being siphoned up the smooth metal tube into the ribbed walls of the flexible hose, but Rachel stayed focused and turned the vacuum off before she lost her balance and fell to the floor."Maybe later." Rachel said as she pulled her leg up and out of the hose - it had almost sucked up her entire right leg. Rachel shook her snake like appendage and it snapped back into shape. A little more warily, Rachel picked up the hose and went back to work.
  139. "And that's it." Rachel said as she finished vacuuming the small house. Now how to empty this thing? Rachel looked into the cubby and found a tattered yellowing booklet that seemed to be the instruction manual. Yes, just two snaps. Rachel took it over to the trash can and released the clips that held one end on, easily dumping it out."Wonder why it didn't catch on?" Rachel thought as she put it back together, and began putting the tools back into their cubby. Out of curiosity, she picked up the manual and flipped through it. The vacuum was an all in one device, the introduction exclaimed, a dry vac, a wet vac, the list went on to include its use as a hair dryer, a mouse remover and - egg enhancement? How could a vacuum cleaner help chickens? Rachel blinked and flipped to the sparse index- and then to the page it indicated. Oho! She thought with a grin. This would be interesting.Rachel looked deep into the vacuum's cubby- it should be in there. She hoped it would be after all those years - and it was. Still in it's wax paper wrapping, next to the unused hair drying attachment - the "egg enhancer". Rachel hastily unwrapped it, to find a large phallic shaped attachment. The chrome plated monstrosity gleamed, awaiting a chance to be used. And Rachel sure had ideas on how to use it."I guess they didn't have vibrators back then." Rachel said as she skimmed over the instructions. It seemed easy enough. She slid the dildo attachment onto the exhaust end of the vacuum cleaner, adjusted the dial on it to low and slowly sat down on it. It slid smoothly into her pussy as she reached to turn the vacuum on."OH!" Rachel gasped as the vacuum sprang to life - the dildo was not only vibrating, but the exhaust from the vacuum was blowing away, tickling an stimulating her entire plastic elastic ass. If it felt this good she decided, she should set it up a notch. Or two. Rachel turned the dial higher - perhaps in anticipation, too high. The vacuum blew harder, and her elastic belly began to stretch and expand to Rachel's delight. Rachel forced herself further down onto the vacuum, taking in its entire top as her breasts ballooned out, and her body was wracked with an unreal orgasm. She was rapidly growing rounder and rounder, larger and larger as she filled up with air.Rachel was brought out of her orgasmic bliss as her face brushed the ceiling. "Ohh, that was great, but I'd better turn this off..." Rachel thought to herself as she reached down to turn it off- only to find that she couldn't. Her arms were now stubby bulges on her expanding body. She tried to concentrate, but with all the stimulation to her ever expanding form, she couldn't even muster a small tendril without it being pulled out onto her expanding inflating form. She could feel herself being pressed against the walls and furniture of the living room as she became just a thin plastic coating.It felt so very good.Panic was starting to overpower the sheer pleasure of being stretched out as she realized Mae had arrived home from the store. "I'm home." Mae said, coming in, her arms stretched out with more groceries than anyone could hope to carry, "There was a great special on- AH!" Mae cried out as she saw the billowing, expanding tan form of Rachel starting to creep into the kitchen. Rachel tried to think fast."Hi Mae?" Rachel managed to say as she formed a ghostly image of her face on her expanding form. She was now so thin skinned you could see through her to the Rachel-draped furniture in the living room, "I kind of expanded on the cleaning.""I'll say." Mae said, going over to the vacuum, which was just protruding from under Rachel's form."No, don't..." Rachel tried to say, as Mae shut off the vacuum cleaner, jarring it a bit too much. Like a gauzy film, the side facing the kitchen collapsed like a popped soap bubble, taking Rachel's surprised face with it into a cobweb like heap. Mae stared at the living room. The Rachel tan living room. Every inch was covered with a thin coating of Rachel's translucent immobile elastic form."Rachel, honestly," Mae said as she recovered, "What on earth were you doing?" Rachel was still trying to pull herself together- or at least enough to form a a face when Mae saw the dildo attachment on the vacuum cleaner, "You were screwing with the vacuum cleaner!?! Honestly!" Mae wasn't sure is she was more upset that Rachel had actually done it- or that she had done it without her around to join in the fun.Mae pulled off the attachment and looked around, absentmindedly grabbing the still attached hose, "Come on Rachel, answer me! This is a big mess, and you were supposed to be cleaning up.""I know, I know." Rachel said- Mae turned to see her friend's face peering off the wall, "I kinda got carried away.""Blown away is more like it! My best friend, doing tricks with my vacuum cleaner!" Mae said shaking the vacuum hose at her friend. Before she could utter another word, Mae stumbled on the low vacuum cleaner and it clicked back on.Even worse, the hose was too close to Mae's face. The suction clamped hungrily on Mae's chin, and began pulling her in. Mae looked down in horror and surprise - but only briefly as the suction pulled the rest of her head in. Mae felt aroused as she was drained down the long pipe and the flexible hose, even as she tried to pull it off. Her breasts and arms were soon sucked in, leaving her t shirt and bra dangling ludicrously off the hose as her lower half tried to escape the ravenous vacuum cleaner.Rachel could only watch helplessly from her wallside perch as her friend was sucked, struggling, out of her clothes. There must be something she could down besides acting like a wall hanging.As Rachel tried to figure out what she could possibly do, Mae continued to struggle as she was pulled into the tight confines of the dust canister. She tried to change into a blob and split in two to escape. It might have worked if she were not wearing jeans that kept her from flowing away, and the semi liquid nature of her blob form only caused it to be slurped up that much faster. The jeans only helped, squeezing her into the vacuum like toothpaste out of a tube.Suddenly, the vacuum stopped. Mae's mind reeled as she tried to explore her tiny prison that was about one fourth the size of her body.Somehow she fit.She could only feel around in the inky blackness, but there was no obvious way out. The way in had a sliding door of some sort that kept her in, and the way out was a fine mesh she couldn't hope to ooze out of. She was trapped."Funny, I thought I'd come home and find Rachel in this sort of spot." Mae mused to herself, wondering why the vacuum cleaner had turned off."Mae, are you all right?" Rachel panted. She had gathered enough of herself around the electric outlet to create dozens of tiny tendrils that had slowly worked the plug of the rogue vacuum cleaner out of the wall. The vacuum cleaner and the house were silent." Mae?" Rachel called again, looking at the limp hose and Mae's scattered clothing for any sign of movement. There was none."Oh, poo!" Rachel said, deciding Mae must be trapped inside the vacuum cleaner - and she was trapped as a thin sticky film on every surface of the living room and parts of the kitchen and stairway. Somehow, she didn't think Sam would be very impressed to find them in this state when he got home. At least, not after he was done laughing at their situation.Mae might be trapped, but Rachel was free - sort of. Focusing on her outermost edges, she began to painstakingly roll them back, gathering mass and momentum as they grew larger. It was one of the hardest things she had tried since they had become elastic, and she had to stop often to rest and refocus her efforts.After several hours, she had managed to gather enough of herself to form two tendrils that wrapped around the vacuum cleaner to brace themselves, as Rachel manipulated them from her wallside seat to undo the two latches. It was hard to do - either Rachel was getting tired, or Mae's mass was pressing out hard on the sides of the vacuum. Finally, the latches gave and snapped off. The end of the vacuum tumbled off, and a pile of pink goo flooded out onto the floor.Mae had been milling around inside the tiny confines of her prison, feeling for every seam, looking for any crack to ooze out of with no luck, when suddenly a wall gave way, and she poured out to freedom. Mae settled for a moment, then formed her face on top of her blob like form to look around."Are you all right Mae?" Rachel called down to her friend as she saw Mae's face form. Mae reoriented herself and looked up and up at Rachel's face, which poked out on the tan wall."I think so." Mae said, quivering as she recovered from her tight confines, "Did you get me out of there?""Yes." Rachel said, waving one of her tendrils where Mae could see it."Thanks. I guess I deserved that..."Mae's voice trailed off, "How long was I in there for?""Uh- two hours?" Rachel said. Actually it had been closer to three.Mae's eyes widened, as she rose up out of the pool of her plastic body and restoring herself to her proper shape, "Oh no- the groceries!" Mae cried, as she dashed into the kitchen and began putting the melting ice cream and meat away."Yeah, and when you're done with that, a little help please?" Rachel said weakly."Of course Ray!" Mae said as she finished putting the thawing food away. She pulled a spatula out of the drawer and went over to Rachel's face where she waved it playfully, "Think this will work?""That'll take forever." Rachel protested."I think you're right." Mae said, putting the spatula aside and holding out her hands. Soon her hands were broad and flat, like a pair of large shovels. Carefully, she began scraping Rachel off the walls and ceilings and depositing her thin tissue like scraps into a pile on the coffee table. Rachel giggled and groaned as her friend scraped up her sensitive overextended form, but she started to feel stronger, more in control as she was heaped up.Mae had scraped her off half of the living room when Rachel transferred her consciousness into the pile of shreds that Mae had scraped up. The tissue paper like pile shuddered, and changed into a pink blob- which in turn stretched out into the sitting form of Rachel, who inspected herself. She was only half there though, and she soon joined her friend in cleaning up the mess in the living room."You're sure we got all of you?" Mae said as they finally sat down in the kitchen."Yes, pretty sure," Rachel said, picking a fresh banana up and peeling it. The experience had left her hungry. Mae grabbed a banana as well."You don't look well- you're kinda gray." Mae said taking a bite. Rachel looked down. She was a bit gray."I think I picked up all the dust in the house." Rachel said flexing herself a little bit - the gray began to fade into her tan skin."Well, you sure brought the shine out on some of the furniture." Mae giggled."And I really became part of the household." Rachel shot back with a smile,"I'm so glad you and Sam let me stay with you.""Hey, what are elastic friends for?" Mae said, stretching her arms around Rachel and giving her a hug. Rachel returned the hug, as Mae pulled out an all too familiar looking attachment from the vacuum cleaner, "Now, it's my turn to do a few tricks with the vacuum cleaner, don't you think?"Rachel snickered, as they began to work out how they could do it without losing control of the powerful vacuum cleaner again.
  141. Kent, England
  142. Transitioning from the Retreat to the Mortal realm was always disconcerting, even for one as experienced as Gray. Other than Oberon or Puck, he had done it the most often, but he was limited by appearing near where he had departed. The last time he had found himself almost halfway in a brick wall in London, where a pasture had been when he had departed there.
  143. This time it was more pleasant - the smells of a spring gardens and the drifting fog on the fishponds told him he had returned to where he left. In fact, little seemed to have changed, although the paint flecks among the rocks had faded away. Oberon had been right in which way the war had gone- if it had been lost, this place of all places would have surely been obliterated.
  144. "I say, sir? Sir!" An surprised voice called. Gray looked to see a smartly dressed man approaching him across the stepping stones in the pond, "I'm sorry sir, but the grounds aren't open to visitors this early in the morning." The man's voice trailed off as he stared at Gray, dressed in a cape, and clothes better suited for an age gone by.
  145. "Ah, I'm sorry-- I'm a friend of the family - of sorts - are they in? Perhaps even old Winston?" Gray added the last hopefully, knowing full well that even the old lion must surely have passed on by now. Still, one could never tell.
  146. "In? No sir, Chartwell is part of the National Trust now." The man blinked again at the apparition, "Begging your pardon sir, but how are you doing that?"
  147. "Doing what?" Gray said looking down - then realizing he was hovering just above the water. Ah yes, Winston had asked for that final trick when he departed. Gray craftily smiled, remembering an American cartoon he had seen, "Well, I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law."
  148. "Ah." The man said, somewhat bewildered as Gray walked across the water to the stepping stone next to him and offered his hand. The man's eyes bugged out as he realized he was shaking something solid.
  149. "Tell me Lister..." Gray began.
  150. "You know my name?" Lister gasped in astonishment
  151. "Of course I do - it's on your name tag," Gray said tapping the plastic badge Lister was wearing, "Tell me, did Winston ever leave instructions about what to do if a Major Gray appeared? Homely looking chap, looked rather like this..." Gray focused for a moment, rearranging himself. In truth, the garb he wore was part of him, which he could alter and shift as he wished. Right now, he wished to look as he did when he left. Before Lister's eyes, his clothes became a bit more updated, changing to the dull worn uniform of a British major from the Second World War.
  152. "You! You're the one from the photo," Lister gasped as he recovered,"And the odd diary!"
  153. "You've been reading Winston's Diary?" Gray gently scolded the stunned guide,"For shame. Did he have anything good to say about me?"
  154. "Good? He thought the world of you- if you are who you are." Lister gasped as Gray began to walk purposefully down the path towards Chartwell,"All this time we kept it hush hush, assuming he wrote in that diary when he was roaring drunk - but he wasn't, was he?"
  155. "No, no, weather conjurations, Nazi Fairies, magic, that sort of thing, all real," Gray said, whetting Lister's appetite with a few random stories of the war that Winston had surely put down. As they mounted the steps to the grand house, Lister was enthralled and convinced.
  156. "So you are the - THE Major Gray!" Lister said as they arrived at the door,"What are you doing back here? Did Frau Dutchland escape? Is she working for Al Quada?" Gray rolled his eyes at that remark. Winston had even more colorful things to call Foo.
  157. "No, she is still being punished, and I have no idea who this Al Kedda chap is," Gray said, watching with interest as Lister pressed a number of little squares on a box next to the door before fumbling for the key, "I am here on a different quest - one far less serious I hope. And for that, I need an artifact I left in Winston's safekeeping."
  158. "An artifact? Ah, the ring!" Lister said, leading Gray to the study. Gray was amazed at how well the place had been preserved- save for the ropes to keep visitors from stealing or sitting on the furniture and the periodic cards with information, it was almost like he had just stepped back in after a short holiday. There was something missing though - the energy that surrounded the great man was gone, the house a shell, a mausoleum without it.
  159. They arrived at the study, where Winston's desk stood, covered with his papers, as if the great man had only just stepped out. Lister pulled out a worn book from the bottom left drawer of the desk, and opened it up, "Yes, it is you!" Gray looked at the black and white image of him, and Winston, proudly holding the jar that held Foo.
  160. It had been the last time he had seen Winston.
  161. "Tell me, where did they bury Winston?" Gray said, putting down the book. He should pay his respects he supposed. He had done the same for Will, and would have done the same for Ben if he had found his way to America.
  162. "Eh? He's in Westminster Cathedral, right in the center. You can't miss it. Ah, here it is," Lister pulled out a faded old matchbox with the words "Return to Major Gray" written on it in his old ally's hand. Gray took it and slid it open. Within lay the dull silvery ring topped with a white pearl like orb he and Winston's people had devised to track Foo. In truth, it would help him track any Fay.
  163. A weathered piece of parchment was within it as well. Gray picked it up and shuddered - it was a small piece of himself. He had left it with Winston when he had left in the unlikely event that Foo had left a final trump card for the Nazi. If that had happened, Winston would have destroyed it, to let Gray know he was needed. Gray unfolded it carefully, knowing there was something written within.
  164. "Have no fear - all is well- and may this quest be as fulfilling as your last." The note simply said. Gray pondered it for a few moments as Lister looked on.
  165. "We were wondering what that meant- my word!" Lister gasped as he watched Gray absorb the missing piece back into himself, "The diary said you left a part of yourself here."
  166. "Words of encouragement from a great man." Gray said, feeling completely whole again. He picked up the ring, and noticed Lister was holding something silver in his hand, "What is that?"
  167. "I was hoping- well, would it be all right to take your picture?" Lister stammered out, "I mean, I need something to show you were here."
  168. "A camera so small? Well, why not?" Gray marveled striking a pose. Only those in the OSS or MI-5 had such toys, but now? Lister took a photo, and then showed the resulting image on a tiny screen.
  169. "Actually, it's a cell phone, a PDA and a digital camera all in one." Lister explained as Gray gawked at the tiny image.
  170. "It's made of- Numbers? Fingers?" Gray said, trying to grasp the technology. It somehow seemed more familiar to him that the film cameras he had seen before.
  171. "Like a computer - uh- like the Enigma machine."Lister said, hoping Gray would understand. Gray didn't quite get it, but he feigned understanding.
  172. "Clearly, much more has changed in the last sixty years than in the two hundred years before." Gray said truthfully. If this was a tiny example of what humans could do in the hands of a mere caretaker- perhaps there was hope for these mortals yet,"Well, I have what I came for, and you have my thanks. I must be off."
  173. "Will you be back?" Lister asked, following Gray as he returned to the door they had entered from. He wanted so much to exit through the glass doors onto the lawns outside, but he sensed an electric web humming across them. More mortal technology at work. Gray paused as Lister caught up.
  174. "If I am able to when I complete this quest, I shall," Gray said firmly, shaking Lister's hand again, "This artifact needs to be kept safe, and I can think of no safer place than with the heirs and inheritors of great Winston Churchill." As Gray spoke, he faded away, before Lister's wondering eyes.
  175. Total control over oneself was what it took, Gray chuckled, watching Lister from afar. Reshaping oneself was child's play, but leaving a sense of wonder, that was part of the magic. But first another change. Gray focused, and soon his uniform changed into the bland cut of the guide's suit, only with a distinct gray color. It seemed nondescript enough an outfit as he turned his attention to the tug of the ring on his finger.
  176. Northwestward. Gray sighed.
  179. “Thanks.” Sam said as the beat up taxi left him off in the early hours of the morning. He was home a full six hours before he was supposed to arrive, but considering the success of the business trip, and the rowdiness of that party he had been dragged to the previous night, he was glad he had been able to convince his boss to let him leave early.Besides, he was curious what shape he would find the two elastic girlfriends in. He walked up the stairs and quietly let himself into the house.Much to his surprise, everything was in its place - he had visions of at least one of the girlfriends stretched across the floor, draped over the sofa, or even - no, they weren’t even in the dollhouse Sam had brought out for them. Ken and Barbie though looked like a mess. Sam smirked, and took off his coat and went upstairs.He found the two cuddled up in bed - Mae looking as beautiful as she ever was, wrapped up in a tan cocoon that could only be Rachel. They looked so peaceful he left them asleep and went to fix some coffee and read the paper he had picked up.He did wonder why the vacuum cleaner was in the bathroom though.
  180. ________________________________________
  181. “Mmmmm... coffee.” Mae slowly drifted awake. Rachel must have gotten up- or... Mae tried to move, but found herself constricted by Rachel’s elastic form, which hugged Mae back. “Wait a minute,” Mae thought, stretching her neck out, “If Rachel is here - who’s making the coffee?” A burglar wanting to wake up?Feeling a little scared, Mae stretched her head out on her long, serpentine neck, going down the short hall, down the stairs, where she peeked into the kitchen. Someone was at the table, reading a newspaper. Fear turned to joy when the man put down the paper to pick up another section - it was Sam.“You’re back!” Mae cried joyfully, catching Sam by surprise as she wrapped her neck around him several times to hug him as she gave him a kiss.“Of course hon.” Sam kissed Mae back - a much longer and more passionate kiss once he had gotten over his surprise hug. “It’s great to be back and be home with you again - or at least part of you.” Sam’s eyes followed Mae’s long neck across the room and back up the stairs.“You’re back early - or we’ve overslept- oh, and how was the trip?” Mae said brightly, popping questions as her head hovered around Sam like a snake eagerly watching a snake charmer. Sam laughed.“I got home early - on a flight that made me wish I was as elastic as either of you two.” Sam said, “And you two looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to disturb you.”“Aww, what a sweet, considerate guy I’ve fallen in love with.” Mae said smiling. She coiled her neck around him and hugged Sam again, “Of course, since I’m Ray’s best friend, I don’t have to be that considerate!”“Mae, wait...” Sam tried to say as Mae rapidly unwrapped her neck from Sam and retracted it up the stairs. It would have been nice to have had a little quiet time with Mae. There was a brief shriek upstairs. then the two girlfriends came down in their normal forms- in the nude, much to Sam’s surprise. He had been away too long, he reflected.“Oh, it’s so good to see you!” Rachel said, hugging Sam and pressing her ample assets up against him.“It’s so good to see you - all of both of you.” Sam said tweaking her breast as Rachel let go, “I had almost forgotten what it was like here in our private nudist colony.” Rachel looked down and giggled. Mae rolled her eyes a bit disapprovingly“Easily fixed.” Rachel stood back and struck a pose. To Sam’s amazement, clothing seemed to creep up Rachel’s torso, forming a glossy skin-tight one piece swimsuit. Sam gaped.“How did you...” Sam’s mind whirled as he touched Rachel’s suit. It felt like hair? In fact it was the color of Rachel’s black hair.“Something Rachel came up with.” Mae said, attracting Sam’s attention to her own revealing two piece swimsuit - again, the same color as her hair, “I never thought having underarm hair would be so useful.”“Incredible - you two really found out a lot about your abilities while I was away.” Sam marveled at the two, “And color?”“We haven’t really worked on that.” Mae said sitting down as Sam poured out some coffee for the two girls, “Speaking of which, the pieces you kept close to your heart dear?”“Oh, right.” Sam said apologetically as he fished out the final two taffy sized pieces of the girls.“Hey, what happened?” Rachel said, looking at her piece. The green wax paper wrapping had turned an ugly greenish-brown.“Sorry about that.” Sam apologized, “One of the executive’s wives was really out of it, and was all over me for some reason...”“Like this?” Rachel said, sitting down and stretching her arms under the table and around his waist.“Or this?” Mae added, stretching her arms under Sam’s chair, behind his back and over his shoulders.“More like Mae.” Sam conceded as he felt someone’s stretchy hands working at his zipper and buttons, “She thought you were really taffy, and when I tried to get you back - uh - Rachel’s piece fell into her wine.”“Hmmm - but I am good to eat.” Rachel said with a smile- then her eyes widened, “Wait - was she singing that stupid song about a boa constrictor?”“What? Well, yes, she was totally out of it.” Sam said as Rachel pulled back her arms. Mae followed suit, looking at her friend with worry.“And it was two night ago?” Rachel asked. Sam nodded, “Mae, that was the night I was trying to swallow you up, right?”“Right - like a boa constrictor.” Mae said, remembering how she had waken up to find Rachel’s mouth up to her middle, and Rachel totally out of it - like she was drunk. She was humming that stupid song, since with her mouth full of Mae, she couldn’t sing it. The two related their tale to Sam, who figured it had all happened at about the same time.“Weird.” Rachel said, unwrapping her piece, and putting it to her lips, where it was absorbed, puffing up her lips for a moment, “Oh, now I feel complete.” Mae followed suit.“Same here.” Mae said, kissing Sam with her own puffy lips.“Now, how about some quality time in bed?!” Rachel said.“My boyfriend, my quality time.” Mae protested. wrapping herself around Sam.“Look, I’m going to take a shower, and you two can figure it out.” Sam said, getting up as Mae unwrapped herself, “By the way, why is the vacuum cleaner in the bathroom?” The two girls looked at each other and giggled. Sam smiled and shrugged as he went up the stairs.“Sam’s my boyfriend, remember?” Mae scolded Rachel.“I’m not stealing - just sharing, remember?” Rachel said, “ I think he likes it.”“I’m sure he does.” Mae said smiling.“I’ve got an idea though.” Rachel said, darting down to the basement, and dashing up the stairs. Mae sighed and followed Rachel up.When she entered the bedroom, she found her friend besides herself - literally! Rachel ‘s lower half was sitting on the corner of the bed, while her upper half had toppled over onto the mattress. Where the two pieces should have met was a smooth flat plane of skin, “Ohh, that felt better than I thought it would.” Rachel said, propping her upper half up.“What are you up to now?” Mae asked, running her finger over the flattened portion of Rachel’s severed lower half. Rachel rolled her eyes back, and let out another groan. Mae rubbed the flat surface a little harder.“Oooh, that feels so good.” Rachel said, stretching out her hand to keep Mae from driving her crazy, “But this is only half of my plan.”“And what’s the other half?” Mae asked, sitting down with her friend’s rear on one side and Rachel’s upper half on the other side.“You are.” Rachel said. Before Mae could react, Rachel had wrapped a looped wire that she usually used to take pottery off the wheel and pulled. Mae gasped in surprise as Rachel pulled it through her waist. Before Mae knew it, she had toppled over onto the bed like a felled tree, separated from her lower half. The area Rachel had sliced off was so sensitive - she felt the sensual silky smooth surface where her upper torso ended, and it felt like she was playing with herself - only more so. Carefully, she stood up on her hands, trying not to brush it on the sheets, and looked at Rachel questioningly.“We’re not half the women we used to be.” Mae quipped, “So what now?”“We’re going to see if Sam wants heads or tails.” Rachel giggled, “You can put your upper half on my lower half, so we can both have him. And he won’t know!”“Sounds - interesting.” Mae nodded, “But what about these ‘spare parts’?” Mae nodded at her rear and Rachel’s upper half.“There’s always bed sheets.” Rachel said brightly.With a little more talk, Mae lowered her upper half onto Rachel’s lower half. Where they met, they began to stretch into each other, to cling to one another. Then came the hard part. Getting up.Rachel willed her consciousness into her lower part - it was dark, and strange being just a pair of legs and an ass. Carefully she stood up, and nearly toppled over. Mae caught them.“Careful Rachel!” Mae chided her friend. Rachel created some eyes on each side of her pussy and looked up apologetically.“Sorry Mae.” She said through pussy lips - that in itself sent a thrill through half her body. “This is harder than I thought!” Rachel staggered over to the stool Mae had in front of her vanity and they safely sat down.“I see a problem here,” Mae said, looking that themselves in the mirror, “We don’t exactly match up.” Mae was right- her fair pink skin and blonde hair didn’t match Rachel’s darker tan skin and jet-black pussy.“Don’t worry- ’I'll be under the sheets!” Rachel said, as she jumped to her upper torso that had been left on the bed. She hefted Mae’s lower half up onto the bed, and then began flattening herself out into a bed sheet. It wasn’t as large as it usually was, but it would work. Rachel jumped her consciousness back into her lower half, “All right, your turn.”“Okay,” Mae went and followed Rachel’s lead, flattening her lower part out into a sheet under Rachel’s flattened form. It felt good spreading herself across Rachel’s extended, flattened form, becoming like the underside of a quilt. Satisfied she was done, Mae jumped back into her upper half, “Okay, done - let’s get into bed.” It was easier said than done.
  182. ________________________________________
  183. “Nothing like a good hot shower,” Sam said coming in and drying himself off, he saw Mae already in bed, smiling like the cat who had caught the canary, “Unless you want to share a nice hot bath?”“Mmmm, maybe later,” Mae said,”Right now it’s time for some fun in the sack.”“If you say so,” Sam said, sliding under the covers, “And Rachel is where?”“Trying to behave.” Mae said truthfully, kissing Sam. The two hugged and kissed, as Sam felt something latch onto his manhood below the covers.“Mmmm, that’s new,” Sam said - Mae had never guided her pussy to his cock before, “You have been practicing.”“Lots,” Mae said, stretching around and above Sam so he could suck her breasts. She could only feel Rachel wigging below the spot where they were joined.“Oh, oh yea,” Sam groaned breaking away, “That’s incredible what you’re doing down there!” He gasped as the stroking of his rod increased in intensity. Mae was a little annoyed Rachel was getting the better part of the deal as Sam grunted and climaxed and blew his wad into Rachel.He wasn’t too overwhelmed to see Mae wasn’t enjoying it as much as he was. And there was something else amiss.“That was great,” Sam gasped, enjoying the afterglow, “Only- you’ve let your hair get pretty long down there- and the extra set of tits and arms...” Mae frowned, and would have tossed the sheets off if Sam hadn’t done it first. Rachel looked up at them in surprise, having reshaped her legs and ass into her arms head and upper torso, which looked odd as they joined Mae’s upper torso.“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” Rachel said with a smile as she let Sam’s rock-hard rod slide out of her mouth.“Rachel, I thought you were supposed to be my ass, not act like an ass!” Mae scolded her friend as the pair laid down on their back as a bemused Sam watched them argue.“I know, but Sam is just soo tasty,” Rachel said, stretching out her tongue and giving Sam’s shaft a loving lick, “But I’ll get back into my place,” With that, Rachel’s arms began to thicken into legs as her breasts faded back into her torso. Her delicate hands reshaped themselves into feet. Finally, Rachel’s head sank back into her crotch, leaving behind only her lips as a pussy- which seemed to have a sidewise smile.“I’m sorry honey, I thought...” Mae said looking a little distressed. Sam put his finger to her lips.“It was a surprise - I know,” Sam said gently, “Now that Rachel’s given me a blow job, what about some serious screwing around?”“With her?” Mae said, looking down as Rachel’s pussy let out a giggle.“No - with you,” Sam said kissing her, “If she can act like an ass, there’ no reason you can’t be one too.” Mae scowled at Sam’s last remark before realizing what he meant.“Oh, you!” Mae smiled and raised her arms over her head. They slowly thickened into her legs, her hands growing larger and becoming feet. Mae’s head sunk down as her breasts flattened out and her shoulder blades rounded into a tight ass. Sam watched as Mae’s face vanished into her crotch, leaving only her pouting lips, which slowly rotated sideways to form her pussy, “I hope you’re happy now.” Mae said, speaking through her pussy lips.Sam grinned, “Well, you’re the one who loves it in the end,” Sam chuckled, as he got into position. The pair lay on their back, their legs bent up and spread apart in anticipation“Oh, I like it Umph!” Mae managed to say as Sam drove his manhood deep into Mae’s talking snatch. Mae wasn’t sure to be surprised or not as Sam pumped away- “he must have been really wanting to come home” Mae decided as she pleasured his member.“Hey, what’s - ooooh!” Rachel managed as Sam reached forward and fondled her end even as Mae crossed her legs behind Sam’s ass. They were at the right length now for Sam- and flexible. He leaned down and began to eat out Rachel’s quivering pussy as he shot his wad into Mae. The trio brought their orgasm to its mind bending climax, and collapsed.“Ohhh, that was so fine Sam,” Rachel groaned through her pussy lips. as Sam rolled away from the joined girls.“Tell me about it - what did her end do?” Mae asked.“Didn’t you - oh yea, we can’t see this way,” Rachel giggled, “In fact, I wonder how we look like this?”“You two look marvelous!” Sam chuckled.“Talk will get you everywhere hon - but we want proof! Take pictures!” Mae insisted.“All right all right, “Sam said getting up, his rod still rock hard as he reached for the camera, “Say cheese!”“Cheese!” The pair said, flexing their pussies into toothless smiles. Sam took a few more pictures before helping them get out of bed so they could stand up on their own two legs.“Oh, this is odd!” Mae said. She was standing - but it felt like she was bending over as her waist joined into Rachel’s upright legs.“Tell me about it,” Rachel said, shuffling about, feeling the same way, “Have you gotten enough pictures Sam?”“I think so - Going to stay that way all day?” Sam asked with a smile.“No,” They unanimously said. Sam watched as their legs shortened and slimmed down. Their feet turned around and became hands. Their rears bulged out and became heads as their breasts grew out and hung down as they reshaped themselves into their upper halves - still joined at the waist, “We’re going to try it this way.”“And you two look much better that way too.” Sam said, taking a few pictures of them that way as they walked around on their hands, “So are you going to call yourselves ‘Mae-Ray’?”“Not today.” Mae said, picking up the sheet that was her other half, “I think I’ve had enough of this for a while.”“I haven’t!” Rachel said, a little disappointed, “But all right.” The two collapsed into a blob that was half pink and half tan that slowly absorbed the sheets that were their own colors, growing larger, before they split apart, and reformed into a complete Mae and a complete Rachel.“Let’s see the pictures,” Mae said, taking the camera from Sam. They giggled as they looked at the images on the tiny screen, “Oh, that was so fun.” Mae said, stretching over and hugging Sam. “I’m so lucky to be in love with a guy that will put up with my best friend’s crazy ideas.”“Yea, thanks for being so understanding Sam,” Rachel said, putting the camera down and adding her own stretchy embrace to the mix.“Which reminds me.” Sam said, feeling a little mummified with the bands of elastic skin hugging him, “You two still haven’t told me why the vacuum cleaner is in the bathroom- with that odd attachment on it.” The two girls looked at each other and blushed before bursting out in giggles.They would spend all weekend telling Sam of their adventures in the house. Which was a lot more interesting than his trip to Iowa.
  185. While Gray could get there in a twinkling, he preferred a more pedestrian way to travel. All the better to see the world, he reasoned. And mortals had advanced so much, yet remained so backwards. Anarchists - or terrorists, as the modern mortals called them, were striking as much terror into the hearts and minds of these mortals as the Nazi horror he had witnessed.And here he was, off to see his one of own kind's leading anarchists, on the other side of the Irish Sea. Near her traditional home at the Giant's Causeway.He found his way to the cottage on a hill- a tidy little place that almost vanished into the countryside near the sea. That was part of her glamour, her magic. A circular garden surrounded it, tended by young men and women. Runaways and Fay. Gray walked up, stopping short of the circle. To go in would mean entrapment for him."I say, madam! Sir!" Gray shouted loudly over to the gardeners, who looked up, startled by his presence, "Is her Highness in?" The group stared at him, and suddenly scattered, each one melting and shapeshifting into a different form, hiding amongst the bushes. Gray strode over to a large rose near the edge of the circle, that shuddered in fright."Calm down Rose," Gray said gently, guessing the girl's name, "I am not here for you- I am here only to pay my respects to the queen." Petals in the center melted together into a frightened face that peered at Gray. It then sank slowly down into the briars as a more powerful presence let itself be known."Then pay your respects and begone Gray!" Came a familiar voice. Gray turned to see a serpent stretching out of the briars and taking on the form of the one he sought,"You have no right to frighten my subjects." A red haired woman with blazing green eyes and a green gown took shape within the circle, glaring at Gray."It was not my intent, Queen Mab," Gray said, bowing, "Although the intents you harbor still have me puzzled.""I only harbor the weak, the defenseless, against those like your master, Oberon." Mab sneered. Gray groaned at the ancient family squabble. Oberon and Titania had crafted the Retreat as a haven for Fay, and many left for it. Mab refused to join them, insisting that the mortal world should not be abandoned. So she stayed, leaving all three of them unfulfilled. By the same stroke, their subjects too remained unfulfilled. Without Mab, the Retreat was by no means complete."It is your empire- small as it is." Gray admitted, getting up and strolling around the outside of the circle. The ring Gray held in his hand needed to get used to such a powerful concentration of magic and Fay before he could use it to track his true quarry, "I come in search of an errant subject, and hoped you might point the way.""Another rebel against Oberon's cruel rule? A so-called renegade like Foo?" Mab said with a wicked smile, "Whyever would one come here- the first place you might look, and the only place you cannot possibly breech?""Not quite, but sometimes it is best to explore the most obvious places first." Gray said, watching Mab closely, "Even you must admit Foo's cause was not just.""Aye, that I will admit - it was a true battle between the light and the dark," Mab said, looking skyward. There were forces at work then and now that made the Fay seem insignificant. Oberon realized that and took the Fay from harm's way by opening the Retreat. Mab refused to hide that way though. Mab focused on the present, her eyes glowing,"But this is different - very different, it it not?""Yes." Gray admitted, watching Mab intently. Mab laughed as the wind picked up ominously, blowing in dark gray clouds. Not a good sign."A personal problem of Oberon's?" Mab asked. Gray hesitated, and Mab could tell it was true, whipping the wind into a gale. Gray stood, ignoring the winds, listening to Mab rant and stretch."I know your goals- but you will never achieve them." Mab said with a dark cackle as lightening struck and clouds boiled overhead. She stretched her form higher, more menacingly,"To do so would doom all you hold dear - yet to fail will doom those near. The Retreat shall crumble, as Oberon stumbles. The King's rules shall be broken, and Mab's desires shall be spoken!" A bolt struck the ground in front of Gray, who continued to stand firm. When the dust and smoke settled, the sky was clear, and Mab's kingdom was gone."Well done." Gray said, looking around and clapping halfheartedly, "I'll be back for the next show." Mab was a wily though- never one to rush, and she had the luxury of learning over the centuries while only a few decades had passed in the Retreat. She might have found a way to beat Oberon.Best to take this slowly, Gray decided as he felt the ring tug westward - to America.
  187. "So, do you want to do it that way again?" Rachel said as they finished dinner."Fixing that lawn mower that way- no. But when you have something that old, you have to improvise." Sam said as he helped clear the table. He had been trying to catch up on some of his repair work that he did on the side to help make ends meet."No silly - in bed like yesterday morning." Rachel prodded him with a grin. Sam looked at Mae who rolled her eyes, smiling - she had liked the experience too."Well- whose idea was it again?" Sam said. Rachel's hand shot up and stretched to the ceiling, "Okay, it was a good idea Rachel, but I think you got it halfway wrong.""Oh, you mean I should have been on the bottom from the start?" Mae said, slapping Sam gently."No, I meant you could have tried it a different way." Sam grinned,"So are you two game?" Mae and Rachel looked at each other, wondering what Sam had in mind."You bet," They said in unison.
  188. ________________________________________
  189. The threesome retired to the bedroom after cleaning up the kitchen. Mae and Rachel were a little annoyed that Sam wasn't telling them what he had in mind. That didn't stop them from stretching and slipping out of their clothes like a pair of snakes, and coiling around Sam as he took off his clothes."All right All right, just sit down on the bed," Sam said, shedding his underwear, and pulling out the wire Mae and Rachel used to split themselves up, "This could get interesting." He turned to see the two elastic girls had resumed their normal forms, and were sitting on the bed, waiting to find out what Sam had in mind."I get to go first!" Mae insisted. Sam grinned in anticipation as he looped the wire under Mae's leg, and brought it up to her crotch, "So, what are you going to do- take off our legs and OMIGOSH!" Mae gasped in amazement and delight as Sam began to pull the wire up her crotch, splitting her pussy and butt in two.Sam pulled the wire slowly and carefully up the center of Mae's body as Mae gasped, and moaned in pleasure as the growing line up the center of her body lengthened and split open. Up it went between her cleavage and through the center of her head. With one final gasp of erotic pleasure, Mae's halves flopped away from each other, panting from the excitement. What had once been the center of Mae's body was now a smooth sheered surface, the same color as the rest of her fair pink skin."Omigosh - Mae are you all right?" Rachel said, gasping at her filleted friend."Oh, yeah, it was fan-tas-tic!" Mae's right side said, recovering and trying to get up uneasily. Rachel reached out and stroked her friend's smooth flat said, which caused Mae to squeal happily, "I'm sensitive there!""Your turn Rachel," Sam said."Oh, and what are you... Ohhhh!" Rachel managed as Sam began to repeat the process on her, "Planning?" She savored the strange erotic feelings caused as Sam sliced her in two up the middle. Her halves flopped to each side before she could say any more."You'll see - once I put you two back together." Sam licked his lips in anticipation- this would be a little tricky, "Mind going to your left side Rachel?""I still don't see where we're going with this," Rachel said from the left half of her body. Her right side - and Mae's left side- were disturbingly quiet, staring ahead with a look of blank exhilaration."You split us up only to put us back together?" Mae said as Sam picked up Rachel's left half, and sat it next to Mae's right half, "I mean - Oh, you're not going to do thaaaat!" Mae gasped as she felt Rachel touch her flat side. Sam pressed the pair together as they groaned in ecstasy, their lips not quite matching. It was a close fit - Mae was a little taller, and a little leaner than Rachel. But he rubbed the few differences away, leaving a thin line between them."There - I'm done," Sam said, stepping back so they could see themselves in the mirror. They gaped speechlessly at their shared body, Mae's fair skinned right half with blonde hair visibly divided from Rachel's black hair and tanned skin."Oh, wow," They both said in unison as they tried to get up- tilting a little bit. Sam reached out to steady them. Mae's leg was a little longer than Rachel's, so walking was hard."This is different," Mae said- it was as if half of her body was asleep- no- under control by someone else. She felt someone touching her right breast, "Very different," Mae said, looking down to see it was Rachel's hand reaching."It proves who has the biggest bust," Rachel said, taking it in- their breasts were uneven, and Rachel's side was larger, "Hey, who's touching my - our?" Rachel tried to figure out the feelings- she was only half there after all."Just me," Mae said, fingering their shared pussy. She tried to turn to Sam who was smiling at them in the mirror, but couldn't really- the two had to work together, "All right, this is weird enough- even for us. Why is it better this way?""Well, this way I can fool around with both of you at the same time of course," Sam chuckled as he picked their other halves up and stuck them together on a stool in the corner of the room, "And if I'm giving you two equal attention, neither of you can get that jealous, right?""Right- so what are we waiting for?" Rachel said, trying to walk towards Sam before Mae moved- they stumbled again, unused to their peculiar conjoinment. Sam caught them again."Rachel, tell me when you're going to move!" Mae said as Sam led them to bed."Sorry- I don't think we'll be doing much out of bed if we stay this way," Rachel said as they sat down."Frankly you're doing pretty well- I'm amazed that you two can speak at all that way," Sam said. When one spoke, that side of their shared mouth moved. They blinked - or winked? at Sam and smiled."So what are we waiting for?" They said in unison, as they wrapped their arms around Sam and pulled him into bed.It was fantastically odd, making love to two women turned into one. When they kissed, it seemed like he was kissing both at once. If he shut one eye, he felt like he was kissing Mae as their tongues teased each other. Shut the other, and it was Rachel.Their breasts were different, as he fondled them- Mae's a bit smaller and rounder, Rachel's larger. The pair moaned as Sam tried to give them equal attention- a thing he found easiest when he was thrusting his manhood down their shared pussy. They both gasped and shrieked in delight as they crossed their arms to fondle each other's breasts.They odd trio kept up their activities until they fell asleep, happily exhausted from their fun.
  190. ________________________________________
  191. Mae woke up first, still enjoying the afterglow, "Ohh, what a night!" She said, trying to get up - only to find her left side pulling down on her like so much dead weight. Rachel was still stuck to her as her left side- and was still sound asleep, "Rachel? Rachel? Wake up!" Mae nudged her friend.Rachel stirred, "Aw, c'mon, I wanna sleep in," She mumbled. Mae was about to prod her sleeping half when she heard Sam chuckling."I've heard of being half awake before, but that's ridiculous," Sam said. Mae looked up to see him standing in the door, camera in hand, "Say cheese!" He said, taking a picture.Mae saw he was dressed for work, "Aw, you've gotta go?" Mae said looking at the clock. They had really overslept."Yup - no rest for the weary," Sam said, coming over and kissing Mae's cheek, "I'll see you this evening.""You're going to just leave us like this?" Mae said in mock protest."Why not? You two look good together," Sam chuckled, "I'm sure you'll find something to keep yourselves amused." He kissed Mae again, and left for work."Okay, lets try this again," Mae said, caressing Rachel's breast, "Time to wake up.""Mmmmm! A little more of that Sam," Rachel mumbled. Mae frowned- she reshaped her hand into a dildo, and stretched it into their shared pussy, "Wha?" Rachel said, suddenly awakened by Mae's rude intrusion. Mae giggled a little as Rachel tried looking around, " Mae? Where are you?""Closer than you think." Mae said, pulling her hand out and reshaping it to something handier that she waved in front of Rachel."Oh yeah- we're too close for comfort," Rachel giggled back as she Cupped Mae's breast, "But its so comfortable this way! Where's Sam?""Off to work," Mae sighed, "And we should think about splitting up ourselves.""Well, our better halves are over there," Rachel said, pointing to their unoccupied halves that Sam had set in the corner,"Let's try to go get them. On the count of three..." Unsteadily, the two stood up and walked carefully, Mae calling "right" and Rachel calling 'left' every time one was going to take a step. It took forever, but they reached their other halves."You know, we could have just split apart and flowed over here," Mae said as they reached their other halves."I know- I wanted to see if we could do it," Rachel said, reaching out to touch her half. Suddenly, Rachel's other half stirred and looked around, "WHOA! This is soooo freaky!" Rachel said in stereo."Ray?" Mae said looking at her friend's other half."Try it - it's a rush," Rachel said in mismatched stereo. Rachel's free hand guided Mae's hand to her other half's breast. Suddenly Mae found herself looking at herself over and over again- like she was looking into two mirrors facing each other, and the reflection was repeated to infinity."Wow!" Mae said in stereo, blinking. As long as their divided body sections were touching, they had control over both.This gives me another great idea," Rachel said, smiling. "Let's get back into bed." Moving back to the bed was a little easier with four legs to keep them steady."Now what?" Mae said once they pulled themselves into bed."Haven't you ever wondered - what it would be like to make love to yourself?" Rachel said. Mae blinked at the thought - which she could see Rachel's half out of the corner of her eye, it was like she was with herself- which was strangely true.Rachel didn't wait for Mae to respond, and leaned forward, to kiss herself- and Mae- on the lips. They shuddered, feeling themselves rub up against themselves. It was strangely erotic, knowing where they wanted to be touched, and touching themselves there. The two kept it up for some time, fondling and feeling themselves - playing with themselves as they faced themselves. It was all very, very strange."All right," Mae gasped, having climaxed and orgasmed a second time, "That's enough for me.""Awww." Rachel groaned as she felt Mae melt away from her, leaving an exposed flat side on each of her detached halves. Mae poured herself off the bed like a little pink waterfall, and reformed herself on the floor."We can't make love to ourselves all day you know," Mae said, getting up and stretching. It felt good to be whole again."I know, I know," Rachel said, sitting up awkwardly. She had tried to flip her two halves together, like closing a compact case. Mae laughed at the mismatched sight, as half of Rachel was a little higher than the other half."Oh, I'm mismatched now." Rachel said, spying herself in the mirror. She couldn't quite restick herself correctly, and gave up, reverting into a blob and reforming into her natural shape."Now let's get dressed - I'm getting hungry," Mae said pulling out some clothes, not noticing an odd gray cat sitting on the roof outside the window was watching their every move...
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